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MPAA Rated R for strong frontier combat and violence including gory images, a sexual assault, language and brief nudity

Sex & Nudity

  • A blurred naked man is seen dying from a distance. His genitals are very difficult to make out and you see his butt covered in blood. Not very graphic and is in no way sexual.
  • A few dead bodies are found without clothing.
  • A man's buttocks are partially seen in one scene, although it isn't intended to be sexual.
  • A man rapes a woman, shown for about 3 seconds. No nudity in this scene. Afterwards, the woman claims that she will cut the man's testicles off, and we later see him with blood on his hands and around his crotch area.
  • A few other mild sexual references - one man in particular makes a very crude gesture of him wanting a woman with 'big tits'.

Violence & Gore

  • This movie is incredibly violent, containing strong, and brutal depictions of graphic frontier violence with bloody injury images.
  • Gunshots and gore are all very realistic in this movie..
  • Most of these sequences are filled with graphic sound effects such as blades piercing flesh, blood gushing and splattering.
  • Two hunters are seen cutting up an elk, blood pours out into the river.
  • A dead body with a gory wound is seen on a boat for 30 seconds
  • A captain pulls an arrow out of a graphically injured mans shoulder, he screams in pain, we hear the arrow graphically coming out.
  • The camera lingers on a dead body covered in blood and arrows for 5 seconds.
  • A man has a flashback of a Native American village being attacked and burned to the ground. Glass's wife is shot twice with graphic blood spurts, we see her dead body for 10 seconds, a bird comes out of her gory wound. A number of Native Americans are killed, and some are seen burning to death.
  • A man attempts to suffocate a man who is barely alive, he shoves a rag into his mouth for about 10 seconds.
  • A man is forcibly buried while he's alive.
  • Two men walk through a destroyed village, multiple dead corpses are seen with gory wounds or puddles of blood.
  • We see Glass's back is covered in gangrene and scars in two scenes
  • In a chasing sequence a man shoots a few native Americans, they are killed with strong gunshots.
  • A man sleeps inside a horse for warmth, as he exits the horses body, he is covered in blood and guts.
  • A man is shot, blood pours out onto the surface below him.
  • A woman is seen washing lots of blood off her hands.
  • Two gun shots are heard offscreen, only one character survives.
  • A man is shot in the shoulder, we see a big blood stain on his shoulder, after that an intense chasing sequence unfolds that includes some strong gunshots.
  • A massive trail of blood is seen for about 10 seconds near the films end
  • A fully nude man walks toward the camp, then collapses dead (we see blood on his neck and down his abdomen and he has an arrow in his back and we see it when he falls).
  • A man is killed and hanged on a tree.
  • The violence in The Revenant is graphic, shocking, and very gruesome
  • This is maybe one of the most violent movies ever made. Because its so realistic, bloody, graphic and shocking.
  • An attack on a frontier camp by Native Americans transpires. With long, sustained shots, the violence is quite strong. Numerous individuals are pierced by arrows, stabbed, clubbed and shot with blood spurts and many dead bodies are seen.
  • As a man is drinking water, blood pours out of a graphic wound on his neck and he starts to cough up blood. He heals it by rubbing gun powder on it and lighting it on fire, we hear him screaming in pain and fire sparking from his neck, he then recovers.
  • A child is stabbed twice. The child then coughs up lots of blood.
  • A horse falls off a cliff and loses its head after it impacts the ground, lots of blood and a few guts are seen. The horse is then graphically eviscerated. As the camera zooms out we see the graphic aftermath of the horses eviscerated corpse.
  • A main characters entire head is scalped, we see the bloody top of his skull.
  • A woman is briefly raped, the attackers testicles are sliced off, blood is pouring out from his scrotum, this is seen from a far distance.
  • A brutal knife-fight breaks out between two men, in which both participants endure bloody stab wounds and severed body parts, and chopped off limbs featuring a chunk of a mans ear being bitten off and spitten out, towards the end the ground is covered in blood along with the two fighters and two chopped off fingers.


  • 23 uses of "fuck". Primarily used by Tom Hardy's character
  • 3 uses of "son of a bitch"
  • A few uses of "shit" "damn" and "hell"
  • Derogatory terms for Native Americans are often used (tree niggers).
  • A couple uses of "Jesus Christ", and "God damn" - Blasphemous.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Several men drink throughout the film.
  • A man smokes from a pipe in several different scenes.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The ending may be emotionally intense for some viewers.
  • The violence in this movie is pretty frequent, when it appears it is usually extremely graphic, in-your-face, and often very strong. Examples include; scalpings, gunshots, blood trickling, flowing, or flying, with scenes containing gore, arrow piercings, stabbings and other very gruesome moments, making this one of the most violent movies out there.
  • A character continuously flashes back to his wife being killed multiple times while he's in agony.
  • The tone of the movie is extremely dark and emotional. Characters are seen in peril all the time. Whole film is full of intense scenes. Not suitable for kids.
  • The main character is often shown in great agony as he overcomes crippling wounds, hunger, cold, and pain to find the man who brutally murdered his son and left him for dead.
  • The ambush scene at the beginning and the fight at the end are full of brutal violence that goes on for several minutes with lots of blood and gore


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A man is shot from a far distance, we think that it's Glass but it's the captains dead body, his dead body was used as a trap for another character, we see a large blood stain on his chest.
  • At the end of a knife fight the loser of the battle is scalped and stabbed repeatedly by Native Americans, all though it is offscreen, we hear him screaming and wailing throughout. We see his dead body covered in pools of blood floating in a river.
  • The bear the main protagonist killed is being eaten. Later on we see the bears bones and Its fur is used as a coat by the main character later on. During the movie several animal has been killed and eaten, where their corpses are visible. Among them are bear, moose and birds.
  • During a long, uninterrupted tracking shot that lasts for several minutes (which is one of the movie's most famous scenes), a man is brutally and viciously mauled by a hungry grizzly bear, although he survives. He is bitten, thrown and dragged around, crushed, and clawed at by the animal. The bear is shot and we see the extremely gory aftermath of the attack. This includes the man's body covered in gory, realistic looking bruises and slashes, as he screams in pain and coughs up blood. The man finally manages to stab the bear on the head, killing it, blood then spills out of the bears head. The bears eviscerated body can be seen for about 10 seconds. This scene is extremely intense, graphic and painful to watch.

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