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MPAA Rated PG-13 for sequences of sci-fi action violence, bloody images, some suggestive material, partial nudity and language

Sex & Nudity

  • 01:06:45-A naked woman is seen slowly lifting herself out of a bath. Her breasts are covered by the camera angle but her bare back is seen (not rear end)
  • At the end of the movie, 2 kisses were shared.
  • Brief shot of one woman is doing pole dance with VR goggle - no nudity
  • Art3mis has a low cut dress and can see sides of her breasts while dancing with Parzival
  • 00:46:11-A man and woman are dancing and the woman slides her hands up a mans groin to his chest. She starts and the camera cuts away to the man in a VR suit which glows showing the region where he's being touched.
  • 01:07:00-The lady from the bathtub turns into an old lady, and she chases characters around, however she is withered so you can't see any nudity.
  • Towards the beginning, the main character makes a reference to a motel world in the virtual world, where it is implied people go to have sex.
  • In the real world, Samantha runs around in fitted tank tops (and other mildly revealing garb).
  • Her in-game avatar, Art3mis, wears more clingy and low-cut clothing.
  • She wears a particularly slinky outfit while dancing seductively with Wade's avatar, Parzival.
  • She caresses him, which lights up contact points on Wade's real-world gaming suit.
  • At one point, the suit's crotch area glows from an unseen VR caress.
  • Some other OASIS avatars also exude a sense of sensuality.
  • Miscategorized: And a cat-like avatar sports a large furry décolletage. There is no implied sex, nudity, or sexualization of this character.
  • 01:06:30-One OASIS scene involves a woman stepping out of a bathtub as the characters are interacting with a scene in 'The Shining' where nudity was portrayed; however it is CGI'd over. NO NUDITY.
  • A CGI zombie is anatomically correct, but no nudity is shown.
  • Simply No brief nudity here. PG-13
  • 01:06:31-A female player in a ROBOTIC / GENDERLESS avatar is seduced by a nude woman in the bath; it is implied she may be bi curious as her response is 'I'm just gonna go with it' after she clearly says no several times. This is considered a sexual assault on the female character, and she was affirmitive in her 'no' to the other female but was pressed / pressured into saying yes (sexually assaulted) by the advancing female who was ignoring her 'no'

Violence & Gore

  • There are several slightly prolonged sequences of action and violence. Violence takes place in a virtual battlefield. Real injuries are not sustained; their avatars disintegrate instead.
  • A building is blown up
  • A guy gets his arm chopped off. (no blood and occurs in a non realistic like manner)
  • A woman is kicked out of the back of a moving van by a boy still playing a video game, she lands on the road and rolls.
  • An avatar is kicked in the groin by another avatar. A shot in the real world shows a glow on his outfit inbetween his legs where he was hit, he limps out of his chair.
  • In the virtual world, when people die, they explode into coins.
  • The Grady Twins from the Shining are seen covered in blood in the virtual world, but it was shot with an actual camera.
  • A young woman 'deteriorates' into a zombie-like monster. This is gory and would be quite scary for children. She then chases a character with an axe, attempting to kill them. Later there is another scene with many zombies. They are dancing, and there are close-up shots of their rotting faces. During the dancing, their limbs are being bent and broken when a character has to dance with them and avoid falling.
  • We witness a few real-world shoot-outs and fights.
  • The gunters are shot at and pummeled as they try to outrun IOI pursuers.
  • Wade and several other characters get hit in the face a few times, and a female IOI employee is kicked out of the back of a moving van to tumble in the street
  • We see her later with a raw scrape on her face.
  • Sorrento also gets kicked in the crotch, and he doubles over in pain.
  • The most violent real-world event involves drones planting explosives on a stack of mobile homes; the subsequent explosion takes out a tower of trailers and their human occupants (and nearly crushes bystanders below).
  • We see everything from an open war between thousands of screaming characters who shoot and slash at one another to explosive car crashes to King Kong crumpling vehicles and Mechagodzilla gobbling characters whole.
  • And it's all presented in a constantly swirling cacophony of sound and bombastic images.
  • Axes chop, bombs explode and scores of pop-culture killers-including a fevered Chucky doll with a butcher knife in his fist-hack away at in-game players.
  • In all these cases, though, we never see anything bloody.
  • The avatars simply "zero out,"-exploding in a gush of coins and loot that other characters can collect.
  • During a scene in a creepy hotel, an elevator door opens and a flood of blood washes down a hallway.
  • Characters fight and yank around virtual zombie-like creatures.
  • A giant, sympathetic, virtual robot loses an arm and fingers.
  • An avatar vanishes under molten lava.
  • Guns are brandished.
  • And there's that ax-wielding zombie woman I mentioned above, easily the most frightening scene in the whole movie.


  • The word "shit" or a form of it is used 15 times. The words, "ass", "broke ass", "asshole" and "badass" are used once each. The phrase, "God damn" is used twice. The phrase, "douche bag" is used twice. The phrases, "dick weed", "balls", "damn" and "hoes on Santa" are used once each. The word, "fuck" is only used once, and not in a sexual way. An avatar also gives another avatar the middle finger in contempt.
  • God's name is misused three times, once in combination with "d--n."
  • Three exclamations focus on slang for male genitalia.
  • One in-game character flashes a crude hand gesture.
  • "s***show" was used only once after the fight was over.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • You can see some bottles containing alcoholic fluid (probably wine and/or beer) in the background in one scene, the morning after an office party.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A race near the beginning of the movie feels/presents itself as intense. Cars are seen crashing and a dinosaur smashes cars as well as King Kong


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • Rash, a frog character from the video game Battletoads makes a cameo at the nightclub scene. During the scene, his butt could be seen.

Violence & Gore

  • There is a scene where retrieving the second key(in the shining)and you do see a big wave of blood come through elevator doors. Familiar if you have seen the shining.
  • An alien like the one in the Alien films is seen bursting out a characters stomach.
  • About 10-15 minues of the film takes part of the Shining including the infamous blood elevator scene as well as the Room 237 scene. Young children may find this part very distressing.
  • The protagonist lives with his aunt and her boyfriend, who is abusive in one scene he pulls him out of his room and pushes him on the floor.
  • The uncle and aunt of the protagonist are killed on an explosion caused by explosives put by drones carrying them. The deaths are not seen.


  • The F Word is only used once in the film. In one scene Chucky jumps on one player, and in real life, the player says: ''It's fucking Chucky''.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There is whole scenes imitating the rated r movie The Shining, which can be scary for mature audiences.
  • There is also shots of Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger also a scene where they use a Chucky doll to kill some bad guys.
  • Mechagodzilla is seen killing players. (No blood is shown)
  • Acting on a clue he discovered from careful research on OASIS co-creator, James Halladay, a character makes a dangerous counter-intuitive move at the beginning of a car race and goes into a high-speed reverse. For a few seconds, it appears he is going to crash into the back wall of the track, only for a hidden downward ramp to suddenly appear to allow the car to continue racing in reverse underneath the main track and win the race.
  • Some brief perilous moments may be intense for a younger audience, these occur more frequently as the movie progresses.
  • The impoverished real world outside of the virtual world may seem distressful or depressing to some, as well as a couple characters storys of losing their family.
  • Scenes from "The Shining" appear in this movie, such as a bloody elevator spilling out, a woman turning into a zombie (up close), and a chase through a maze with previously said zombie trying to hit you with an axe. Other zombies also appear in a following scene, but more comical gory than scary gory

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