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MPAA Rated PG-13 for thematic material including disturbing situations involving the Holocaust

Sex & Nudity

  • Two prepubesent girls are seen floating in a small lake; they are shirtless and their bare chests are visible
  • A man and a woman kiss passionately and the man lifts the woman up.
  • A teen girl asks her mother if she is having an affair and the woman tells her she is not.
  • A woman has an unexpected pregnancy that is discussed throughout the film.

Violence & Gore

  • A woman throws herself from an upper balcony of an arena filled with men, women and children: people scream and we hear gasps as several people rush over to the woman, one woman places her hands over the eyes of her young daughter and we see the woman that jumped lying broken on the ground with a trickle of blood coming from her mouth and nose; the dead woman is carried away and the voice of an unseen woman is heard shouting a question (as to whether people will be forced to kill themselves).
  • A man shouts at police officers, two officers restrain him, he struggles and continues to shout until one officer smashes him in the head with the butt of a rifle; the man falls to the ground, unconscious, and a bloody smear is seen on his forehead (the man is later seen unharmed, with a bloody cut on his forehead). A woman uses a pin to cut the inside of her cheek, she coughs loudly, and we see blood on her hands and lips; the woman shows her bloody hands to another woman, who calls over a nurse, saying that the woman is coughing up blood (the coughing woman is seen moments later, unharmed).
  • A woman describes how another woman was in a car accident, and how her car had swerved toward and under a semi truck, killing her -- we see a woman steer her car into an oncoming truck and we hear the truck honk. An older man tells his adult son that he believes his wife, the man's mother, had killed herself, purposefully steering into an oncoming truck. A young boy is upset as a girl instructs him to get into a closet; she closes the door behind him and tells him to calm down as she locks the door.


  • Approx 4 uses of "Damn" 1 or 2 "Hell" (These above are in the subtitles however) A couple religious references "Oh my God"

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • We see a man drinking wine and wine glasses are seen on a table, a man asks a woman why she is not drinking, throughout the movie we see men and women drinking wine, and a man pours a pregnant woman a small glass of champagne which she drinks. Throughout the movie we see men and women smoking cigarettes.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Due to the fact that it is a movie involving the Holocaust, some scenes may seem very intense.
  • A woman jumps in a stadium to her death (suicidal). We see her falling and hitting the ground, she is later taken away. Blood is visible.
  • The scene where the children are being forcibly separated from their mothers has a very intense feel to it. Women holding their children of various ages are grabbed by armed guards: we hear the children and women screaming, and a woman cries and reaches for her son as the guards pull the children away from their mothers. An armed guard grabs a girl from a woman's arms and throws the girl on the ground, where she curls into a ball. A woman is dragged away, and two guards are holding her arms and pulling her away from her crying son.
  • The scenes in the Velodrome are intense and distrubing. We see an arena filled with people, on the bleachers we see men and women looking exhausted and ill, and covered in sweat; we see a bucket filled with watered down blood and what can be presumed to be dried streams of urine on the floor.
  • Two girls escape from a concentration camp, and one of them later dies of exposure and pneumonia.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A doctor carries the body of a girl, wrapped in a sheet, in front of a man and a woman; the doctor tells them that the girl had died of diphtheria and that he would dispose of the body, and the man remarks to the woman that "one dead girl" is enough for one day. A girl screams after finding the body of a dead boy locked in a closet (we do not see the body).
  • A man describes to a woman how he had been a boy when a girl had found another boy's body, saying that he and his father had noticed a very strong rotting smell which they thought was a dead cat or bird; as the man describes the scene, we see a man putting his hands over the eyes of a dead boy as the girl cries. A woman tells a man that her father-in-law had been present when a girl had discovered the decaying body of her dead brother.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • At the beginning of the film, the little girl Sarah locks her younger brother in a closet so that he will be protected from the Nazis. After the family is captured, she is desperate to get back to him and free him. When she finally returns, he has died of starvation and asphyxiation, and although we do not see it, she discovers his dead, decomposing body still inside the closet and begins to scream in terror.
  • We find out at the end of the film that Sarah never really recovered emotionally from her brother's death, and committed suicide by driving her car into a truck.

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