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Strong episode
Red_Identity30 August 2010
This episode certainly gave the series much more storyline for Maggie, which was really a great moment. What I find completely interesting is how the series gets stronger as it goes along, yet that is exactly what I had predicted in the beginning. Rubicon is a slow-paced puzzle, and recently the writers said that by the end of the season the audience would understand 90% of what we don't understand now, which quite frankly, is a pretty risky thing to say. However, judging by how the series has gone so far, I do not doubt that it will come up with more interesting solutions, or maybe not at all. If the series is going to end after the first season, they should resolve it, but the best thing about a TV show is how it does not reveal everything, and it takes it's time smoothly. Hopefully it continues.
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Dinner With Kale Ingram... What Could Go Wrong?
Better_TV11 April 2018
As someone who's written positive reviews of every episode prior to this one, I unfortunately have to give this one slightly lower marks for the corniness factor. More specifically? Episode 6 includes some stereotypically soapy romance subplots, first for Will's assistant Maggie and then for API analyst Miles. The performances are great all around, but it's contrived stuff.

The best parts of the episode go to Will, who is increasingly paranoid after an unexpected dinner invitation from his API supervisor Kale Ingram. I loved Will's reaction when Maggie tells him Ingram invited him over: he, like us, can't believe that this chilly, sardonic dude wants to chitchat over drinks and salads. The dinner itself is a great scene, where it's revealed that Ingram is involved with... I shan't say, because it's a great surprise.

Meanwhile, Katherine Rhumor's subplot gets more interesting, as she really starts closing in on some weirdness regarding the reasons her husband may have taken his life. It involves a mysterious company, Atlas McDowell, and a great supporting performance by Maryann Plunkett as another widow whose husband killed himself under mysterious circumstances.

I also enjoyed Will's comparison between the operations of Al-Qaeda and the cellular structure of slime mold; the writers are still on their A-game in this series when it comes to diction, dialogue, and shrewd characterizations of the uncertainty inherent in the real-life intelligence industry. Onward to Episode 7!
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