Freeheld (2015) Poster


Michael Shannon: Dane Wells


  • [From Trailer] 

    [about Laurel's appeal being turned down] 

    Steven Goldstein : This is an outrageous miscarriage of justice. Their next meeting we show up with 100 protesters.

    Dane Wells : Radicals and strangers from New York aren't going to convince these guys.

    Steven Goldstein : I am not a radical. I am a middle-class, Jewish homosexual from New Jersey. How about you, sweetheart?

    Dane Wells : I'm a straight, white, ex-Protestant, atheist cop. You okay with that, *sweetheart*?

    Steven Goldstein : I am. That is very hot.

  • Dane Wells : [to his police team]  Who's coming to the meeting?

    [no one responds] 

    Dane Wells : [angrily]  Oh, don't put yourselves out. Laurel would back any of you up in a heartbeat. And she's dying! But hey, you know, she's a dyke, so who gives a shit? Cowards!

  • [From Trailer] 

    Steven Goldstein : Hell! If you and I got married tomorrow, *I'd* be entitled to your benefits.

    Laurel Hester : Wait, is that a proposal?

    Dane Wells : Oh my god!

  • [From Trailer] 

    [about Laurel's upcoming appeal] 

    Toohey : If they say yes my tax dollars go to her girlfriend.

    Dane Wells : Yeah. The same way your wife gets your pension if *you* die!

    Toohey : Yeah, but she's my *wife*.

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