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Surprisingly Good!
katib-8811 March 2012
My girlfriends and I saw this movie over the weekend, & I went into it fully expecting a pretty awful romantic comedy. I was happily mistaken. "The Decoy Bride" is exactly what a good romantic comedy should be--light, fresh, funny, and endearing. The plot itself wasn't anything you weren't going to be able to guess within the first five minutes, but it also didn't take itself too seriously. David Tennant and Kelly MacDonald were lovely, and the supporting cast was well-drawn and relatable. The script itself was very well-written; it was funny in the same way your best friend is funny, and it never became mean-spirited.

It's hard to find a re-watchable romantic comedy these days, and I'm glad I finally did. It definitely puts a smile on your face.
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Don't judge a book by it's cover.
sylviakenl20 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
A warning of a spoiler is hardly necessary when the outcome is a foregone conclusion. The end result is obvious once all the actors are together on the island. This takes nothing away from the enjoyment of the movie, as it turns out. Set on an imaginary island called Hegg, a little dot amongst the Hebrides. Lara Tyler, who is one of THE most famous movie stars in the known world, is played by Alice Eve, but all she wants to do is marry her fiancé, writer James Arber, (David Tennant). Harassed to the point of distraction by all the paparazzi, especially by Marco Ballani (Federico Castelluccio), who is like a rabid dog with his obsession for Lara, they escape to the tiny Scottish island of Hegg, so they can marry in peace. However when the paparazzi tracks them down, They in fact receive a tip-off, and with the locals smelling easy money, Lara, suffering from paparazzi paranoia, becomes upset and runs off & hides. In total desperation, her management team, run by Steve Korbitz (Michael Urie), decide to stage a fake wedding, hoping the paparazzi will fall for their little trick and leave the island. Local girl Katie (Kelly MacDonald), who is back from the mainland nursing a broken heart, is recruited to pretend to be Lara. But is James Arber convinced that Lara is his one true love? Very predictable but also very funny with some poignant moments. It may have lacked the polish of a movie like 'Hook', but with a budget 67 & a half million less than 'Hook', I Think they did a good job. It should have done better than it did at the box office but I'm sure it lacked a credible PR team. I never heard of it until earlier this year, 2012, and only then because my daughter had brought the movie home. I think it will do better as time goes by but I don't think they will recoup their costs. It's a shame.
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Well acted, Cut precisely, Great work all around
tallndn4 February 2012
Yees, at first glance, the plot summary would appear worn and tired. It is not. You will be rewarded by digging deeper. What you find here is a sweet story, well told, and delicately woven into the tapestry of a farce which might be summed up as perfecting a "kinder, gentler Monty Python" genre. The acting draws you into the experience. It is superb. There is absolutely no "sleeze". Directing, cutting and assembly of elements are so far beyond excellent, it is difficult to review. A bonus for American audiences - the Scott and British accents and speech are lovely, soft and paced so as to be easily understood. The director has given us a wonderfully understated romantic farce/comedy that gradually opens our connection to the characters without forcing any conclusion. Decoy Bride is a "view-again" work of art.
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It was alright...
garden-party8112 March 2012
I did not have high hopes for this movie, but was pleasantly surprised when I discovered it wasn't half bad! I honestly only saw it because David Tennant was in it... oh well. It was a cute romantic comedy and I did laugh quite a bit. But the biggest problem for me was that the plot summary is a little too cliché... and it went a little too fast. The whole movie took place in the time span of about a day. Not enough time for the main characters to really make the decision to throw away their whole life plans to be together. Whatever though, it was still a fun way to spend time! I would recommend this movie to any fan of romantic comedy.
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Excellently written and acted comedy
ssolow2 February 2012
I thought this would be crap since the plot summery sounded like so many clichéd comedies that have been done to death. I was surprised to discover however a superbly acted and well written comedy that has nice location photography and moves at a brisk pace. What more can one ask for in these cinematically barren times? And last but not least the performance by Kelly Macdonald is as excellent as one has grown to expect from watching her in Boardwalk Empire. I hope she continues to make films since I believe she is one of the best comic actresses around. She would be really good opposite Hugh Grant for instance. However, I doubt that will ever happen. Anyhow, I recommend this film without reservation.
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Gentle, light rom-com
wbewitched12 October 2012
This is a gentle romantic comedy that has humor and light but doesn't hit you over the head with it.

I suspect this movie is not rated higher generally because it does not have the laugh a minute ridiculousness of most modern day American rom-coms. It moves at the slow pace of the village were it takes place where time somewhat stands still and happiness is found in the familiar. The fact that it stars David Tennant is just icing on the cake; the supporting cast which includes Kelly MacDonald (Boardwalk Empire)and Alice Eve (Entourage)is just cherries on the icing on the cake.

A movie in the vein of Four Weddings and a Funeral and Notting Hill (with some lovely scenery from the Isle of Man), I highly recommended spending an evening with it.
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An unknown film with a great story, beautifully acted
ceo-652-9743606 February 2012
I found this film by chance while browsing through other titles and expected nothing of it or the acting until I'd read the two first reviews here. A great, unusual playful story set on a small Scots island, I think in the Outer Hebrides, with a quiet happiness, lots of healthy humour and a collection of low-key actors as extras, who fit perfectly into the wonderful scenery of Scotland at its best. They come very close to the originals who actually do live on these islands and maybe some did in fact come from the local community.

The referral to the island having a "haunted public toilet" reminded me of a female Italian tourist asking one of the three only residents on the island of Ailsa Craig in the Firth of Clyde, a lighthouse keeper, if there was a café nearby. She received the answer "just follow the track to the old quarry and it's next to Woolworths (department store). A low budget film, which with time should really become very successful. I was fascinated from start to finish.
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Really enjoyable film
hollyrust16 March 2012
I normally hate rom-coms, but every now and then one catches my attention, and this was one of them.

It has an original idea, good actors, and breathtaking locations. With a unique take on the genre, it is very funny, and memorable. The relationships are also believable, and sweet, without being sickeningly so.

I actually bought this on DVD, making it one of the three rom-coms I own: Decoy Bride, Leap Year and Love Actually.

Such a crime that the film was limited release in the UK, but well well worth a watch, even if you have to spend the £9 on the DVD for the pleasure!
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Great characters and location elevate this above the standard romantic comedy
seven_siamese_cats16 March 2012
It is difficult, by their very nature, for Romantic Comedies to be excellent films. Those looking for a film 'destined to be a classic' probably will not approve of this one. But if you are looking for entertainment, 'The Decoy Bride' has potential.

As far as the story goes, it is pretty standard; you have the famous couple, looking to avoid the paparazzi stalking them, and the 3rd party who gets between them more or less accidentally. What elevates this film is the 'sweetness' of most everybody involved. The audience is not lead to root for or against one of the characters, as is often the case is such films; the characters all have their good points and bad points, and no one stands out as being eminently detestable.

Not only are the major characters likable and well acted, but the location is very impressive. The fictional island of Hegg is every bit as likable and attractive as the characters in the story. The inhabitants speak with a melodic accent which still is understandable, and have an attitude which speaks well for their day to day life. And their ability to profit from other people's foibles.

It has some good lines. For instance, in one scene the mother says "I don't trust that monk" and the daughter quips "They have been known to monkey around". There is a sense of incompleteness to the whole script though; there are rumors it was edited considerably to fit within budget. Still, everything which needs to be there for the story, and our enjoyment, is there.

This might be a good film for the family. There are no swear words, no gratuitous sex or nudity, or implications of rampant immorality.

In short, like most such films the events are highly unlikely and even impractical (like completely rebuilding a castle, probably without permission, in short order and only for a wedding), but it is well enough done that we don't care.

By the way, don't rush out when the credits at the end start. There is another interesting scene to come.
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The Hebrides island
jotix10031 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Can a famous movie star find a secluded place in which to stage a 'dream' wedding? This is the question at the heart of this rom-com in which the famous, and gorgeous Lara Tyler chooses to wed her author fiancé James Neil Arber. The couple has taken all kinds of precautions in order to have privacy. The spot selected is Hegg Island, a desolate place in the Outer Hebrides.

What no one counted on was the fact, the place is much too primitive and in shambles for the taste of a Hollywood diva,but never mind that, enter a party planner with a small entourage to fix the place. The planners, who had kept everything secret, did not take into account of the presence of a long time resident of Hegg, Iseaball, a woman suffering from a terminal disease who wants to get some cash by alerting the press, for a price.

What no one counted on is the fact of Iseaball's daughter Katie in Hegg, a place she has returned after her breakup with one of the local guys, who married another woman. Since It does not take long before the papparazzi begin arriving. So the wedding planners decide to use Katie as a stand-in for Lara. Katie goes through the paces and marries James in the religious ceremony.

That is the basic premise of "The Decoy Bride"' a romantic comedy directed by Sheree Folkson, and written by Sally Phillips and Neil Jaworski. Shot in Scotland, it presents a nice excuse to mix the sophisticated interlopers with the no-nonsense locals. In a way, it kept reminding this viewer of "Local Hero", which also takes place in Scotland. The film is pleasant, while not breaking new ground.

Best thing in the film is Kelly Macdonald, whose luminous presence is an asset in whatever film she graces with her presence. David Tennant does a befuddled James, the blocked writer. Maureen Beattie appears as Iseaball and Alice Eve plays the film actress.
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Not a decoy romcom, but the real thing; fans will like it
inkblot1114 November 2012
Lara (Alice Eve) a beautiful young actress is set to wed a budding writer, James (David Tennant). The trouble is, the press follows her everywhere, especially paparazzi maniac, Marco (Federico Castelluccio). Each time she and her intended have planned a private ceremony, Marco shows up, even in disguise. So, at the last moment, plans are squashed. However, Lara's next plan seems promising. They will be wed on a far-away island in the Outer Hebrides, where James bestselling book was written. Naturally, their staff will arrange the details needed. This takes some work! Not only for the cloak-and-dagger legwork but because the island's castle is far from photogenic. Also to the island comes native, Katie (Kelly McDonald). She, likewise an author, has come home with her hopes dashed, both career-related and marital. Her mother still runs the island's only B and B so its Katie's choice of refuge. By chance, Kate meets James in an unlikely place and tension springs forth. But, when Lara believes her secret wedding has been once again breached, the staff decides Kate would make a good "decoy", hidden under a veil, with photographers thinking they have crashed the event. Then, the real couple can be wed shortly thereafter. But, will such an idea really work, especially when James and Kate's initial feelings for one another may be altering? Don't be fooled by the title, romcom fans, this is the genuine thing, a nice, funny, and sweet l'il comedy with romance. The main cast is talented and attractive, with old pros like James Fleet also popping in and out. As for the setting, what a treat to see such a remote place of the earth, complete with beauty and ruggedness. Costumes, a swell script and a well-timed direction make this flick quite a pleasure. Genre fans, you know who you are, so act accordingly and find it.
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Pleasant, lively little gem
loveagoodstory29 October 2013
One of the most papp'd film actresses in the world has another try at a private and personal wedding day by holding it in secret, on the remote Scottish island of Hegg. That's how this genuinely pleasurable and nicely balanced comedy begins.

The story is lively and funny without ever becoming daft or, the traditional worse mistake, 'madcap'. It twists, turns and sails through to the end without the standard or predictable rom-com notes chiming in. Kelly McDonald is brilliant balanced and David Tennant and Alice Eve steer nicely through superb without ever getting excessive. A well-written comedy done well - well worth the time.
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Simple and sweet, but nothing outstanding
Robert_duder5 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Simple is really a good way to describe this film. That's not necessarily bad but it was an expensive script that certainly got a lot of editing done to keep the costs down so it doesn't really bring anything outstanding to the table. It has its cute moments and it is a fun distraction for its run time but it will most likely be completely forgotten shortly after watching it. I was a little disappointed with the cinematography, I expected some really breathtaking Scottish scenery and there was one scene that was stunning but the rest was left unshown and really the film could have been shot anywhere because it goes unused as the backdrop. The cast was good but never great, the story was good but again, never great, and it turns out to be just a very mediocre rom-com. In fact I thought it was a little light on the expectant British comedy which I really like.

Kelly Macdonald plays quirky and down to earth Katie. She is easy to relate to and definitely has the down to earth aspect necessary for such a role. She gives her character some depth, more than probably what the script provides so she does a decent job. David Tennant is our male lead and he's decent though I expected more of a quirky performance from him. The two of them together have okay chemistry but not great which immediately helps a rom-com if the two leads have good chemistry. Alice Eve, who seems to be in so much lately, is our Hollywood starlet. She has a small role, although a lot of screen time. What I mean is that her character has very little development and very little depth but she plays the role decently. I have a little crush on her so I enjoy seeing her but this role did nothing for her. The supporting cast are all okay but no one stands out whatsoever as their characters are strictly background for the romance.

The film absolutely falls victim to mediocrity. Director Sheree Folkson comes mostly from television and the film is simple enough that she does decently with what she is given. I just have this feeling that the film was cut, edited and dwindled down to almost nothing. As I is cute and it has its moments but it is just really ho hum. Our two main characters' romance happens very quickly during one single day spent together and it just doesn't feel like enough to establish the epic romance that a romance film needs. I have to say that this one is mostly skippable and perhaps if you really like romance films and are looking for something out of the mainstream then you won't hate seeing this one but it certainly won't end up in many people's favorite lists. 6/10
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That's mi movie
nikolova-assya1 April 2012
Do you like Scottish accent? Or you are just a fan of the lovely English humour? Then may be you are up for some stunningly peaceful landscapes and views of sun setting over bluish cliffs while harmonious tide splashes against them? But I guess you'd fancy some romance - something nice but not sugary, yet not overly dramatic? Well whatever it is, you will find it in this beautiful, funny movie, quite not cliché and honestly quite enchanting. It totally made me forget where I was for an amazing hour and a half and filled me up with salty dreams of a fresh start. Great work from Kelly ( she got my heart ever since "The girl in the café")- so sweet and honest, brilliant match with David, who makes a nice turn from "Fright night". Go ahead and watch it!
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Wonderfully comedic and sweet
StacyoftheGrape17 August 2014
I love this movie. Normally I avoid romantic comedies as I find too many rely on worn out gags and tropes. But The Decoy Bride is an exception. David Tennant is very believable as a writer in over his head with his gorgeous Hollywood actress bride-to-be. Alice Eve portrays Lara beautifully as someone who knows she's famous but isn't a bad diva. Kelly Macdonald is funny, charming and her accent is fantastic.

The story is sweet, with lots of funny setups that flow nicely from one scene to the next. The characters of the island are perfect for setting the tone of a island with only 75 inhabitants.

If you are looking for a good love story with a lot of funny situations that isn't sickly sweet or sappy, look no further than The Decoy Bride.
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Quiet, fun, quirky, and very romantic
kingd70220 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
For those reviewers who did not like this charming romantic comedy, I could not disagree more. The subtleties and quiet charm of this movie are excellent. It is quiet, fun, quirky and very romantic. I really enjoyed Kelly Macdonald's performance as well as David Tennant. Their banter was priceless. I believe one of the reasons this film works for me is the very real fact that overcoming conflict is what helps create solid relationships. No, it is not a perfect movie… But I can overlook its weaknesses because it's just strengths are so evident. If you like subtlety and charm, give this film a try. If you are like me, you will watch it multiple times.
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It's been much better, than I expected
JuliaSophieD29 June 2013
I've got to admit, I first of all watched the film just because of David Tennant, because I adore him. He's a brilliant actor.

But I thought the plot of the film sounded like a really ordinary romantic comedy, but I was proved wrong. It's a very humorous story and David's performance is great as ever. But also the other actors do a great job.

I love the setting on this little island, as a backward region, which tries to take every advantage of the people coming there.

It's definitely worthwhile watching the movie if you're searching for a bit of entertainment and like British settings and to be honest the accent's pretty cool, too.
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Standout Romantic Comedy
charlie-coffey25 March 2012
Sure it follows the standard formula of all romantic comedy films but, while I'm a fan of Romcoms and always hope they're going to be really good I find they almost never are. Unfortunately most of them score about a 3 (just watchable with a few good scenes or funny moments) down to -10 (complete waste of time).

"The Decoy Bride" is a real treat. Especially if you're a Kelly MacDonald fan. Rest of cast is good too. Written by the wonderful comedian Sally Phillips who co-stars with Neil Jaworski and starring David Tennant.

Excellent chick flick but a great in-home date night movie rental with your male significant other (unless he's a Vin Diesel fan in which case don't bother).

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll thank yourself for checking this movie out.
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A dishevelled romantic comedy featuring predictable romance and stifled laughter
napierslogs2 July 2012
A Scottish, independent romantic comedy is hard to come by. Usually when you find such a movie, it's really good. Unfortunately, "The Decoy Bride" isn't great. The premise of a Hollywood star running away from paparazzi and getting married on a remote Scottish island but with a stand-in bride for disguise has numerous routes to provide both romance and comedy.

It was romantic enough, but only kind of funny, and certainly not laugh-out-loud funny. The main problems, all very minor, add up to a film that is desperately lacking a dust of perfection that it would require to be able to stand on its own two feet.

The bride, Lara Tyler (Alice Eve), is desperate to find a wedding location for just herself and soul-mate. After reading a novel which describes, in beautiful romantic prose, a remote Scottish island with a castle standing proudly on a hillside, she sends her publicist, agent, and writer husband-to-be to stage her perfect wedding. The problems are this location was a writer's fantasy and the paparazzi are already on their way there.

The town exists, but it's filled with typical quirky towns-folk, and worse, the castle is barely standing. The problem for me was that we quickly discover the writer of this location novel is her fiancé. He has never denied ever having been to this town and yet nobody questioned that his descriptions might not be accurate. At this point we no longer have a particularly likable protagonist.

One would assume the towns-folk would welcome the bride and her entourage as all the inhabitants and their small businesses are in need of money, instead they take on a local air of snobbery and grunt and complain their way through the movie.

But these are all just minor characters, even the bride herself is a fairly minor character. Our main girl is the decoy bride – Katie (Kelly Macdonald). All the men in her town are married and she hasn't found her own path in life yet. She gladly accepts the Hollywood proposal to pretend to be a movie star getting married. Of course things don't go as planned, and we get an only mildly amusing comedy of errors.

However, it is during the comedy of errors where Katie and the husband-to-be James Arber (David Tennant) find themselves locked in a room and on the run together across the Scottish island. These scenes provide the romance and connection based on good acting and great casting. I'm not familiar with David Tennant but he was just so natural as the bumbling, awkward writer that the character was a good fit for this film. I am familiar with Kelly MacDonald. She is the actress who has quietly blown you away in "No Country for Old Men" and "Boardwalk Empire", but she is unrecognizable here and that's a good thing.

I would have preferred it much more if the supporting characters weren't so unpleasant, and if they had made some choices that weren't quite so predictable. The beginning of the film is structured poorly and has some awkward sequences, but then they stumble right along into a cute romantic comedy. Since great ones are hard to come by, "The Decoy Bride" can fill that void for awhile.
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A movie with heart!
hollyreneeholt7 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I have been wanting to watch this movie for about a year or so, since I heard that David Tennant was going to be in it. I don't see why it has a less than 6 rating, though, especially since the movie leaves you with a thirst - the thirst to pursue your dreams no matter the obstacles lying in your way.

Of course, there's romance (it is a romantic comedy, with some underlying drama) - and, gah! the beach scene near the end had me in tears. Tennant is great at giving the ol' puppy-dog-eyes look, and the lead actress is incredible, as well as the supporting cast. My favorite part would have to be a toss-up between that part and the comedic part when he marries her and she has to do an American accent. (I would advise, though, that you will probably need to watch this with someone or look like a maniac while laughing.) Bottom line: Is this a movie that bends your mind into a million different directions? No. Is this a movie with tons of explosives? No. Is it even anything remotely like Dr. Who? Afraid not. But is it a movie with a lot of heart, great acting, great scenery, and the truth of self that lies within each of us? Yes.

As the main character's mom says in the movie, "A life spent making mistakes is so much better than a life spent doing nothing." So, whether "Decoy Bride" proves a mistake or not, if you watch it, at least you won't spend any time thinking, "Did I miss out on a good movie?"
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Cute, funny, a bit of a gem
juneebuggy20 June 2015
This was cute, genuinely funny at times and while not original in its romantic-comedy delivery it managed not to be clichéd either. I also really enjoyed the remote (Scottish) island setting which almost becomes a character onto itself here.

David Tennant was very good as 'James', best selling author and half of a celebrity power couple trying to outwit a determined paparazzo from sabotaging their wedding. By relocating to the remote island of Hegg he hopes to evade the press, unfortunately they still find them, forcing his Hollywood film star bride to be (Alice Eve) into hiding and her agent to hire the only single island girl to pose as the bride. Of course complications arise and in a mix-up, James ends up married to 'Katie' who up until now has been unlucky in love.

There is nothing outstanding here but the plot is lively and there are some very funny situations especially amongst the diverse group of island locals who provide real laughs. I especially enjoyed Kelly Macdonald who plays Katie, she and David work well together, navigating the twists and turns, swordfights, moat plunges, 70's attire and unique divorce requirements on their way to true love. 6/7/15
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Watching 2 Of My Most Favorite Actresses Alice Eve & Kelly Macdonald In A Same Film Is A Dream Come True
FilmMan4719 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
seriously Alice Eve & Kelly MacDonald are few of the most underrated actresses around the world their work in any cinema around the world is amazing this is coming from a guy who have seen few films of these talented artists what they done here in decoy bride 2011 is a solid prove that they are the best in their Field unlike most Hollywood fake Oscar winners.

when i saw the title on the poster i decided to Skipp it i thought it was just another comedy film centered around a wedding & some people are gonna crash the party & make a mess like usual but i was dead wrong this film is damn good for what it is not for one moment the narrative struggles & pace slows down it keeps you glued to the screen the dialogs & chemistry between actors are bonus points this is a nice script with a feel good story critics & haters are hating it for no reason i guess they are so dumb to understand the excellent British humor.

keep in mind this is not like some dumb American comedy with naked chicks & booze with the whole cast getting wasted as it is such a unexpected & unpredictable project.

the cast:Alice Eve oh my god her role is limited but she did an amazing job specially transforming into a old woman in the middle of the film as for Kelly Macdonald she is just a powerhouse of performance this is clearly her film she overshadowed everyone with her comic timing i have always loved her accent ever since she lend her voice in Disney pictures animated film Brave 2012.

the plot:a famous actress Lara is about to get married but paparazzi & media just wont leave her alone she visits a island in Scotland but once again the media follows her she decides to disappear & disguise herself as a old woman while on the other hand her fiancé gets married to a fake decoy bride Katie who was about to be used as a distraction for media.

from start to end this was a fun filled film without any vulgar stuff included it has a vibe of situational comedy but best thing about this film are dialogs & interaction between characters it is so hilarious to listen.

Overall The Decoy Bride 2011 is one of the best films of this decade my rating is 7/10.Highly Recommended.
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A fun and light hearted romantic comedy
Gordon-1119 March 2014
This film tells the story of a famous Hollywood actress going to a remote Scottish island to get married, in order to avoid the omnipresent press. Her agent finds a decoy bride to deflect attention, but the guy ends up marrying the decoy by mistake.

It's a predictable romantic comedy, but it's really sweet. How the two leads jab at each other initially is also fun to watch. And the scenery of Hegg, which probably very few people have heard of, is beautiful. It captures the tranquility of the place, but unfortunately the portrayal of the locals isn't so nice. They are portrayed to be money grabbing opportunists. Overall, "The Decoy Bride" is a fun and light hearted film to watch. I enjoyed it.
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akstandup23 February 2012
I wanted to like this film. I like romantic comedies and I hoped this might be a "missed gem". There's some decent people in it and Kelly MacDonald steals the show for me. David Tennant looks like he's just doing this before flying off to a better offer. It feels like too much has been packed in to the film when the real interest is the relationship between the two main characters. It felt to me like a lot of compromises must have been made to get it filmed. Either that, or the script was written in crayon. It felt like actors with a few half ideas have developed this and someone's said yes. Given that, it has moments (mostly provided by the aforementioned MacDonald who is very watch-able).
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slow starter
TheFemaleEdward10 March 2012
More than 'a bit' of a slow start.. but once it picks up, the story is, at least, slightly captivating. The acting is pretty good. I wouldn't exactly put this on my 'need to see' list. This film is more of a 'when you're stuck in bed'. But it is funny, and will most likely leave you with a small smile at the end. I give it a 6/10 as it made me laugh, but there isn't a huge array of emotions portrayed in this quirky little probably-would-do-better-as-a-play. I was quite looking forward to seeing David Tennant in something with his own accent, but alas! he is English once again. Alice Eve played her role beautifully, and is completely understated in this movie (even being described as perfect) Worth a watch at least once I think.
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