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Way better than the ratings it gets.
deloudelouvain20 July 2015
After reading the reviews here I was not expecting much with Cut Bank. But at the end of the movie I have to admit that I truly enjoyed this movie. I first was a little bit annoyed by the "parcel" at the end but the next day I suddenly figured it out and then I was even more satisfied with this movie. The stars in this movie are Michael Stuhlbarg, Billy Bob Thorton and John Malkovic. Liam Hemsworth was okay but he shouldn't have had the major role. The other actors were all good as well and made this movie better then the reviews want you to believe. It all starts slowly, but the more you get in the story the better it gets. I saw better movies for sure but I saw also a load of worse movies then Cut Bank. Certainly worth a watch.
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I really highly recommend this. Overall, a movie full of twists and turns, but not enough to make it hokey.
cosmo_tiger21 April 2015
"First murder this town has ever seen." Dwayne (Hemsworth) is filming his girlfriend practicing for a beauty pageant in a field when he catches a brutal murder on film. When he shows the sheriff (Malkovich) the tape he is unprepared. Now, with no leads or suspects he must try and solve the murder, but that is only the beginning of the difficulties. This is just flat out a good movie full of twists and turns that is very fun to watch. It is very hard to not compare this to Fargo, and doing that I have to say that it holds its own against it. The actors do a very good job of not giving too much away and the writing, pacing and directing are spot on. The only bad thing I can say about this is that it borrowed a little too heavily from Fargo and No Country For Old Men, but it did change enough to make it seem fresh. This is very dark, but will keep you watching and entertained all the way though. I really highly recommend this. Overall, a movie full of twists and turns, but not enough to make it hokey. I give this a high B+.
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An engaging noir film in the tradition of the Coen brothers
ginocox-206-33696827 May 2015
"Cut Bank" is a moody noir mystery/thriller that deserves much better reviews than the middling critiques it has received. It is evocative of Coen brothers films like "Fargo," "Blood Simple" and "The Ladykillers," but manages to be original and unpredictable. Performances by the top-notch cast are low-key, but credible. The atmosphere is suitably dreary, desolate and depressing. Technical aspects are adequate, if not inspired.

The denouement is emotionally satisfying if one puts ones brain on hold and ignores everything one knows about forensic science. The film offers a flimsy rationale based on the small town setting, but it still tests the limits of the audience's willful suspension of disbelief. However, other events are well-grounded. The motives and capabilities of the villain are a bit over the top, but not so much as to distract.

Overall it is an engaging and original noir film with excellent performances by a talented cast.
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"Nothing is immediate in this life.." (dialog)
A_Different_Drummer11 March 2015
... "except maybe self stimulation .. and even that takes patience"

It is common knowledge that the Coen Bros don't do sequels so in a way it is the highest form of flattery that someone felt compelled to do possibly the closest thing to a sequel ... more of an homage really .. to Fargo.

Those are big shoes to fill both in front of and behind the camera.

Cut Bank Montana is as good a place as any to make the try.

The direction is pretty solid, one of the best things about the film.

Fargo had a bunch of local eccentrics but was showcased by one standout performance.

Cut Bank does not have one standout performance but that is not necessarily a bad thing. In Cut Bank Montana everyone is on the same level of nuts, and that fact works to keep the film chugging along.

My personal favorite was the local hermit who, upset that his mail is missing (that's another story arc that ties in later) walks around acting like Rain Main but at the same time going all MMA on anyone who gets into his way. Memorable. And pretty unique.

Plots form. People plan, people die, people eat peach cobbler and say clever things .... and pretty soon the film is over.

The ending is a highpoint. Clever. And sticks with you, like a Life Lesson you never asked for. Very fitting, if you live in Cut Bank. And want more than anything to leave.

And Bruce Dern (late 70s) might now rank right up there with the Anthony Quinn (mid 80s) as one of the longest-working actors in film history. Props, Bruce.

Would recommend.
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A good thriller let down only by Hemsworth
jtindahouse13 March 2015
When you manage to cast three brilliant actors in your film like John Malkovich, Bruce Dern and Billy Bob Thornton, then you are entitled to feel pretty let down when the young buck you hire in the lead role completely ruins the whole thing. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Liam Hemsworth has no acting chops whatsoever. In fact he's an absolute drain on a film. It's a shame too because this was an otherwise fun film with some real quirk to it and a few elements that even the Coen brothers would even be proud of.

Director Matt Shaman quite effectively achieves the isolated, small town, far from the big city feel that makes a film like this work so well. This is Shakman's first film he's directed and he's done a good job. The characters are also well written and the overall script is pretty solid and a lot of fun. The only thing really holding this back is Hemsworth as far I am concerned. There are so many fine actors around his age who would have been perfect for the role too. Put him in a film opposite Miley Cyrus and he'll come across as great by comparison (maybe even Oscar worthy), but put him in a scene with one of the three big actors previously mentioned in this film and he noticeably pales in comparison. The fact that it's still quite watchable despite this is a good thing.
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Fun movie. Worth the watch
chrismackey19726 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This was a fun movie. I like everyone in it, which is why I watched it. Teresa Palmer was the big draw for me, but she wasn't in it a lot, more as movie dressing than anything else. Too bad, because she's a very good actress. Still, I'll watch anything with her. Liam Hemsworth usually puts out good movies, and with the supporting cast of Billy Bob Thornton and John Malcovich, the cast sold the movie.

The storyline was interesting, however, I caught the mid-movie twist rather early on. Still, that's fine. One thing about the movie I didn't like was the title. I almost passed on it because the title sounded like some very low-budget indie. They really should change it at least to Cut Bank Murders.

I recommend. I gave this a 7-star rating. The cast itself is worth it, and as I said earlier, the storyline was fun. The killer was...psychotic. lol. "I just want my p-p-parcel."
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A humorous mystery crime that results in a violent slasher story.
peterp-450-29871610 June 2015
"Hi! Welcome to Cut Bank, Montana, where the Rockies meet the Plains. My name's Cassandra Steeley, and I'd like to show you my town full of cheer and wonted kindness."

After reading a few reviews (which I normally ostentatiously refuse to do, just to avoid influence) it seemed that "Cut Bank" is very similar to the famous movie "Fargo" made by the Coen brothers. Although I'm a huge film buff and watched quite some movies, I must admit that I've never seen this infamous film. Should I be ashamed and did I miss a milestone in the history of movies ? Probably yes. But on the other hand I could watch this odd movie unprejudiced. The fact that two leading actors starred in the television series based on the Coen's flagship, probably influenced the forming of an opinion for some. For me, as an unyielding opponent of anything that smells like a TV-series, this was again an asset. It's not a work of art with a capital A, but it has a very high entertainment value.

The whole brouhaha starts when Dwayne (Liam 'The Hunger Games' Hemsworth) and his girlfriend Cassandra (Teresa Palmer) are making a type of promotional film about the town of Cut Bank, a godforsaken place where nothing really spectacular happens, and unexpectedly they witness the murder of the local postman George Wits (Bruce Dern) who makes his rounds with a vintage post car. They confront Sheriff Vogel (John Malkovich) with this murder. The first one that ever happened in Cut Bank. It turns out that there's a reward for those who can provide evidence about the murder of an official postal employee and Dwayne sees the opportunity to start a new life with his girlfriend far away from Cut Bank. However, there's an additional problem. The inspector of the postal service (Oliver Platt) must first see a corpse before he hands over the check. And then there's the strange Derby Milton (Michael Stuhlbarg) who eagerly wants his lost p-p-p-parcel.

The fact that the demand for seeing a dead body causes problems, already indicates that not everything looks as it should be. And you can't tell more about this dark and cynical story without revealing too much. It certainly is all quite absurd and sometimes even humorous. If I should compare it with something, then it's "Twin Peaks" (well I realize that this makes my earlier statement about TV series totally incredible). Actually, the conditions are almost identical. A small community somewhere in no man's land where a murder has been committed. And there are also a bunch of weird residents. In "Cut Bank" you meet some unique personalities such as a sheriff who spontaneously vomits when seeing a murder or a corpse, a speechless "native" who communicates via scribbles on a notepad, a brisk old mailman who's using binoculars to peep at cheerleaders during his round and a crazy taxidermist with an old fashioned pair of glasses with glass like the bottom of a preserving jar who starts to freak out because he didn't receive his parcel. Even the lunch which Sheriff Vogel and inspector Barrett enjoying it, reminded me of Twin Peaks. Only that this wasn't about coffee and pie.

The eccentric characters and the subtle used dark humor made me enjoy this movie. Unfortunately, the two main characters were not of the same caliber as the supporting actors. Hemsworth was not so determined as expected and the whole film he walked around like a sad puppy. His girlfriend Cassandra is charming and handsome, but that's about it. Fortunately there was the supporting cast with sounding names like Malkovich, Billy Bob Thornton, Dern, Stuhlbarg and Platt who already have won their spurs. They all played their colorful character with vigour, although sometimes it was really hard to understand what they were raving about when they used their local vocabulary during conversations. Malkovich stars as the desperate sheriff who, even though this is the first murder in his district, succeeds in unraveling the inextricable tangle of successive events. Dern as the elderly postman is hilarious and brings a few dialogs in such a way that it's clear that he's not suffering from dementia. But especially Stuhlbarg impresses as the slightly deranged, mentally disadvantaged and stuttering Derby Milton. Every time he appears somewhere, bewildered residents ask the same question again and again (one of the subtly placed humorous incidents).

"Cut Bank" is certainly not a masterpiece in terms of originality and it's not a high flyer. There have been many movies about murder mysteries in a seemingly secluded community and "Cut Bank" also adds nothing new to this genre. I fear, however, that Robert Patino couldn't really tell which direction the story should eventually go. The end result is a humorous mystery crime that results in a violent slasher story. It's nowhere really exciting, but nevertheless it was an amusing flick.

More reviews here :
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Neat Small Movie
ptlcan-1890617 April 2015
I thought this reminded me a bit of Fargo but my more observant companion correctly and more accurately though it was a bit of a tribute to Blood Simple. If the movie had a weakness it was that Liam Hemsworth seemed a bit flat or lost compared to the others. The story was good, few puzzles still remain unexplained regarding the background of Derby Milton, the character whose singular unravels the plans of the main character and unleashes chaos. The women all play peripheral roles and more or less stand around and look worried.

The story felt fresh and although there was a resolution of sorts it was not too cliché.
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Poor Liam Hemsworth thinks he can act.
Ramascreen29 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Anytime there's a crime comedy set in a small town, the comparison to Coen Bros' classic film, "Fargo" always comes to mind. And in some ways, CUT BANK does pay homage to the Coens and their "Fargo," after all, this too is about a crime that is not well thought out, or the perpetrators didn't plan things through so much so that unexpected situations happen along the way resulting in people getting unintentionally killed. CUT BANK is not perfect, but it's amusing.

Starring two Australian actors as the sweetheart couple, Dwayne McLaren (Liam Hemsworth) and Cassandra (Teresa Palmer), residents of Cut Bank, Montana, and just like any young couples out there, they are sick and tired of being stuck in that small town, Dwayne specifically dreams of a big city, while Cassandra is occupied with dreams of her own, becoming the town's beauty queen. They have ambition. One day, Dwayne is videotaping his girlfriend and on the background, there's some commotion, he zooms in and witnesses a murder taking place. Dwayne comes forward with this information in hopes of reaping some kind of reward for it, a fortune that he hopes would be a way out for him and his girlfriend, but there's more to the story than meets the eye, the sheriff suspects foul play and turns out, fortune doesn't fall on your lap that easily in small towns like Cut Bank.

When you have great supporting cast like Billy Bob Thornton, Michael Stuhlbarg, Oliver Platt, Bruce Dern, and John Malkovich, you're in for great performances, they will crack you up. CUT BANK is a case of being in way over your head and come to think of it, the plan probably would work smoothly if it weren't for a certain psycho roaming around town looking for his missing item. It's funny, it's disturbing, it's quirky, it's eccentric, but it's also twisted and in a small town such as this where everybody knows everybody, it's only a matter of time before something 'fishy' gets discovered, in this case, all you gotta do is follow the trail of blood and you'd eventually put the two and two together. So overall, it's a very fun film. Unfortunately, the weakest link is Liam Hemsworth. Whoever thought that this guy could act, was sorely mistaken. Liam's role could've been played by someone who could've shown more stress as the story progresses and as things start to falter and break away from his plans, but none of that expression is clear from Liam, you couldn't get that from his performance and that's just a damn shame. A great role wasted on Liam who offers nothing more than just his good looks.

Read more at Ramascreen.Com
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Dreamed up by an amateur and carried out by idiots
bkoganbing11 June 2015
With rare exceptions small towns in American cinema are between two extremes. Either they are the ideal place, a shelter against the corruption of the big city or they're these stifling places of conformity where people want to bust loose as soon as possible. In It's A Wonderful Life George Bailey finds it first one way then the other. But in Cut Bank both the title of the film and the town where all the characters live it's most definitely the latter at least that's what Liam Hemsworth finds.

But he's got obligations and a girl he loves in Teresa Palmer daughter of Billy Bob Thornton the richest guy in town. Hemsworth one fine day gets lucky, as he's videoing Palmer for a local beauty pageant in a field he happens to tape David Burke a very silent and stoic Blackfoot Indian shoot mailman Bruce Dern and then take off with the mail truck.

Too good to be true. Clues to solving a federal crime involving the mails is payable by Uncle Sam's post office with a six figure reward. And postal official Oliver Platt is here to pay off. But when things are too good to be true they generally are. Then some bodies start piling up and a local eccentric played by Michael Stuhlbarg starts on a hunt for a missing parcel that was supposed to be delivered in the mail by Dern.

Just like Fargo, another small town setting with a crime spree that originates with a plan dreamed up by an amateur and carried out by idiots.

Cut Bank, Montana is certainly not Bedford Falls. It's more like the film Fargo. In fact there's one very definite parallel, the relationship between Hemsworth and Thornton is almost a duplicate of the one that amateur master criminal William H. Macy has with his father-in-law Harve Presnell. Presnell and Thornton treat the son-in- law and prospective son-in-law like manure which is half the problem.

Sheriff John Malkovich whose sleepy little Montana town has never recorded a murder is soon awash in bodies. But when the truth comes out there's a surprise ending I guarantee you won't see coming especially if you think this is a Fargo clone.

The cast ensemble delivers good performances but if I had to pick one out it would be Stuhlbarg. His town eccentric hermit is underplayed and frightening at the same time, a difficult thing to pull off.

Cut Bank, Montana a town with an unexpected crime wave.
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Not buying the "bad guy" in this movie...
jakebrann30 June 2020
Warning: Spoilers
I just don't for one minute buy the villain bad guy in this movie! The dude is scrawny and possesses no physically dominant attributes which would explain him overpowering people half his age and twice his size! That wasn't realistic at all and neither was the acting from Hemsworth. He looked like an amateur compared to the rest of the big name cast...

At the end, Hemsworth couldn't warn his girlfriend who was walking through the house and about to fall right into the hands of this bad guy? He just lets her walk right into a gun pointed at her head? That was stupid... I hate dumb $hit like that! Ruins movies for me and then I hope for them to get killed!

Still a pretty good movie that is worth the watch...
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"But you're alive. And I can't afford to be seen not dead."
classicsoncall24 September 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This is the kind of film that starts out with a compelling and interesting opening, but then, when you know what the scam is behind the principal character's actions, you have to wonder to yourself - how the heck did the guy ever think he was going to pull it off? Because just about everything in the story defies credibility, and it's only the peculiar characters that keep you invested in the story. Like the silent Blackfoot, Match Tasunke (David Burke), who wasn't around long enough to figure in the resolution; I would like to have seen more of him, especially after playing tag with the reservation kids. And what about that creepy Derby Milton, frighteningly portrayed by Michael Stuhlbarg. I had to get a kick out of every time he came up against someone who gave him some grief, using that Iron Claw hold to the throat, in the grand tradition of pro wrestler Fritz Von Erich. Personally I couldn't see how he could have been that powerful, but sometimes you can't account for a crazed man's strength. Probably the best bad performance that was pretty good would have been Miss Cut Bank winner, Cassandra Steeley (Teresa Palmer). If she sang that terrible on purpose I'd say she was a good actress, although something tells me that her voice might just have been awful for real. But who am I to criticize, I have an even worse singing voice.

The old pros here held up their end well, but just like Native American Match, Billy Bob Thornton's character, Big Stan Steeley wasn't around very long. John Malkovich as Sheriff Roland Vogel smelled a rat throughout his investigation of the alleged murder of George Wits (Bruce Dern), and the way he made peace for the town of Cut Bank and the hapless schemer Dwayne McLaren was an inspiration coming out of left field. As for that lunch pail Derby was so hot to trot about - it had as much connection to the plot as that old photo the Sheriff carried around with him of an old flame inscribed with 'Find me someday, Celine'. It's too bad we never found out why he stopped looking.
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Believability kills this.
zsorens21 January 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Decent film and acting and plot and everything but it just kills me that the main "bad guy" is a mediocre sized man that shows no particularly high levels of intelligence can out smart and out muscle people more clever than him and sometimes twice his size. He frequently overpowers/chokes people clearly much bigger and stronger than him with some type of ridiculous plot armor that it kills any thing this film had going for it, not to mention his very thinly laid out backstory that simply reveals he is kinda weird.
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Pastoral Shenanigans.
rmax30482324 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
A decent psychological/crime thriller that takes place in Cut Bank, Montana. Cut Bank is supposed to be a small town, although we don't see any of it except a post office and outlying junkyards. Montana generally has a bad rep, I suppose because of the good survivalists who have taken to the mountains to be "off the grid" and because of an outburst of anti-Semitism some twenty years ago.

It's a mismanaged image. I spent some months working with Cheyenne and Blackfeet Indians in Lame Deer, Browning, and Billings and it's a civilized state once you get past the cowboy hats. Really. The anti-Semitic scrawls on the walls of Billings were followed by a sympathetic community response in which angry and dismissive letters were sent to the Rocky Mountain News and in some windows menorahs miraculously appeared. You can buy the NY Times at your whim.

Thank you for your kind attention. And now, are there any other questions?

An ambitious young man, Liam Hemsworth, is shooting a video of his pretty girl friend who is running in the Miss Cut Bank. That would be Teresa Palmer. I'd vote for her. In the background, by accident, he films two men on a highway some hundred yards away. One masked man shoots a mailman, piles the body into the mail truck and drives away. The two unseen witnesses are aghast.

But the writers have gotten too clever and tried to trick the audience. Apparently both Hemsley and his girl friend are part of a staged murder and robbery. The general idea -- which is pretty turgid -- is that the mailman (the hulking, bony, aged, bitter Bruce Dern) and a mute Indian giant are all part of a plot to stage the crime and then sell the video to the media for a fortune.

They might have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for the sluggish but decent Sheriff Vogel (Malkovitch) and an Ed-Gein-like recluse (Michael Stuhlbarg) who is determined to get the parcel he's been eagerly waiting for. He smells bad. He's rarely seen in public. He doesn't speak much and never blinks behind those eyeglasses, so thick that belong in the tower of a lighthouse.

One by one he tracks down the criminals who are holding his parcel and -- well, he gets the information he wants. What does the parcel contain, you ask? A child's lunch box. That's all.

The plot has scenes that lack any credibility. The filthy psychotic Stuhlbarg has confronted Dern in a remote house. He quietly demands his parcel. He's holding a crowbar. So what does Dern do? He starts insulting Stuhlbarg, ridiculing him. That's just one instance.

The production owes something to the Coen brothers' "Fargo" and there are scenes that evoke memories of Jamie Gumm's basement in "The Silence of the Lambs." But "The Silence of the Lambs" made your hair stand on end and puckered your sphincters, and "Fargo" was an ironic delight. "Cut Bank" is not boring, and it's somewhat atmospheric, but it lacks poetry and the characterization is clumsy. What is Billy Bob Thornton's problem, for instance? The performances are uniformly good except for Liam Hemsley, who is tall and bulky and can't act. His girl friend can, and so can the other principals so that his flattened affect stands out prominently.
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Who talks like this?
fhicks6-736-8651924 December 2019
I would've given it 8 stars but couldn't see past Hemsworth's wooden treatment and the way these people talk. Too much forced noir from the writer clashing against the backdrop of plain Jane small town setting. Otherwise it was a great plot and directed well.
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Not Fargo, but not terrible.
themorethemurrier21 March 2015
I wanted to love this movie. With a trailer that felt like Fargo (minus the snow), I was confident it would make for an enjoyable Saturday night. Cut Bank is no Fargo. But it's hardly awful. Malkovich, Dern, Platt and Thornton deliver good performances; the plot moves along somewhat predictably, but nicely none the less.

Watching it, I was reminded of Clay Pigeons, and this actually helped me figure out what was troubling me about the movie: Hemsworth is no Joaquin Phoenix. He doesn't seem committed, and the viewer, in turn, finds it hard to commit to him.

Fortunately, the other performances carry the show and the ending brings an adequately satisfying payoff for your time in Cut Bank.
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Oh so bad
juliehampton20126 April 2020
Great cast for the most part (except Liam) but terrible storyline. Very slow and boring. Then turns creepy and weird. Then boring again.
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not the cookie cutter spy thriller
aletoledo7 March 2015
I don't know why there wasn't more talk about this movie, because I thought it was wonderful. There are no car chases or government spies jumping between rooftops, but simply a story driven movie. You can empathize with a couple of characters the acting is that good.

However the movie is odd enough that the characters are best described as cartoonish in their single mindedness. Halfway through, you will know who is who and their roles play out as you'd expect. Still the acting shines through and it's nice to finally connect with the characters.

No, perhaps this is not a blockbuster that people expectantly await for months ahead of time, but it's solid story-telling.
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watch Fargo (the movie) instead.
MathiasWatts31 July 2020
If u like sleepy town movies involving crime and con artistry, watch fargo instead
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Gordon-1123 April 2015
This film tells the story of a young man who witnesses and videos the first murder in a small town in Montana. Things spiral out of control over the next few days, and the town is never the same again.

"Cut Bank" is quite an interesting film, because it's a crime thriller inn a rural area, yet the viewers know the answers before the characters in the film do. It's a gripping story, and keeps me interested throughout, even though the viewers know about the young man's plot almost right from the start. I feel quite sad for the residents of the small town, as it must have been quite as shock for them. The ending also shows how life is different from city life. It's a disturbing and touching at the same time. I enjoyed watching this film.
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A Quirky Plan
douglasmcbroom5 April 2021
A lot of the critics and reviewers referenced the Cohen Brothers in reviewing this film, but I saw more similarities to Sam Rami's 'A Simple Plan.' The acting is first rate, with one exception, headed by John Malkovich, who stripped bare his performance and produced a gem. Michael Stuhlbarg is a terrific character actor with a great range. Bruce Dern is at his quirky best and Billy Bob Thornton is effectively surprising. The exception is Liam Hemsworth, who is not very good. Channing Tatum, Taylor Kitsch or Joseph Gordon-Leavitt would have beautifully rounded-out this excellent cast. Kudos to Director Matt Shakman and music by James Newton Howard.
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Good acting all around
emdragon13 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Really fine acting pervades this twisting tale of a fake murder gone bad, by all present in it. The direction and plot may have needed some tidying up, but why quibble? For the most part this is a very enjoyable well made 'small town Americana' movie. John Malkovich stands out among the principals, acting wise. . .but the whole cast chips in with really good performances in this taught, yet slowly moving thriller. A couple of the scenes were just a bit hard to believe. Like the struggle between the big Indian, (who is, amazingly, left out of the IMDb credits) and the loner/killer, well played by Michael Stuhlbarg. The Indian is twice the size of Stuhlbarg yet is killed by him in a fight. Unlikely. But the movie drew me in simply because everyone in it was stellar in their performances, including Malkovich, Billy Bob Thornton, Bruce Dern, the aforementioned Stuhlbarg, And the younger actors, Teresa Palmer and Liam Hemsworth were pretty solid as well. The cinematography was good, and the sound score was excellent. I give this one 8 and a half stars out of 10.
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Entertaining to the end
polygnotus25 May 2015
I just watched this and found it very enjoyable. The script was compelling, well performed and well directed. The performances were top notch and I will not be surprised at all to see Oscar activity for Bruce Dern. His was a ravishing performance of a ravishing character. Fun for all.

The story was tight and well told with sufficient lack of predictability to keep me fully engaged - a rarity these days. Matt Shakman, who I was unfamiliar with till this, is a director I will watch for.

Overall, this was a fun, intriguing movie and would recommended it to anyone.

A quick sidenote about the performance of Liam Hemsworth. It looks like we have some disgruntled people who have a vendetta.

I had never even heard of Liam Hemsworth till watching this film. But his performance was flawless.
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way up north.
ksf-218 June 2021
Way up in montana, a young couple witnesses the mailman getting shot. When the postal inspector arrives, wacky things begin to happen. This kind of plays like a Coen brothers film. But it's not! When the body doesn't show up anywhere, people in town start to wonder why that is. Stars Liam Helmsworth... with co's Bruce Dern, the amazing Malkovich, BB Thornton, Michael Stuhlbarg. I wasn't too familiar with Stuhlbarg, but he's actually been in some pretty big films. Some twists and turns in here. Written by Roberto Patino, who had done a lot of TV. Directed by Matt Shakman, also mostly television. Including WandaVision. And there really is a Cut Bank, Montana. Three hours north of Butte, not far from the canadian border.
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Good movie... but totally copycat.
lighterthanair-8256926 October 2020
If you haven't seen Fargo you might think that many of the tidbits are quirky, original thoughts, but if you get out a pen and paper and throughout the movie write down the Fargo parallels, you lose a little respect for the filmmakers. Start with title ( town name), then the scenes of the iconic town statues, then the policeman/woman vomiting at the sight of dead bodies... and that's just the beginning. Yet, with Bruce Dern in top form and other fine actors, I did enjoy the movie. I hope they share royalties with the Coen brothers.
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