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Winter of Discontent
writers_reign31 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I've been an admirer of Alexandra Leclere ever since I caught her first sull-length offering as a writer-director, Les Soeurs fachees, and I've been fortunate enough to see all three follow-ups, Le Prixe payer, Maman, and now Le Grand Portage which opened in Paris the day after I arrived which enabled me to be at the very first screening. The premise is simple: it's one of the worst winters for several years and the government prevails on all affluent citizens to offer accommodation to the less fortunate. Right away, of course, you have Conflict, one of the first laws of drama. Using the microcosm theory we focus on a small group of apartment dwellers in a high-rent apartment, put them under the microscope and watch what happens. With Josie Balasko as the concierge, Didier Doudon and Karin Viard as a typical tenant couple the sparks are assured and this amiable comedy will, if not perhaps enhancing Leclere's CV at least keep it up to snuff.
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Another movie that poses as a comedy
charliep149 May 2016
This was the theme in 2015 french comedies: they're simply not funny.

This one had a fun trailer...and boy does the movie disappoint. Not a chuckle to be had. The premise is ridiculous and treated as well as one could. It's a set up for comedy all right but... nothing!happens!with!it. It just becomes more and more ridiculous for the sake of it... with no payout.

The cast varies in quality. Bourdon & Viard are great actors to start with and deliver as well they could. Balasko is probably the only thing worth a smile in the movie with her over the top attitude. The rest is forgettable at best.

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A tale of hypocrisy.
d-cancer19 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Le grand partage is not exactly a comedy, but doesn't feel like a drama either. The premise is quite extraordinary, but not surreal as a presidential order during the emergency state of a very cold winter forces owners of large houses to take in poor people who live in the streets, in their cars etc. The movie explores the impact of said order on a luxurious apartment building in a rich Parisian suburb and is a marvel at calling out the hypocrisy of those who feign solidarity, but are selfish conformists at heart, the indifference of privileged people towards the poor and the extreme chauvinism that plagues France.

Overall, the movie is enjoyable, but it makes the viewer quite uncomfortable as it poses questions to our own feelings of solidarity.A valiant effort of a social commentary disguised as a comedy. I would have given it a better grade if the ending worked a little better for some of the characters - it felt too rushed for some and too easy for others. I do recommend it though.
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