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Season 1

The Return
After seventeen years in captivity, Nimrode Klein, Uri Zach, and Amiel Ben Horin return home to Israel and reunite with their families.
Hamachon: Part 1
Nimrode and Uri are taken to an interrogation facility designed for released Israeli prisoners of war. There, they meet Haim, a military psychologist who tries to understand what Nimrode and Uri experienced while in captivity.
Hamachon: Part 2
Haim investigates Nimrode and Uri, while in the process of deciphering their secret language. Talia is desperate to see Nimrode.
6 Mar. 2009
Letter from mom
Depressed, Uri refuses to leave his bed, even when Nurit attempts to speak with him. Uri's father, Yoske, gives Uri letters written by his mother when he was held in captivity.
6 Mar. 2009
Take care
The funeral of Amiel Ben Horin. Yael still sees her brother everywhere, and is desperate for him to leave her alone.
6 Mar. 2009
The diary
Talia and Nimrode go on television for an interview, where Talia learns that she doesn't know Nimrode as well as she thought. Dana is taken to meet Dr. Ostrovstky, a psychologist.
6 Mar. 2009
A picture from captivity
Talia and Nimrode enjoy some time alone. Dana's intentions for Dr. Ostrovsky becomes more clear. Hatzav prepares for his Army tests.
6 Mar. 2009
Ve'Sahvu Mitsraim
Uri and Nimrode disappear, and worry their families. The Klein family find a few joyous moments while Nimrode is missing. Nimrode's nightmares take a physical toll on Talia.
6 Mar. 2009
Awake at Night
Nimrode has a nightmare of the night he was killed Amiel. Talia tries to convince Nimrode to talk to her. Yael surprises Ilan at his home.
6 Mar. 2009
The tombstone
Talia makes Nimrode choose between the miserable past or a future with her, Nurit decides which Zach brother to be with, and Yael confronts the death of her brother, Amiel.

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