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Robbie Amell: Wesley Rush



  • Wesley 'Wes' Rush : Where are your girls at?

    Bianca Piper : It's actually not my job to give you pervey intel on my best friends but good luck anyway.

    Wesley 'Wes' Rush : Well it kind of is though, you know as their duff.

    Wesley 'Wes' Rush , Bianca Piper : Sorry, as their what?

    Wesley 'Wes' Rush : Duff, D-U-F-F: Designated Ugly Fat Friend.

    Bianca Piper : What did you just say to me?

    Wesley 'Wes' Rush : It's not like a big deal, every group has one, you know the one who doesn't look as good , thus making their friends look better. The one whose easy to talk to because no one's trying to get with them. You friended up! Good time!

  • Wesley 'Wes' Rush : You can't take it so literally. A DUFF doesn't actually have to be fat or ugly. You know, it's like Tony Romo is a Dallas Cowboy. It's not like he rides a horse.

    Bianca Piper : I have no idea what the hell you're talking about.

  • Bianca Piper : Ok free lesson... the first one is always free. Ok so lean in, slowly, close your eyes and

    [licks his face up to the forehead] 

    Wesley 'Wes' Rush : [wiping his head with his sleeve]  Oh! No way!... You... are a phenomenal kisser!

  • Bianca Piper : If I wanted to go shopping, I could have done that with Jess and Casey. I need you to give me real talk.

    Wesley 'Wes' Rush : You've gotta a uniboob. Your posture sucks and your clothes fit weird 'cause you wear the wrong size bra. Boom! Real talk!

  • Bianca Piper : Oh, uh, I... I have a date.

    Wesley 'Wes' Rush : Hmm?

    [flexes pecks] 

    Bianca Piper : Don't do that?

    Wesley 'Wes' Rush : You do? You don't?

    [flexes pecks twice] 

    Bianca Piper : Stop! Uh...

    Wesley 'Wes' Rush : Question?

    [rolls pecks] 

    Bianca Piper : It's important!

    Wesley 'Wes' Rush : What? What do you want?

    [flexes and rolls them twice with each sentence] 

    Bianca Piper : Come on, please!

  • Wesley 'Wes' Rush : Are you giving me kissing advice?

    Bianca Piper : Yes, I guess I am.

    Wesley 'Wes' Rush : B...

    Bianca Piper : Yeah, you need it.

    Wesley 'Wes' Rush : That's how people kiss.

    Bianca Piper : Euhm... in porn, maybe.

    Wesley 'Wes' Rush : What's wrong with porn?

    Bianca Piper : If this was a porn movie, we would not be sitting on a rock having a conversation, you know, you'd be bringing me a pizza or ehm... cleaning my pool.

    Wesley 'Wes' Rush : How old is the porn you are watching?... That is not a thing anymore.

  • Bianca Piper : [aftering punching Wes in the face]  Why is your hand messed up?

    Wesley 'Wes' Rush : Believe me. You're not the only one running around, punching people today.

    [Cutaway to Wes slamming a teammate against the wall] 

    Wesley 'Wes' Rush : No one sees that video again! Got me? You tell everyone!

    Matt : I don't know that many people.

    Wesley 'Wes' Rush : Well, make some more friends, and tell them.

    [Wes walks away] 

    Matt : [confused]  What?

  • Bianca Piper : I'm tired of being the approachable one. I want to be the dateable one.

    Wesley 'Wes' Rush : You're asking me for dating advice today of all days? Are you kidding me?

    Bianca Piper : Look, I have a crush on this boy. His name is Toby Tucker. Maybe you've heard of him. Well, I can't seem to talk to him without making a total ass of myself, okay? And you never seem to have this problem.

    Wesley 'Wes' Rush : Don't you hate me?

    Bianca Piper : I'm glad you asked. Yes, I do, but only because you're a man-whore, and a dipshit. Can we just, can we just cool off for a sec? Here's my offer. I will make sure you pass science if you help me with this.

    Wesley 'Wes' Rush : I'm glad you asked. Yes, I do, but only because you're an idiot. Can we just, can we just cool off for a sec? Here's my offer. I will make sure you pass science if you help me with this.

  • Bianca Piper : [in tart voice]  Toby, I really need to talk to you, about us.

    Wesley 'Wes' Rush : Don't tell me, tell Toby

    [signals towards fancy haired male mannequin] 

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