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Good - probably will watch it again sometime
shroyertour2 November 2012
This is a taut drama/suspense film with a little romance and crime thrown in for good measure. The biggest problem I'm having is deciding which was better, the well done intertwining story lines, or the detailed character development. Both were excellent, making for a movie that is quite enjoyable and well worth watching.

The actors all did fine jobs, Eric Bana as the robber who is a killer, Olivia Wilde as the little sister who maybe has outgrown her need to be protected, Charlie Hunnam as her troubled but worthwhile romantic interest, Sissy Spacek and Kris Kristofferson as his parents, Kate Mara as the aspiring FBI agent deputy, and Treat Williams as her father the Sheriff. Their performances were all worthy of this well written and directed feature.

I have never heard of the writer or director, but I plan to watch for more of their stuff. This one is not a long movie by today's standards, but the pace of the action, and the time spent letting us figure out each character are so well balanced.

Make sure your snacks are ready ahead of time as, once this one starts, you will not want to miss a second of it (or even use the pause button once it is out on DVD).

Simply put, this is a good movie. Even knowing what happens, I'll probably watch it again sometime.
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Hot and Cold
LeonLouisRicci6 December 2012
Quite a good little crime drama with a snowy backdrop and isolation as an insistent threat. The tension is woven with the back stories of those involved all leading to an inevitable confrontation and a predictable solution.

Getting there is the fun and this movie delivers enough action and suspense to keep one's interest and it has a semi-stylish tone that is better in the action department then in the character's and their development. The acting ranges from the intense too intensely wooden. Eric Bana is engaging in an aloof amalgamation of insanity and infantile. The other male lead (Charlie Hunnam) barely registers even though he is given the most screen time.

There is very little invested in the female Deputy and her Sheriff Dad, and the conflicted Parents. Some effort is made in the end to strengthen these complex situations but it is really rushed and rather anti-climactic.

It is best when things are on the move and the hunt is on and at worst in the convoluted love story in the middle. Overall it is a good thriller that can be enjoyed for its moving parts, despite the stale and stoic presentation of psychological situations that are presented in such shallowness as to be distracting.
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'It's alright, little sis - It's a good sign when you feel a little bad.'
gradyharp15 December 2012
Perhaps the reason this film is not meeting with a better reception has to do with our current situation of senseless killings that are happening throughout the nation. Had t been placed in the theaters at a different time it might have been better appreciated. The script by Zach Dean is tight and multifaceted in meanings, the direction by Stefan Ruzowitzky keeps us in suspense until the final frame, and the cast of actors is unusually fine. It is a fine little film and deserves more attention.

The title DEADFALL is translated by the dictionary as 'A trap for large animals in which a heavy weight is arranged to fall on and kill or disable the prey.' How that title applies to his story is one of the subtle strong points in this dissection of three dysfunctional families. Siblings Addison (Eric Bana) and Liza (Olivia Wilde) are on the run from a casino heist gone wrong. When a car accident leaves their wheel man and a state trooper dead, they split up and make a run for the Canadian border in the worst of circumstances - a near whiteout blizzard. While Addison heads cross-country, killing everyone who crosses his path or who could provide transportation possibilities, Liza is picked up by ex-boxer Jay (Charlie Hunnam) who has just been released from prison for fixing a boxing match and is en-route for a Thanksgiving homecoming with his parents, June (Sissy Spacek) and retired sheriff Chet (Kris Kristofferson). Following Addison's wake of killings the sheriff (Treat Williams) loses many of his men and ridicules his new deputy daughter (Kate Mara). The story all come together at the Thanksgiving dinner at June and Chet's place - where the three families' ties are strained to the breaking point. It's there the siblings are reunited in a terse and thrilling showdown that pushes the bonds of family to the limit.

The freezing cold of the blizzard backdrop is juts right for the tension that pervades this story. The original musical score by Marco Beltrami underlines all the facets of this tale. While every one in the cast is excellent, it is Eric Bana that pulls of a very well written role in a manner that despite his actions he never loses our empathy.

Grady Harp
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An All around well crafted crime thriller
Tcarts763 November 2012
"Deadfall," is the story of a brother and sister, Addison (Eric Bana) and Liza (Olivia Wilde) ,that decide to split up and go their separate ways after a botched robbery and car accident. Through a chance meeting and a twist of fate, the brother and sister are again reunited on Thansgiving day, one that turns out to be anything but a great Holiday for all parties (the siblings, a young police woman, a husband and wife, and Liza's new love interest, a former Olympic medalist boxer that has just got out of prison.

The Good: The acting all around was solid. Eric Bana pulls this one off well especially considering he had to kill his Australian accent in favor of a southern U.S. one. Olivia Wilde also pulled off her role, but it's hard to tell, and I am definitely biased as she is great eye candy, and has such beautiful sexy eyes. Charlie Hunnam who plays an ex-Olympic Boxer turned ex-con, shows some skill as well and proves why everyone loves the "Son's of Anarchy" series.

The writing was well done, and the setting and scenery does nothing to hurt a good movie. There are a few action scenes that keep you from losing interest through the drama. Once again having the distraction of the delicious Olivia Wilde also does the trick as well. The intertwining stories which sometimes can be overused and cliché these days was done in a rather good fashion that made it a worthy way of making a movie. The character's themselves were well built so that you find yourself not really hating any of them, and then again don't love any of them either, which is a real credit and not easy to do without making people lose interest and feel indifferent altogether.

The Bad: I would have liked at some point to have seen a lot more of the actual robbery. Kris Kristofferson , although supposed to be playing a hardened ex-detective, still comes off a little too wooden. I also, personally anyway, can't stand Treat Williams, who is a B-movie guy at best.

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Decent story, interesting, thrilling, violent and good performances.
Jack_Rabbit_Slims912 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
DEADFALL is about a criminal brother and sister duo Addison and Liza (Eric Bana, Olivia Wilde) who separate in freezing blizzard conditions after their car hits a deer and kills their driver. Addison begins a killing spree which police are soon on the scene warning nearby residents that he is on the loose.

Liza meanwhile is on the verge of freezing to death when she is picked up by Jay (Charlie Hunnam), a man just released from prison who was planning on visiting his folks for thanksgiving (Kris Kristofferson and Sissy Spacek). What this all leads up to is a relationship blossoming between Jay and Liza and Addison finding out information about his sisters whereabouts and holding Jay's parent hostage in the family home.

This final 20 minute segment is where the main actors shine: Bana is incredibly disturbing as the villain taking control of the situation; Wilde displays the perfect blend of manipulation, ambiguity and in the end, good heartedness; Kristofferson honestly looked comatomsed the entire film and Spacek had an unsettling calmness about her despite having a gun pointed at her head for half of her performance. The awfully cute and decent Kate Mara is also prominently featured as a young female cop assisting into the investigation, and her asshole sergeant father is played by Treat Williams. Recommended, a decent movie with plenty of thrills and enjoyable story.
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Competent crime drama marred by overproduction and a meandering script
brillmongo18 May 2013
Ever encounter peanut butter that when spread sounds like a wet rag being squeezed?

No? Could it be because peanut butter has a smooth texture and not that of a sponge?

This is one of very many little infuriating details that plague Deadfall. The female police officer can't just be a female police officer, she has to have daddy issues and be the victim of chauvinism. The barmaid can't just be a barmaid, she has to have had an ass-hole ex etc etc

Deep down Deadfall is a competently made film with lovely camera work, but it is a frustrating experience watching it simply because of all the things that distract from what ought to be a simple streamlined drama.
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What a winner
MagyarRose1 November 2012
Haven't seen a crime thriller this good in ages, with such fast moving pace but excellent character development at the same time.

The screenplay is exciting and observant of human psychology. The acting is superb, and I guess the directing had a lot going for it too. Like the perfect storm,this just all came together and did a job of stirring me up good.

The tension built up from the start with Addison and what we learn about him and his coach. The relationship between the sheriff and his daughter, and the how the men treated her, and her stoic dealing with, I could not have handled it.

The relationship between the siblings was ambiguous but inspiring at the same time. The relationship in the family between the spouses and the son was written with such deft strokes which said so much.

The actors were fabulous. Especially at the dinner table at the climax of the story. The mother, Sissy Spacek, had such easy going wisdom about her but exploded with outraged indignation when pushed beyond the limit.

Loved the way the brother got the "L" word out of the protagonist in the climactic denouement. And it left you in the end wondering how the story would go on with our antiheroes.

One of those screenplays where you just fall in love with the bad guy and it just kills you to know he is fated, and that he has written his own tragedy as well as having been written by it.

Look forward to more of Zach Dean's screenplays.
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Well written Bana boom
ben_robertson15 October 2012
This movie I saw at the New Hampshire Film Festival in Portsmouth, NH and it was my favorite of the weekend. The writing was excellent and Bana gave yet another great performance as a violent man who was crazy and funny and charming and human. Writer Zach Dean combined the Western, crime, thriller, sports and family genres to tell a story about three dysfunctional families that are brought together by the trauma of childhood abuse. I knew where the story was going and yet in the end Dean was able to surprise me with how he got there. He did a masterful job pulling together his threads in a way that reminded me of Paul Haggis's work in Crash. Dean's story set in the modern West even included an Indian chief in what was one of my favorite scenes. Afterwards I reflected on Bana's work and wondered if he will ever reach the pinnacle of achievement we saw in the fantastic Australian film Chopper. That role allowed Bana to use all of his gifts in a way that I will never forget and which makes him for me one of the greatest actors working today.
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An entertaining movie with a great cast but was just too predictable to be a great movie. Worth seeing but needed twists. I say B
cosmo_tiger4 February 2013
"It's a good sign when you feel a little bad." Brother and sister Addison (Bana) and Liza (Wilde) have just robbed a casino and are making their getaway when they get into an accident. Jay (Hunnam) is fresh out of jail and is looking for answers as to why he took the fall. When all their paths cross things turn for the worse. This is a movie I was looking forward too. The cast had me interested right away. The movie started off fast and never really slowed down. It is a movie where you seem to be one step ahead of what is going on though and that kind of hurts the overall enjoyment. When you can predict 90% of what is going to happen before it does you start to lose interest, at least I do. I did like the movie and I would recommend it but don't expect a lot of twists. The movie was good and entertaining though and the cast was great but a few twists could have made it better. Overall, an enjoyable movie that could have been better if it wasn't so predictable. I give it a B.
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Good time pass thriller with Immorale Characters
saadgkhan6 December 2012
Deadfall – CATCH IT (B)

Siblings Addison (Eric Bana) and Liza (Olivia Wilde) are on the run from a casino heist gone wrong. When a car accident leaves their wheel man and a state trooper dead, they split up and make a run for the Canadian border in the worst of circumstances, a near whiteout blizzard. While Addison heads cross-country, creating mayhem in his wake, Liza is picked up by ex-boxer Jay (Charlie Hunnam), en-route for a Thanksgiving homecoming with his parents, June (Sissy Spacek) and retired sheriff Chet (Kris Kristofferson). It's there the siblings are reunited in a terse and thrilling showdown that pushes the bonds of family to the limit.

Eric Bana did his job nicely, watching him doing incest jealous/obsesses/protective brother/lover was indeed bizarre. Olivia Wilde is stunningly gorgeous and at times creepy too. Charlie Hunnam is fun to watch, he is smart and never looks bad in what he does. Kate Mara is fine as always. Sissy Spacek and Kris Krsitoppher are good.

In the end, there is nothing much to expect from a movie besides that it's a B class thriller with gorgeous faces. I found movie quite entertaining, it may not have the most lovable characters but they sure are pretty. Good Time pass.
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The Little Train Who Could(oh and something about pursuing some fugitives?)
Jerominator28 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
*** Big spoilers here so watch out ***

This was one bizarre animal of a movie. The interaction between the universally misogynistic police men and the conspicuously more highly-evolved poor persecuted police woman just stank the whole movie up and never ceased to blow my mind. I don't know if it was a feminist agenda in play or just diabolically poor writing but there was an overarching anti-male sentiment running throughout the police element of the story. It was completely unnecessary, utterly misplaced, and served only to bizarrely detract from the central story. If they wanted to tell the tale of the poor downtrodden policewoman VS evil Neanderthal men, they should have gone ahead and made that movie, but to try and shoe-horn all of this into another movie is a hell of an amateur move, and just an all-round bad idea.

Some examples I that stood out:

  • the police woman not being included in the hunt for the criminals, despite the fact the sheriff is her father.

  • the school yard menstruation put-down in front of her colleagues by HER OWN FATHER AND SUPERIOR. Oh seriously???? I never use caps normally by the way but this scene did offend mine eyes, ears and very soul.

  • the grabbing of her walkie-talkie and throwing it in the snow so she can't use it, thus avoiding "getting them in trouble"(tried paraphrasing with square brackets but IMDb does not allow). Sheeeeeesh.

  • the pushing her over in the snow and stealing her snow mobile. Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha - please make it stop somebody, please.

  • inappropriate public reprimand from father after pursuing criminal, claiming that apparently people "start dying" when she gets involved - didn't even make any kind of sense, but I was numb to the poor writing by this stage.

This offensively ham-fisted anti-male pantomime GARBAGE absolutely slaughtered this film for me. If you're female and wonder what the big deal is, then I beg you please just try to take a couple of minutes to imagine a similar scenario with the sexes reversed. Honestly please try, and see how you feel about it.

This kind of anti-male sentiment has been poisoning Hollywood scripts for so long now but rarely is it this ineptly close to the surface or in such abundance.

Other non-sexist howlers in this:

  • ex-cop abandoning his wife alone in the middle of nowhere when he's literally just been informed that there are very dangerous criminals prowling the vicinity.

  • The main male character not questioning why his hitchhiker seems to have been completely oblivious to the police roadblock he literally just drove through and which she must have just passed or at the very least come from.

  • The female fugitive seems to be in the grip of hypothermia while the male fugitive shows absolutely no signs of it. Bearing in mind how far she's got from the crash scene they can't be very far apart and he was no better dressed, so this made little sense.

  • the male fugitive just happening upon a child molestation scenario providing him with the perfect provocation to murder the male cabin-owner and hide out in the cabin for a while. Given his childhood molestation experience this was a hell of a convenient coincidence.

  • the liberated little girl's sudden clairvoyant instruction to the male fugitive to "leave your sister alone"(tried paraphrasing with square brackets but IMDb does not allow). Embarrassingly corny and misplaced.

  • woman's calmness after being taken hostage by a *known* dangerous criminal. They try to justify this but it still doesn't fly one bit in my book.

  • woman who's literally just been taken hostage demanding that the hostage-taker opens a window after he lights a cigarette. Perhaps that'd fly in a comedy, but not real life, and not this kind of drama.

  • ESP on the part of the female fugitive when she suddenly states that she knows Jay is on the run.

  • Jay's Buddha-esque compassion in instantly and completely overlooking the fact that the hitchhiking girl knowingly misled and used him to rendez-vous with her criminal brother at his parents' house, thus endangering all of their lives and directly resulting in the shooting of 2 apparent family friends. There are no words.

  • girl slaughtering her own brother(who saved her from hell as a child remember), for the sake of a guy she met yesterday and cynically tried to use as part of a criminal scheme. OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH CCCCCCCCCCCCCCMMMMMMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNN.

An altogether aggravating affair, especially as I rate Eric Bana and think he and the other leads did a good acting job. The basic idea is a sound one, there were some truly well-shot scenes, and the whole thing had quite a distinct style to it. Sadly though this was contaminated beyond redemption with all the anti-male cartoon nonsense. It really crossed a line.

As an aside, it breaks my heart to see Treat Williams reduced to this slurry - he was such a powerful actor back in the day. What a crying shame.

So I guess if you're a raging man-hater maybe this will rock your boat or at least provide some ammunition. To men though(especially policemen) and to rational women(and yes I believe plenty of women would baulk at the same stuff mentioned above), definitely avoid this bizarre manifesto at all costs.

Apologies for all the caps but words escaped me and anger got the better of me I'm afraid. I'm off to burn my DVD player and have a lie down.
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1st hour was enjoyable
comabi423 February 2013
The final sequence it's a pity for all the viewers. Kinda of a good drama, the epic story is quite good, the acting it's not bad, but, unfortunately, it's not even a cliché. Bad, predictable and hard to believe end of a movie. In the first 80 minutes, the movie it's like an 8 rate. But they had to destroy it. I was quite enthusiastic and I ran into the final part of the movie with curiosity and confidence, but it wasn't what I was hoping for. Almost all of the characters are inside that house. But they loved each other after two nights spent together :D. So much, than the final is only a logical course of the events..., but unrealistic :).
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very very good. one of the best of this year 2012
rightwingisevil2 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
i like this movie a lot. wonderfully written screenplay with very good directing and very very good casting. the whole movie was a textbook-like production. there were several threads that gradually woven together, sister-brother complicated relationship, prodigal son to his parents, local police chief to his daughter, aging old couple's love, plus a a deadly blizzard in the northern border town. beautifully shot, pressure building up, accidental romance. the snow mobile chasing scene was like a 007 identical one, very very well shot. the storyline was so well crafted that led all the main characters going to the old couple's house on the eve of thanksgiving. every actor did almost a perfect performance that made this movie one of the best viewing experiences of this year. what i like most of it was there's no annoying computer generated cgi graphics, no big explosions with dynamite, just pure stuntman-ship and traditional editing. love it. a very well focused movie, solved everything at the end of it. love triumphant in the end.
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A Good Thriller with Impressive Landscape
claudio_carvalho21 July 2013
After a heist of a casino, the criminal Addison (Eric Bana) is on the run to Canada with his accomplice Theo (Dennis Lafond) and his sister Liza (Olivia Wilde). Out of the blue, Theo hits a deer and loses control of the car that leaves the road and overturns. Theo dies and Addison kills a patrolman that comes to help them. Then he splits the money with Liza and tells her to get a ride to the border while he will cross the woods. Addison leaves a trail of blood in his runaway.

Meanwhile, the former boxer Jay (Charlie Hunnam), who was arrested for losing a fight, is released from prison on probation and calls his mother June Mills (Sissy Spacek) that lives in an isolated house with his estranged father Chet Mills (Kris Kristofferson) that was the former Sheriff. June invites her son for the Thanksgiving dinner, but he goes first to the gym to collect money that his couch owes him. They quarrel and Jay hits him and believes that has killed him. He flees and while driving on the road, he sees Liza and gives a ride to her. Soon they fall in love with each other. Meanwhile Sheriff Marshall T. Becker (Treat Williams) is hunting Addison with his men but he does not allow that his daughter, Deputy Hanna (Kate Mara) to participate in the hunting party. The Thanksgiving will end with all the characters gathering at Chet and June's home.

"Deadfall" is a good thriller with impressive landscape in the snow. The engaging story begins with a poor development of Addison and Liza and does not show the heist of the casino. But the plot is tense and the cast has great names. Sheriff Marshall T. Becker is one of the most imbecile and arrogant sheriffs that I have seen in an American movie. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "A Fuga" ("The Runaway")
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A Nutshell Review: Deadfall
DICK STEEL13 January 2013
Perhaps it is expected nowadays to shoot a car accident in two ways - having a slam-bang action sequence when you least expect it to, and placing the camera within the cabin of the car to show how chaotic impact can be, especially when making the car roll multiple times in the aftermath of impact. The film starts off with an accident early, with brother-sister team of Addison (Eric Bana) and Liza (Olivia Wilde) having to break off in a wintry environment to journey north toward the Canadian border, in order to escape with their new found loot, robbed from a nearby casino.

Director Stefan Ruzowitzky's movie puts Bana in a negative role as a robber who has no qualms in violently dispatching anyone who stands in his way and freedom. With each encounter, we see both his compassionate side when having to deal with defenseless women and children, and his explosive nature when up against those whom he deem as a threat, expertly and clinically finishing off anyone, whether those from the law or otherwise, as long as one has something of value that can aid in his escape.

But Zach Dean's story goes beyond that one man Rambo action, with another plot running in parallel with ex-boxer Jay (Charlie Hunnam), released from prison and on the run after his visit to an ex-manager ended up in a fisticuffs and a comatose. Invited by his mom June (Sissy Spacek) to return home for Thanksgiving, Jay runs into Liza and a romance between strangers develop faster than you can say Cliché, with Liza seemingly having the upper hand in manipulating June to having do things to her advantage, though it's not before long that real emotions get into play, as she tries to put some distance between him, herself, and their inevitable destination that would bring them face to face with Addison.

Although there are elements in this storyline involving well used clichés, when put together effectively they become a taut thriller filled with a genuine sense of danger, especially when the stage is set knowing the violent and unpredictable nature of Addison, and the equally hot-tempered Jay. Zach Dean's story also goes one up from the average conventional story with having a strong father-child issues become the spotlight amongst multiple characters here, such as the policewoman Hanna (Kate Mara) and her constant struggle for acceptance from her police chief father Becker (Treat Williams), and the estranged relationship between Chet (Kris Kristofferson) and Jay. And as if family matters cannot get more complicated, suggestions of incest also gets dangled around between Addison and Liza, hinted ever so slightly, but no less making an impact about how twisted the two characters can be, if not for the transformation in Liza when getting romantically involved with another.

Action sequences were brilliantly shot, especially those snow white chases using snow mobiles. It's clear from the start that the violence will be graphic, without consciously needing to censor itself, so plenty of graphic moments got shown without a flinch. One of the most tense sequences involved all the characters converging around a dinner table, in what would almost be like Michael Haneke's Funny Games, with the one holding the gun calling the shots, and having that sense of superiority to impose his will upon those unfortunately caught in his web. That scene along is priceless, and makes up more than a reason to watch this on the big screen. Recommended!
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Bribaba13 May 2013
Atrocious sub-Fargo story with the two leads looking like they'd just come from a modelling agency. No sign of the fierce Minnesota climate on their faces. One of them even pulls a bank raid wearing a backless dress. In winter. The script is appalling with no cliché left unturned, particularly painful is the introductory dialogue between the femme fatal and a fellow fugitive on the lam.

The direction is even worse with a total lack of rhythm and pacing. The long takes in some scenes rather than being (hopefully) pregnant with meaning, induce only yawns. It's amazing that such a shoddy work could attract actors like Eric Bana and Kate Mara who were clearly working to scale. Kris Kristofferson and Sissy Spacek also appear, but only remind you of better days at the cinema.
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Deadfall? More like dead weight
Nobody-274 December 2017
To give this movie a proper negative review, I'd have to explain all the problems with it, but that would mean spoilers... All in all, this is supposed to be a crime thriller with some psycho-drama mixed in. What it really is, is a pretentious piece of trash aimed at the lowest common denominator - people who are willing to forgive poor story and shallow, poorly created characters, for few sex scenes and some violence. I am not one of them, so I hated it. But to try and explain: - The film starts with a robber reminiscing about what a perfect home would be... as they are on the run from robbery they just committed. Am I the only one who finds this terribly unbelievable if not contrived? Just because you want to add some "depth" to your character, you are making him talk about his dreams and childhood while running from the law? - Then, the same character who starts of as cold blooded criminal becomes an outright psycho. Why? Because the film would fall flat on its face if he did not. It also helps to forget that the entire ending makes no sense all things considered. (they were on the run, remember?) - There are people falling in love, just like that. Actually, there is a reason: without it, there would be no excuse for a sex scene and those "hot" lines that the female protagonist utters... must be every teenage boy's wet dream or something... (albeit, Olivia Wilde was quite good all things considered) - So many convenient "accidents": they run into another shady character, and his house, and another important character, and few others, and they all get together... and it all happens just like that. One "lucky" incident after another. But it all leads to more violence, so all is good, as long as we get our dosage of violence, we should forget how we got there. - Hardly anyone has any motivation for anything. Horrible writing. Father hates his daughter. Girl is hated by her colleagues. Sister is abused by her brother. A guy is angry at someone just like that. On and on and on. I guess those immature kids who carry loads of anger due to abandonment issues will love this, but more sensible people will be left wondering.

Those are just some of the more basic problems. Beyond that, there are plenty more both plot-wise, story wise, character-wise, setup-wise...

All in all, a perfect example of how not to make a film. If it were not for few decent performances and few decent scenes (which were few seconds long) it would have been 1 star (or zero, whatever is lowest allowed).
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A messy ordeal in the snow
estebangonzalez1022 May 2014
"What would home look like? I don't know. A farmhouse in the valley, I guess, like the one we grew up in, Liza and I."

Academy Award winning director for his foreign film The Counterfeiters, Stefan Ruzowitzky, now brings us an American crime thriller dealing with dysfunctional families. It seems to be an odd choice for a director who had so much success back in Austria considering this is an average B-film that doesn't introduce anything new or unique to the genre. Deadfall never manages to deliver the thrills that it promises either and has a rather unsatisfying ending. At times it felt like a film that was trying to be something else, but it never quite figured out what it wanted to be and ended up only scratching the surface of the dysfunctional family drama it was so desperately tying to explore. Perhaps it suffered from trying to add several subplots and intertwine them together towards the climactic end, but ultimately Deadfall felt like your average crime thriller with a strong ensemble cast, but a poor and unimaginative script. Deadfall never quite delivers the thrills and the characters are underdeveloped turning this film into a messy ordeal. As much as I wanted to enjoy this, I couldn't find anything redeeming about it, and not even the beautiful Olivia Wilde shines here. It's a dull film that tries to be more important than it really is with way too many subplots and overlapping themes that are barely explored.

The screenplay was written by Zach Dean centering on two siblings, Addison (Eric Bana) and Liza (Olivia Wilde), who are heading towards the Canadian border after having pulled of a casino heist. We never see the actual heist take place since the film opens with them already in route to the border when all of a sudden in the midst of a blizzard their vehicle crashes into a deer. Addison is forced to kill the patrolman and decides to split up with Liza and meet up later as the police will be after him. On another note, we are introduced to a former boxer named Jay (Charlie Hunnam) who is being released from prison. The first thing Jay does is call his mother June (Sissy Spacek) who lives in a farmhouse near the spot where Addison and Liza crashed. She invites Jay over for Thanksgiving dinner despite the fact that he's been estranged with his father Chet (Kris Kristofferson). Along the way, Jay finds Liza nearly freezing to death near the highway and he decides to give her a lift. Addison on the other hand is being hunted by Sheriff Becker (Treat Williams) and his men who are closing in on the trail of blood he's left behind. Becker's daughter, Hannah (Kate Mara), whose also an officer is ordered to stay in the station and out of trouble. As the characters are all introduced it becomes inevitable to realize that they are all going to intersect somewhere along the way.

Despite the talented ensemble cast, the script is so poorly written that there is not much they can do to prevent their characters from becoming cardboard cutouts. Even the always reliable and legendary actors such as Kris Kristofferson and Sissy Spacek can't do anything to save this film. Hunnam and Wilde have a very poorly developed romantic subplot that felt extremely rushed. Bana didn't really look too menacing as the villain and at times his character felt cartoonish. The dysfunctional family elements that this film tries to explore never really gets anywhere and they all seem too cliché. The male characters are seen as tough while the females are forgiving and patient. The western showdown near the end wasn't engaging either and everything about this film felt ordinary despite the different themes they were trying to blend together. It never digs under the surface of those elements it's trying to introduce and that's why the film feels so dull and empty. Deadfall is not the important and smart thriller it's trying to be.
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Make-Believe Story With Even Ridiculous Plot. ♦ 45%
TejasNair2 July 2013
A brother-sister pair are on the run after looting a casino. They suddenly start searching for the purpose of life and everything/everyone seems to fall in a single place. This, on-screen, looks so ridiculous, you get a feeling, was all this made up? And to aggravate your temper, the sister falls in love with a nomad in a matter of minutes.

Yes, indeed. To give the plot a perfect & predictable ending, the whole setup was made-believe. Cast performance is good but I am disappointed with Eric Bana for his lousiness. Olivia Wilde looks hot & does her part very well. Although the characters seem half-baked. Direction & cinematography is average, with the locations not harnessed to their extremities. It thrills a lot, but a foolish storyline is on the prophesy.

Lots of violence, gore, gun-shots & deaths play spoilsport with the already wrecked plot. Nothing new to decipher, Deadfall falls on itself and kills. 4.5/10.

BOTTOM LINE: Not recommended. If you are a fan, go ahead & get disappointed.

Can be watched with a typical Indian family? NO

Profanity: Strong | Sex/Foreplay/Mouth-Kiss: Very Strong | Violence/Gore: Very Critical | Smoking: Mild | Alcohol: Mild | Drugs: No
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Casey's Movie Mania: DEADFALL (2012)
caseymoviemania9 December 2012
Best known for the crime drama THE COUNTERFEITERS which won the foreign-language Oscar in 2008, Austrian director Stefan Ruzowitzky's DEADFALL starts with a bang. Following from the aftermath of a casino heist, criminal siblings Addison (Eric Bana) and Liza (Olivia Wilde), speeding their car along the slippery road of northern Michigan snowdrift. Suddenly an accident happens out of nowhere, which sends their car flipped into the air (which is brilliantly shot from inside of the car) and crashes down the snow-covered land, and ends up killing their driver. While Liza is trying to retrieve all the heist money scattered all over the place, a state trooper shows up. Addison wastes no time to approach the state trooper and shoots him to death. So far, so good. No doubt Ruzowitzky knows a lot of camera placements and staging a knockout action sequence. But what follows next is a bloated thriller that drags a lot throughout the course of its 95-minute duration.

Soon after the intense opening scene, Addison decides that he and Liza must split up as they make their way through the cold wilderness in which both of their goals are to reconnect again near the Canadian border.

Enter former Olympic silver-medalist boxer Jay (Charlie Hunnam), who is fresh out of prison and finds himself already in deep trouble after critically injured his ex-trainer. He flees the scene and drives as far as he can to avoid getting arrested by the police. En route to Thanksgiving dinner at the home of his parents, June (Sissy Spacek) and Chet (Kris Kristofferson), he meets Liza and kind enough to give her a lift. Both of them end up spending the night at a motel, which is needless to say, they fall for each other.

Meanwhile, Addison seeks refuge in a small hunting cabin after killing an abusive husband and helps the surviving family.

There's more: Sheriff Becker (Treat Williams) is ordering a manhunt against Addison and Liza. Except for his deputy daughter, Hanna (Kate Mara), in which he shuts her out of the manhunt because he doesn't like her at all.

With numerous plot threads here and there, it's understandable that Ruzowitzky and first-time screenwriter Zach Dean tries hard to deliver something more meaty than just a regular cat-and-mouse thriller. Somewhere in between, there's a modern Western genre with a dash of noir at play (think FARGO or even A SIMPLE PLAN). That's not all, there's an attempt of complex family drama as well. Such genre mishmash can be a good thing if handle with care. But that's hardly the case in this movie. Zach Dean's screenplay may have been ambitious but his writing is awfully clunky.

As for Ruzowitzky, his direction is terribly haphazard and he only delivers in certain portions. Most of the scenes are lazily constructed, and to make things worst, the much-awaited payoff is disappointingly bland and predictable.

Apart from the exciting opening scene, the cast here are quite impressive. Eric Bana is intense as the cold-blooded villain, while Olivia Wilde is certainly gorgeous enough to look at. Charlie Hunnam fits the role as the brooding fugitive and Kate Mara is likable as a young deputy. Both veterans Sissy Spacek, Kris Kristofferson and Treat Williams play their respective roles adequate enough.

Technical credits are overall above-average, particularly with Shane Hurlbut's perfectly atmospheric cinematography for the snowbound landscapes (Quebec locations convincingly stand in for Michigan's Upper Peninsula).

DEADFALL is one huge, missed opportunity. It could have been a great crime drama if not for its wobbly execution.
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Interesting, but nothing special
boomerchinde20 July 2013
While it's always great to watch Kristofferson and Spacek, they are actually relegated to minor roles in a rather predictable flick. The cinematography is moody, and captures the feel of a Michigan winter, but as I am from Michigan I was bothered by the logistics of the film. The baddies say they're headed north on US131 to the border. Heading north on US-131 you'll never hit the border of anything, you'll just run into more Michigan. They say they're headed north to Canada, but they would have to cross the Mackinaw Bridge and then the International Bridge way up in the Upper Peninsula, and that's one helluva long haul. And for the sheriff to instruct his men to "move east toward I-75" is laughable, as the distance between the 131 and I75 is absurdly large for such instruction. Then toss in Spacek leaving her front door open while she walks a cop to her car is so out of place as to defy logic -- they're in a blizzard and closing roads. Why do I ramble on about these things? Because these sort of miscues suck the life out of any movie. However, if you view Michigan as a place of misogynistic cops, wife abusing husbands, murderers and manipulative women, this is the film for you.
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Awfully executed...
way2grimee13 November 2012
I rarely login to IMDb to write about a film, except those which I feel strongly about. Eric Bana, what was he thinking!? Chopper, Munich... Deadfall, what?

Somewhere in a tangent universe I'm sure this was an absolutely excellent film. In our universe, unfortunately not. As most other reviewers have said, character development is nigh on void. Eric gives a good old performance but even he cannot save this trash. Again, the boxer character (Don't even want to know his name, rather forget him) is an absolute idiot, cheeseball lines and the type of acting you would expect from a TV movie. The screenplay is particularly poor as well, attempts to make up for the lack of plot with lines like:

"You know he's an asshole, the sheriff... your father!"

I figured that out in the previous scene when she called him Dad. Moranic lines are present throughout. If you want to see a real movie in a similar vein that is well executed, check out Fargo.
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Movie with a lot of holes in script...
arnoldas-dektukas30 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
What can I say... The trailer of this movie looks pretty great. You're start thinking: oh, this is going to be a really great thriller with tricky scenario and a little bit of action.

Yes, there was some action. And no, script wasn't so tricky and involving me. In fact, it had to many holes in it. Now, I want to explain that I didn't expect script to be such complicated as for example... Shutter Island or Inception films. However, I wanted nice thriller for my evening.

The story was nice: brother and sister running from the police and gets in into small town. I liked that there were other characters' stories, which kind of connects in the middle of the film. But some places in the it were just not logical: love thing (I can't explain more because of the spoilers..), body wound aspects which brought me into movies of 90's, where Bruce Willis could beat 50 guys with less than 50 percent of remained blood in the body...

And the ending. So disappointing! While I was watching it, I thought 'Well I will give to this film 6 stars in IMDb if the end of it will satisfy me'. However, it ended so quickly, without any showing how the life started / ended for all characters in the it. And believe me, the end of the film wasn't something deep or that one, which requires to think over again about it. No. It just not finished.
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A pretty cool movie.
Sci-FiHorrorFan31 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I must say this film was quite good and i enjoyed it. The film is about a brother and sister who are on the run from a casino job gone wrong,the characters Addison and Liza are played by (Eric Bana) and (Olivia Wilde).after their car crashes they end up separating and going different ways in the snow. this film had good characters and good character development and i like that in a film and i'd like to see much more of that in other films rather than just non stop Action. that's what i liked about this film it wasn't just Action it was also suspenseful and mysterious and there were touches of romance thrown into the story which i thought was nice. i thought this film was written and directed well and i also thought the film had a strange mysterious vibe to it which i found interesting. the sister played by Olivia Wilde is picked up by a character called Jay played by (Charlie Hunnam) a man who has just been released from prison. Jay and Liza end up in a relationship and get feelings for each other. Eric Bana the girls brother plays a dangerous crazy character and he had a troubled childhood and later in the film we find out his sister did too. the movie has a few psychological moments to it which i thought were okay. There was not much character development of the character Hanna who was played by Kate Mara which is too bad because i liked her character,her father the sheriff also could have been written better,but the other characters had more to them which made them more intriguing. i also liked the idea of the freezing cold blizzard in the story it made the film more exciting. Eric Bana's Character kills people throughout the film mainly anyone that gets in his way.i thought the acting was good from everyone especially Eric Bana, he played a really good bad guy in my opinion and i found his character interesting. i found Erics character dangerous crazy and sometimes i found him rather funny, i can't quite explain why,his character just had a certain funny charm to him and i laughed at quite allot of the weird faces he pulled in this film.he's definitely a weird character in this film especially right at the end. later in the film Eric Bana finds out where his sister is and in The last twenty five minutes of the film Eric Bana's character holds Jay and his family hostage at a thanksgiving dinner,his sister Liza is there too and he doesn't let any of them leave the house. Eric Banna was very crazy and sinister in the last part of the film and he played his part well when he started taking control of the family. Charlie Hunnam was also very good in the film especially at the end when he stood up to Addison and protected his family from him. to sum things up This film had some good fights some good mystery and some good chase scenes on the snow mobiles which i really enjoyed and the end part of the film inside the house was very exciting and intense!. I found this film very interesting and entertaining,it may not have had non stop Action all the way but it was still very entertaining all the way through,and the main Action kicks in during the last part of the movie during the hostage situation at the thanksgiving dinner. I thought this movie was pretty good and i liked it and its definitely worth a watch!. 8/10.
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'Tis the Season... or 'Tis it?
soncoman21 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Someone at Magnolia Pictures must hate Christmas, because for the second year in a row they have dropped a rather dark and nasty little film into your local theater in time for the holiday movie-going season. Last year, it was "I Melt with You" - as dark and depressing (yet somehow exhilarating) a film as they come. This year's cinematic lump of coal (and I mean that in a good way) is "Deadfall," a heist-gone-wrong drama that is actually much more than that trite summation would suggest.

The film opens with a bang (literally) as a trio of casino bandits (Eric Bana, Olivia Wilde, and a guy who ain't around long enough to mention) find themselves having to improvise as their getaway doesn't go quite as planned. Meanwhile, an ex-Olympic boxer (Charlie Hunnam) gets out of prison and starts to head home, but finds himself having to improvise as a visit to his former promoter doesn't go quite as planned. Think these folks might meet up? Of course they will, but not before some rather interesting detours.

Bana is terrific as Addison, the oddly-accented, sociopathic brother who has REALLY strong feelings for his sister Liza (the equally good Olivia Wilde.) Hunnam delivers as Jay, the tainted boxer heading home for Thanksgiving with his disapproving father (Kris Kristofferson) and his forgiving mother (Sissy Spacek.) The film's lone weak spot is in the relationship between a Sheriff's Deputy (Kate Mara) and her hard-nosed, misogynistic Sheriff/father (Treat Williams.) The actors do the best they can with underwritten roles and Williams' character in particular just doesn't ring true.

Where the film does succeed is in doing an effective job in setting up its story and building to the inevitable climax where all parties' paths cross. This film does as good a job in building tension as any I've seen in a while. The setting goes a long way in helping to build that tension. I've long believed that a winter setting enhances the darkness of a film and "Deadfall" affirms that theory. For all the brightness that pure white snow brings, the sense of isolation and bitter cold it brings as well deepens the darkness at this film's core.

Clocking in at a quick 94 minutes, "Deadfall" is a fast-paced, modern day throwback to the great "B" movie crime thrillers of yesteryear. Solid performances, taut storytelling, bleak settings and just the right amount of violence (I hate myself for writing that…) all add up to a satisfying, but dark, really dark trip to the cinema.
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