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WHY did they do it? I think I know why...
vkupchan25 December 2013
Like so many other people my first thought after seeing the trailer was: "WHY are they doing it? This will be pathetic!". Our family still went to see this movie on the opening day - and me, my wife, and the kids aged 10 and 14 all had a lot of fun watching it. Yes, it had some cheesy lines and less than perfect moments but I would never call it pathetic. I liked it so much that I registered on IMDb to write my first review. The movie actually answers the "why" question - and somehow this answer is the best way to describe how the film makes you feel. Yes, De Niro and Stallone fully realize that they are way past their prime and will never make anything comparable to "Raging Bull" or original "Rocky". They just do not make the drama out of it, do not take themselves too seriously and do not see the roles that made them famous as some sacred ground that can't be touched. They just want to have some fun while they are alive - and may be help others have fun as well. Not a bad way to feel about getting older!
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Rocky Light
djp200019 December 2013
Sylvester Stallone must really love boxing. After returning to the Rocky films this past decade, he once again enters the ring in Grudge Match. But the smart thing here is that he's kind of poking fun at himself. Instead of trying to play a younger boxer which wouldn't be realistic anymore at his age, he plays a retired boxer who really is old this time around.

The story focuses on a rivalry between two boxers who fought each other a couple of times 30 years ago, winning one fight apiece. Naturally, that situation calls for a "rubber match" to decide the true winner. But it never happened. Hostility remains between the two guys 3 decades later though. Stallone plays Henry "Razor" Sharp and Robert De Niro plays Billy "The Kid" McDonnen. When the two both arrive on set for a computer-simulated video game that will use their likenesses, they engage in a physical altercation which soon goes viral for all the world to see. This prompts a desire to see the two of them in the ring together once again.

Kevin Hart plays the loud-mouth promoter who puts the fight on. He plays the same type of character he always plays, but still very funny nonetheless. The same goes for a funny Alan Arkin as Stallone's trainer who also plays the same type of character that he always does. So there's nothing truly unique about the movie, but it doesn't take itself too seriously and that's kind of a good thing. It focuses on the funny for the most part, but also adds some depth to the characters when it shows the struggles they're having in their personal lives. That's part of the reason they agree to do the fight... along with a genuine grudge the two still have between each other after all these years. Some of the jokes can be lame at times, but there are some good zingers here and there when seeing the two old guys poke fun at each other. And the fight at the end of the film is done well and worth waiting for.
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I demand a rematch! These fighters are worth seeing again!
Ed-Shullivan29 November 2014
What a refreshing and unexpected (but nice) surprise Grudge Match was for the wife and I to sit down on a Saturday night, plop the Blu Ray disc in and for the next 2 hours, just enjoy a decent film minus any drugs, knife fights, or guns a blazing. When you have two major action stars such as Robert De Niro and Sylvester Stallone one might expect that the testosterone level on the big screen would get a bit heavy especially considering the movies theme is about two old and retired fighters who come out of retirement after 30 years to put the gloves back on and get back in to the ring to settle a very old score since both fighters won one of their two previous matches while in their prime back in the 1980's.

Robert DeNiro plays Billy "The Kid" McDonnen. Now Billy has a very big ego and since his boxing career ended prematurely 30 years ago he has done pretty good for himself owning his own car dealership and a successful bar called the Knockout. There is one scene in the film that I just grinned from ear to ear as Billy did a stand-up comedy routine in his bar with a puppet dressed as a prize fighter sitting in his corner as Billy bantered back and forth with the prize fighter dummy. The scene is less than a minute long but I give it full credit for the originality.

Sylvester Stallone plays Henry "Razor" Sharp. Now Razor was the guy who decided to hang up his gloves in the prime of his fighting career and we eventually find out why he retired. No spoiler alert, you will have to wait and hear it from Razor himself why he chose to retire from the ring. Razor's life has been kind of frozen in time these past 30 years, and he now works as a laborer in a factory, goes home to an empty house with no TV, cable or internet, and eats canned tuna and over ripened bananas to make ends meet. Razors life seems very depressing. Something is bothering him and the audience gets interested in finding out what makes Razor tick. I would have thought a boxing genre film would have been easier to figure out but the screenwriters did a good job in keeping the plot a bit deeper than most boxing films and we gradually grow to like Razor's character and think less of Billy the Kid's shallow and selfish personality.

There is also a good supporting cast of characters such as Kevin Hart who plays fight promoter Dante Slate Jr.. Dante's deceased father used to promote Razor's fights and Razors' memories of Dante Slate Sr. are not very good as he recalls being ripped off of his prize fight earnings. So Razor instantly is not prepared to go back in to the ring with Dante Slate Jr. holding the purse strings. Eventually Dante convinces Razor to put the gloves back on, but only for a fight simulation video for a software video company who agrees to pay him $15K. The movie is worth watching if for nothing else but seeing Stallone and De Niro dressed up in their head to toe lime green leotards game gear costumes so the techies can video their fight simulation. Did I say fight simulation? Well once Billy and Razor are within ring distance of each other the brouhaha goes viral on the internet and "the fight is on man!" We eventually get introduced to Kim Basinger's character Sally, who plays Razor's old love interest. Something happened to split Razor and Sally apart 30 years ago and we find out why Razor is a bit disenchanted with his life. When Razor eventually does agree to fight Billy for the grudge match of the decade he asks his old and trusted trainer Louis Lightning Conlon, played by veteran actor Alan Arkin. Louis is currently in a wheelchair and residing in an old age home, but Razor still wants his old and trusted friend Louis to get him back in to fighting shape. Razor is an honorable man and true friend as part of his income is used to pay for his friends nursing home costs.

There are a couple of scenes that remind us in a fun way of Stallone's Rocky films that just add to the films humorous theme. Billy on the other hand goes through a few trainers including LL Cool J who plays Frankie Brite, and Billy eventually settles on having his long lost son BJ played smartly by Jon Bernthal to train him.

Before you know it, we are witness to the fight of the decade in front of 18,000 fight fans split between who they want to win the fight. Most film goers always have their own prediction on who will win the main event. Will Razor win? Will Billy the Kid win? Or maybe it will be a draw? As I said no spoiler alert coming from me, so let's just say the ending is a good one. No, let me rephrase this..., I would say the ending is even better than I anticipated it would be. I Give Grudge match an 8 out of 10 ranking for the 10 rounds that Grudge Match went. Watch it and you will not be disappointed. It's a knockout hit.
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Better Than I Thought
henri36029 December 2013
I went in hoping that I would be at least mildly entertained. Wow, was I wrong. This movie is solid entertainment with a soul. Yes there are some solid principles to live by in this movie... and some to ignore. The acting was superb. I expected Stallone and DeNiro to be somewhat burnt out. But, they portrayed vivid characters. Stallone's motivation as a character was largely a mystery until about halfway into the movie. Definitely a mirror of life today. And, it had a decent ending that was digestible. I respected their life work before. But, this movie is likely to make you a fan... or at least of the story. I did not mention the other actors. But they are all stars in this worthy story, filled with laughs, mystery, and drama. What's not to like?
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A Great Christmas Movie - Excellent Cast And Lots Of Fun!
kramercosmo23 December 2013
I saw Grudge Match in an early screening and I (as most of the audience) had so much fun. This is a light hearted, nostalgic film with lots of great jokes and a fantastic cast.

Kevin Hart delivers, he fits just perfectly in his role. Alan Arkin steals the show in this one. He is so damn funny with his great one liners and his impressively cool acting. It is also great to see the beautiful Kim Basinger on the big screen again. De Niro and Stallone look 20 years younger than their real age when fighting in the ring, well choreographed fight scenes by the way. The physics of both Stallone and De Niro is just impressive. Most 30 year old would be more than happy to have a body like these two old-timers. There are some Rocky references in the film, and they are classy ones.

I find this to be the perfect film for the Christmas Days to have a great time at the movies. It certainly is not made to please the critics, it is made to entertain the audience and create a warm, nostalgic atmosphere. And without any doubt, the film delivers! Can't wait to see it with some friends on Christmas Day...
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A solid, better-than-expected comedy. Great for boxing fans.
Big_D_Box_Office_Score18 December 2013
Grudge Match is the story of two well-aged retired boxers, who happen to hate each other for varying reasons, who get talked into fighting the rematch that was supposed to happen 30 years prior. I don't think I'm alone in saying that there were some seriously low expectations going into this one, but I must say, there are MANY redeeming qualities about this movie that made it a great watch. The first thing that stands out to me is probably the first thing on everyone's mind - Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro combine to be about 320 years old. Why do we want to watch them fight??? Well, the movie is completely aware of your question, and answers you with this: Because it's FUN. The movie never shies away from how old they are, and plays on it for MANY fun moments. (On Stallone's end, they make more than a couple indirect references to the Rocky movies, with great effect.) The next thing that stands out? SOLID ACTING. The cast as a whole could have easily phoned this one in, relying on name-power so sell some tickets, but everyone seemed to be all-in with their characters, and give us scene after scene of good comedic interactions. Kevin Hart gives us some great moments, Stallone and DeNiro shine when sharing scenes, Alan Arkin is a pleasure to watch, Kim Basinger is still a fox, and - I'm just going to put this out there - Jon Bernthal is a future star, and he absolutely nails his role. (And the guest appearance of the UFC's Chael Sonnen was some sweet icing on the cake...the camera loves that It's not all perfect - it runs a bit too long (nearly 2 hours), and it does get pretty cheesy towards the end - but Grudge Match is a fun ride overall. If you're a boxing fan, boxing-movie fan, comedy fan, or a fan of anyone in this movie, don't miss it. Grudge Match scores a 3.5 out of 5 on the BDBOS. STAY THROUGH THE CREDITS!!! There's a couple of bonus scenes you'll want to catch. ...I've got the strangest craving for some butterscotch
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Great Flick - Deserves Better
sharpobject24244 January 2014
Grudge Match is an entirely satisfying popcorn flick that is good for just about any kind of movie-goer. The laughs are thoughtful, consistent, and sometimes enormous. There are some genuinely side-splitting moments here. And it's not just laughs; the story is sincere and emotionally driven, with excellent acting across the board to bolster it. There are essentially two story lines here in parallel to each other that occasionally intertwine so the plot stays interesting, granting the movie a little more to offer than your usual comedy. The movie had heart and if you let it, Grudge Match will win you over. I don't want to go too much into detail because I really encourage viewers to go in and check it out for themselves. Bring your low expectations if that's what you have because it certainly doesn't hurt. I just can''t believe this movie is doing so poorly in the box office, because it was in the very least a solid film with everything executed right. Go see it, and if you like it then see it again because Grudge Match deserves a much better reputation than it's getting.
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Good Movie
camlee-3716112 July 2019
Good movie overall, not too bad. Slow paced film with two great actors. Light comedy and humor; good for a late night movie
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67yrs old and still the best !
michalex_jackson25 December 2013
Now I am biased in two ways while writing this review. First, Stallone is my favourite actor and second, I just saw the movie so I am still within the movie magic that's making me give it 10/10. However, I doubt the next 24hrs will change anything, Grudge Match is perfect!

Judge it by any standard or any angle you want, the comedy delivers, the plot is engaging and consistent, the actors are top-notch and believable in their roles and the score is spot on.

The trailer only gives you a third of what you can expect and take out from this film. The movie itself is such an enjoyable experience you will not see the time go by. While there is no suspense, at no point can you criticize the movie for being predictable. The story is so well done, it will carry you through the entire 113 minutes.

The very first 5mins did it for me. No non-sense, straight to the point and on your way to entertainment. Absolute jewel :D Stallone is 67 years old, and he is still the best.
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A film that reminds us of Rocky, then makes a laugh about it.
candelariahunter6 January 2014
The movie is about Henry "Sharp" Razor (Sylvester Stallone) and Billy "The Kid" McDonnen (Robert De Niro), two boxers who were arch enemies in their prime, then Razor announcement his retirement from boxing which makes McDonnen enrage. 30 years later, the thought of a rematch is asked by the son of the two's previous promoter's son Dante Slate, Jr. (Kevin Hart). McDonnen is all for it, but Razor is not due to his own personal reason (which is said in the film). At the end though the two boxers duke it out but both go home a winner. Personally I thought the movie was amazingly entertaining. Like I said before, it is basically a Rocky Balboa film, as I said as the movie was coming out,"It may have originally been Rocky 7." However the film is a comedy and it has a good amount of laughs within it. If you are a fan of sports films, boxing fan, Kevin Hart, or Sylvester Stallone fan go watch the movie. My biggest grip with the film is the amount of language. I understand that these types of characters would speak this much, and the fact that the movie is PG-13, but there really is an amount of times you can say $H!% and getting annoying/ tired some. I don't know its probably a personal thing. Overall the movie is a great watch, and I will definitely add this to my Rocky collection (even though it isn't a Rocky movie).
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Rocky Versus Jake LaMotta!
g-bodyl27 January 2015
After many years of wishful thinking, we finally get to see the ultimate showdown of Rocky versus Jake a degree. Obviously, the characters in Grudge Match are not the same characters listed above, but they are played by the same actors, thirty plus years later. The film itself is actually a very good film....if you can take older men with no shirts. But the film is an excellent drama and is a lot funnier that I thought it would be. There were some great, though somewhat cheesy lines of dialog. I like how the film is not just about boxing, but about the characters. In fact, the actual boxing scenes are relegated to only like twenty minutes, if that.

Peter Segal's film is about two Pittsburgh boxers: Henry Sharp and Billy McDonnen who are the worst of boxing enemies. Sharp decides to retire early after being defeated by McDonnen. Thirty years later, fate comes a-calling when a promoter named Dante Slate Jr. offers each of them a good deal to bring one last fight to the table: to fight a grudge match.

I thought the film had fine acting. Robert De Niro is a very talented actor and it was nice to see him back in the ring, 33 years after Raging Bull. Sylvester Stallone managed to do a good job bringing back his inner Rocky. Kevin Hart added a funny presence as the promoter, Dante Jr. Alan Arkin added lots of humor, admittedly most about old-age, to his elegant performance. Kim Basinger was very good as Sly's former lover and Jon Bernthal as De Niro's long-lost son.

Overall, Grudge Match is actually a quite humorous and moving film that managed to stay entertaining. It doesn't reach the scale of Raging Bull and Rocky, but it's not meant to. That does not stop the film from making some excellent inside references to those classics. A very entertaining movie, though I could use an ending that was not so abrupt. I rate this film 9/10.
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A knockout of a non-boxing movie about boxers
Rat_2719 April 2014
I found this movie outstanding. I do love Rocky and Raging Bull, but this was a movie about not letting go of things that hold you back. Like grudges. This is a movie about what is important in life, like family. This is a movie about what it means to win with honor, and to stand on your feet and be a man about it.

I think a lot of people were expecting this to be Raging Bull 2, or the next Rocky installment, but that's not what it's about at all. It uses those two characters to convey a different message that is important for all. I highly recommend it.

On top of it all, Kevin Hart provides a great amount of humor (because he is hilarious), and Stallone and DeNiro are veteran actors who are not past their prime at all. This movie is well-cast, well-acted, and original.
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WOW! Why can't Stallone just make good movies like this one all the time!
emil-karajic11 January 2014
I'll be brief. I loved the movie. The actors are great and absolutely all of them nail their characters! The story is gripping and awesome funny but it also has a lot of drama and tear drop moments. I don't like Kevin Hart too much but even he was awesome.

I love to see Stallone acting in good movies, because hey, he isn't a bad actor. I do not understand why he does like 5 terrible movies like Bullet to the head and then does one totally awesome performance and again goes back to the mindless 80's action sludge.

If you are a Stallone fan, boxing fan, DeNiro fan, or just love a heart warming story with senior citizens beating the crap out of each other, go see this one.
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Down for the count.
shawneofthedead9 January 2014
Barely a minute after he shows up on screen, silver screen legend Robert De Niro utters the immortal words: "I didn't have a groin itch - I'm just a great actor!" Whether you find that hilarious or tragic will probably determine your reaction to the well-intentioned but painfully mediocre Grudge Match.

The grudge of the film's title is the one that has lasted for decades between Billy 'The Kid' McDonnen (De Niro) and Henry 'Razor' Sharp (Sylvester Stallone). In their prime, the two men were the talk of the boxing world. Kid won their first match, Razor their second - but, before their final face-off, Razor quit boxing. Fast-forward thirty years: Kid remains a publicity-hungry Lothario, furious that he never got a chance to prove he was the better fighter; Razor works in a steel mill and is struggling to make ends meet. Neither can refuse when the opportunity to get back into the ring presents itself.

The draw of the film, of course, is to see Jake 'Raging Bull' LaMotta and Rocky Balboa duke it out in the ring. De Niro knows it, Stallone knows it, we know it. Both men gamely play off and send up the iconic characters they played decades ago, cheekily winking at - or desecrating, depending on your point of view - their respective cinematic legacies. Actually, it would all be somewhat thrilling if the script weren't so predictable and sluggish.

Like most of the comedies De Niro finds himself slumming in these days, Grudge Match has a few fun moments (standout: a mile-high publicity stunt) and a handful of good lines. It even gets better as it goes along, kind of - the two prickly protagonists arrive at an understanding that makes more emotional sense than you might expect.

But the film as a whole plods by, half ribald comedy, half brooding drama, and never presents either of its leads with moments that they're fully capable of making memorable. Instead, it gently embarrasses them, pressing home the point that they're not as young as they once were by flinging (bad) jokes about iPads, hearing aids and old-man boobs in their direction, while stuffing them into ungainly motion-capture suits.

To their credit, both De Niro and Stallone show up dutifully for work. They are, at least, worth the watch. De Niro takes the more broadly comedic part, and manfully tries to create a credible relationship with his new-found son B.J. (Jon Bernthal) and grandson Trey (Camden Grey). Stallone manages to dig up some grace notes in his scenes with 'Lightning' (Alan Arkin), his doddering old trainer, and Sally (Kim Basinger), the woman who stirred up even more trouble between Razor and Kid back in the day.

Even so, it's hard to watch Grudge Match without a lingering sense of disappointment. The material is nowhere near as good as the two lead actors deserve, and persists in undercutting them in ways that probably seemed funny on paper but are simply sad in the cinema. At one point in the film, a physical trainer yells at De Niro, "A good performer knows when to get offstage!", followed shortly by, "Where's your sense of dignity?" In a movie like this one, it's hard to take that moment in a purely fictional sense.
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Please DON'T go see this movie
peeyosk1 January 2014
Don't worry about spoiler alerts. The hack comedy writing in this movie is so predictable that a child would know the punchline before it hits. I can't believe I sat through this.

It's not like I expected this to be the best movie of all time, but you'd think it would have at least been a good time with half decent jokes that would elicit a few giggles.

Kevin Hart's lines were absolutely brutal and his character was more annoying than Chris Tucker sucking on helium balloons. Then you have Alan Arkin who is basically part of an ongoing "I'm old and have a hearing aid" bit for the entire movie. There was nothing funny or touching about this movie at all.

I give this 2 stars, 1 for me sitting there for the whole thing and the other for the Tyson/Holyfield bit before the credits.
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Comedy play of the rocky movies
ofmiceandmensaveme14 December 2018
If you liked the rocky movies and have a sense of humour, it's for you. I loved it and it was funny, cute and well...Jon bernthal and Sylvester Stallone in one movie? Bliss.
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Typical competitive sport thing, age 60
siderite27 July 2014
The movie was exactly what I expected, perhaps with the exception of Kim Basinger who looks smoking hot at an age when most women need hearing aids and false teeth. You have these two old boxers who have had a grudge for 30 years, since they had to fight each other, but the fight was canceled. The film is all about they getting over it via a box match. The fact that they did that after 30 years (time in which neither really had a life) makes it spicier, but basically, that's just the sprinkling on the cake.

I can't say that I got inspired by the movie or anything, but it felt more real than many of the genre, probably because of all the history of the characters making them deeper, meatier. Most movies of this kind use cardboard roles that mean nothing to anyone, like the obe played by Kevin Hart. Even Kim Basinger's role was a typical cliché, the woman that has always loved a man, waiting for him no matter how boneheaded he is.

Bottom line: aside the old actors, this was a typical sports match thing. They train, they say their piece, they fight. Also, except some marketing lines about iPads and some "going viral" lines, this could have just as well been a 70's movie. Robert de Niro was a strange casting for a boxer, but he finally played a role I liked him in since... forever. And Sly Stallone brings a lot more melancholy in this film than in any of the Expendables.
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A major-minor movie with some good majors but sometimes distracting minors
StevePulaski22 April 2014
When word first circulated that Robert De Niro and Sylvester Stallone, two acting legends, were signing on to do a film about two aging, rival boxers that would meet in the ring one last time, I vividly remember social networks and blogs dedicated to film buzzing about the plethora of opportunities that this pairing could entail. Pairing the actors who brought classic movie characters such as the Raging Bull and the Italian Stallion to life would both team up to do a film that would ostensibly tackle the issues of older boxers, legacy, and unsolved contention, while showcasing the talents of two superb leading men.

It's a little bit sad to note that the film we got, which could've easily merited Oscar nominations and worldwide acclaim, has turned into an only-moderately successful picture with some serious issues. Yes, I recommend "Grudge Match" and, yes, I find some of its commentary on the aforementioned issues rather stimulating and meaningful. However, the elements of a heavy-reliance on predictabilities, unnecessary and stereotypical supporting characters, and redundant jokes noticeably derail a project that undeniably has untold potential.

The film centers around two Pittsburgh boxers by the name of Henry "Razor" Sharp (Sylvester Stallone) and Billy "The Kid" McDonnen (Robert De Niro), who became rivals after they each beat one another in two separate rounds. A rematch was predicted, but Razor retired, which eventually lead to The Kid's downfall after assuming a directionless career and life once his main rival retired. Many years later, Razor works at a shipyard, while Kid is wasting away in addition. Out of the blue, Razor is approach by Dante Slate Jr. (Kevin Hart), a promoter who wants to have Razor and Kid do voicework for a forthcoming boxing video game where both boxers will be playable characters. While on the set, geared up in motion capture suits and ready to imitate their respective video game characters, Razor and Kid see each other for the first time in years on the set and begin to lash out at each other, throwing whatever they can find at one another.

Turns out, one of the designers videotaped the fight, uploaded it to the internet and, as a result, the video went viral, became the main headline for sports shows, and has effectively created a resurgence of interest in Razor and Kid and their inconclusive rivalry. Slate decides to sponsor the rematch, to which the boxers accept, with Razor hiring the codgerly but motivational Louis "Lightning" Conlon (Alan Arkin) and Kid reaching out to his estranged biological son B.J. (Jon Bernthal) in order to train him, much to the dismay of Sally (Kim Basinger), the love that got in the way of both boxers.

Between Ron Howard's quickly-forgotten, underseen Rush, and now Grudge Match, it seems Hollywood is fascinated with the idea that two people can be rivals in a specific sport but still have respect for each other. Perhaps I'm a minority, but this never seemed to be a very unique idea. In fact, it would seem almost inferable. One has to have mutual respect for someone with a similar skillset and competence as them or else they wouldn't consider them a rival in the first place. Unlike Rush, Grudge Match doesn't seem to amuse and predicate itself off of the similar idea and instead makes the very smart move on treating its characters as humans.

Grudge Match still bears scuffs in its material. For one, the humor is much too repetitive, to the point where jokes that should be funny fall flat instantly because they seem to bear punchlines we've heard in different variations. Rather than relying on some sort of poetic, conversational flow, Segal and the writers instead focus on cheap-shots, like boxers that have been bolted so hard on their craniums they forgot any other form of wit besides sarcasm and obvious jabs at one another (no pun intended). We hear time and time again that Razor is a quitter, Kid is chubby, both are old and geriatric and should be drinking Ensure to assure they stay alive not Muscle Milk to assure they stay fit (see, I can do it too), Lightning is older than the dirt he sleeps in, and Slate is obnoxious, short, and overly-excited.

Give credit where credit is due in terms of Stallone and De Niro, who work damn hard at trying to make their characters work and connect on emotional levels. I'll be damned if by the end of the film, when the inevitable match roles around, I wasn't cheering for one over the other. The fight is riveting and often very exhilarating and that's thanks to the commitment of two actors who know their roles all too well and editor William Kerr, who beautifully captures some crushing blows.

Ultimately, it's difficult to not be somewhat letdown by Grudge Match. Don't forget; Stallone stuck it through six, count 'em, six Rocky films and De Niro gained over twenty pounds to film the conclusion of Raging Bull. What's ironic is that Grudge Match manages to articulate where the actors are in their careers - plagued by what seems to be a lack of desire, interest, and ambition to do bigger and better things and are stuck in the shadow of whom they once were. The film is nicely put together, a thrill to watch at times, drab at others thanks to an onslaught of jokes that don't work because of their own ubiquity and overly-simplified supporting characters, but a moderately-successful package overall.
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Great movie!
noelcle28 December 2013
I saw this movie yesterday and I loved it!! Kevin hart is so funny and he is like one of my favorite comedian. the story line is excellent. I cant believe Sylvester is so fit for his age. I told one of my friend to go watch the movie since it was really good, he enjoyed it! I love how Sylvester was fighting because it reminded of the movie "Rocky". De Niro know how to fight to huh. I was hoping Kevin Hart would challenged Sylvester Stallon or Robert De Niro just to add some more comedy in there. This movie has a lot of great actors and actresses which is the key in making a great film. Well, at least I had a great time at the movie with my people on Christmas break! thanks again and I would recommend people to watch this movie! And remember, after you are done watching the "Grudge Match", come back on IMDb and rate it.
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Rocky Balboa VS Jake Lamotta or Razor VS Kid.
bluesman-2025 August 2014
Grudge match isa fun movie. It pokes fun at Stallone's most iconic role and at Deniro's Jake La Motta. Henry "RAZOR" Sharp is a talented tough Pittsburgh Boxer who has a rival in Kid MCdonnal. Both are talented and tough where Razor is humble Kid is loud. Where Both were at one time the Light heavyweight Champion of the world. Kid lets that define him Razor does not. When the first fight between them is hailed as a classic and the second fight breaks records and the fans demanding a third one. Razor walks away from billions back in 1984. the Why is a mystery. and the greatest rematch is only a fantasy. flash forward to 2012. Kid is a successful businessman owning a bar and a auto dealership and playing off of his boxing image. Razor is a welder at the dockyards and has been for the last thirty years. Both men are content. razor looks after his old trainer lighting played by Alan Arkin who steals the movie. When Razor and Kid's history is brought up on a sports show. the son of Razor's late manager comes to Razor with a offer film a video game with Kid. Needing the money he agrees to do it for 15 thousand. and when he meets Kid again their hatred for each other literally turns into a brawl that gets the world's attention. And the idea for the Grudge match is born. While training for it. Both men encounter secrets from their past. lost loves and most importantly grudging respect for one another. Stallone and Deniro play this one off wonderfully against one another. Stallone is the straight man and gets the best lines. Deniro is the comedic one and gets the best scenes. And Arkin steals the movie from under them. Grudge match is a good time at the movies . It's not what many people think it is. And because of that it's better then what people think it is.
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Two Boxing Legends Meet on New Year's Eve
misel98200124 December 2013
Grudge Match is a boxing film which includes a lot of entertainment. Razor (Stallone) hates The Kid (DeNiro) for over 30 years. When they meet again for helping a company creating a video game it is obvious that a Grudge Match is necessary for them to make things clear on who is the best. Things further complicate when Sally (Basinger) makes her appearance. Instead of trying to recalibrate Rocky series, this film offers us some original elements: the screenplay is good, making great use of humor and catchy dialogues while the cool music helps us to relax and enjoy the story. Stallone delivers a good performance and convinces us as Razor while DeNiro seems to enjoy his part as the Kid. As the story evolves we learn details of their rivalry and we have the chance to realize how things that seem to us important when we are young, later in life we have the chance to see them from another aspect. Also, what is important is that this film makes us realize that older people still want to have another chance in changing some things and really need the help of their beloved ones. Overall, this is a great boxing flick and a very interesting story.
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Not Bad
ah-apache16 March 2014
I've just seen this movie and I was surprised. I went in and expected it to suck, but it turned out OK. I'm saying OK, not good. There are a good deal of funny moments, that make you snicker, and also some that make you burst out with laughter. But the movie have a problem deciding what it wants to be. A comedy movie, A drama movie, a boxing movie

One moment you think its gonna be a good fun ride, next moment it turns into a drama/family drama. than they turn it into a serious movie, than they make a one eighty, and turn it into a comedy. The result of the end fight was actually a bit surprising, and weary different from what I had expected, but in a good way.. But lets be clear here, there no question that they are both way over the hill for action parts. Well.. Sylvester can probably go a few years more, if he undergoes a couple of more face-lifts.

But all in all this was a fun movie, could've been a bit shorter, and could have done without Kim Basingers part, but all in all and enjoyable film
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Too much monkey business
slayerholmes15 December 2015
Not that it's been on the highest level for quite sometime anyhow, but I'm really starting to lose my last remaining hopefulness regarding new generations. Of movies and their watchers. Here's latest reason for this: "Grudge Match"... What a dud! And especially considering the initial (and natural) fears I had before watching those other "stallone-rehashs" Rocky Balboa (2006) and Rambo (2008) and finding them actually somewhat tolerable in their sadness/tiredness/cynicism, the overall awfulness of this turkey is even more amazing.

Well yes, OK, above mentioned were always meant to be "more serious" than this one, but of course with GM you get your excessive amount of "drama" and "bitter relationships" between laughs too. (Or embarrassed grunts, as in my case.) It seems like even some genuine emotions from viewers are phished, but everything is ruined by predictability... Predictability? Try EVERY character's EVERY reaction/remark in EVERY scene, worst examples being no-brainer: Kevin Hart, Alan Arkin, that grandkid. But I still wouldn't claim they act bad, but rather fill their horrible roles flawlessly.

All I am saying: 6.4 average for this calculated, manipulative, childish, cliché-ridden vomit is essentially too much. People get wrong ideas.
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On paper it may have sounded good
DodicoReviews21 January 2014
A story about 2 washed up boxers getting back in the ring for one last fight. On paper, it may have sounded good and with the right comical aspect, it could have worked, but think about it for a second and you and you will see that this movie had a low rate of success right from the get go.

There's nothing funny or entertaining about watching 2 washed up boxers going at it. Oddly enough, DeNiro was better suited in this film then Stallone was and Stallone just makes the movie more depressing then what it should have been, I'm not sure there's a comedic bone in Stallone's body.

It's not really a comedy, tho what comedic value the movie did bring to the table, saved it from being an utter fail.
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Highly Entertaining!
namashi_115 April 2014
'Grudge Match' is a pleasant surprise. A highly entertaining sports-comedy, that is also rich in emotions & performances. It's All Good Fun!

'Grudge Match' Synopsis: A pair of aging boxing rivals are coaxed out of retirement to fight one final bout -- 30 years after their last match.

'Grudge Match' works because the Screenplay Written by Doug Ellin, Tim Kelleher & Rodney Rothman, is thoroughly enjoyable! The rivalry between the boxing legends, has depth & a strong under-current of emotions. 'Grudge Match' is not only about boxing, it's also about love, relationships & redemption. It's about the battles we face outside the ring.

Peter Segal's Direction deserves distinction marks. Cinematography is vast. Editing is sharp. Make-Up is well-done.

Performance-Wise: Stallone & De Niro are a joy to watch, as always. I mean it's Rocky versus Raging Bull, it clearly couldn't get better! Kim Basinger adds tremendous weight to her character. Alan Arkin is outstanding. The Acting Legend is in top-form! Kevin Hart is first-rate. Jon Bernthal is perfect.

On the whole, 'Grudge Match' is a winner. Thumbs Up!
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