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Season 2

1 Oct. 2012
Lehitraot Matok
Uri and Nimrode try to push the Ministry of Defense into figuring out where Amiel Ben Horin is by exposing the CD.
Hag La Sameach
Nimrode is out partying while Talia breaks down. Uri and Nurit try to bridge the gap formed by the past 17 years and resume their relationship. Yusuf and Abdullah head out to handle an arms deal.
Shkarim Ktanim
Yusuf has trouble dealing with his past. Abdullah attempts to recruit children to be martyrs. Uri shares the horrors and psychological mind games his captors tortured him with to Nurit.
The connection between Jamal, Amiel, and Yusuf is revealed. Yusuf struggles with the shooting and the pressure to execute an act of terrorism against Israel.
Pkida Plugatit
Iris and Haim discover new details in the investigation of connecting Amiel Ben Horin, Atar Shorer, and Dr. Ze'ev Kaplan. Ze'ev trains the talented Ynon while Haim attempts to contact him.
We learn why Atar Shorer purposely recruited Ynon. A new direction in Haim and Iris's investigation leads them to "Operation Judas".
Uri is troubled by the mystery of the picture of the man. Haim Cohen orders Uri and Iris to investigate the picture. Nimrode struggles with his new life.
Moto Shel Sochen
More insight into Jamal's past. Yusuf does not approve of Ismail's new bond with Abdullah. Talia and Dr. Ostrovsky go out on a date, much to Dana's chagrin. Uri goes to see a doctor about his nose bleeds.
HaChaver Shel Mika
Ze'ev and Haim continue to play mind games with each other when new details regarding Operation Judas and Ynon's true mission are exposed.
Haim and Ze'ev work together on cracking the code that Atar and Jamal used to communicate with each other.
HaIsha Shelanu BeDamesek
Uri's health is failing. Nimrode reveals another detail about what happened with Amiel. Nurit heads to Damascus to deliver the package. Yusuf is followed by Abdullah.
Nohal Hannibal
A soldier's kidnapping affects everybody. Ynon goes through the final phase of preparations for Operation Judas. The Klein family unites when Hatzav is drafted to the army.
Mivtza Yehuda
The soldier's kidnapping makes Nimrode feel guilty over what happened with Amiel. Yael is worried about the kidnapped soldier. Ynon embarks upon Operation Judas.
Operation Judas. Amiel returns home to Israel, and wants his wife and Sammy to come with him. Once home, Amiel faces the greatest conflict of his life.

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