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Season 1

16 Aug. 2010
Dangerous Cash
An angry customer threatens Les and puts the entire store on high alert. Amidst the chaos, Ashley and Seth have a friendly wager on whether a stripper pole will sell. And when the angry customer returns, security lets them get away and Les unleashes his rage.
16 Aug. 2010
Booze & Guns
The Golds clash over the need to arm everyone in the store after a customer threatens Les. Then, the competition heats up between Ashley and Seth over the pawn of an alcoholic beverage machine. And, Ashley's negotiation skills are called into question when she can't close a deal.
23 Aug. 2010
Bulletproof Gator
When an alligator turns on its owner, he tries to sell it to the Golds. Ashley and Seth want no part of the reptile. But will Les' nostalgia force him to make a bad decision? Then, a man wants to pawn his bulletproof vest so Les tells him he needs to take him outside and test it. Plus, tempers flare when Ashley mishandles a motorcycle pawn and everyone questions her abilities. Will Daddy's little girl get her way?
23 Aug. 2010
Trouble Inside
An employee becomes violent and nearly tears the family apart. Then, Ashley goes through the roof when an aggressive customer tries to sell 50 pairs of some-not-so-clean panties. And its 'show and tell' when a wacky puppet-maker turns out replicas of the staff.
30 Aug. 2010
Moving Targets
Tensions boil over when a customer flips out over a mix-up with his gold chain. Then, Ashley loses it when a customer tries to pawn a cursed relic. Will its deadly history catch her in its grips...or will she throw it and the customer out the door?
13 Sep. 2010
Father vs. Son
Les and Seth clash over the business when Les' idea to give away massive cash in the parking lot creates a dangerous situation.
20 Sep. 2010
Les' Big Gamble
Les flips out when his security guard shouts at a customer. Then, the staff squirms when Seth and Ashley clash over whether or not to buy a collection of venomous reptiles and hissing roaches. And, disgusted by their security staff's performance, the Golds decide it's time to find a new head of security.
27 Sep. 2010
Gold at Gunpoint
Les takes Ashley and Seth to the pawn shop his Grandfather started in downtown Detroit. Then, a dominatrix brings her gear into the shop; will the Golds show this madam the door? And, Seth surprises his father with an emotional birthday present.

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