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Season 8

Let There Be Light
Zacuto Films presents their first ASC cast with FilmFellas Cast 8: ASC Cinematographers in 5 Webisodes. Starring: Stephen Goldblatt ASC, BSC, (Julie & Julia, Closer), Rodney Charters ASC, CSC, (Television Series: 24), Nancy Schreiber ASC (The Nines) and returning Host Jens Bogenhegn (DP/Producer of FilmFellas/critics). Directed by Steve Weiss. Come watch this award winning ASC cast share their trials and tribulations of being a Director of Photography in New Hollywood. Now in their 8th Season, the FilmFellas webisodic series premieres June 16, 2010 only at Zacuto.
Film by Committee
The fellas dive into the Big Qs of filmmaking - How, Why, When and How Much? They discuss having a cinematic look, preferred genres, lighting by committee and the drift toward digital.
Head Games
The FilmFellas discuss the other side of being a DP: the psychology of film production and the art of collaboration. They elaborate on having great crews with great attitudes who remain adaptable on set.
Commitment to the Craft
The ASC cast return to debate the harsh reality of ageism and the double standard in Hollywood. They discuss lighting, retouching, the loyalty of collaboration and the importance of learning filming history.
Farewell FilmFellas
Season Finale: the ASC cast discus making a living in the film industry, working with actors and the new generation of DPs. Next, they elaborate on DSLRs, 3D and their favorite projects.

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