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Lots Of Fun
k-2116824 June 2018
Fun film to watch with your children. It is also a standalone that is you can watch it without having watched Mean Girls (1).
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The best summary I can provide is the word, "Eh."
super-joey24 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Mean Girls 2 is a mixed bag. There were some good ideas but they were rarely presented in an effective way. Let me break it down for you...


1- Jennifer Stone... I'm not into "Wizards of Waverly Place" so I was pleasantly surprised by how likable she was. And her comic timing was as good as a seasoned pro. Frankly, they should have cast her in the lead. She could have carried the movie and kept the audience more engaged.

2- Meaghan Martin, as the lead protagonist, was a disappointment for me. Her facial expressions and line delivery often made her sound snotty, even in scenes where she was supposed to be friendly! Sometimes she accidentally came off as looking or sounding stuck-up. I think they should have cast her as one of the mean girls. She did not have me rooting for her as much as I should have. That's a BIG negative in a movie like this.

3- Maiara Walsh played the head of the "plastics" and thus is the top mean girl. (If you're over 21, take a shot of whiskey every time she wears a strapless dress in this movie. You'll be sloppy drunk before the halfway point.) She definitely played the part of a spoiled brat very well. Though something about the shape of her face and eyes made her appear softer than the part required. Maybe she and Meaghan Martin should have switched roles?

The rest of the acting was good, in that "cute" sort of way. Nothing to stand up and cheer about but nothing to hurt the movie either.


Many pranks are played on the snobs. One of them gets vomited on. Another gets her face dyed green. Etc. But somehow the scenes don't work very well. Maybe because the characters don't seem properly humiliated by the pranks. I mean, your face is dyed green and you're reacting like it's only a minor inconvenience? She's more concerned about getting a ride to school than with what the other students are going to say about her green face! Thus the prank falls flat. Yet we're told it was a success.

And the girl who gets vomited on (I won't say who gets it) reacts the way you'd expect... she's grossed out! But there's not a lot of laughter or even any comments from the crowd that witnesses it. People should at least be going, "Ewww" and pointing. If you're going to pay a bunch of teenagers to be extras in a movie, make them earn it! Tell them to REACT. Getting vomited on at a crowded party should have some lasting social ramifications. In this movie, however, one gets the feeling that everyone will forget about it after a few seconds.

The final comeuppance (which I won't give away) works to a certain degree. At least justice is served. Unfortunately it seems to come too easy and feels clichéd. I recalled similar endings in other movies ("Cruel Intentions," to name just one.)


Most of the comedy in Mean Girls 2 is "cute humor"... It's never hilarious. Rarely will you laugh out loud. Mostly you will just smile. I think some of the comedy was probably funny on paper but something always spoils it. Sometimes it's poor timing. Sometimes it's an over emphasis on cuteness. Often it's because the tone is simply too over-the-top to feel like any of this is happening to real people. To be fair, the original movie had the same problem.

I just don't buy into the notion that 3 girls could have an entire student body shaking in their boots. Simply portraying the mean girls as bullying snobs would be fine. That would work. Why do movies like this always feel the need to go over-the-top and make the mean girls out to be more feared than the Nazi Party in 1938 Germany? It doesn't increase the comedy. It just feels corny.

CONCLUSION: This movie will have many haters. The title "Mean Girls 2" will generate enough curiosity that many people will watch it. But those who loved the original will probably hate this sequel automatically. And those who don't care about the original won't care about this one either.

Having said all that, it's really not a bad movie. There are some good ideas... They're just presented in a very mediocre way. I didn't love it. I didn't hate it. I'm just, "eh" about the whole thing. And I suspect the director was too. She did a great job with the film, "She Gets What She Wants" but seemed to lack that same spark here.

I wanted to have fun but found myself constantly saying, "Oh if only they had done it THIS way or THAT way, it would be way better."
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Not close to the original, not close at all
Marter227 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
When films are released as straight-to-video, expectations are generally lowered. This becomes very difficult when the film is released as a sequel to a film that was already incredibly popular years ago. This is the case with "Mean Girls 2", the follow-up to 2004's "Mean Girls".

Yet again, the story focuses on a high school student moving to a new school. This time, the girl's name is Jo Mitchell (Meaghan Jette Martin), and she's a bit of a loner, so she tells us with her opening voice-over. She is welcomed to the school by Abby (Jennifer Stone), a girl who we can quickly acknowledge as the often bullied girl. She's one of those unpopular students, the ones that the 'cool' people wouldn't be caught dead with. Naturally, Jo befriends her.

She has good reason to though, Abby's father pays her. No really, he offers her $50 000 to be Abby's friend for the rest of the year. Although this isn't why Jo does this, she ends accepting the money. Jo wants to go to college after all, and her father's business isn't going as well as it used to. She needs to accept the money, otherwise she'll have to go to a college close to home, and that just wouldn't do.

Back at school, Abby's life, and by extension, Jo's own, is beginning to take a turn for the worst. "The Plastics" are back, reincarnated for the newer generation. They are led by Mandi (Maiara Walsh), a girl so incredibly evil that she marks the top of her "i" with a heart instead of the usual dot. That's not exactly fair, Mandi and her group is fairly mean, even going so far as to destroy the motor of the car her father was fixing up.

Jo swears revenge upon the new group of evil popular students, and that's what the rest of the film centers on. Over the course of "Mean Girls 2", many jokes from the original are re-hashed, usually far less effectively than before, and the plot takes almost the same path that it took in "Mean Girls". Things do happen differently, but the end result is just about exactly the same.

The thing is, we don't care at all about any of the characters involved. In "Mean Girls", we got significant depth into Cady, and we wanted to see her take the Plastics down. In this one, Jo acts just as, if not more, evil as they do, and when things turn around upon her, we can't feel sorry for her, as the film seems to want us to. Even near the beginning, when she is clearly fighting back against the Plastics, she is still deceiving her "friend" by taking the money from Abby's father.

If there was one main problem that "Mean Girls" had, it was that it felt like the events happening within it were just a bit too far-fetched to actually be happening. I'm sure some of it could and does happen in school, but sometimes it just seemed too unbelievable. In "Mean Girls" 2, almost all of the major plot events are like this. For example, do you really think people would paintball someone's car? How about gluing the seat of someone's moped so that they become stuck to it?

What's worse, the Plastics in this film have even less reason to make Abby and Jo's lives miserable. For Abby, they don't like her before the film begins, and it's just because Abby is richer than Mandi. For ruining Jo's life, it seems to be based purely on jealousy, even if Mandi stays popular even after Jo appears at the school. The so-called jealousy doesn't even have much backing behind it, let alone letting it drive an entire character throughout the story.

Okay, so it has got a weak plot with weak characters, at least it has a humorous script, right? Nope. It doesn't, sorry. It has a couple of moments that will give you a chuckle, but for the most part, no, it just isn't that funny. The funniest parts, for me at least, were when the lower budget really came through in the filmmaking.

Definitely showing the lower budget were the actors hired. The main cast, Jo, Abby and Mandi, are all former Disney stars. This doesn't bode well for them to begin with, and we begin to notice in a feature-length film that they aren't the greatest actors in the world. They're not terrible, no, but they have about as emotional a performance as a brick wall. Yes, if allow paint to drip down it, you can make it look like it's crying, and that's about how the actors in the film felt like.

For all the complaining about the film I've done, I can't say that the film was a complete waste. For some reason, I didn't absolutely hate it. It stayed somewhat entertaining throughout, maybe for the "so bad it's good" factor, I'm not really sure. Maybe I kept hoping that it would improve, even if it did keep getting worse as the film progressed. There were some humorous parts, and the story does at least have enough twists in it that if you haven't seen "Mean Girls", you'll be surprised by them.

Basically, there isn't any reason to see "Mean Girls 2", because "Mean Girls" still exists. The characters have little depth and almost no motivation, the story isn't surprising if you've seen the original, and most of the jokes are replays of the ones seen in the first film. The acting isn't all that good, and while it was nice to see some Disney stars taking on more mature and realistic roles, the film didn't feel at all believable, as the entire drama of high school felt way too over- the-top. There isn't much reason for this film to exist, except cash-in on the "Mean Girls" name. Don't let it draw you in.
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I have thos on DVD
vyw-6262828 June 2018
And watch it sometimes. I love the girls. Pretty and sexy girls that are so thin. Real American girls. Great film and if you have the DVD everyone can enjoy it. I know I have girls of my own and they sometimes watch it or with their friends and my wife puts it in too.
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Spoiler alert, and also, this movie was horrible.
leviwarfel24 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Mean Girls 2 would have been so much better if it wasn't up against Mean Girls. I mean if it was called something else, it might have maybe been an okay movie. But when you stack it against Mean Girls, and have the expectations so high of course it's not going to be good. It had nothing to do with the original Mean Girls, I was so mad that they would use the Mean Girls title. And especially because half the actors in the movie were from freaking Disney Channel? Like really? I hated it. I honestly wouldn't even watch it again. I can't believe the creators of Mean Girls would let this happen. I'm so utterly disappointed. I mean they didn't even keep the same track as the original. At the end of the original, they were all friends - which showed that no matter what people go through they can still be friends. In the new one, the character portrayed as Regina George goes to JAIL - WHAT EVEN!? It was so unrealistic, I wanted to just walk away. Mean Girls is one of those movies that you just DON'T re-do. Lindsey Lohan and Rachel McAdams MADE Mean Girls what it was. And to make the "2" full of Disney Channel characters, made it so much worse. The acting was so tacky, and it wasn't even funny! The original was HILARIOUS. People still make jokes with the quotes, and MG2 had ZERO quotes. It was just so poorly made. And I love how the person who played Abby was a millionaire, yet she wore T-shirts? The movie was so horrible, don't even watch it.
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Deserves to be in the Burn Book
chocokitty1124 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
First off, I have to say that I love the original Mean Girls, it is one of my favorite teen movies. However I found that this sequel was not even close to as good as the original. It was awful, and not just in comparison to the original. These are the problems I have with this movie.

Meaghen's performance was really bad. Everything that came out of her mouth sounded way too forced, like she was over-acting. Her voice got really annoying after a while too. As for the girl who played Mandi, she was sort of the opposite. I felt like she was way too subtle. Jennifer Stone did okay and I thought she probably did the best.

Another problem with this movie is the characters. What bothers me is that Jo is so frigging perfect. In the original Mean Girls, Caddie starts out nice but power takes over and she becomes something she never intended. In this, Jo is just misunderstood. This bothers me because it made me not understand the theme. Was it to just not be a mean girl? As for Tyler, he was just a big, annoying Gary Stew. I didn't like Abby because she lacked any wit or charm. She was just really bland.

However, I think my biggest bone to pick with this movie is that everything is just so FORCED. I feel like they FORCED it to try to connect with a more "counter culture" audience. It felt FORCED every time they swore or talked about sex. Meaghen Martin's performance feels FORCED. I felt like every joke was also FORCED.

In the end, this movie truly sucked. They tried really hard to make a sequel with a more "Janis Ian" like main character, and ultimately failed. This movie seemed like it was written by a bunch of old people who wanted to make money off of a movie that related to teens. This movie is a joke. If you loved the first Mean Girls, you will hate this one. I really hope they don't make anymore sequels of my favorite movies,
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Not enough cleavage
Neil-bunn-google10 November 2018
There was long feminine hair, thin attractive bodies and of course beautiful legs, but little cleavage with many dresses that were too conservative. Could have been better.
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Girl moves to new school, gets picked on, makes unpopular friend, friend hates her, etc. Have seen worse-not much. I say C
cosmo_tiger30 January 2011
After moving to a new school Jo (Martin) finds the "Plastics" and soon realizes how evil they can be. When Jo stands up for Abby (Stone) at school, Abby's dad offers to pay for her college (which her dad can't afford) if she will be Abby's friend. I will start by saying I thought the first one was really funny. Tim Meadows is the only returning cast member from the original, and the best part of the movie. This one took everything that was funny and great about the first one and replaced it with the "New Plastics" just being evil. Not like first mean girl mean, but out right evil! There were a few scenes that made me chuckle but overall I felt bad for everyone in the school. If this is how high school girls really act now, private or home school is the way to go. I also think I am probably 20 years to old to fully relate, and a guy, so I did not enjoy it. No big surprises here, very predictable and not very funny. It does have the obligatory "Saved by the bell" story arc and ending. Evil, evil girls, decent message. I give it a C.

Would I watch it again? - Only if you paid me ($20 minimum)
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Good attempt
ilovemaxel13 February 2013
This is clearly a very good attempt to make a sequel for Mean Girls. They had the right ingredients. Bunch of pretty girls and guys, losers fighting back the status quo, a main character who starts from 0, goes to 10, loses everything to go way back to -10 and then goes back to... 9 'cause she shouldn't have it all, it would be too cliché right?

Anyway, it's not all that bad, but of course it fails to deliver compared to Tina Fey's script for the original Mean Girls. For a comedy, I only laughed a couple of times, so I guess what was missing were some more over the top scenes, everything else is just plain alright.
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This movie is soooo not fetch!!
reynahernan25 January 2011
Mean girls was a classic, hilarious, and one of the best comedy's of this generation. Mean girls 2 just f*cking sucked!! No joke. There has been some bad sequels, but this is one of the worst. If it were its own movie with a different name, then maybe it would have been OK. But since it was compared to the first... This movie wasn't funny! It was a little kids, preteen movie. I loved the first one and I wanted to like this movie, but its just not possible. It comes no where close to touching the first! The acting was decent. The " meanest girl" was OK, but Regina was the best! I didn't like the fact that it was turned into a clean, cheesy, Disney movie. With stars like Jennifer Stone ( Wizards of Waverly Place), Meaghan Martin ( Camp Rock), and more. IF you watched the new one without watching the original and liked it, then you need to watch it ASAP!!! Iam just gonna take my original and pretend like this never existed. THIS IS NOT FETCH!
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Just plain awful.
haichgee31 January 2011
When I heard there was going to be a Mean Girls 2, I was absolutely thrilled, Mean Girls is one of my all time favourite movies. I completely expected Mean Girls 2 to be worse than Mean Girls. So, especially after seeing the dreadful trailer, I didn't really have that high expectations for it.

I'm not picky when it comes to films, but I can honestly say this was one of the worst films I have ever seen.

The acting was terrible, painful at some parts. The attempts at humour were pitiful, the only time I laughed was when I laughed at how awful it was. The plot wasn't too bad, but naming it "Mean Girls 2" just ruined it for me.

If you haven't seen Mean Girls, then you might be able to stand watching Mean Girls 2, since then you won't be able to see the huge difference of quality between the two. But to be honest, I wouldn't recommend anyone to waste 1 hour and 36 minutes on this film.
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Not to be mean, but this sequel was a mess
TheLittleSongbird31 March 2011
I love the first Mean Girls, it was funny, cool, dark and very well-acted. I would go as far to say that it was my personal favourite Lindsay Lohan movie. This made-for-TV sequel was a mess, not just as a sequel but on its own terms. Comparing it to the first Mean Girls, this film feels nothing like the original, so much has changed not just in the cast but also in the little things and in terms of consistency too.

When it comes to the acting, only Tim Meadows and Jennifer Stone acquit themselves well. Maeghan Martin's acting is awful and very forced and Maiara Walsh is far too subtle to be believable. Add to that a depressingly predictable story, terrible dialogue and humour, rushed pacing, (bad) sit-com-ish production values, generic soundtrack and a far too obvious conclusion and you have a poor film overall. And did I mention the amateurish direction and shallow characters as well? So all in all, a messy film not just as a sequel to a fun film but on its own merits too. 1/10 Bethany Cox
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Watching this could put you in A & E.
LydiaBianca22 April 2011
Some TV films are actually great, but this was just GREATLY disappointing.

The trailer as well the cast list, gave me a clue about how terrible it was going to be, but I wanted to give it a chance because the first one is a stand out classic. You can tell Tina Fey did NOT have anything to do with this un'fetch'ing waste of time film, which is unworthy of being associated any where near Mean Girls.

The girls in this film, were vile, not mean. It seemed more like real life bullying, rather than physical and verbal comedy...and the amount of scenes they had with a bunch of extras laughing at someone who had been hurt was painful.

The main difference from the first film is that the main character has some guts, and starts a new group called the 'anti plastics', which she describes as an 'unoriginal name'...and she couldn't have been more accurate. It was a complete re hash of the first film, but without any originality.

I found it hard to laugh at anything,and I don't even want to get started on the character who tried to copy Karen from the first film. Instead of being funny and cute, she came across as plain stupid and possibly challenged.

1/10 from me, and if Lindsay Lohan or anyone from the original cast see this film..I hope it doesn't put them in A & E.
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A new girl moves to North Shore and tries to break up the Plastics
kereader23 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I must say, I absolutely loved the original Mean Girls. That's my girlfriends' and my go-to movie when we have Chick Flick Nights and gossip about girls. Needless to say, we were not excited when we heard that there was going to be a second one – sequels are never as good, and this sequel doesn't have the awesomeness that is Tina Fey. We pegged this as a failure before there was even a cast.

We were right. I watched the premiere on ABC Family on January 23, and this movie was so predictable I could've screamed. The movies reminded me a bit of Camp Rock and High School Musical – the writing and themes were aimed at twelve-year-olds – but there was a bit of a twist: they knew the Mean Girls crowd was a bunch of high schoolers, so they tried to aim the script at the original fans and older girls by adding words like "ass" and having the entire school make fun of the protagonist for being a virgin. Unfortunately, the virgin thing carries through the whole movie, which is just annoying, and the believability in this movie is pretty low. The original Mean Girls, while excessive, was at least believable, but the Plastics in this one literally crippled people with fear as they walked by.

Now, maybe I'm being unfair by comparing Mean Girls 2 to Mean Girls, but it's almost a requirement to compare a sequel to its original. Even on a more objective note, though, this movie was terrible. It was filled with cliché after cliché, and I predicted the outcome within fifteen minutes of the movie. I could tell what was going to happen every step of the way, and that was annoying. ((SPOILER ALERT!! Please skip to the next paragraph if you do not wish to have a small part spoiled for you.)) For example: the protagonist, Jo, is paid by a very wealthy man to be a bodyguard/friend to his daughter, Abby – enough for her to get into her dream school, Carnegie Mellon University. Jo and Abby eventually become best friends, and Jo debates for a long time whether she should tell Abby why they even became friends in the first place, eventually chickening out and not telling her about the deal. Can you guess what happens next, because I certainly could. When Abby's father pays Jo, she turns it down, but the head of the Plastics – Mandi – overhears the whole thing and tells Abby, instantly destroying the "best" friendship between Jo and Abby. Shocker, really.

That's only one of many predictable, clichéd moments throughout the movie, a movie – I must add – that runs far, far too long, especially when it's stretched over two hours on TV. I was completely bored by the end, and the only reason I would ever watch it again would be to make fun of it with my girlfriends, and even then we could probably just watch Twilight or something.

I do not recommend this movie. The language isn't really suitable for anyone below seventh grade, and anyone above seventh grade is probably too old for it. I only give this movie three out of ten stars, and most of those are only because the acting was semi-decent, and the movie carries the same title as one of the greatest chick flicks of all time. Don't waste your time on this movie – just read the summary on Wikipedia if you're at all curious; I'm sure it's much more interesting there, anyway.
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The only mean thing is why this was made - MONEY
StevePulaski29 January 2011
Mean Girls 2 reminds me of another poor quality sequel that I watched recently; Dream a Little Dream 2. The similarities are so vast, you could do a compare/contrast project for school on it. Both were released six years after their predecessors, both don't include many, roughly any actors from the first, both are low budget, and both are Direct-to-DVD. I'm surprised the DVD of MG2 doesn't include a preview of DALD2. It would be so fitting.

The original Mean Girls was just seen by me a few months back. In my review I stated "In terms of a teenage high school film, this was almost perfect. Its been a while since we saw a teen movie done well. With garbage like She's the Man, John Tucker Must Die, and other failed experiments gone wrong this was a breath of fresh air to see one done well." Looking back, it was a fantastic film. Just a few minor things prevented a perfect review. Now, the original Mean Girls has something even worse than a seventeen year old getting a zit in plain site; a lukewarm, poor sequel that branches off of the film.

The plot: Jo Mitchell (Martin) is a High School Senoir victim to her father's profession because she changes schools twice a year. She settles down her final High School year at North Shore High School, and has her heart set on Carnegie Mellon University. During her High School year she finds "The Plastics", the bossy bitches of school who make everyone else feel unappreciated while they live it up.

Along the way, Jo meets the outcast Abby (Stone). Abby has almost no friends, and upon arrival to her house one day, Jo is faced with a clean cut deal from her rich father where he offers her $4,000 for College to be Abby's friend through Senoir year. A shocking, but rewarding deal. Jo accepts.

Jo then turns down an offer of hanging out with Plastic leader Mandi (Walsh), and is now on the chopping block. Mandi witnesses Jo hanging with Abby and is shocked. Mandi makes Jo's life a living hell. Whats her plan? Well, Jo must've read an old year book about Lindsay Lohan's encounter with The Plastics because she does just what Cady did in the original; she tries to bring The Plastics down.

The rest goes as "The Big Book of High School Teenage Movie Clichés" says. Things start out good, go bad, then end good and happy. This shouldn't even be related to the original near-masterpiece Mean Girls was. It's just a poorly made television remake of a great film. It should've been called In the Race (anyone who's seen it will get the joke).

Meaghan Martin (Jo Mitchell) is Tess from the Disney Channel movie Camp Rock. Oddly enough, in Camp Rock, Meaghan played the girl she is trying to avoid in this film. She sets such an image for herself in that movie, and it's awkward seeing her in the role of the protagonist. Still, she could be replaced with Lindsay Lohan and it wouldn't change the lackluster script or inevitable low budget sequel feel this one currently possess.

The wit is also lost too. In the original film Mean Girls almost revolved around the way the girls spoke to each other. Whether waving their hips or making some sort of uncalled for comment, the girls showed no mercy and were hysterical. Jo drops some fair lines, but pretty much the whole wit-filled one liners were missing. I loved that stuff, where'd it go? Down the tubes along with the idea for a sequel to film that is 100% on it's own.

What a shame Mean Girls 2 doesn't live up to it's name. Instead it curses the franchise by adding an unnecessary "2" in the title. All it is is a remake of a film that doesn't need a damn sequel. It's clearly just a money hungry movie that doesn't care the reception it gets. Just as long as it makes a respectable profit.

Starring: Meaghan Martin, Jennifer Stone, Nicole Anderson, Maiara Walsh, Claire Holt, and Diego González. Directed by: Melanie Mayron.
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Not really all that mean...
paul_haakonsen9 February 2011
"Mean Girls 2" should probably have had another title, because it really had something to live up to as the first "Mean Girls" movie was somewhat nice. "Mean Girls 2" wasn't bad, but it was just a far shot from the original movie.

The story told in "Mean Girls 2" was very easy to follow and it was quite straight forward. However, there was just something missing from the storyline, something to give the movie more depth. The end result of the story made the movie look like a shallow husk of what it could have been. And basically it was more Jo that was mean, and not the "plastics".

The cast, like the first "Mean Girls" movie, was quite good, as for teenage casting goes. Meaghan Martin, playing Jo Mitchell, sure had a lot to live up to as the lead of the movie, because Lindsay Lohan sure made her role memorable in the first "Mean Girls". Meaghan was actually doing a good job, but there was a gap between her and Lohan's performance. The other cast members were doing their roles well enough. But bear in mind that this is a teen comedy, so there is no award-winning performances.

There were some funny scenes throughout the movie, but nothing that would make you keel over laughing hard. And there were also some nice moments in the movie, such as when Jo had to face up to Abby (played by Jennifer Stone). And some of the pranks pulled in the movie were also nice enough.

In overall, "Mean Girls 2" is not a bad movie, but it is far from what the first "Mean Girls" was. And had this movie been named differently I am sure it would have fared better. It proved to be good enough entertainment, just don't get your hopes up based on the name of the movie.
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lbell112213 April 2012
This movie was hilarious, in the sense that it was laughably horrible. It was the typical teenage girl movie that was disgustingly predictable and honestly the only reason why I sat through the whole thing, was that it had me laughing the entire time at how bad it was. It's depiction of high school was incredibly unrealistic, the acting was mediocre, the plot was unoriginal, the jokes were pathetic; it was just so awful. Basically, this was just a Disney Channel movie with some cursing. I wasn't expecting it to be as good as Mean Girls or anything but I was hoping for something at least more respectable than this. This movie was baaaaaaaaad.
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trash this garbage, which is not remotely close to the Original Mean Girls.
saadgkhan25 August 2011
MEAN GIRLS 2 – TRASH IT ( D ) Can someone still can do the honor and just remove the means girls title from this atrocious movie. This was nothing like the classic Mean Girl movie, which literally made Lindsay Lohan, and added an additional boost to Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried and Tina Fey's career. When everything thought Mean Girl is just another teen movie, it come out to be something smart, sharp and edgy. Comparing to the original, this movie lacks in every department. From production, to direction to writing, to acting. It won't be wrong to say that this was the worst tween movie I have seen in recent time counting all the tween ABC Family movies as well. The Entire young cast Meaghan Martin, Jennifer Stone, Maiara Walsh, Nicole Gale Anderson, Claire Holt, Amber Wallace, Bethany Anne Lind, Diego Boneta, Colin Dennard and Patrick Johnson are average performers in it. Overall, trash this garbage, which is not remotely close to the Original Mean Girls.
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Mean Girls 2 does not live up to Mean Girls.
NickieQ27 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
All in all this movie was awful! There were some things I liked but a lot of things I disliked. Mean Girls 2 definitely does not live up to Mean Girls. Mean Girls could never be re-made. The second felt more like a whole different movie. It didn't quite have that feel of the first movie.

I liked the fact that the Abbey character was actually rich and she was the girl that was getting picked on. Didn't see that one coming.

I didn't like how they tried to re-create certain scenes from Mean Girls. Such as the smock thing and the part they were playing football and the plastics were doing their dance thing at one part. It felt stolen. The movie is also very very predictable. Within the first 15-20 minutes I already knew what the whole movie was going to be like.

The editing was not all that great either. The football scene could have been better and the casting was just not right. Its like the girls they casted didn't have the right chemistry with each other. It also did not help that half of them are from Disney
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Not mean just petty
izzycheer6 August 2019
It doesn't hold anything I've true original. Its more bratty teens than mean. The mean girls are just spoiled and use the most boring tatics to get revenge. Honestly I'm highly sad about why it doesn't come close to the original.
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ice-10223 February 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Being a straight to TV 'sequel' I did not have high hopes, but carrying the name Mean Girls 2 after the original Hit film, I decided to give it a try...

First off How do you do a squeal to the original hit mean girls? Well the movies answer to this tough question is: Just repeat the exact same plot and hope no one will notice... However within 5 minutes of watching you realize it is a copy/paste job, and start to pick the holes apart, and believe me this movie is fantastic for hole picking.

Now For the actors: Meaghan Martin, as the lead often seemed excruciatingly wooden, and many scenes painful to watch, especially in the workshop romance scenes. Jennifer Stone as Abby played her role pretty well, subtle, not over the top and connectible. Abby's character is stark contract to her rich background but acceptable never the less.

****SPOILERS>>>> The mean girls, Whilst being plastic, which come on is not a hard act, seems completely lackluster compared to the vindictive nature of the treo portrayed in the first film. Their 'pranks' are over the top, unbelievable and just results in loud groans from the viewers, the final straw incident is just lacking any real motivation on why they would wreck jo's fathers career, no build up no nothing, just cut to the scene and cut away again if nothing happened.

The whole payback aspect of the film is unrewarding (which ultimately is what this film is about), the 'ultimate payback' for destorying her fathers career and $1000's of damages somehow equates to Holding a spite party at the same time as the plastics. Come on... when stakes are raised to that level you have every opportunity to do a something actually creative, clever, and well thought out. (which is why mean girls 1 was such a hit)

It then rushes into the plastic spawning of jo after 2 pranks (yes they even copied that from the original film). Then Jo gets framed for something she hadn't done (Hmm sound familiar to the original mean girls? Yes thats copied as well) and has to win support of her friends again to save the end of year ball (OH COME ON) SPOILER END<<<<<

The whole film is ultimately unrewarding and completely pointless in light of mean girls 1, Had this film been named anything else then it could of avoided direct comparison, and maybe viewers wont feel so deceived by being fed the same story again. If anyone is in any doubt this film isn't just a cash cow, look at the first sentence of the trailer "Remember mean girls 1?" i.e remember how awesome that movie is, now go spend money on this. Most amusing thing of all is the only time I laughed in the trailer is when they showed the clip of mean girls one.

1/10 Avoid, don't waste your time or money on this desperate corporate attempt to cash in.
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Just Awful
onionbubbles30 March 2013
I could not believe that I took the time out of my life to watch this film. It was so horrid that I'm embarrassed for its actors, creators, and anyone whose had the misfortune of watching it.

For starters, the plot was bad, overused, and absolutely predictable. A new loner, "misfit" girl who comes to a school and is immediately hated by people and this film's version of "The Plastics" meets another loner, "misfit" girl. Together they form the "anti-Plastics" a group that recruits members to try and get revenge for all of the people that were ever mistreated by the plastics. Soon after, the anti-Plastics become just as cruel and the plastics which soon causes troubles and breaks relationships. Very original, isn't it?

The entire film was full of bad clichés and stereotypes. The main character Jo (Meaghan Jette Martin) was poorly developed. As the new girl, she wore plaid shirts and skinny jeans and rode a little red moped which gave her the title as the new bad ass, punk rock, biker chick. Isn't she just the coolest? Martin's acting was plain awful as it was forced and her voice was annoying. The manner in which she played the "innocent but mistreated new girl that deserves revenge" was not believable. It was nearly impossible to feel any sympathy for her. Many of the other characters' acting was poor as well. The two side Plastics, Hope (Nicole Anderson) and Chastity (Claire Holt), were given ridiculous characters. They weren't important to the plot in any way, and seemed to only be thrown into the movie to reprise the Plastic trio. The only person I can say that did a decent job was Jennifer Stone, who played Abby.

The stunts and jokes that were pulled were so predictable and sad. I could see them coming from a mile away. You already knew the end of the movie 45 minutes before it happened. There was nothing comedic, dramatic, or generally entertaining about this film. The mention of sex and skimpy outfits had to be thrown in every 30 seconds as a failed attempt to sell this movie to the newer generation of teens. It embarrasses me to even think that this was supposed to be a sequel to the original Mean Girls, one of my most favorite movies.
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One of the worst movies I have ever seen
teddo103228 January 2011
I'd like to state first that I loved the first movie. Watching gorgeous girls make each other's lives a living hell is very entertaining. Curiosity struck when I heard of the sequel. Disappointment followed when I saw it.

There is one redeeming factor in this film and that is Meaghan Martin. Her character is kinda cool, which makes sense for the lead role. The other ones are terrible, especially Jennifer Stone's. Her character makes no sense whatsoever and her acting performance in the film is horrendous. The other characters have matured down to a level which is way below Nickelodeon-standards. The world would have been better off if the original script was recycled for the production of toilet paper.

Even though I mentioned that Meaghan did a pretty good job, it's not the same for her voice overs. The emotion expressed in her voice feels awfully misplaced and doesn't fit in with the picture. The musical score sounds like it has been written by a mediocre Christian rock band. The jokes are an insult to comedy. The costume and wardrobe department should have their eyes examined. There are tons of things in this movie that really annoy me and what it all comes down to is that this movie is really, really bad.

If you loved Mean Girls, stick with it. Don't be surprised if you'll do the same thing as I did when watching Mean Girls 2: switching it off half way. There are more lucrative and entertaining things to do with your time. Like watching the grass grow.
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Worst movie -EVER-
cutigurlvr5 February 2011
Mean girls is one of the best movies I have ever seen.I simply found it extremely cool and it was not annoying like all teenage-drama-American- movies.When I found out a new mean girls movie was being released,I was extremely happy.I couldn't wait!Then I checked out the cast,and I was very disappointed.TOO many Disney stars!Then I saw the movie....

First,Mandi is NOTHING like Regina.Everyone feared her,no one wanted to be like her.Regina was stylish,beautiful and mean.This girl is simply evil.And what does the school do about this?NOTHING.In Mean Girls ,just by a book in which were written some bad things,all the girls got punished.

Second,Chasity is NOTHING like Karen.Karen is pretty and dumb in a funny way and Chasity didn't even make me laugh.Also, Claire Holt stared in that crappy TV-series H2O and she wasn't good even there.I personally don't find her pretty.I found Amanda Seyfried GORGEOUS.

Third,Hope has NOTHING TO DO with Gretchen.

So the new Plastics are nothing like the classic Plastics.

Then,the movie WAS NOT FUNNY.The jokes were old-fashioned and didn't make anyone laugh.Mean Girls was hilarious.And awesome.When I got bored I was watching Mean Girls all over again because of it's awsomeness. And the plot doesn't match the old plot.Here, the Plastics try to get rid of Jo and in Mean Girls Cady tries to get rid of the Plastics in a smart way.

My conclusion is: don't waste your time on this.IT SUCKS.
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Mean and hilarious
Gordon-1122 August 2015
This film tells the story of a new female student in high schol who befriends a social reject, and subsequently start a war with the Plastics who rule the high school social pecking order.

"Mean Girls 2" has an entirely different cast, but it preserves the meanness and hilarity of the first film. I do like the way the new female student is so different from the female stereotype, yet still emanates feminity in her own way. The addition of a step brother on the Plastics side adds a good plot point as well, because he's turn between the two campus. The war that goes on between her and the Plastics is a lot of fun to watch as usual, and of course the story has a very satisfactory ending. I really enjoyed watching "Mean Girls 2".
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