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Consider With Reservations: The Stars of Quantity Over Quality Cinema

The stars of yesterday now are making three films a year you never knew existed until they show up on Netflix.^ Real Movie ^

In my prior life as a script reader, I certainly read a lot of bad scripts, but at times, an even more common occurrence was a script that seemed to do a great many things right, but somehow fell just short of being something you wanted to champion as a movie. As draining as the terrible scripts were, there’s something pure about clear-cut bad. It takes little effort to explain why they’re unfit.

The real challenges were the scripts that had kind of a decent premise, kind of an okay twist or two, and a lead character who wasn’t bad so much as he or she was just… there. The raw materials are there for what Could be a script. They just happen to be assembled in the least compelling way
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The Tao of Nicolas Cage: ‘Stolen’

Cage re-teams with Simon West. Do they create more magic?“I’m not the squirrel playing with his nuts here.”

This week I decided I wanted to check out a newer-ish Cage movie that I hadn’t yet seen. After sifting through the few Cage movies I’ve missed over the last fives years I finally landed on Stolen.

Stolen is a 2012 film that pairs Cage back up with director Simon West. You may recall that back in 1997 Cage starred in West’s directional debut, a masterpiece of a film called Con Air. These two getting back together is something I’m entirely on board with. Why it took me five years to finally get to Stolen I’ll never understand.

Cage stars as Will Montgomery, a notorious thief specializing in bank robberies. While he and his crew are in the middle of a heist that will net them $10 million, Will
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Win a Lionsgate action bundle with ‘USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage’

To celebrate the release of new Nicolas Cage war drama USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage, we have a fantastic Lionsgate action bundle up for grabs featuring The Mechanic Boxset, Criminal, Sicario & Stolen

Academy Award® winner Nicolas Cage (Leaving Las Vegas, The Rock) stars in this wartime action drama directed by Mario Van Peebles. After delivering one of the atomic bombs that would eventually end World War II, the Navy cruiser USS Indianapolis is torpedoed by a Japanese submarine. Left with no option but to abandon ship, Captain Charles McWay (Cage) and hundreds of his crew are left stranded in shark-infested waters…

USS Indianapolis also stars Golden Globe® nominees Tom Sizemore (Saving Private Ryan) and Thomas Jane (Deep Blue Sea) and is directed by Mario Van Peebles (New Jack City).

To be in with a chance of the Lionsgate action bundle on DVD, all that you have to do is follow
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Win a DVD action bundle with USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage

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To celebrate the release of new Nicolas Cage war drama USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage, we have a fantastic Lionsgate DVD action bundle up for grabs featuring The Mechanic Boxset, Criminal, Sicario & Stolen

Academy Award® winner Nicolas Cage (Leaving Las Vegas, The Rock) stars in this wartime action drama directed by Mario Van Peebles. After delivering one of the atomic bombs that would eventually end World War II, the Navy cruiser USS Indianapolis is torpedoed by a Japanese submarine. Left with no option but to abandon ship, Captain Charles McWay (Cage) and hundreds of his crew are left stranded in shark-infested waters…

USS Indianapolis also stars Golden Globe® nominees Tom Sizemore (Saving Private Ryan) and Thomas Jane (Deep Blue Sea) and is directed by Mario Van Peebles (New Jack City).

Please note: This competition is open to UK residents only

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Lionsgate UK presents USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage
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It's Cage vs. Shark in new trailer for USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage

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You know, of all the Nicolas Cage disasters that have been coming out the last few years (looking at you Stolen and Pay The Ghost), this seems like it would be one of his least disastrous. The plot of his new movie USS Indianapolis: Men Of Courage is actually a good one. It tells the story of the USS Indianapolis that was shot down in open waters by the Japanese in WWII,... Read More...
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Nicolas Cage: examining his straight-to-dvd movies

Kirsten Howard Feb 24, 2017

Last year we watched ten of the recent straight-to-dvd films of Mr Nicolas Cage. Since then, he's made six more...

This article has been updated to include six new films: Dog Eat Dog, The Trust, USS Indianapolis: Men Of Courage, Southern Fury, Army Of One and Vengeance: A Love Story.

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The first Nicolas Cage movie I saw wasn’t one of the cool ones. It wasn’t Wild At Heart, Raising Arizona or even Valley Girl. It was the Cher rom-com, Moonstruck.

My mum, having just gone through an acrimonious divorce, was trying to drum up the optimism to find love again, and apparently that involved watching a lot of rom-coms where an idealised – or at least intrinsically whimsical
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Nicolas Cage To Star In Philly Fury, Yet Another Kidnapping Movie

Stolen. Rage. Trespass. It seems like Nicolas Cage can’t stay away from movies that involve kidnapping. If those three movies were “a phase” then we can consider it one that’s ongoing, as the Cagester has signed up to star in another kidnap thriller called Philly Fury.

Steven C. Miller (Marauders, Silent Night) directs from a script by Jason Mosberg. The story is described by Variety as “about a Philadelphia businessman whose deadbeat brother is kidnapped for a large ransom – leading everyone to believe that the brother is involved in the kidnapping. Cage’s character, who’s also a mobster, is forced to take action on his own.” It sounds like plenty of Cage’s previous roles, but I never tire from watching him bring on the Cage Rage, which he probably will in this.

Before he starts work on Philly Fury, Cage is stepping behind the camera to
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Nicolas Cage To Return Stolen Dinosaur Skull To Mongolia

Isn’t it just the worst when you realize the ancient dinosaur fossil you won at auction was obtained illegally and the authorities are forcing you to return it? Nicolas Cage To Return Stolen Dinosaur Skull To Mongolia That’s the entirely unrelatable dilemma Nicolas Cage had to face when it transpired a rare Tyrannosaurus bataar skull he […]

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12 Times Nicolas Cage Proved He Doesn’t Actually Suck

First Look Studios

Few actors have been as downright weird and loud as Nicolas Cage. Complete with a bizarre one of a kind acting style, he’s loved for his tight overacting skills and altogether manic behaviour on the silver screen. Going to see how terrible he is seems to actually be a legitimate thing.

The general consensus is that he’s a bad actor who has made terrible career choices, and the black list does speak for itself: Ghost Rider, Next, Bangkok Dangerous, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Stolen, Left Behind and the so bad it’s good cult classic Wicker Man. But there is some redemption.

Critics seem to forget that given the right script and the right director, Cage can be a top notch actor. He is one of the biggest stars to have graced the Hollywood screen, with countless blockbusters to his name, and has been known
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Competition: Win a ‘Pay The Ghost’ digital download code

To celebrate the release of Pay The Ghost, available now on DVD, Blu-ray and digital download, we have an iTunes digital download code available to giveaway courtesy of Arrow Films.

Almost a year after his young son disappeared from his side on Halloween night in New York City, Mike (Nicolas Cage) is alone and haunted by terrifying visions of his son. Desperate but determined not to let go, he researches all the cases of missing children in the city and comes to a horrifying conclusion. After bombarding the detective in charge of the case with his shocking theory, he finally reunites with his estranged wife (Sarah Wayne Callies), and shares the supernatural mystery surrounding their son’s disappearance.

As Halloween night draws closer, Mike must follow a series of terrifying clues as he is led deeper into the ancient curse that could destroy him and all he loves.

Pay The Ghost
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New Trailer For Nicolas Cage's Pay The Ghost

New Trailer For Nicolas Cage's Pay The Ghost
A couple of years ago Nicolas Cage was on the desperate search for his disappeared daughter in Simon West's Stolen. Now, it's his son that's gone missing in rather different circumstances, in Uli Edel's horror Pay The Ghost. See how he copes in the new trailer.The film's based on a short story by British Fantasy and horror novelist Tim Lebbon (Dusk). Dan Kay (Timber Falls wrote the adaptation. Cage plays an English LIterature professor at Nyu (apparently one who occasionally wears Sailor Rilpey's jacket), whose son goes missing at a Halloween parade, immediately after saying something weird. A year later, Prof. Cage starts seeing his son again, and begins to unravel the clues leading to a boogieman operating every Samhain.The Walking Dead's Sarah Wayne Callies co-stars, along with Veronica Ferres and the Saw series' Lyriq Bent. Shooting took place in Toronto last autumn, and Pay The Ghost
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Impressive First Trailer Arrives For Nicolas Cage Political Drama The Runner

At this point, having flooded the market with such efforts as Left Behind, Outcast, Stolen, Drive Angry, Justice, Season Of The Witch, Knowing, and the Ghost Rider movies, there is a certain baggage that accompanies any casting of Nicolas Cage – regardless of the nature of the project. With an understandable reputation for somewhat bizarre and off-the-wall performances, Academy Award winner Cage regularly has an uphill battle to fight when it comes to new releases. The first trailer for his upcoming movie, The Runner, takes on a lot of that fight for him, however, as it showcases what could be his most nuanced performance in some time.

As the feature length directorial debut of writer-director Austin Stark, The Runner is a political drama that has attracted a high level of on-screen talent. Alongside Cage, the film stars Connie Nielsen (Nymphomanic: Vol. 1), Peter Fonda (Easy Rider), Bryan Batt (Mad Men), Sarah Paulson
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Joe Carnahan To Rewrite And Possibly Direct 'Bad Boys 3'

For pretty much a decade, Sony has been trying to get Will Smith and Martin Lawrence to return and make "Bad Boys 3." In 2009, the studio hired Peter Craig ("The Town") to write a script, and when that one didn't take, David Guggenheim ("Safe House," "Stolen") was tapped to give it a whirl. And it seems more work needs to be done, and another high profile name is being brought into the fold. Joe Carnahan ("The Grey," "The A-Team," "Smokin' Aces") has been hired to rewrite the script with an eye to possibly direct the movie as well. So, time to start popping the champagne? Not quite. The most important cog in this machine, the picky Will Smith, hasn't agreed to anything just yet and Deadline notes that Sony is racing to get a new script done so the actor can "consider" the movie for his next project once he's finished with "Suicide Squad.
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Top 10 Action Hero Fathers Of All Time

To celebrate the release of Age Of Kill starring Martin Kemp in his first action hero thriller out in cinemas, digital and VOD on Friday 12th June, and on DVD and Blu-ray on Monday 15th June, we take a look at the Top 10 Action Hero Fathers of all time!

10. Patriot Games (1992) – Harrison Ford

While on holiday in England, former CIA analyst Jack Ryan (Ford) witnesses an Ira terrorist attack on a member of the royal family. After successfully preventing the assassination, Ryan and his family are targeted by the Ira faction, forcing him to return to the CIA and hunt them down before the terrorists strike again.

9. True Lies (1994) – Arnold Schwarzenegger

Harry Tasker (Schwarzenegger) is a secret agent, but as far as his family is concerned he is a computer salesman. With a terrorist network threatening to bomb the Us, Tasker must reveal his secret identity to ensure his family’s safety.
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Samuel L Jackson joins Simon West's remake of The Blob

As a new remake of 50s monster flick The Blob moves ahead, reports are circulating that Samuel L Jackson is to star...

Earlier this year, we heard that Con Air director Simon West is set to head up a remake of 50s monster flick, The Blob - the first since the underrated  1988 iteration directed by Chuck Russell.

Hollywood's trade papers are now reporting that Samuel L Jackson is set to play the lead in West's oozing remake.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jackson will play "a biochemistry professor attempting to thwart the other-worldly predator discovered deep within the earth."

This sounds like a change of pace from the 1958 film, where the blob was delivered by meteorite, or the more paranoid 80s version, where it turned out to be manmade.

In an interview with Den Of Geek earlier this year, West described his Blob movie as "more sci-fi" and "more sophisticated" than its predecessors,
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Con Air: the 90s action film that remains unmatched

Here's our tribute to one of the best action movies ever made: a story of Nicolas Cage, a plane and a toy bunny...

"Break out the fine china, chill the lemonade, tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree. Cos this boy's coming home to his ladies. Coming home forever."

Action cinema changed in 1999. The release of The Matrix unleashed a torrent of imitators, but also altered fundamentally the editing of movies in the genre. This came with a price. Action sequences became harder to follow. Character was relegated. The old style idea of pitting a movie star against some peril in extraordinary circumstances was seemingly less tempting. The Matrix had started something.

Well, that, or everyone just watched Con Air, and figured they couldn't top it. Because in truth, how could they? One of the most quotable, enjoyable and wildly entertaining blockbusters of the 1990s, I can't think
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Outcast Review

I know, I know, I’m as shocked to be writing this review as you are to see me doing so – after the scraping-through-the-bottom-of-the-barrel debacle that was Rage, I thought I’d finally managed to quit Nicolas Cage for good. But that I still ended up watching Outcast (some of it through my fingers, but still watching it, to my great chagrin) just goes to show that the actor is as damnably, despicably addictive as Twinkies or Doritos, with a slightly broader dramatic range. As amusingly bad as he is (and oh is he terrible) in all these direct-to-vod pics, Cage is like a car crash in slow motion – as much as I want to, I just can’t look away.

Fortunately for the actor, Cage isn’t exactly the one false note in an otherwise euphonious symphony. A case could be made that the performer is simply playing to his surroundings.
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Jason Statham in Wild Card: new UK trailer and poster

The Statham stars as a tough Las Vegas bodyguard in action thriller, Wild Card. Here's the new UK trailer and poster...

In 1986, there was Heat, a thriller written by William Goldman and starring Burt Reynolds. Far from a hit critically or financially, Goldman later described the film as "One of my major disasters" - in no small part because its production was such a nightmare.

Heat was initially headed up by Robert Altman, but he was quickly replaced by Dick Richards, who got into a fight with Reynolds and left the set in an ambulance. Richards later returned, only to fall from a camera crane and depart, once again, on a stretcher.

Wild Card is essentially a remake of Heat, this time starring Jason Statham. But director Simon West says this is a more faithful version of William Goldman's original script, which was unfortunately compromised by the 1986 film's revolving door of directors.
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The Blob remake lands Con Air director

Simon West is to direct the remake of The Blob, and promises to use modern CGI to realise its potential...

To the people who had been requested a remake of The Blob? Someone out there, whoever you are, has granted your wish.

Producers Richard Saperstein and Brian Witten are behind this one, and they've hired Simon West to direct the movie. West remains best known for the mighty Con Air, although he's also directed the likes of The Expendables 2, The General's Daughter and The Mechanic.

Production begins this summer on the new film, which Goldcrest Films is backing. West has said, in a slightly worrying statement, that "with modern CGI we can now fully realise the potential of The Blob". Hmmm.

The rest of his statement reads: "The world I create will be totally believable, immersive and emotionally satisfying. It’s a thrill to introduce an enduring icon to
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11 Things You Learn From Watching 336 Films In 2014

20th Century Fox

With New Year’s Day gone and the fog of champagne and bad decisions washing away with the faint regret of something you can’t quite remember doing, there’s a good chance you will have come across a social media post by a boastful film blogger. “400 films watched this year. Can I beat it next year?” they smugly say, implying that they are somehow better and more learned than you because they don’t have a good enough life to drag them away from the cinema or small screen.

They’re not better, they’re tragic fools locked in the perpetual, grim cycle of hungrily filling every spare waking moment with films. Some of them get paid to watch that many, so they’re at least getting something tangible back, but for the rest, the haul means watching films around jobs, kids, family and personal hygiene regimes.
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