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I went in hopeful and left feeling insulted.
markvanderpool30 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
"Now You See Me" has a stellar cast, a fun and intriguing premise and themes (showdown of rival magicians combined with a heist), delightful smart-assery and cunning tactics -- especially in those scenes dominated by Jesse Eisenberg or Woody Harrelson. Oh, and it has quite dazzling action sequences. All the best parts of this film are well-packaged and sold in the gripping theatrical trailer.

I took someone I loved to "Now You See Me" and expected the payoff of a perfect night of entertainment.

I'm not impossible to please at the movies and I actively wanted this to be a good time. I went out for entertainment and leisure and in good company and high spirits, not at all for the purpose of writing a critical review.

What's more, I'm a big fan of all of the raw ingredients in this film. I enjoy magic and I could watch Morgan Freeman or Michael Caine in almost anything (now proved.) I fully enjoyed a much better film called "The Prestige," which might be regarded by some as a predecessor.

But what happened here?

After several fun scenes and a promising opening sequence that made me want to care about the characters, I discovered a film in search of a plot and utterly lacking intellectual integrity and respect for the audience. The twists and reversals weren't just surprising, they were completely unbelievable. You didn't see it coming, but not because of skillful misdirection (the art of magicians, so often implied.)

Rather, you didn't see it coming because the explanations were crooked and cooked up and merely expedient.

Especially, by late in the film when they start tracking backward to earlier events to show you how you were fooled and what was really going on the whole time -- the explanations presented are less convincing than simply believing in real magic.

!!!Spoler Alert: Stop reading here if you would like to watch this movie without knowing anything about the late scenes, reveals, and reversals!!!

For example, the "Four Horsemen" stage the death of one of their own by perfectly orchestrating a high-speed traffic accident on a crowded bridge. It's imperative that the car he's apparently driving flips and tumbles several times and ultimately bursts into flames.

But it's equally imperative that the pursuing detective can retrieve a stack of papers from the wrecked car. He *must* be able to retrieve the papers but not the body, all while getting away with his own life, or else the plot begins to unravel.

The timing is of course worked out impeccably, and it's carried out with no other fatalities on the bridge. And somehow the magicians have stuffed a replacement body from the morgue into an identical car just before turning it into a time-bomb.

The audience knows, emotionally, that the Dave Franco character shouldn't really be dead (as I heard one person exclaim loudly during the closing sequence when "Jack Wilder" shows up again,) but the way his death is apparently faked would defy an unlimited budget and dozens of trained stunt drivers and coordinators -- unless, of course, you close the bridge to public traffic. Yet it's just one more miracle that the Horsemen carry out with aplomb, at a frenetic pace and on-the-fly, with less than half-a-dozen total team members, empowered by an unlimited budget and a mystery benefactor.

All the while, apparently real traffic zooms along with presumably untrained and unprepared public going about normal business.

We are expected to believe that the way Hollywood makes a high-speed accident occur without killing anybody can be done by a handful of highly motivated professional stage magicians (read: amateurs to road stunts) and somehow this can be accomplished without completely controlled surroundings.

This elaborately and improbably faked high-speed death scene is just one example of the film jumping into an explanation of "how it really happened" that seems less probable and less believable than *anything* you could have guessed before being told.

And the plot problems go much deeper than buying into death-defying scenes that require an elimination of anything random in a busy public space. I couldn't buy the ultimate reveal about the real identity and motives of the Mark Ruffalo character, either. It seemed incongruous. It felt like a cheat. The way he is planted in relation to earlier events seems like an afterthought.

And I couldn't buy that underneath his deliberate blundering and willful ignorance was someone not only much smarter than he appeared, but someone so capable of perfect planning as to be damned near omniscient.

The total impression is of a promising film idea that fell on its own very expensive sword. I don't know what happened, but it looks like it got battered and morphed around and rewritten by multiple teams of writers. The total feeling is that the story got killed and Frankensteined back together multiple times. And it looks like the final edit came after the director and all concerned were out of steam and over budget.

I felt intellectually raped, to put it bluntly. I felt like the director was content to dazzle us with action and effects and to take our money while demanding our total credulity on the plot points, using the angle provided by magic in a rather disingenuous way.

This, instead of providing a coherent narrative that would allow an adult audience to cheerfully maintain a willing suspension of disbelief.

The storyline turns into a madhouse of improbabilities and then rationalizes its real business like a pathological liar. What a travesty to the promising themes of magic and old rivalries, treated so well in other recent films. And what a waste of a beautiful all-star cast, so entertaining as individuals in the early scenes.
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The greatest trick ever pulled is to make anyone believe this film has a coherent story.
svenhaadem24 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I believe the target audience (and maybe even the writer) are all 14 year old boys who think magicians can do anything they want. I love a good sci-fi setting and I can accept some really fringe premises if the movie exploit them in a good way. This movie just relies on the audience swallowing everything and never questioning anything. If you start to pull any of the many loose ends it all falls apart faster than you can say bullshit.

I wanted to write this whitout spoilers, but the plot has given me a itch I can not scratch.

First, they stole 140 million by knowing the guys first pets name!?? Do they suggest the bank secure their assets with a simple password recovery scheme like that? I don't begin to understand. Are they seriuous? Why didn't they just say they hypnoticed him into withdrawing the money. Even thow that is not possible it is far more believable. This is maybe the most unbeliveble way to explain a heist I ever heard of.

There is not a singel interesting or plausible event in the whole film. Everything is just random. The fbi guy, did he base his whole career on this single moment? That is determenation and planning out of this world. But, I guess its a whole lot easier to say its just distraction and magic that did it all.

I would say that convincing people to pay for this crap is a far greater con than any of the ones presented in the movie.

I have seen allot of bad movies but they all have something if find interesting or good in them. Except this one. I cant find any thing positive to say. Stay clear.
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trying desperately hard to be more intelligent than it is
HelenMary6 July 2013
Overall a showman of a film. Flashy, loud with bells and whistles and big personalities, an exciting premise... illusionists rob banks using (supposed) magic but the four horsemen are just puppets in a game, but the hype is more than the substance of the film itself.

You'd expect suspense, twists, intelligent plot misdirection and all sorts of thrilling viewing? No. This film tries to be a lot more intelligent than it actually is. Like Atlas (Eisenberg) says, "Always be the most intelligent person in the room" or something similar, this film thinks it is being intelligent but actually it's not challenging enough. It gives too much away, isn't as unpredictable as it should be (really, you couldn't see that ending coming?) and just isn't as clever as it promises. The tricks I really wanted explaining weren't... the ones that were more obvious, were explained. The ending actually isn't a denouement, as it's been laying clues all along - and anyone who's seen a lot of films can see the "twists" coming a mile away. I focus on the twists and reveal because as a heist movie, the end is the big reveal. But, unlike Oceans Eleven, for example, it has more or less handed it to you on a plate already.

The actors were good. Morgan Freeman and Woody Harrelson stealing the show, of course, with Dave Franco doing a bang up job with some incredible physical acting, stunts and so forth. I'm afraid Jesse Eisenberg didn't convince in his character and was annoying after a while, Franco rather underutilised really. Isla Fisher was good but clearly the "glamour" rather than a serious character, which was a shame as she was good.

This was supposed to be a big blockbuster film, big back drops, epic stunts and huge crowd scenes, but it failed to deliver. As heist/magic genre films go it's not that great, and The Prestige was far more cerebral and gripping. Entertaining to a point but I got a bit bored, and some of the scenes were too long - chases etc. If you are a fan of heist films or magic you'll enjoy it, or are a fan of particular actors, or will just enjoy it for what it is and don't want to be challenged intellectually, it's a great film. I think Hollywood endings are just too commonplace. 6/10 for me.
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Watchable but lacks depth & substance
pinkled57 June 2013
This is one of those movies that is somewhat entertaining upon first viewing but is easily forgettable and has nothing of substance to make a second viewing possible to enjoy. The plot is convoluted as we don't know what the main characters are doing or why. In fact, everything we know about the 4 magicians is revealed in the first 10 minutes of the movie and after that there is ZERO character development! The entire movie appears to have been made solely for the sake of the ending and yet it was so cliché that I was actually a little angry about the way they did it. It's unfortunate that in the filmmaker's attempts to be clever they neglected the most fundamental elements of storytelling: plot and character.

Like a magic show without magic, you may find yourself somewhat entertained but inevitably wind up disappointed in the end because they left out the most important part of the show.
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andyreynolds-116 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
In all fairness, I had been warned. A movie review show said this was less than impressive and the write-ups in print were "luke-warm" but when the missus said lets go watch a movie, I wanted to give it a try because the cast was impressive and come on, who doesn't like magic tricks???? Let's begin with the positives. It runs for 115 minutes which compared to The Long Ranger and anything Peter Jackson hands in is almost preview length so that was good. Unless the result of decent editing is a lack of character depth then perhaps it wasn't.... but we'll get to that shortly.

The cast were good. The Four Horsemen actors were solid while Mr Freeman, Mr Caine and Mr Ruffalo just don't know how to put in a bad performance. Ms Laurent was also quite good too.

Now, the negative. Whilst I liked the actors I don't like any of the characters... actually that's unfair, I don't dislike them I just don't know them. The film makers spent ten seconds giving us a back story for the main protagonists therefore giving me no cause to support their scheme. BUT THEY WERE RIGHTING A WRONG FROM A LONG TIME AGO I hear you scream!!! And this is true but we're not meant to know this until the final reveal......unless you worked it out as soon as Morgan Freeman mentioned it, in which case the whole movie failed as a mystery and you were left to decide whether to finish your coke before your popcorn or keep a little to wash out those annoying bits that get stuck between your teeth....but I digress.

I had also hoped to enjoy some magic tricks but these were all achieved with CGI so like Star Wars I,II, & III I'm left wishing the director refused to take the easy way out of disguising a less than competent script with colour and movement.

A couple of quick lessons from this film. One, when you pretend to kill off a character in a car accident get at least one of their friends to look like they're upset, distressed or just annoyed that they have to feed their cat while they're in hiding. No one cared when the young bloke was blown up in the car crash so we knew he had to turn up again.

The second suggestion is to paraphrase Mr Eisenberg's line during questioning "the first rule of movie making is don't try to be smartest person in the room if you're not." It just turns into a shallow mess.

I also read with some interest that the film makers were working on a sequel, which unless it's just the director and writers apologising for this effort then I won't be attending. Now you see you don't.
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Now you see me...but I wish I hadn't
Robert_duder8 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I remember seeing the trailers for this and I thought it really looked great. Reading some of the reviews on here, many of them "claim" that people with a low IQ dislike the film. Well, I don't mean to toot my own horn but I don't think I'm a stupid individual and I've seen thousands of movies...more than your average joe because I love movies. However, this was a stone cold dud. Decent cast, some real twists and turns but a blatantly complicated plot line that makes little sense and tries way too hard just to be complex. A truly smart film can be smart and tricky without trying SO hard. Now You See Me just throws in all kinds of tricks and twists without any build up or thinking about whether or not it makes sense. It was a very interesting experience when the big final twist of the movie was revealed and everyone in the theatre I was in gasped and then that was immediately followed by many people whispering "That's dumb," "That doesn't make sense." They are exactly right. The big twist has no groundwork laid for it and makes no sense at all but by that time you are so completely lost in the silly story that you won't care that it doesn't make sense.

The cast certainly is not the issue for this film. The cast is actually pretty good. I'm just surprised they actually signed on to this but then again it is making okay money at the box office. I didn't much care for Jesse Eisenberg's character. That's not to say he didn't do a good job, I just didn't like him much. His character is smug and egotistical but fits the role nicely and carries the cast well. I thought Woody Harrelson was excellent in his role as a mentalist that can hypnotize. He was probably my favourite character and yet there wasn't a lot done with him which is unfortunate. Isla Fisher and Dave Franco I lump together because while they were good they were mostly underused and sort of the sidekicks to Eisenberg and Harrelson most of the time. I think if I was making a film like this I would ensure the four of them share an equal amount of screen time and have strong characters. But they do well. Mark Ruffalo is the FBI agent trying to get to the bottom of the group of thieves. Ruffalo is good, shows lots of intensity and the appropriate amount of angst for cop vs robbers. Unfortunately for her I thought Mélanie Laurent was very near pointless. I suppose she was there to give the audience yet another possible suspect, and also to give Ruffalo a romance but both those angles were completely unnecessary and her monotone line delivery was enough to put you to sleep. Finally, we have two legends Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine. The best scenes in this movie easily are the ones with just the two of them on screen because their chemistry and on screen charisma is enough to carry any scene. However they are definitely blatantly used for their name power and the weak script does nothing for them.

Given director Louis Leterrier is a talented director, I'm surprised at really how bad the film was shot. Were there some nicely shot scenes? Yes there was but few and far between. I have actually seen all of Leterrier's films and this was by far the worst of them. I will give props to them in the opening scene when they play a magic trick that actually worked on me...they picked the car that I picked...I wonder if it works on everyone? After that the film falls into a complex web of lies and deceit and completely silly twists and turns that make little to no sense. Perhaps there are two many hands in the pot. There are no less than five screenwriters and story artists on the film. Its hard enough to find two writers that can jive and work together let alone five. Basically, Now You See Me was a huge disappointment for me. In a summer of blockbusters you need something better than this. 4/10
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jim-littlewood8 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This film is about four magicians brought together to perform the ultimate rob a bank (or so they would have you believe). I think that's as far as anyone really got with the plot apart from a few obvious twists along the way. Each of the four magicians is drafted in for their individual talents however these aren't really highlighted or explored during the film in any detail. In fact there is no character development at all which is more disappointing given the fact that the cast includes Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman among others.

So a few minutes in and they perform their robbing a bank trick, the FBI man and the Interpol girl, who are somehow teamed up, are flummoxed so they take the magicians in for questioning. This doesn't go well for the FBI as the magicians use their mind/card tricks to outwit them and in the end they are let go. So the FBI calls in the help of Morgan Freeman, whose job is working out and explaining how tricks are done, to help. He has clearly seen this all before and explains the bank robbery within seconds.

This is where i kind of lost interest in the film. Anyway there are some attempts at this stage to add some depth to the movie but these all fail. The confrontations between Caine and Freeman are tired and they both just seem to be going through the motions. The love interest between the FBI man and the Interpol girl is forced and comes from nowhere. Basically she is hot and they are working on a case together so they fall in love. Even the main four cast members have no chemistry or likability.

So moving on a couple more tricks are performed and the cat and mouse game with the FBI continues. I wont ruin the disappointing end but let's just say there are a few twists that anyone who has seen a movie before would have worked out by now and then the film ends.

All in all the worst film I've seen in a long time and shame on Woody Harrelson for following his excellent performance in Seven Psychopaths with this garbage.
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Promising idea sunk in key areas
Wizard-813 September 2013
"Now You See Me" came out of nowhere and became the sleeper hit of 2013, getting good word of mouth during its theatrical run. Having seen the movie for myself, I am kind of puzzled by its popularity. Certainly, the movie is far from the worst movies I have ever seen - it's colorful, and doesn't have a dead spot despite running almost two hours long.

But there were some things about the movie that annoyed me enough to prevent me from liking it. The biggest problem is with the characters. Except for Freeman's character, there is not one likable character in the movie. The law enforcement agents investigating the magicians are loud and obnoxious, and the four magicians come across as extremely smug. (Also, there is no attempt to give the magicians real and separate personalities - they all act alike.)

The characters were the main reason why I didn't like this movie, but there were other problems as well. One other major annoyance is the depiction of the magic acts. They have been jazzed up with CGI and other special effects so they don't feel like REAL magic acts - they come across as artificial. Also, as the movie progresses, the various feats the magicians pull off slowly become more unbelievable (and not fully explained) that eventually I wanted to cry out loud, "Oh, COME ON!" Less slight of hand and a more realistic approach would have been a much better approach.

(Note to Michael Caine fans: His role is really just an extended cameo appearance.)
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Skip it if you have a brain
kfine10025 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I agree with the other negative reviews: good actors performing an incoherent script. The film is more of a collection of clichés than a story. One thing I haven't seen mentioned is how left-wing it is. We are supposed to cheer when Michael Caine's character gets screwed. The only reason I can see is because he is rich. Jesse Eisenberg on the other hand plays a smug guy you would like to smack upside the head. However, his heart is pure so it turns out good for him. Much of the story and the tricks are based upon screwing the "one percent." If you aren't a Wall Street occupier or are greater than 12 years old I recommend skipping it. Come to think of it, it's too violent for viewers 12 or less.
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All bark no bite.
vicarious_tool14 June 2013
If you like strong and logical plots, you are likely to dislike this one. It's all about appearances and show in this one, rather than actually being brilliant, the characters and story just ask you take their brilliance for granted.

The story revolves around illusionists (implicitly portrayed as demigods I would say) and how they manage to fool everyone and get a little fooled themselves. Of course, with all this fooling around there are always chances that something might strike the funny bone, that is to say it has its humorous moments now and then but on the whole the illusions and tricks etc. is just more of a dazzle than something logical and realistic. There is not much depth to the characters and a lot of misdirection to make the climax more effective, but the misdirection only adds to the illogical nature of the plot and makes the story hollow.

Having criticized enough the good parts for me were the cocky-as-usual Jesse Eisenberg and some of the funny moments but nothing else. Even the dazzle of the magic tricks was made slow and plain by all the simple filler like dialogues. Final word; skip it unless you don't have a better choice for a movie in mind.
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Pretty Awful
TheTruth74728 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Having been interested by the previews and ratings on IMDb, I went into this movie expecting some fun. But what started out as an interesting movie fizzled out in no time. In about 20 minutes, the interest was all POOF -- GONE !

To start with, a lot of characters in the movie are very shallow. You hardly get any background info about them and what drives them to do what they do.

The makers try to add romance, action, suspense, drama and all of it fails. It went to the point where you just wait for the movie to end.

Lots of good actors and all of them have been made to play cartoonish roles in a movie that takes itself quite seriously. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone. The street tricks on TV are way more fun and enjoyable. At least there you know the magician/illusionist/trickster is doing it to entertain or make a name for himself and a quick buck unlike this movie which tries to show them off with personalities like superheroes.

Tip: Sit back at home, sip on a summer drink and watch/do something else other than going to the cinemas for this.
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Like a Vegas Show, Entertaining but Lacking of Much Else
griffolyon1231 May 2013
Imagine Now You See Me as Ocean's Eleven meets The Prestige and you sort of get what director Louis Leterrier was going for with this film. Is Now You See Me as successful as the aforementioned films? Not necessarily, but it's a fun movie that deconstructs the acts of modern magicians.

The story follows four Vegas magicians, known as the Four Horsemen, who rob a bank in the middle of one of their shows. What follows is a cat-and-mouse thriller where the FBI chases after these magicians, always one step behind, trying to figure out how they did it.

Where Now You See Me works best is when Leterrier creates cinematic sequences showing us how these magicians used real-life magic tricks to befuddle and dupe both their victims and the FBI. As well, if you want a film with twists and turns, this one will not disappoint. While most of the major twists can be found out before revealed, there is still a joy in watching those twists unfold, thanks to Leterrier's Sherlock Holmes' style of visual deduction. However, the script often falters in one of the most crucial areas, that of character.

Leterrier and company are constantly trying to balance the breakneck pace with the large cast of characters, and it just leaves the characters hanging out to dry. Character development is sorely lacking in Now You See Me, to where I never really cared about any of the characters. Part of this is because the film is constantly shifting points of view. The first thirty minutes follow our Robin Hood-like magicians, and then it switches to the FBI agents tracking them down, but then the film has the magicians constantly one step in front of the FBI to the point that it makes the FBI often come across as buffoons, and I find it hard to care for characters who are so easily fooled. Ultimately, I feel that had the film focused entirely on one set of characters, like the magicians or the FBI, the film would have been stronger and been easier to find a focal point, but as it is the film's core is often muddled.

While Now You See Me may not be a grand slam, it's still entertaining, thanks to the thrills and visual style of the film. Bottom line, if you're a fan of the heist genre, you'll like this movie. For me though, it just lacks a further script rewrite to have become one of the best examples of the genre.

I give Now You See Me an 8 out of 10!
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Now We Fool You
SnoopyStyle27 August 2013
Four magicians answer a mysterious call to work for an obscure secret society. A year later, they call themselves the Four Horseman, and create havoc with their magic. Their first trick to rob a bank, drawing the FBI and Interpol into a cat and mouse game. J. Daniel Atlas (Jesse Eisenberg), Merritt McKinney (Woody Harrelson), Henley Reeves (Isla Fisher), and Jack Wilder (Dave Franco) are the four magicians. Dylan Rhodes (Mark Ruffalo) is the FBI agent.

The group has great chemistry and their interactions have great energy. They have a fun time being interrogated by Mark Ruffalo. It's a promising start as a fun interesting movie that gives us a little insight into magicians. Then it turns.

It becomes all flash and little substance. The heists keep coming. It's like the movie is its own trick. They keep pumping up the flash in order to disguise the lack of a good story. The final twist is just fool's gold. There is no foreshadowing. It's done for its shock value. Sadly, by then I was out of shock. All sound and fury signifying nothing.
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The real trick was making so many great actors so terrible.
jimiuk17 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I'm just after leaving an advance showing of Now You See Me and I think it was horrendously bad. Just awful, truly terrible in so many areas, some being:

Dialogue- This reeked of laziness. Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine's dialogue especially. It was wooden, inauthentic and the sort of dialogue that was so obvious that a child could figure it out from the context in the film. If they needed to say have the dialogue that was being said in this film, weeeeeellll, you're doing it wrong. Subtext anyone?

Characterisation- Again, really lazy. Every single character in the film was one dimensional with not even a HINT of a human variability or individuality. If some is a 'baddie', all he does is bad things. The 'romantic interest' runs around after our protagonist lovingly. The Four Horsemen magicians also I couldn't have cared less for. Worse still, I didn't care about a single thing any of them did.

Plot- I thought about this on the way to my car after leaving. Few major flaws. One, there was no tension at all for pretty much all of the film. You had the Four Horsemen magicians running about like Robin Hood and you were kinda rooting for them somewhat. Then, two, you had Ruffalo and the French lady running around trying to catch them, who you were also kind of behind too. There was only one real 'baddie' in Michael Caine but he was a cursory villain and not the main event really. Ruffalo's 'revenge' against the safe maker whose faulty safe killed his father was pulled out of nowhere. Even at the end there was no alteration in the states of our characters. The good guys stayed good just like they'd been at the start (why did I watch this film again?).

Cinematography- This wasn't as bad the elements above but there was definitely a spot when Ruffalo was in New Orleans standing street level among cars when I probably physically squinted and thought 'sweet lord, what is this film trying to do to me?'.

Overall, I'd say avoid this film. Weak writing, weak performances from great actors (who i don't blame), pointless plot. Worst film I've seen in a while. Sorry :(
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Now You See Me... kinda wish I hadn't...
soundwave862 June 2013
This movie really leads you to believe that its going to be exciting, intriguing and thrilling. Instead, you may come out of it feeling like you yourself have had a magic trick played on you.

The characters are cocky and annoying. Its hard to develop any sort of connection with them. All the magic tricks and illusions are very unrealistic. The "romantic" element of the story is incredibly forced; almost thrown in at the last moment because the producers were like "oh ya! we forgot to add the romance".

There's nothing subtle about the tone of the movie. You're constantly reminded that there is a mysterious element that you are not seeing. And when it is finally revealed at the end, there is hardly any surprise at all.

Worst of all, there are too many things that happen in the movie inexplicably. You find yourself waiting for information that never comes. Questions are posed that leave you wondering why something happened, but then they're just abandoned and never reexamined.

This movie made me angry. I felt like it was condescending to me the entire time. Fast talking "quick witted" characters using dialogue spoken so fast with convoluted vocabulary, camera shots that were shaky and always moving. It was trying to confuse me with smoke and mirrors to make me think that it was exciting, intriguing and thrilling, but realistically it was not.
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It would have been better if it was about "real" magic
dancemuzika22 September 2013
Every single Hollywood cliché is used. A 5 year old can finish just about every sentence in the lines of the actors.

The tricks are so ridiculous that actual magic would have been more believable. And heavy cgi is used to augment these "tricks" to make them even more ridiculous.

The "twist" at the end is so boring, and predictable - not from the plot, but from the Hollywood cliché expectation of "let's put the ridiculous 'twist' in the end" motive.

This movie is an insult to intelligence. If you like the "infinity PLUS one" arguments, this is exactly what this movie is.
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Appallingly dreadful film
tonyfor15 October 2013
If you're going to make a film about magic that at least pretends to have some relationship to reality (e.g. involving the police and Interpol), then why not try to make it very slightly credible? This was mind- numbingly awful, totally unbelievable on every level and an insult to the intelligence of everyone watching it. Total drivel. How established stars like Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine (who usually appear in good films) were persuaded to take part in this rubbish is beyond me (although Ben Kingsley was recently in a worse one, so they are not the only offenders). I don't mind suspending disbelief when watching a science fiction or comic book based film, but not when watching one which tries to pretend to even a bit of reality. Complete garbage and a total waste of time.
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Good Trailer, Poor Film
msmithwgc29 July 2013
I'm not wholly sure why I don't like this film, but I really don't. I think that it tried too hard to be clever, and I clearly didn't 'get it'

There is nothing wrong with the cast, I like them all and there's no one I would single out as having an 'off day' or providing a poor performance. There are many twists and turns in the script, which I would normally approve of but I'm not sure that the lack of a story is the problem. The main story is unnecessarily convoluted with a condescending need to re-cap events and explain how you were misdirected the first time you saw this. When the director keeps showing me something and then saying that wasn't what happened it doesn't take long for me to stop caring about what just happened. The result is a film that's much too long and takes far too long to get to the point so that when the final twist did happen I just didn't care anymore.

I was intrigued by the great trailer for this film, but it over-sells the actual film which was very disappointing.
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Surprising Film
John199222 May 2013
I was given free advanced screening tickets to see this film, and being the film buff that I am, I took them and went and saw it. I had seen a trailer before hand and knew what to expect from the film, but I gotta be honest, my expectations were low and the only reason I watched it is cause they were free tickets.

Now, after seeing it, I can tell you the film was an awesome surprise. The cast was great, the action fun, and the plot unique. I didn't see any of the twists coming and I found the film to be very entertaining. It doesn't get too convoluted at any point and is a great chase/illusion film. It's like a funner version of The Prestige, not that the two belong in the same class, just an easy way to quickly summarize what the movie is trying to accomplish (although Michael Caine is in both films!)

Go see it, as will I, again. A fun summer movie that is likely to surprise more than a few people with its plot and twists!
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OMG the worst movie ever
photo-773-25787524 August 2013
I have never seen such a wannabe-interesting lack lustre film in such a long time that this movie has motivated me to register on IMDb just so I can warn people of how bad it is. Acting-lame Characterisation-one dimensional and fit for children Plot-more holes than a Swiss cheese grater and the 'love' interest/sub plot was the icing on this lame cake-seriously.

I get that some movies don't have to be believable and can transport us to an imaginary world where we are entertained and dazzled. This film tried so hard on so many levels but failed in every single way possible. With a movie this large and with so many people involved and so much money thrown at it to come up with something so dire highlights the sad state of a sector of the American movie- making industry.

Please do not make a sequel-partly because I will want to watch it to complete this review...

A score of 7.4-IMDB reviewers you should be ashamed.
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A fun ride, but something's missing
julianblunt31 May 2013
This is an interesting concept, surely not a genre played out much in Hollywood. The cast is jam packed with all stars giving great (but not their best) performances. The missing piece of the puzzle? Character development.

That's not to say that there is any lack of interesting characters, each of the four horsemen bring a very unique style to the movie (besides Henley, she's rather weak as a character), and the sheer amount of Talent present in each scene guarantees that you'll be entertained.

10/10? Hardly. But definitely a solid 8 for me. Entertaining, fun, and definitely a concept worth exploring on the big screen. Just remember, the closer you look, the less you'll actually see.
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Weak script
christophe9230015 August 2013
Now You See Me could have been a good movie if only the writers team, or should we say the lame duck team, took the trouble to do their job correctly.

The story is just a big, little clear catch-all, riddled, from end to end, with quite flagrant incoherences, and punctuated by, probably, one of the worst twists ever. Indeed, this twist is ridiculous because totally unbelievable, it doesn't produce any effect on the viewer, but most seriously it instantly annihilates the credibility of the film as a whole ! And it seems like a dream when, just before, Morgan Freeman serves us up with a totally absurd and unrealistic demonstration... having to explain an outcome, above all in such a didactic and unsubtle way proves well that the script doesn't hold water.

This quite incredible failure of the story inevitably cripples the movie, which anyway only possesses two assets that are its dynamism and its cast, except the unbearable Mélanie Laurent who makes one grammatical mistake every three sentences and seems to be reciting her lines more than anything else, and Jesse Eisenberg who seems stuck in his Zuckerberg role, mumbling all the time. As for the cinematography, it isn't fundamentally bad but very cliché — as the soundtrack — with, for example, a lot of circus shots, a technique Leterrier used and abused of, apparently as little inspired as his writers.
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Abracadabra, you've just lost 115 minutes of your life
Theprestige8221 August 2013
Where do I begin. Oh yeah, that I had big hopes for this movie. I'am a big fan of The Prestige, and somewhat hoped that this would feature the same depth and substance. But oh boy was I wrong.

The magic is lazy. The story is so action driven that you think you're watching Die hard. As such the cliché riddled plot is actually not there at all. Aside from the clichés of course. And if that wasn't bad enough, the twist is just pathetic.

After watching this movie I guess you feel the same way as when a magic trick has been reviled.

Disappointed, ashamed, repulsed and the feeling of blatantly being deceived.

Can I get my money back please?
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Come In Close. Because the More You Think You See, the Easier It'll Be To Disappoint You...
BharatSamra5 July 2013
"Come in close. Because the more you think you see, the easier it'll be to fool you..." Not only do the distributors of Now You See Me use this piece of gripping dialogue as the tagline for the film, but exhibitors will also utilise it to trick international audiences into delving into their pockets and wasting their time with this enormously disappointing and unexciting caper film. Now You See Me follows the story of four magicians, known as The Four Horsemen, as they captivate the world with 'magical', near inexplicable bank heists before rewarding their audiences and supporters with the money they take. The only trickery happening here is being hypnotised by the highly intriguing trailer, only to find you yourself have been robbed as you sit in disbelief that you paid to see a film that is about as unique and intricate as a card game of snap!

Despite the sensational ensemble of Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson, Mélanie Laurent, Isla Fisher, Dave Franco, Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman, they fail to assemble accordingly. They all deliver satisfactory performances but are not given the opportunity to flourish as we may have seen them do so in past roles. This is primarily due to the fact that director Louis Leterrier, along with the writers, attempt to pull too many rabbits out of the hat at one time and so rather than enjoy one bunny at a time, we instead see a ton of terrific actors be undervalued and restricted in showcasing their talents. Most oddly, The Four Horsemen (Eisenberg, Fischer, Harrelson and Franco) are even given surprisingly little screen time after their thirty minute introduction as the film begins.

In all fairness, Now You See Me does remain consistent. Consistently unintriguing that is. The film's aforementioned tagline, along with unsubtle hints scattered dubiously throughout regarding the illusionary concept of misdirection, completely ruin any surprise and twist that the 'suspense' film has to offer. By doing this the film leaves little to be unveiled during the climax, one would think, though time is actually wasted explaining all of the plot points you already guessed, while conjuring up new components to the story that remain unresolved and/or illogically explained to the extent that even in a film about magic/illusions, you fail to believe any of the tricks being performed. The illusion of cinema fails as much as the illusion of magic fails to prevail in Now You See Me.

Now You See Me is comparable to the student who believes they are the cool fresher on campus, the funniest, with a unique personality, and a mistaken sense of self-intelligence that causes them to continue to contribute to seminars despite the fact they never answer anything correctly. No, in fact, Now You See Me needs to be told by its peers (let's say that's us) that it is not nearly as intellectually gifted, cool, witty or exceptional as it pretends to be. You most certainly will not miss out on anything if you chose not to befriend this dull, generic and embarrassingly misleading film, that is posing as an intricate and sophisticated figure on the surface.

When the first thought on my mind after exiting my cinema seat after Now You See Me was "I actually wish the film had been sold out so I could have returned home to watch The Prestige (2006) or see Man of Steel (2013) again", it pretty much encapsulates my attitude towards the disappointing Leterrier film. While there is nothing necessarily evident to hate in Now You See Me, there is not a single component to commend as great either. Now You See Me is truly a forgettable 115 minute time thief, and though I have Seen it Now, I would have preferred instead to have missed it and been kept under the illusion that it was in fact an intricate tale, rather than a misdirected fail.
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Solid acting, fun, and fast-paced...great job! Warning: Spoilers
Eisenberg, as I'm sure many will notice, is beginning to develop his own typical character: the quick-witted, arrogant-yet-jittery, young smart guy. But instead of running facebook, this time he's one of the top magicians in the world. And he's perfectly cast for it.

The movie follows 4 magicians or illusionists in various stages of their careers, as they all receive mysterious invites to join up. After meeting, the "Four Horsemen" go all Robin Hood, robbing banks and stealing from CEOs as part of their shows, and giving the money away to the audience. The Incredible Hulk…I mean, Mark Ruffalo, plays the FBI agent trying to lock them all up, while Morgan Freeman plays the narrator explaining everything to you…I mean, the ex-magician trying to debunk the magic…really, that's just a clever way to get Freeman to narrate stuff…

Pros: - Everyone puts on a solid performance. No weak points acting-wise, great job on casting. - It's fast-paced, the action never hits any dull parts. And even the small romance scenes don't drag on long enough to take away from anything. You're pretty locked-in from start to finish. - Particularly great scenes between Eisenberg, Ruffalo, and Harrelson in the first half of the movie. - Great ending, if you've been paying attention.

Cons: - You wish there was more dialog between Eisenberg and Harrelson. - The 2nd half of the movie might move a bit too fast…again, pay attention. - Somebody thought this was a Marvel movie for like 5 seconds, and had The Hulk fighting Gambit…wait…is that a bad thing?...

Overall, this movie is a solid flick with some great actors that you shouldn't sleep on. It clocks in at just under 2 hours, but it won't feel that long at all.
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