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Quite fun and a nice 'bromance'
lumosnight26 May 2011
This film was much better than I expected. True, it does have some anime influence (like slim bodies and expressive eyes) but most contemporary cartoons have that anyway.

In short, this movie is about a teenage Thor embarking on a quest to prove his manhood to his father, who still considers him immature. With the aid of his brother Loki and the Warriors Three he travels through different realms to complete his quest.

What I liked in this film was that it showed a different, refreshing perspective on Thor and Loki's relationship. In this film we actually see Loki as a caring brother who is a loyal Asgardian. He and Thor share a special bond, trust each other and, when times get tough, provide each other with support. Seeing this just makes it even more heartbreaking as the viewers know that in the future these two would become mortal enemies.

Some dialogues were actually funny without relying on simple humor - even giving room to a bit adult humor when it came to Fandral. There is romance (concerning both brothers), and there are notable number of dark scenes and dialogues which concentrate on the topics of genocide (yes, genocide!) and character death. Unlike most children's cartoons nowadays, it has quite a few mature themes which adults may like.

All in all, it was a pleasant surprise and more mature than I expected. I warmly recommend this film.

PS - the music was epic!
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A Brash youth must learn to use his power wisely
mligorio26 May 2011
I got this film purely by accident, thinking it was going to be the another Thor movie that has just been released. Ever since childhood, I have been repeatedly surprised by how many books/movies/songs that I never wanted in the first place turned out to be good when I reluctantly decided to give them a try.

My first impression was that this was going to be just another silly story for kids, because we see Thor as a brash youth. I was tempted to turn it off after only a few minutes, but I'm glad I stuck with it. I suspected, of course, that the story was going to show how Thor grew up and became the hero we know him to be today, but I didn't know exactly how that transition would take place.

Presumably, after taking a few blows on his chin, he was simply going to pick up his hammer and crush evil into submission, convincingly proving once again that 'might makes right'. And, if that were all there is to this story, I wouldn't be recommending that you watch it yourself or show it to your kids.

Like most youths, Thor has a sense of ambition and adventure that ultimately gets him into trouble. But Thor is not an ordinary youth, being the son of Odin, his rash actions place the entire kingdom of Asgard in grave danger. It is at this point, when he accepts responsibility for his own actions, that we see his remarkable transition from boy to man. In fact, we are impressed when he proves to have the wisdom of a man many years his senior.

So, as it turns out, the moral is the same as in other superhero stories, that is, having great power isn't what counts the most, but rather knowing how to use it wisely is. I have read more than my fair share of comics, even as an adult, so this theme isn't really news to me. This time, however, I saw it from a different perspective, through the eyes of an adolescent who had to learn the lesson the hard way. And, then I saw something I had been missing all these years. I knew the part about the hero forgiving the bad guys, but I realize now that what is more important is that Thor forgave himself. This sense of compassion is perhaps the main reason why Thor goes on to be a great hero, while his brother Lochi eventually becomes a villain.
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Great Movie, for what it is, but is not a blockbuster by any stretch
fawfamily6 March 2013
This movie is great at what it is and the people giving it the negative reviews need to get out of the box once in a while. What it is; is a look at Thor and Loki on their first real adventure, the trouble they get into (good and bad) and the consequences of their actions. It is also a brief look at Thor's relationship with Sif and the Valkyrie. Animation is good, not great, but the story and fresh perspective of the young Thor make up for it. I rated the movie high because I enjoyed the risk they took to make it; PLUS, anytime I can watch a movie like this and not guess just about every plot twist AND still enjoy the movie and the story---I am happy. Fun watch, and if your a Thor fan, you will like it all the more.
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Some Tales are a waste of time to be told
xamtaro6 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Before their fateful destinies could be realized, Thor and Loki were best of bros, one craving adventure and the other content with a good book and magic lessons. Here was to be the coming of age tale of Asgard's greatest legends; a tale of hope, brotherly love and of innocence lost in the fog of war.

Was to be.

Instead, Thor Tales of Asgard comes across as typical kid friendly fantasy fare which, aside from the emotionally charged finale, would sit well as a Disney channel afternoon special. Think Disney's "Young Hercules" or "Tarzan II" or perhaps "Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning". Unsophisticated, child friendly prequels intended for a cheap laugh and netting a little extra cash.

Delayed for almost a year in order to coincide with the release of the blockbuster live action THOR film, Thor Tales of Asgard, originally named "Son of Asgard" is neither a prequel to that film nor is it an adaptation of the stylish "Tales of Asgard" stories by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Instead of chronicling a pivotal event in the life of Thor, like his quest to prove himself worthy of wielding his enchanted hammer, or some important bit of unseen Asgardian history, Tales of Asgard feels like "just another day of adventure"; almost like a premiere episode of a TV cartoon.

Eager to prove himself to his (girl)friend Sif, Thor drags the unwitting Loki to stow away on a vessel belonging to Fandral, Hogun and Volstagg, better known as the Warriors Three. Thor intends to follow the Warriors Three to the frost giants realm of Jottenheim and find the legendary Sword of Surtur. Soon they discover that tales of the Warriors' adventures have been greatly exaggerated and after a laughable turn of events, convince the three bozos to to join Thor's quest. But Frost Giants do not take kindly to trespassers and a brash act by Thor threatens to plunge the realms into war once more. The only hope for this motley crew of males to return to Asgard is to seek help from the men hating Valkyries. Meanwhile, Odin and his dark Elf court official try to delay the war through diplomacy and deal with a hidden threat from within their own ranks.

Any one who has even the slightest knowledge of the fantasy genre would tell you that something called a "Dark Elf" is never good news. As if the elf's extremely helpful attitude, "smooth talking" British accent and overly humble demeanor did not already scream "I am hiding something and trying my best to look like a good guy". It is so obvious at first glance that it fails to be any sort of spoiler. The same goes for the rest of the plot. If you have seen a typical fantasy themed Disney movie, you can spell out the plot here with no problem.

At least the writer, Greg Johnson, manages to pepper the otherwise boring narrative with sharp well written dialog. Particular mention goes to the way the brotherly dynamic between Thor and Loki is written, accentuated by the professional voice acting. Only Loki goes through significant character development however which climaxes at the finale and believably leads the boy down his dark future. The development is written as gradual and nuanced, a bright spot of maturity in the otherwise juvenile story.

Thor Tales of Asgard further enhances its "weekend afternoon Disney show" feel through its visuals. The Japanese "AnswerStudio" is the company behind the animation work and although their stuff is not as stellar as GONZO or Madhouse, their past work on direct to DVD animation like Doctor Strange and The Invincible Iron Man maintained a better that normal standard for a direct to DVD animation. This movie however showcases animation that is no better than an episode of Ben 10 crossed with a cheap imitation of 2002's He-Man animated series artwork. Backgrounds lack detail, sometimes looking no better than a Kindergarten picture book.

THe level of detail on characters is no more intricate than TV animation like Teen Titans and the colors are bright, shiny but at times flat. Even more shocking is the number of obvious animation errors. For example, At some points, the background moves out of sync with the characters feet giving the impression that they are sliding and not walking. After awesome action in shows like "Hulk Vs" and "Planet Hulk", this movie is possibly Director Sam Liu's most insipid piece of work.

With the success of the live action blockbuster THOR, no doubt Thor Tales of Asgard would net in some cash, preying on uninformed kids and their parents who would not know better. It might be worth a download just out of curiosity though. Lacking the thunder of a blockbuster, the quality of a direct to DVD animation and the epic spectacle of the comic books, Thor Tales of Asgard is a tale best left untold.
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Thor: Tales of Asgard (2011)
SnakesOnAnAfricanPlain13 December 2011
Really enjoyable movie covering the early years of Thor and Loki. This enhances the theatrical movie, without kissing it's ass. For example, it still takes many designs from the original source material, even if it conflicts with the more popular movie. Seeing the realms of Asgard in animation is wonderful, as there is less of a restraint. The character arcs of Thor and Loki are also very impressive. Their relationship is shown as one of true love, but we see their reactions to taking life. This isn't Thor Jr. and though the animation is kind of childish, there are many great themes here that would be welcome in The Avengers or any Thor sequels.
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The odyssey of Thor
amiranda-3927415 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I really disliked marvels animated home release movies, they just never grabbed my attention or interest, and i decided not to watch them, but when The Avengers movie came out, and i started watching Avenger earths mightiest heroes, i decided to give marvels animated films a chance, most were just as dumb and uninteresting as i had predicted, but a few were real gems, Thor: tales of Asgard is the shiniest jem there is. Despite not being the origin story of the live action Thor, i decided it must be the origin story for the Thor from avengers earths mightiest heroes. The story starts off pretty generic, a hot headed prince, who believes hes the greatest warrior there is despite never leaving the castle, he wants to prove himself and have an adventure ( you know like a Disney princess), despite this Thor never comes off as too annoying, you understand that he wants to be taken seriously by his father, his brother and his people, so he decides to go on a journey that will prove his manhood. In this day and age, boys no longer have a right of passage as they used to, so most turn into man children who have no sense of responsibility or respect for others, so i found this movie to have a really good moral lesson and ill get to that in a couple of sentences. I just want to talk about Loki, i was expecting him to be envious of Thor or show some indication that he will become his arch enemy someday, instead were treated to a loving brother who respects and takes care of thor, ends up saving his life many times throughout the movie, and towards the end you suddenly remember that they will be sworn enemies one day. Lady sif and the warriors 3 are Thor's friends in this movie, and their all very good supporting characters, warriors 3 are really funny and i enjoyed them a lot more here than in the live action film. Lady sif is surprisingly an interesting character, its obvious she has a crush on Thor but she hates herself for it ( im pretty sure there is a Selena Gomez song that describes this sort of thing), sif decides to join the Valkyries which resemble the feminazis of today. Odin seems like a regular dad in this movie not like a god, his voice is very gentle but stern at the same time, and he gets quite a lot of character development himself throughout the movie, trying to become a better father. There really isn't any cookie cutter villains in this, the frost giants are the antagonists, chasing Thor and his friends and attacking Asgard, but that's only because Thor accidentally killed some of them with his fire sword. Algrim the dark elf is a very complex villain, and yes its not hard to figure out that a dark elf is not going to be the villain, but surprisingly as you hear his stories of his dead family and the genocide of his entire race by the hands of the frost giants, and just the way hes so pleasant towards Thor and Odin, you actually begin to hope he doesn't become the villain, so when he takes Thor's fire sword and starts talking crazy, your saying to your self, "don't you do it!"this scene is very tense, and one of the soldiers sees this betrayal coming but in a sudden burst of fire algrim kills everyone except Thor and his friends, and then he tries to go kill Odin ( for failing to stop the genocide of his people) this fight scene is very epic and impactful, since you've seen Odin and algrim be really good friends, Thor eventually stops algrim, but cannot bring himself to kill him, so Loki kills him instead starting his fall to darkness, Thor then takes responsibility for his actions against the frost giants, even offering his life in exchange, but he is forgiven by the frost giants. Thor then has a very emotional conversation with his father, making you aware of how Thor will someday become worthy of his hammer. The movie is very good, the animation looks like its from japan but that's fine, the characters are all well developed and the story is very engaging,i didn't think the romance( if u can call it that) was necessary between Thor and sif, but i did really like their kiss at the end, i saw it as them finally respecting each other. But the action is breathtaking, the fight scene between algrim and Odin is just incredible. There are tons of cameos and references, such as Thor's hammer, the enchantress, and Loki being a frost giant. This is a movie i fully recommend, and i guarantee you will want to go swing a hammer like Thor by the end of it.
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Plain and simple... and too much action
alexfromhorn14 May 2011
It's titled Thor but it's really not the Thor we know. It's the young Thor before he had his mighty hammer Mjölnir. So Thor doesn't behave the typical way you like him to behave, here he is more of a spoiled teenager. And he doesn't drink any beer or mead. The plot is lame in my opinion, quite stereotypical for a fantasy movie but with a worse plot structure. The dialogs were childish, same for the characters behaviors. And because its set when Thor was young there is nothing happening on earth so it just feels like any kind of fantasy-animation. I liked the real Thor Movie with Chris Hemsworth way better than this one. And I also liked Thor and the depiction of Asgard in Hulk VS. Thor much better. It's just so much about action that it bored me... it is really nothing special but you can watch it if you don't have any better plans for your evening. The character development was also quite lame I think this movie could be much better if they did character introductions so that you know who is who and they could have used a smaller amount of characters. A friend of mine who saw this as well was quite confused about all those characters, for someone who doesn't know the relations between the people of Asgard and those Frost Giants and the hirarchy system in Asgard it's just all too much. And because of this each character loses it's individuality and also it's importance, in this storyline, which also leads to a loss of tension... And that's why this movie is just mediocre in my opinion.
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Thor Tales of Asgard: Humble beginnings
Platypuschow11 December 2017
I've always considered Thor a bit of a weak link when it comes to Marvel. Not only have I always found him a pretentious unlikeable character but I simply don't see the appeal of turning previous deities and gods into superheroes.

It begs he question whats next? Will Allah feature in the next Avengers film? Can we expect Jesus to battle alongside Batman next year?

Tales Of Asgard follows a young arrogant Thor eager to prove his worth in battle. In doing so he teams with his brother Loki and accidentally re-ignites tensions between Asgard and the frost giants.

It's pretty play by numbers stuff and though the story is solid enough the characters are a combination of weak and annoying.

One for fans only.

The Good:

Story is engaging

The Bad:

Not loyal to the comics

Characters are annoying

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

After Fist Of Jesus (2012) I'm thinking a Jesus superhero movie could work
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Young Thor
WeAreLive4 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The movie is very fresh to the Thor movie franchise.

It clearly explains what Thor's life was like in his teenhood before he became an adult and the hammer Mjoimar (I think).

But I find it weird that there was a dark elf in the movie but it wasn't Malakith and the dark elf claimed to be the last of it's kind. It is very brutal when Loki burns him and yells "MONSTER!" it foreshadows his nature of what he was going to become as an adult. But I found it weird that he and Amora were about to kiss. It was also weird that Hogan, Valikree Federal, and the fat guy were all adult but Thor, Sif, Loki, and Amora were teenagers which never made sense. Also, some random frost giant was the commander instead of Yimar or Leafley.
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Good Film, Boring Story..
BatmanFunReviews201818 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The young Norse god Thor embarks on a quest with his brother Loki to find and recover a legendary sword. Thor: Tales of Asgard is a 2011 prequel that takes place years before Thor got his legendary hammer Mjolnir and it's mostly about him and Loki working together to save their home. And although both the voices, the characters and the animation were pretty good the overall story wasn't something great to brag about it was basically like the 2011 Thor film in some parts. The pacing was my biggest issue with the film and the fact that Thor is not the Thor we all know and love but overall it's a good movie but don't expect some masterpiece because it's not (7/10)
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Decent animated prequel
neil-4765 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Teenaged Thor is the headstrong older son of Odin, King of the Norse gods. Determined to do something to prove himself to his father, and accompanied by his brother Loki, he stows away with the Warriors Three and off they go on a quest which develops into something quite problematic.

This feature from Marvel Animation can be taken as a direct prequel to the first live action Thor film. It is a decent story, well told, with all the main characters nicely realised, both visually and vocally. Character design tends towards manga style, but fits quite well with how the story is delivered. There is a lot of action and mild violence, but nothing particularly graphic: it is exciting but not frightening, and will suit viewers from about age 6 to adult.
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