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Season 3

22 Mar. 2013
Darkmount, NV
The Autobots are on the run after the destruction of their base. Meanwhile, military strikes against the new Decepticon fortress, Darkmount, prove ineffective.
29 Mar. 2013
Autobots old and new attempt to regroup. Shockwave returns to the Decepticons after years of isolation on Cybertron.
5 Apr. 2013
The Decepticons breed a dragon in the laboratory using prehistoric remains. The dragon attacks the Autobots back on earth. Ultra Magnus finds the group on earth and fights off the dragon.
12 Apr. 2013
Ultra Magnus takes control of the Autobots, sending the dragon to the Arctic and fighting Megatron. Meanwhile, as Optimus fades, he struggles to identify a new Prime.
17 May 2013
Project Predacon
The Autobots struggle with new team dynamics and Smokescreen begins to regret his decision not to become a Prime. The Decepticons discover Predacon bones on Earth and plan to clone an army.
24 May 2013
Chain of Command
Tension builds between Ultra Magnus and Wheeljack as their team faces the return of the Predacon.
31 May 2013
Plus One
The Autobots continue to search for Predacon bones. Agent Fowler and June head to a museum to retrieve one, but have an unexpected encounter with Knockout.
7 Jun. 2013
Mixing Dark Energon with Knock Out's refined Synthetic Energon formula causes Cylas to develop vampiric capabilities, and soon Knock Out and Starscream find themselves in the middle of a vampire-zombie-robot epidemic aboard the Decepticon ship.
28 Jun. 2013
Predaking reveals a ground-breaking secret, which makes the Decepticons decide to permanently end the Predacon project.
5 Jul. 2013
Minus One
Upon discovering that mixing Synthetic Energon and CNA creates cyber-matter, the Decepticons plan to rebuild the Omega Lock. Meanwhile, Soundwave is captured by the Autobots.
12 Jul. 2013
Megatron tries to sway Ratchet to work for the Decepticons.
19 Jul. 2013
Ratchet agrees to perfect the Synthetic Energon formula, but then begins to sabotage Decepticon plans. Meanwhile, the Autobots use Laserbeak's tracker to find the warship.
27 Jul. 2013
The Autobots storm the Nemesis in a final showdown to prevent the Decepticons from using the restored Omega Lock to cyberform Earth.

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