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Had Me In Stitches!
SwollenThumb9 May 2018
Amazing background to the comic genius Trevor Noah. The personal and political are both part of his comedy and this film shows him calmly confronting situations that would petrify most of us. We get to meet his South African grandmother and mother who are both truly admirable people. During the making of the doco his mother was actually the victim of a serious crime and it's frightening what the outcome could have been. This is one of the serious moments in the film that allows us to see where Noah came from and truly opened my eyes to South African society. That's why this is more than just a record of "putting-on-a-show." Watch out for his impression of Nelson Mandela at his 91st birthday party, drunk! Had me in stitches.
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Up close and personal (and funny)
kosmasp3 August 2019
I have to admit, I thought this was going to be a stand up routine. But it is a documentary about how Trevor Noah came to America and also gets very personal. You see him unfiltered, you see his family and tragedies surrounding him and his life. And he is open about those things, not afraid to put emphasis on where it might hurt.

If I had seen this before I knew he would be taking over from Jon Stewart on the Daily Show, I might have been more confident from the get go. As it was he had to win me over, just because I love Jon Stewart so much. It's like no one could replace him ... and Trevor is not a copy or a replacement. He is his own thing, a voice that is needed in America and in comedy on TV - especially since Larry Wilmore is "gone" ... doing podcast that is.
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Both compelling & entertaining!
Thenotos30 December 2013
I had high expectations for this film and was not disappointed. It's a compelling and insightful look at the evolution of the comedy scene in South Africa. Trevor Noah is a talented comedian with an intriguing life story and there were poignant moments in the film that took me by surprise.

I thought the subtle uses of humor and irony throughout the documentary were brilliant. On the technical side, I enjoyed the dynamic cinematography and exceptional soundtrack. My husband, who isn't always a fan of documentaries, also greatly enjoyed the film. We both thought it was the perfect length as well and it didn't drag on as some documentaries tend to do.
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Insightful and touching
maninasuit19 December 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I thought this was gonna be another stand up show, because it was popping up whenever I was googling a show of Trevor Noah or rating them in IMDb. But thank god I was wrong, and this is an amazing backstory of the now famous comedian and host of The Daily Show.

The thing I liked most about this documentary is that it showed both sides of the coin. A South African comedian going to do his first solo stand-up show after just doing comedy for a few years isn't gonna be received positively by other South African comedians; some of them who are working for a decade or more. There's also a tragedy a that almost strikes his family. It also shows the social situation as well as the comedy scene in the country.

There was a lot of backlash when Trevor was announced host of The Daily Show. I'm sure this film can win the hearts of the haters. A must watch if you're a fan of Trevor now.
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Double take!
nukkyakya7 December 2015
I watched this on Netflix just now. I decided to watch it because it sounded interesting. Well, it certainly delivers! I have a couple of acquaintances in South Africa, so I suppose I'm slightly less ignorant... but the two people I know there are white, so I think that certainly skews the point of view. I found this insightful, funny, touching... just really great. I am ashamed to admit, I didn't remember he was the one to take over the Daily Show until about 10 minutes before this was finished. To explain, I can't afford cable, and only catch clips on YouTube for at least the past 2 years. I hope to be in a better situation soon when I can have cable, because I want to watch him in action!! At any rate, this review is specifically for this documentary, which I think was very well done. Showing many perspectives, personal life... just very well done.
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Jessicanu9410 December 2018
It was alright but really did not manage to go anywhere
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Insightful Background Bonus
kamille9 April 2021
Having read, and thoroughly enjoyed Noah's book "Born a Crime", I was thrilled to come across this documentary as it brought to life some of the places and people from the book.

Trevor is my favorite comedian although it wasn't always so. When the Daily Show announced Noah as the successor to the great Jon Stewart, I was quite disappointed. True, I enjoyed Trevor's bits on the show.. but I didn't think he could fill Stewart's shoes. I was wrong!

After watching some of his stand-up specials, I was just blown away by Trevor Noah's brilliant mind and inimitable wit. The man is simply extraordinary - a stand-out among stand-ups. And even as impressed as I am with his comedic talent, I was even more in awe of his accomplishments when I read his bio and learned about his larger than life upbringing in an extremely oppressive culture. What an incredible journey!

I don't laugh easily; I'm one of those folks who cringe when someone tells a joke, because chances are I won't find it funny. But Trevor Noah is one of the few comics who frequently has me laughing 'til it hurts.

I enjoyed this documentary as a bonus insight into Noah's background, and I love that it also includes some clips of his standup. If you are a Trevor Noah fan you should enjoy watching this slice of his life because he is more than a comedian - he is a catalyst for bringing people of every diversity together for a common laugh at themselves and the crazy world we live in.
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