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One Of The Ten Worst English Speaking Movies Of All Time
contact-562-2024922 August 2017
One of the ten worst English speaking movies of all time. Strap a suspected terrorist in a chair to watch a loop of this movie and in between screams he/she will confess to John F. Kennedy's assassination or to being behind fluoridation of drinking water ... for the love of Allah, just please stop the torture. Alongside Night is a pure vanity project by the book's author J. Neil Schulman. There are Youtube videos by 12-year-old kids that have more professional production values than this movie. Heck, there are silent movies made 100 years ago that were more professionally produced. The book could have come to life in a captivating movie if Kevin Sorbo had been able to bring in the production team from his old Hercules TV series, and the script had been written and the movie directed by professionals who know how to capture and entertain an audience.
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Tedious polemic
Jon Reeves (jreeves)26 February 2015
While I'm sure its target audience, those who are already familiar with the source material, will probably enjoy this movie, for those of us in the mainstream, the whole thing comes across as a poorly thought out political screed. There's unexplained jargon thrown around, massive plot holes (the economy has collapsed, yet Vegas is still full of green grass? One of the least hospitable environments for such?), and a general tedium. The whole thing is clearly aimed strictly at its believers, or maybe those involved were so close to the material that they couldn't see the problems. Sorbo is properly credited as a lead, not just a day or two of filming, but most of the acting is passable, at best. Apologies for the lack of details, but I saw this a few months ago, and the finer points have mercifully faded from memory.
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One of the most awful cinematic travesties of all time
jackwalsh-315193 September 2017
Jeez Louise, where do I even start? Calling this movie a "train wreck" would be an insult to train wrecks. I doubt any train wreck could ever be as abominable as this movie is. Heck, I would rather be in a train wreck than watch this again. I've seen better acting in home movies (better production values, too). The dialogue is laughably bad. The pace is leaden. It's so torturously slow that it makes The Blair Witch Project look like a Road Runner cartoon. On paper, it sounds like a "so-bad-it's-fun" movie, but it's not. It's really not.

Imagine watching a grainy recording of paint drying, played in super slow motion, narrated by Gilbert Gottfried. Imagine further that you are being tickle tortured, having toothpicks stuck under your fingernails, and having teeth extracted without anesthesia all at the same time. Imagine further still that you are being force fed the contents of a septic tank while all this is happening.

If you can imagine all of this, then you have a pretty good idea of what watching this is like.
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Excellent effort that ends up falling a little short
BombVark16 May 2015
First of all, the production value is excellent, save for one scene towards the end, for what I imagine was quite a small budget. And I found the acting to be above your average Hollywood, not to mention an Indie film. Perhaps because of a number of experienced actors that are in it. No household names, other than Sorbo, but fine actors in their own right. I was especially pleased with the young leads, always difficult to find good ones.

The action runs quickly although not smoothly at all times. There are holes in the plot but the story seems secondary to me. Far from being tedious, the film brings forth ideas which are not in the mainstream and explains them fairly well. I found this quite refreshing if anyone can name a film which is as interesting in expressing a pro-government position please let me know.

To summarize: pros: good-looking film for a small Indie, I was very pleased with the acting, an interesting and decent exposition of fresh ideas, something the industry is desperate for. Cons: a fairly unexciting story line and a muddled ending. Watch if you have a curious mind. 8/10
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The Agorist message delivered (mostly) with the Gravitas it deserves
dtwedt23 September 2016
My Movie Review of "Alongside Night"

A little long in running time but ultimately worth watching. Destined to become a Libertarian Cult (In A Good Way) Classic. The opening music and title animations first grabbed me. I couldn't help thinking of James Bond film style theme music which the director/writer/producer J. Neil Schulman might have been aiming for. For a relative insider to the Libertarian movement since the early 1980's, the film was a banquet of Movement Munchies and inside insights. Liberty Movement outsiders can expect to find themselves a little disoriented at times (but hey, what good is Artistic License if you can't or don't use it?) Production values were 80-90% up to big screen snuff but nonetheless impressive considering the lower end budget. Major character acting was mostly tightly delivered and mostly believable, but maybe around one line in twenty would tend to come off with a self-conscious or slightly awkward dialogue feel. Consistent Universe Issue: For a Country supposedly on the verge of Massive Civil Unrest and The Next Great Depression, the movie scarcely manages to convincingly depict this, save for well-groomed mobs moving through well-maintained streets. But I can give that a pass because of the budgetary limitations. Plot elements and devices sometimes fluctuated between cleverish and near-cartoonish, but not quite severely enough to demolish the consistency of the Film's Universe. There remained a tone of unkillable optimism mingled with deja vu familiarity that seduced me into this adventurous future next door. Then Global Climate Science Denial gets a gratuitous groan of a cameo. Dammit. A cheap shot, a buzz kill and an intellectual fractional reserve. This seriously undermines the films value as an infomercial for the Liberty Movement. Libertarians are usually supportive of empirically derived evidence and nominally pro-science. (I don't think NASA scientist James Hansen had a Marxist wealth redistribution scheme in mind when he first correlated Venusian climate facts with implications for our own planet.) Big Corporate Fossil Fuel and people who uncritically sign on with the profit-motivated "Merchants Of Doubt" (see the excellent book) PR Fraudsters are only hurting the validity of their causes. (Exxon knew what it was attempting to bury in the early 1970's even before Hansons work.) A better, fresher air debate is certainly desirable and possible, but "Information Should Not Be Subject to A (Hard Party Line) Vote. A more Libertarian economy will value rational economic decisions including "True Cost Pricing" of so-called economic "Externalities." All in all though, I'll give "Alongside Night" 3.5 stars out of 5. Schulman stakes out valuable artistic territory by calling attention to the risks for Statecraft to shipwreck all we value about free human civilization and "Alongside Night" (mostly) convincingly conveys it with the Gravitas it deserves.
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A dystopian novel defining the Agorist political philosophy.
thegrandmas8 September 2015
A fast paced view of a dystopian future that may not be that far away. Based on the acclaimed novel by J. Neil Schulman, Alongside Night takes us on a journey in a USA that has collapsed financially and politically. Follow Eliott Vreeland as he navigates his way through a maze of dangers and deceptions as he searches for his missing family. He enlists a young lady named Lorimer, a member of the Revolutionary Agorist Cadre, an organization preparing to overcome the current administration and economic policies. A Libertarian view, Alongside Night will make you look well at our current state, both economically and politically.
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A really action packed movie.
estiengorcock7 September 2015
Alongside Night is a fast paced drama / action adventure with significant implications for our future. It's full of great actors and well directed. Instead of relying on special effects and chase scenes it has a well thought out plot structure. The characters are interesting and appealing. You really get invested in what is happening to them. It's based on a novel that came out in 1982, predicting the massive economic problems facing the world now and has been upgraded to fit in well with the present day, futurism that is coming true before our very eyes. I strongly suggest that you see this movie before reading the novel to avoid spoilers, but I read the book when it first came out and still found it entertaining, a damn good movie.
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Libertarian apocalypse
bkoganbing1 May 2016
The Libertarian view of the future is explored in this film Alongside nights which shows the USA approximately 10 to 15 years from now where we have bankrupted ourselves and our citizens with worthless paper money. So when Pat Boone tells you to buy gold, you'd better rush out and get a hunk of that stuff, preferably in Krugerrand form.

Warning all of this impending calamity is Nobel Prize winning economist Kevin Sorbo who's seen as a threat to the government which is as full of intrigue as any government in the Mid East now. The Federal Emergency Management Agency is now our secret police and they keep a lot of their own secrets. No mention is made of the FBI, Secret Service or the CIA, wonder where they all went. Our Armed Forces are useless, they're actually unionized and on strike.

Sorbo's precocious kid Christian Kramme an economics major and guerrilla fighter is the key player in this film. This is one badly directed, badly acted film by some players like Star Trek Voyager refugees Tim Russ and Garrett Wang who've seen better days.

So folks, stockpile your weapons and get your Krugerrands while you may.
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Hard to follow, sometimes fun.
wapotter7 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
First, let me point out the recognizable actors: Kevin Sorbo (from Hercules), Tim Russ and Garrett Wang (Tuvoc and Harry Kim from Star Trek: Voyager). Sam Sorbo (wife of Kevin Sorbo) has a small part as the wife of an economist. Christian Kramme wanders through his role as the 16-year old. And Reid Cox plays Kramme's love interest/fellow fugitive. The movie goes downhill from there.

Spoilers follow. Much of the movie's problems arise from an attempt to make an economic and political statement assuming that all viewers will understand the jargon thrown around. Supposedly, a 16-year old who deals in black market ticket sales is smarter than everyone but his dad. Apparently, criminal activity is winked at because the US government has become so corrupt. The plot is hard to follow and contrived.

With a little more exposition, a little higher level of acting and a few better twists in the plot, this could have been a much better movie.
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