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No suspense
Leofwine_draca5 February 2019
Warning: Spoilers
THE MAZE is another terrible low budget horror film from America. A bunch of uninteresting characters decide to play a game in a field of corn in the middle of the night, only to encounter a psycho killer who proceeds to bump them off one at a time. What starts out as mildly interesting with a SCARECROWS vibe soon turns into unending tedium; the cornfield setting is abandoned halfway through, the pacing slows down to a crawl, and there's no suspense whatsoever.
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The movie experience was as withered as the corn field in the movie...
paul_haakonsen1 January 2013
Well, the cover for "The Maze" does look interesting, but the movie was anything but interesting. It was basically a snooze-fest from start to end, because nothing much did happen.

The movie is about a group of young people who go into a withered corn field to play tag, but they are not alone there. A killer is stalking the corn field, eager to snuff out their lives.

The outlay of the story does seem fair enough, but it just didn't really work out in any way. The corn field idea, as great as that is, have been used a bit too much to have the same scary effect anymore. And the killer, well, a guy in a red sweater with the hood worn up so no one can see his face, well that isn't particularly scary. And the way people were killed were fairly boring - yeah, I said boring. As with the last decade's gory slasher-fest and inventive ways of killing people in movies, the ways used in "The Maze" was just boring and unimaginative in comparison.

The one bright spot to this movie was the twist towards the ending of the movie. That was actually worth suffering through the first three-quarters of the movie for. I enjoyed that twist and idea on the storyline.

For a slasher movie, then "The Maze" is well below standards of what you would expect from a movie of this category in this day and age.
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jack_o_hasanov_imdb18 August 2021
I watched from dvd with Russian dubbing :) It was boring a little bit, but i didn't hate. It was just bad movie.
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Just...Not... Good
wandernn1-81-68327427 December 2019
Really a simple story. Not very well acted. Not really good.

Pretty much a waste of time and I don't even get why movies like this come up on my recommended list. The hell is going on? Like they think I like to watch crap movies or something with my free time.
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Snooze fest
Sergiodave1 September 2021
The basic plot of the film is a psycho tries to kills some people in a maze. I have noticed that save for one other movie this is the pair of writers only attempt at a film screenplay, for which we should be thankful. One of the main pluses of this movie, who am I kidding, the only one,is that you might well die of boredom before you get to the really bad acting in the last 30 minutes. The acting in the first half is Oscar worthy by comparison. Not sure I would even suggest this for a bad horror movie night, though might be useful for insomniacs.
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Watching corn grow is just as much fun.
vampyrecowboy31 December 2010
There are actually good points to this lame, uninteresting and sleepy story. It is the camera work.

How the production company managed to get somebody skilled to work on such a go nowhere movie is beyond me, but there is some fine camera work on here. The editing is OK as well, but that aside, this story just doesn't have no go.

People trapped in a cornfield and can't escape.

I guess it must be hard to just walk through the rows of corn if there is no path.

I don't know how farmers do it...must be some advanced technology in their abilities.

Anyway, a couple teens go to a farm and go into a maze and get killed.

During the process you get to learn all about the interesting new aspects about corn - like it's strong as steel and nobody can escape from a cornfield.

A horror movie with no scary to it.

Just as entertaining as this review.
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Tries Hard, But Really Doesn't Get There
bababear13 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Five friends drive out to visit a legendary corn maze but get lost on the way, so when they arrive they decide to go explore it anyway instead of getting into the car and driving back to the city. Uh, that would have been the world's shortest movie so forget that.

Once in the maze they split up and play an elaborate game of tag, not knowing that they aren't alone.

And this is where the problems set in. The protagonists- two women (one of whom will, of course, be The Final Girl) and three men- just aren't too interesting. Shalaina Castle is Jordan, The Final Girl, and while she's a competent actress there's no reason for us to root for her. Her appeal to me was how she resembles Barbara Steele, the British actress who reigned in Italian horror movies like Mario Bava's BLACK Sunday in the 1960's.

A mysterious figure wearing a red jacket with a hood- the better to hide his/her face and to stir fond memories of Nicholas Roeg's DON'T LOOK NOW- begins thinning out the cast until Jordan escapes at the end of the second act. Then director Stephen Shimek shifts the scene of the action to various spots around a totally generic nearby town.

Several new characters are introduced, including the highly unlikely killer. We keep expecting that there's going to be a major reveal and we'll find out why this person is doing these completely out of character things. Nope. The script said the figure in red chases down this or that character and dispatches them, so that's what happens.

What's good about THE MAZE:

Honestly, for $200,000 I'll say that Shimek did a great job. Even though there are a lot of elements that come out of left field- I saw this on Chiller, and have no idea what their editors did to change the film's structure- he got it made. It's something I've dreamed of doing all my life, so hats off to Stephen and his crew.

Shimek does know what a movie looks like. And he does direct the actors: I've got enough experience on stage to see that someone is in there pitching.

And, oddly enough, it has a tremendous musical score. That was what kept my hand off the fast forward button throughout the film. The score is credited to Lance Montgomery, a name totally unfamiliar to me. Yes, it's influenced by the scores for VERTIGO and PSYCHO, but at least it's influenced by brilliant work. Whether it's "real" instruments or Mr. Montgomery sweating bullets over a keyboard could matter less to me. It creates atmosphere and builds suspense, and kept me watching.

And there are two excellent performances. Whoever the actor is playing the man who gave the killer a ride into town was natural and comfortable in front of the camera. Good work, and sorry I didn't catch the character's name. And Richard Dutcher as Sheriff Ben also delivers fine work.

The big problem is the screenplay. It just doesn't deliver. And the third act is a shambles (although it does finally gel somewhat better toward the very atypical finish).

Honestly, I think the author would have been happier working outside the horror genre and doing something more character driven; you've gotta dance with who brung you, though.

If you watch this, think of it like seeing a community theater performance while visiting Utah and appreciate the hard work that these dedicated amateurs put forth on both sides of the camera.
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Pretty Lame Stuff
Rathko6 January 2011
Even by the standards of no-budget direct-to-DVD fare, this is pretty bad. I can live with the amateurish lighting and questionable acting, such are the pitfalls of limited finances, but creativity and originality don't cost a penny and 'The Maze' is sorely lacking in both. The entire blame for this fiasco can be laid at the feet of the two writers who don't so much craft a screenplay as string together a series of loosely connected genre clichés. We're used to our horror characters behaving stupidly, but few are as stupid as those depicted here. Grown adults playing tag in a corn field in the middle of the night? Really? Grown adults who don't seem to realize that corn rows do not constitute an impenetrable barrier? And shouldn't the psycho killer be just a little bit scary? Or at least intimidating? Not a skinny kid who could, in reality, be immobilized by a girl scout with her hands tied? And why so squeamish about blood and violence? Sheesh.

Not even bad-in-a-good-way. Just plain bad.
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Just not a great film. A bit of a bore, and slow.
If you read the title of my review, then you've pretty much got the gist of this movie. It's quite mundane, moves slowly, and involves too many elements that don't connect until way too far in the movie, and none of them actually needed to be there.

There are plenty of worse movies, and the acting isn't as bad as some reviews claim, it's just slow and boring. Knowing that an entire movie was going to take place in a single corn maze had me wondering how exciting it could actually be, and i was right.

This one's not worth your time, IMO. I find that MOST movies have some sort of redeeming qualities to them, allowing them to be worth at least one watch. Not this one.
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Another 'Corn Field' Horror
eddie-3282622 July 2019
What is it with corn fields? Seems most horrors these days are based in one. If I ever see a corn field when driving, I'm gonna put my foot down to 90mph, and belt past it. Sod the speed limit!!

So, what is this like? Well, these people are bored, and 'break in' to a maze. When I say break in, I mean they just walk into the maze. There is no gate etc. The killings when they start are pretty basic, even a throat slit looks like I just brushed my knife of over a peel of an orange, but not pierced it.

Yep, they all split up (its a game, not because they're scared), and then they get attacked by a psycho that runs faster than The Bolt. And of course, the good old 'I can't go on as I've hurt my foot' springs up.

Was it by falling from a great height? Maybe the person got knifed, shot or other major injury? Nope, by tripping over a body.

Anyhoo, I did watch to the end, and was a bit of a different ending. Plus the car ride chat was okay, but apart from that....
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Pretty Good Slasher
bean-d15 January 2011
I'm a horror film buff and I've seen scores of slasher films. Let's face facts: most of them are abysmal. The direction, editing, and production values are sloppy, the acting is sub-par, and the characters are morons. A movie like "Halloween" (1978) is the exception to the rule. So what about "The Maze" (2010)? I will admit that the first thirty minutes were slow, and there's not much to look at here (a corn maze at night?), but the story is mildly fun, and it does have a few good scares. Also, I thought the hitchhiking scene was hilarious! When compared against other slasher films, "The Maze" holds its own--not a classic, but decent. Perhaps what sets it apart is that it falls squarely in the PG-13 camp: there's no sex, nudity, explicit gore, and very little profanity. The average episode of "CSI" has more gore than "The Maze." In other words, "The Maze" is certainly a safe film for a teen or pre-teen Halloween party.
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m-skee7 February 2021
Warning: Spoilers
This was the most boring "scary" movie I've ever seen! They tried to make it scary using music, but even that couldn't save it. And it went on forever! I was so relieved when I got to the end (or thought I did) but the movie went on to act two and I had to endure another 30 minutes of stupidly boring film. I only watched the entire mess so I could leave an accurate review. *SPOILERS* Five 20 somethings tell scary stories by the side of the road (why?). Then drive on to the corn maze. It's closed but they decide to sneak in anyway. They proceed to walk around for a while, talking about their love lives (yawn). Then decide to play their special version of tag. Boring. Then a guy we'll call Little Red Ridinghood comes strolling in and starts the killin'. There were no scares, no suspense, just bam you're dead who's next. It wasn't even gory for those who enjoy that. He even kills the maze's owner. We get down to the last girl (of course). She overpowers Red and runs away (none of the FOUR healthy big guys could take him on but this little girl has no problem, really?). She stops to have a moment and a smoke (IN the maze) then decides to light the corn maze on fire. Red comes (of course) and they have another little tussle where she stabs him with his own knife. She then runs out of the maze where a crowd of corn fed local yokels are just standing there (weird), she runs into the police officers arms and says... "I killed him". What?! That's all she says, nothing about her dead friends, or about Red. Annoying. She gets loaded into the police car and they just drive away, no attempt by the officer to find the presumably dead guy. I thought that was the end, I was excited I had made it! Imagine my disappointment when I saw there was another 30 minutes to go (cry). They make it to the police station where she continues to say nothing! At the same time we get to see the excruciatingly detailed "escape" by Red. At the gas station where we get to see a drawn out will he or won't he kill the lady who goes into the store (he doesn't). All he does is steal her car cigarette lighter (what year was this made? I didn't think cars had those anymore!). Why does he steal the lighter? He uses it to seal his knife wound! Totally believable...not. He slowly walks down the road in the middle of the lane (so exciting) until a jovial idiot give him a ride. Red asks to go to the police station. Boring car ride. At the station Red cleans up and becomes police officer Eric. That's the twist right there, because all cops are evil right? Ugh. Now the two are reunited, victim and killer. Does she recognize him? No, or is it yes? Of course she decides to open up to him and tell her story, we get some boring flashbacks of the killings from her, which confused me as she didn't SEE any of the deaths. At some point she figures it out and stabs him with a pen, another tussle but this time she gets knocked out. Where are the other cops? Apparently on break. She wakes up and finds Red/Eric on the floor, she grabs his gun, but surprise! He's just faking and there are no bullets in the gun. (Even that scene wasn't scary!). He just wanted to get her prints on the gun because while she was out he killed the other cops. Now he's going to kill her and blame her for all the killin's. Now we have another tussle where she gets a gun with bullets and holds him at gun point. She just wants an an apology. So he apologizes and lists out all the people he's killed, but he's most sorry for not killing her. And we have another tussle where he gets the gun and shoots her! Just as the boss cop arrives, Red/Eric starts telling his lies but guess what?! She had secretly been recording him! As she lays there dying she rewinds the tape and plays his confession, oh snap. Red/Eric is arrested and we get to see her die on the floor. The End There you are, I've laid it all out. It could have been a great movie. But with the boring script, the wooden acting, and the slooooow pacing it ended up just being an eye rolling snooze fest. No reason given for Red/Eric's totally random killing spree. Like did he wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Did he just hate corn mazes? Was he possessed by the spirit of a deranged killer? Just give me something here! But no, we're just left to wonder. Bottom line: I hated this movie. I can't recommend this movie. But if you need help falling asleep go ahead and turn this one on.
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A Great Example Of How To Make A Bad Movie
One_slice_of_pizza21 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This movie has to be shown in film schools as an example of "How to make a really bad slasher, and make the audience hate every minute of it." You think I'm being a little harsh? Fair enough. Read on and let me know.

I really liked the opening scene. It was promising at first but it only took five minutes to change my mind. Five teenagers play a tagging game in the middle of a corn field and they run into a serial killer on the loose, who then starts stabbing his victims one by one. Teenagers? Who did the casting I wonder, because they all are at least 25, some even look mid 30's.

What makes a slasher enjoyable is, the killing scenes. The more original and gory they are, the more we get excited. This is the whole point of making a slasher. Making memorable, epic killing scenes, not creating a super skinny, girly killer who stabs people to death with a thing that looks like a swiss army pocket knife.

I mean, really? That's how creative you guys were? The killer just stabs them in the stomach or whatever and they die. That's it. It looks more like a high school acting project rather than a slasher movie. I'm dead serious.

Because of no character development, we never care when these 35 year old teenagers get killed. These writers have never read a book about scriptwriting before? You have to make the audience feel something about the characters before you start killing them. Otherwise it has no effect.

I don't like the excuse of the movie having a super low budget. People on youtube make amazing videos with much less budget than that. Originality and creativity don't cost a penny, but be lazy and it will cost you a career.

Too many logical mistakes, plot holes and poor execution, makes this movie unwatchable. The killer gets stabbed several times including his stomach but he heals all those wounds with a car lighter and no stitches! Really?

I'm not here to give you a lecture on how to make a good movie, but you should not get mad at people who didn't enjoy watching it. We are right because your movie sucks. Plain and simple. We are the audience and if you are making a movie for us to watch, then we have every right to criticize it, because you are the one who claims that you can make a watchable movie, not us.

You are wasting our time and we are bashing your movie. It's a fair deal. Either accept that and make a better one next time or just quit and do something else. It's obvious that you can't accept objective criticism but at least stop writing fake comments because you are bad at that too and they suck as much as your movie does.

All in all, I strongly suggest you to skip this movie and do something more productive instead. Believe me, you will be glad you did.

1/10 for writing fake comments. You little evil bunnies, you.
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Bwahahaha! A nine star review? Really?
slatromhsiloof25 October 2010
Once again one of the actors from the film must be reviewing his own movie. I can guess which one. Why not a ten star review? Because it was so horrifically bad even the person trying to skew the numbers to try to sucker ANYONE into watching this trash couldn't even bring himself to give it ten stars. Add this to the list of low budget movies I couldn't even bring myself to finish watching. If the producers of this waste of time and money have any shame they will recall and burn every copy, send the ashes off into space, then issue a public apology for believing anyone would be so stupid as to actually want to watch this worthless piece of garbage. I could make a better movie utilizing my camera phone and a bunch of 5 year old children as cast AND crew. Premise is entirely unbelievable anyway, as anyone who has ever been into a corn maze knows all you have to do to get out is pick a direction and start walking. Its CORN for God's sake, not an adamantium force-field. Unfortunately people from Hollywood actually ARE this stupid, so they expect the general public to be as well. If you have any sense, you'll skip this worthless piece of trash. If you don't have any sense, skip it anyway. There are plenty of better things to do with your time, like stabbing yourself in the eye with a fork.
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Pleasantly surprised it didn't suck
laurahippensteel30 April 2019
After watching the trailer, I was pretty sure I'd be shutting this off after the first 15 minutes. Horror flicks on Amazon prime are hit or miss, I find. I'm pretty sure the reasonable person could find their way out of a corn maze, but if you can suspend disbelief for 90 minutes, you'll be entertained. There was a twist at the end which I thought tied everything up nicely.
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A good film but terrible death scenes
Callam_103 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Having just watched this movie I thought I would write a little review. This is a good film its is definitely worth watching, it has a great storyline with little surprises. Although the acting isn't that bad the Scenes where someone gets killed are terrible, even a child could tell the were fake, example when he slits that guys throat the knife doesn't even touch to him, this happens through the movie. These scenes made me lose a bit interest but trust me stick with it because the ending is pretty cool.

In fairness its a movie worth watching, but don't get your hopes up on seeing lots of blood and brutal murders because you ain't gonna see it in this movie Rating 8/10
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NOT A-MAZE-ing Terrible, Terrible, Terrible....
kriskoppy19614 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
One of the positives about this film is the fact that I only heard 2 swear words. Honestly, I can't state any other positives. The film is painfully slow, the characters are painfully stupid and the psychotic killer, who can't be stopped by grown men, is easily pushed over by women half his size. He runs like the wind but can't catch a man carrying a woman. If you enjoy people walking through a corn maze at tortoise like speed, by all means, watch this film. I've never actually seen too many actors walk by rocking side to side, as if to simulate walking. One of the male characters is so helplessly weak that he basically lies down and dies rather than run through what must be impenetrable walls of corn. Corn must be made out of brick now since no one considers veering off the path to escape. This is probably the WORST film I have ever seen and I've seen a lot of films... I'm nearly 50 years old. A-MAZE-ing-ly terrible.... OUCH!
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A fun great movie for indie slasher fans!
kaos_katt913 October 2011
This movie is a tough one to rate, as the majority of it is quite very mediocre. The acting from almost all the characters was terrible, the writing wasn't too bad but it wasn't anything special, and the directing most of the time seemed nothing more than OK. Although, everything having to do with the killer was spot on. A brutal, smart, quick killer that doesn't take any risks or chances and pounces as soon as he gets the chance, probably the best slasher villain in recent horror films. The red coat outfit was awesome and the weapon of choice was simple. The first half of the movie was pretty boring other than his scenes while the second half of the movie is much better and does a good job of redeeming itself. The twist with the killer was actually great and very unexpected. His character was all-around the best part of this film. Not to mention the acting of the killer was absolutely fantastic, I look forward to hopefully seeing him in films in the future. Although the first half isn't very good (again, other than any scenes involving the killer), I do highly recommend this film to horror movie fans, especially indie and slasher fans.
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Alright acting...Terrible death scenes
miraquin13 December 2011
The movie over all wasn't that bad. The acting was okay, the plot was alright I guess and, the filming was decent. The only problem I had was the death scenes were pretty terrible...not entertaining or thought out very well. I guess I could add the film wasn't very original...I feel like i've seen several "trapped in a corn maze" type movies.

The film isn't very scary, I don't think I jumped at all throughout the whole movie. It's also pretty predictable so there's nothing that surprised me during or at the end of the film. The music didn't help the film either. I thought it actually made the scenes less scary with it.

As for the killer in the film. I didn't find him or his weapon of choice very gruesome or freighting. To say the least, as is, the film was watchable and semi entertaining but, there was a lot of room where it could have been improved. I probably wouldn't recommend this film to anyone looking for a late night scare.
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How are you people giving this "film" a good rating?
cade952231 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Seriously? Out of all of the reviews for this movie on IMDb, only about half of them were 1-2 stars, the rest were 5 and above. What is wrong with all of you. One review even said that the movie left him/her scared..... I find that hard to believe. I was to busy laughing at how terrible it was to be scared. To run down the 5 worst things with this movie, here is number 5. The ridiculous "twist" at the end which wasted so much of my time (about half of the movie took place after the killings. Number 4. The description of the movie said that a group of TEENAGERS get lost in a corn maze. What teenagers? The youngest one could have been 25, but they could have ranged all of the way up to 40. Number 3. The magic switchblade, which left no blood what so ever, or blood coming out of the victims bodies for that matter (some exceptions do apply). Number 2. How did the killer not die, or even get slowed down from being stabbed in the stomach? Number 1. It is a CORN MAZE, not a maximum security prison. None of them ever thought to just run through the corn, or were they trying to make record time on the maze. Well that is the end of my review, please do watch this to enjoy it... only to laugh at it.
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Don't waste your time.
danspaceman23 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I don't know what the worst part of this movie is. The acting, the story, or the dragging pace.

The ending, though not typical, is unsatisfying and it comes after what can only be described as 10 minutes of stupid. Though, that seemed to be the main theme of this film.

Five friends in a corn maze at night, one psycho and a bumbling country police force. All the elements of a b-grade slasher flick, but without the charm of one.

There is very little lead in, and, after an inexplicable opening sequence which is not explained at all, the action starts withing a few minutes. There is no character development whatsoever before the characters start getting picked off.

There is the typical lone-survivor-faces-killer-in-one-on-one-showdown, before escaping. That happens with 30 minutes to go. Then comes the "twist" which is less of a twist and more of an eye-roll.

Cue weird and unnecessary flashback reminding the audience of what they just saw - you know - in case your short term memory prevents you from remembering more than 10 minutes of your life at any one time.

It's not scary, it's not tense. Despite the opening scene, which is rather good, it is never explained and the rest of the movie is very poor by comparison.

Of all the movies I've seen this year, this ranks as the worst. Look for it soon in the ex-rental bargain bin of your local video store.
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Has She Ever Lit a Cigarette in Her Life??
lemoine-44 November 2010
Someone else mentioned that the opening scene was interesting, and I agree. I thought for a moment that this movie could be interesting. The transitions were nicely filmed, there was a bit of foreshadowing as to what I was about to see, and I was on edge, anxious, and ready to be scared, but then the movie actually started.

The worst part about this flick is that I adore B-Movie's: Evil Dead, Dead Alive, Re-Animator, Terror Vision, anything with Jeffery Combs, etc. However, I turned this movie off at twenty-two minutes. It simply let me down. I would have been happier if the movie just started in the corn maze with people being offed and then it ended! People that don't watch a lot of movies and are easily frightened may find enjoyment in this movie if they, like mentioned in other reviews, watch it with a group of friends in the middle of the night, but that's only because they can talk, make fun, and scare each other when the movie fails to do so.

And seriously, can the director put another five minutes worth of footage about a girl who has obviously no idea how to use a lighter in the movie? Please?
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greatest movie i have ever seen anywhere
lurchster2 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I am going to go ahead and "spoil" this movie for everyone who is considering watching was horrible but like any train wreck you have to keep watching. i had absolutely nothing else to do with my life at this particular time and i still feel as if i wasted it. i could have been poking myself in the eye with a pencil and been much better off. maybe shaving my cat or poking a paper clip in a light socket would have been a much better use. here is my cliff noted version...

Cliff Notes Version: kids go into cornfield maze, for some unknown reason a random guy starts killing them, of course an attractive girl is left alive, the random guy turns out to be a cop, she records him admitting everything, movie over.

there ya go, i saved you 2 hours of your life.
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not the best but definetly not the worst
hannahstarfoltz2 March 2019
Alright, this movie could definetly be improved. the maze scene lasted a bit too long. the death scenes were way too long. however, i gave it 7/10 because of the story. yes it does drag on for a bit but the plot was interesting
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Fine low budget horror movie.
xxsnozberriesxx17 September 2020
This movie is a good low budget B horror movie! If that's all you needed to know then don't mind my ranting below.

I don't know why people who either don't know horror or have a stick up their bum bother leaving negative reviews. I guess being unhappy in life means you must take it out on others.

Now as for the movie, it's a low budget B movie, not a blockbuster huge budget movie so direct your expectations accordingly. I have watched a bunch of B horror movies and the good ones are few and far between. This movie is is a good one. The cast is decent. The camera's are decent. The audio is above average for B horror. The use of songs without lyrics to cut cost was genius. It added to the slower parts without being to aggressive. All around a hit in the B horror franchise.
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