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MPAA Rated R for pervasive language, strong sexual content, nudity and some drug use

Sex & Nudity

  • [Nudity] The opening scene is on a private yacht. On deck there are 30-40 attractive women in bikinis walking around, sunbathing, sitting in a hot tub, etc. In the group there are about 10 women that are walking around topless at various times during these scenes.
  • [Nudity] We briefly see Turtle having a conversation with a group of topless women.
  • [Nudity] In one scene, we see Eric having sex with his girlfriend, breasts and butt are visible the entire scene, for about 5-10 seconds. Eric then answers his cell phone, interrupting the sex. As he is talking on the phone, the girlfriend is lying there - breasts are visible. When she gets frustrated and gets out of bed, her butt is visible and as well as breasts briefly.
  • [Nudity] A woman is shown getting out of bed naked (breast and butt visible) and walks outside to the pool area. She is then shown getting into the pool naked (butt and breasts) and then sitting in the pool or hot tub (breasts).
  • In a movie within the movie, there is a club scene with everyone dancing and two woman are seen topless in the crowd.
  • Ari (shirtless) is seen in bed with his wife (wearing a camisole) and his wife comments, "That was one wild experience." Sex is implied.
  • [Nudity] Vince walks in on two naked women making out. Breasts and buttocks are seen but no female genitalia. (The scene lasts for 3-5 seconds.)
  • Turtle walks in on Eric and a new girl having sex in a chair. She is sitting on top of him - naked butt, back and breasts (briefly) are shown.
  • Ari and his wife are having sex, him on top shirtless and she is wearing a camisole. No nudity is shown. they talk about "finishing".
  • Ari walks into a hotel room and one woman is is performing oral sex on another. We see breasts and butt and a sexual act for about 5 seconds. Later in the scene a man sits on the bed you you see the women legs and naked butt briefly. He slaps one woman's butt.
  • Johnny is seen masturbating in TMZ footage for 7-8 seconds, but the image is pixel-ated for television broadcast.
  • We hear frequent references to sex, getting laid, and other casual sex references as well as moderate to strong sexual jokes, references to male and female genitals, oral sex, homosexuality and masturbation.

Violence & Gore

  • In a sequence of Vince's movie 'Hyde', we see a woman struck across the face with a billy club, with a stylized over-the-top spray of blood. Also during the scene there are crowd riots, Molotov cocktail thrown at line of police, and other similar shots.
  • Turtle fights Ronda Rousey of UFC fame in the ring, and we see her kick him, flip him, and place him in an arm bar in which she tears his labium. No blood.
  • In one scene there is a mild altercation in the road - one character stops the car in front of another, gets out, and physically hits the second vehicle.
  • Verbal threats, mostly coming from Ari. These are comical though some are quite abrasive, insulting, and either racist or sexist.
  • In a couple scenes Ari exhibits violence towards an object - such as punching a picture on the wall and breaking the glass.


  • There is quite a bit of profanity used throughout the movie.
  • This includes - 2 C-Words. 45 F-Words. 3 Obscene Hand Gestures. 20 uses of 'shit' and 'dick.' 12 uses of 'bitch.' 8 uses of 'asshole.' 7 uses of 'goddamn.' 3 uses of 'pussy.' 1 use of 'cock.'

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • In the opening scene, Turtle is seen smoking a joint. The boys are on a yacht and there is a party going on - drinking throughout the scene by the main characters and lots of the extras.
  • Near the beginning of the movie Vince is smoking a joint in his backyard. He hands it to Turtle who also smokes.
  • Drinking is seen in various scenes throughout the film - at parties, in restaurants, on boats, in hotel rooms, at a house party, and even passing a flask around in a car.
  • Several other scenes show one or more characters smoking pot.
  • There is a large party during the movie at Turtle's house. Lots of drinking and some drug use. In the party scene one character is handing out ex. - several characters take it. Drama takes ex and viagra pills, crushes them, and puts them in a water bottle for someone else to consume.
  • Eric is shown taking ex and another substance and later is shown with the effects of the drugs.

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