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Loved it
chicken845 October 2012
I have to say in response to another reviewers comments that the fact that they say "muddled plot and complicatedness of the character interactions' causes disappointment only further identifies the lack of knowledge for society around people living with mental health illnesses.

I think that if it is viewed to be muddled and complicated P J Hogan has fully succeeded in communicating the complexity of living with mental illness and the perception society have when interacting with people living with these illnesses.

I thought it was raw and confronting, cushioned by humor. I loved it.
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Mental the best Aussie movie I have seen in a long time
caroline-488-87043928 September 2012
I took my 16 year old daughter to see this movie and I was a bit unsure if it would be as good as I was expecting after reading other reviews. The comedy alone in this movie is very Australian and we both thoroughly enjoyed the movie from start to finish. This is a very offbeat and quirky comedy however there was a much deeper message to uncover as the movie went on and this added to the higher rating I have given the movie. The way Shaz goes about turning around a family who had no self respect and was looked down upon by neighbours and family was what the movie was really about. Rebecca Gibney and Toni Collette were outstanding and I will be buying the DVD when it comes out to add to my collection of Aussie movies. Plenty of laughs and overall highly entertaining.
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Far superior than the nay sayers may let you believe!
Diggler314 October 2012
Went to see this Aussie film from P.J. Hogan today. I have to say I am actually quite flabbergasted that this film has received so many negative reviews? The film follows the exploits of a group of girls, who live with their dysfunctional and mentally disturbed Mother (Gibney), and their non-existent politician father (LaPaglia).

After their mother suffers a breakdown and is sent on "holidays", their father decides to hire Shaz (Toni Collette), to look after the kids while he pursues his political career. She in turn teaches them that life is not all so bad.

People have said this film is essentially a rip-off of P.J. Hogan's breakthrough film Muriel's Wedding. I have not seen Muriel's Wedding in a number of years, and really cannot comment on the comparisons, only my opinion of this film.... And I personally loved it! The film had memorable characters, quirky situations, hilarious scenes, and some truly fantastic acting from all the cast. The stand out for me would have to have been Rebecca Gibney as the crazy mother. Plus Liev Schreiber, totally unrecognizable as a warped Steve Irwin style shark hunter.

While some people may find the humour too crude, or the story too similar to Muriel's Wedding. Everyone else that likes a good Aussie comedy should lap this up! Also if you're from Murwillumbah, and/or surrounding areas, you'll be treated to some familiar sights! :)
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Hilarious and clever - if you're beige you will hate it
alisondennehy4 October 2012
Clever, quirky, hilariously funny and with enough pathos and melancholy to really get you thinking. If you are one of the beige folk, you will hate it. If you march to the beat of your own drum and always find yourself on the side of the underdog you will love it. Mental illness is definitely not off limits and with typical Australian irreverence the subject is tackled head on. Draws some conclusions about "normality" that some people will not be comfortable with. You will recognise a few big names, but the supporting actors were all equally talented. A genuinely amazing film. Actually funnier than Muriel's wedding. Destined to become a classic, with excellent performances from all.
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Serious fun
kcd196114 October 2012
I love psychodramas, so the chance to see Toni Collette in a film touching on mental illness was too good to miss. I was stunned to hear that the underlying story of this movie is true! Some reviewers have labeled the plot as complicated and bumpy - and it is - sort of like real life. However the plot is less important than the characters and the underlying themes. The cast is superb, particularly Collette, Gibney and newcomer Lily Sullivan as the eldest daughter. The characters are rich and complex, except for the father (played well by LaPaglia) who is a bit too one dimensional. I preferred the way The United States of Tara handled the issue of being partner to someone with severe mental illness.

However it is the underlying issue of the way mental illness, normality and conformity are experienced and perceived in our society that shines. JP Hogan does not preach or present a one-sided view - rather we see normality as complex and nuanced. Collette plays the deeply flawed yet strangely inspirational Shaz who serves to provoke, challenge and sometimes overturn the other characters' views of normal. Modern psychiatry is neither approved nor mocked. The "normal" characters are revealed as sometimes shallow and fragile - not as normal as they seem.

The comedy ranges from subtle, to ocker, to cartoonish and melodramatic. Not everyone will like it. Some scenes are just plain absurdist.

I suspect that like Muriel, this is a multi-layered film that will actually stand up to repeated viewing. As for the tag line - well it's going to be hard not to laugh whenever my friends talk of "going to Wollongong" - and I can say that because it's where I live.
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Non stop surprises and laughter
eva_deli4 October 2012
I wasn't sure what to expect as I hadn't read any reviews and only saw a quick snapshot of the previews, but I did know it was from the Director of Muriel's Wedding so I knew I was in good hands.

I thought this film was great! It was quick, witty, with laugh after laugh. The cinema I was in wasn't even completely full yet the laughter just kept rolling and rolling throughout the film. Some scenes were completely outrageous and I think this was hard to pull off, if anyone else attempted to do it, it probably would not have worked.

The casting was brilliant, the chemistry between the characters felt real, and the underlying issues and themes are very real so in amongst the comic genius, I shed a tear or two.

There was definitely some similarities to Muriel's wedding, especially at the beginning of the film as the story was being set, but it wasn't too much and once I knew about the Director's personal life and experiences it made more sense.

I don't buy many DVD's but this will be one of them. The film is so Australian and I want to keep it on my shelf so I can pull it out for a great laugh or to be reminded that we are all a little mental.

I gave this film 10/10 because of its ability to make me laugh so hard and make me feel deeply for the characters at the same time. And, because it was bold, outrageous, very Australian and had the ability to blow me away!
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great movie!!!
dissonancesounds16 November 2012
Good quality humor, excellent actor performance, Toni Collette at her best and I can not imagine another actor acting better then her in this movie. Best movie of 2012 in this genre so far. Don't want to spoil it for anybody, the movie captures in a funny sarcastic manner the madness in which the present society is bathing. For thous who don't know Toni Collette, until this movie, I really recommend United States of Tara, the TV series. This actress really knows how to act as a mental person and know how to enter the character. Definitely I will buy the DVD for the collection and recommend it to everybody, especially to those with similar issues shown in the movie. Thank you P.J. Hogan for this movie!
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Do you hear any voices? I'm hearing mine, can't stop laughing...
misabudac-603-7247108 February 2013
I will not write about a plot, that's done already, I'll write about what got me.

It's amazing the idea of P.J.Hogan to show us, that everybody is kind of "mental" and it starts straight in the title of the movie, when the letter E is falling apart. Then The name Moochmore is preparing us for a ride with "the sound of music", with the sound of mental disorders. Let's introduce some of the characters.

Shirley, mum of 5 daughters, is compensating the missing love of her husband with an ipad by singing, which is making her ridiculous in front of the other people and her relatives; by the way she is doing it in her back yard, so there should be little bit of a privacy in there, but the "watching neighbours" are everywhere. She is bullied by her sister - real psycho anyway, by the coffee shop manager and she tells for everything sorry. She explodes in shopping addiction and that's the last straw which is making her loving husband coming home and her going for a "holidays".

The father, Barry Moochemore, is mooching his wife for his upcoming elections, cheating on her and he hates his home, because he doesn't have a home with 5 boys but 5 daughters instead not knowing which one is which one. There is a quote after quote, for example: "Boys have breakdowns, dad." "Not Australian's boys. They are busy to play football." After naming some of the mental disorders by his girls he submit "No one is going mental. Not before I do!"

The history of Shirley and Barry tries to repeat with one of the daughters - Coral when her love affair starts with saying NO to Trout (I don't know if the names are chosen by accident or it's satiric as well - trout and coral working in an aqua park). We learned before that Shirley's love affair and marriage started with a rape.

Chaz, amazing Toni Collette, is a fatalist trying to fix up everybody's life with her Bible "Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders" showing them the real side of their personality. She explains to the girls, that it is normal to be mental in Australia because in the past there were sent only mad people and criminals to Australia to live and they are their's descendants. There is a lovely scene, when she is going to visit one of the "watching neighbours" and when they talk nasty about Moochmores they make this piggy sound while laughing so she starts to make it as well and they think that's totally normal, they even don't notice it.

I could go for ever and ever in the study of these characters, but watch it by yourself, because it is not first planning Hollywood type of comedy and that speaks for it self. Let's finish it with the words of Trevor:

"Everything is Sharks. Life is sharks. Mental is a shark."
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Had potential but ended as disorganized chaos with no plot
petejensen2210 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This review may contain spoilers.

First of all, to all the people saying that anybody writing negative comments about the lack of organization, plot, clarity, etc just "don't understand mental illness or living with somebody with mental illness", please stop. You are only making yourselves sound foolish. I have family members that have lost their lives due to mental illness, and it is much more complex and can be much, much darker than this movie portrays. So you yourselves are the ones that don't get it.

And as for the film itself, it is like it never got out of the brainstorming phase. I say it had potential because of the talented actors, but this movie had no idea where it was going. Shaz starts off as a pothead, then they just leave that aspect out of rest of the movie. Well, until the very end, but you would thought maybe they could have a scene with the kids,father's campaign, etc. Kind of like in brainstorming, you start with an idea, but then forget about it.

Also, one moment the crazy aunt seems like she is going to show remorse and change, but then she doesn't. The father seems as if he might change, but he doesn't. The two scenes at the aquarium could have just been one scene. Maybe it is titled mental because it keeps going on in circles with no true progress and that can be a challenge of dealing with mental illness, but I didn't need to spend almost two hours of my life watching a non-fiction movie with no plot that succeeds on about two of thirty attempts at humor to confirm that. I would have preferred a documentary.

And as for the whole Sound of Music parody, OK. I can not make a complete connection with the overall intention of the film, except maybe to get viewers from old Sound of Music fans.
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epic movie laughed like mad
octahexx27 May 2013
You shouldn't read this you should just watch it! Sometimes you stumble over a fresh movie thats pure genius this is one of them.

The movie centers about a suburban broken home and it starts out a bit kinda meh but keep accelerating from there on to pure mental enjoyment.

It take lemons and makes lemonade mace you can spray in the face of your everyday depression.

It reminds me somehow of Hedwig and the angry inch in stylistic way of touching the mundane boring bizarre dark parts of life in a way that jolts you in a good way.

It probably has the best ending of a movie I've seen since the text scrolling dialog in a knights tale.

The story is not the important part hence i don't focus on it,its the ride itself with the characters.

I rarely get to write positive review on IMDb so I'm glad i watched this movie and you should to :)
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Go see this movie
pkclose25 October 2012
Why is this movie not being raved about?funny, sad, outrageous- it's got it all. One of the best movies of the year. From the director of Muriel's Wedding, many years later, this is another quirky triumph.Toni Collete is wonderful. All of the younger girls are wonderful. Rebecca Gibney is almost unrecognizable with the fat suit on! Mental illnesses of all different sorts are touched on and this difficult subject is approached full on. Many potentially touchy subjects are dealt with with compassion and humour. A bonus for Queensland residents are the local scenes. I read that this is somewhat of an auto-biography of P.J Hogan, the director. Go and see this movie- you won't be disappointed.
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Hilarious from go to whoa! A real Aussie laugh fest.
JimmyCollins28 October 2012
Oh what a treat I got when I sat down in a criminally empty theater to watch Mental, I saw the trailer and to be honest I thought it looked cringe-worthy, but because I'm such a huge fan of Muriel's Wedding I thought I'd give it a go anyway. Muriel's Wedding it ain't, but it's a new classic on its own accord. The film is set in a typical coastal Australian town, complete with regular Aussie houses, fish and chip shops and a public pool, we get to see the Moochmore family at home and we realize that all isn't well with this family, so the mum (expertly played by Australia's golden girl of television Rebecca Gibney), gets shipped off to the loony bin by the bastard father, and then enters Shaz, a character equally as charming and hilarious as Muriel Heslop. This woman transforms all the young daughters in so many ways, teaching them valuable lessons along the way, she even gives the father a serving of her mind which is awesome. As the film progresses we see all isn't as it seems with Shaz but I won't say anymore about that, as its a spoiler and its fun to see it happen without any knowledge.

I'm a massive Aussie at heart, I grew up in country New South Wales so I love seeing real bogan stuff like Mental, the dialogue and the houses and everything just reminds me of growing up. The jokes are by the minute, Toni Collette is one hilarious woman, every line she delivers so spot on, half of the movie wouldn't be what it is if it wasn't executed so well by her. The supporting cast is spectacular, Anthony LaPaglia is good playing against character as the bad father, Rebecca Gibnet is heartbreaking but hilarious as the mum you can't help but feel for, the actress that plays the oldest daughter is going places I'm sure, and Deb, Deb Mailman is down right bloody ridiculously funny, that woman can do no wrong in my opinion.

The film deals with mental illness in a really good way, all the facts and stuff are there, PJ Hogan obviously did his research while writing this movie, it's not sad and fluffy, it's hilarious and wonderful. If you're Australian and don't enjoy Mental, you mustn't be human, there's a bevy of classic lines " you're a mad bitch", lots of laughs, and excellent performances all around.

The perfect night at the pictures, it's sad no one bothers to see Australian films anymore. Come on guys, support the local stuff!!!!!
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What a Disappointment
chrisliz5727 September 2012
I'am such a fan of Muriel's Wedding. I consider it the complete coming of age comedy, not only for Muriel herself but for Australian Comic Cinema as well. P.J Hogan provided us with a gem.

While watching Mental I couldn't help but wonder if P.J. was just trying to revisit the wondrous experience of 15 years ago and expecting it to be just a exhilarating. So much of the colour and strangeness of characters were evident. He must have been disappointed.

Sadley Mental falls well short of Muriel's. So far short that I didn't even have to rake the long jump pit. There were no foot marks.

It is not that the characters don't bring something to the film, most of the cast is terrific, it is the muddled plot and complicatedness of the character interactions which causes most disappointment.

Toni Collette (Shaz) tries hard to bring Mental out of it's intoxicated trance but nothing can save this "stinker"; not even methane and lighter fluid.
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kathryn771910 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Toni Collete is outstanding as Shaz, her performance is only one good reason to see this film; love, love, love it!! Worth seeing. Enjoyed the wit, humor and found myself identifying and empathizing with a few of the characters; having dealt with mental illness in my family, this film pinpoints and illustrates family dynamics with humor and style. Enjoyed the references to another favorite, "Sound of Music," which this film inspired me to watch again with my exchange student daughter...she and I had a great time sharing both films. Mental had me laughing till the credits rolled and was truly entertaining on many levels.
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Great Australian Comedy
damian-fraser23 February 2013
Liev Schreiber plays a part that could almost be mistaken for a young Jack Thompson in a movie that Toni Collette makes all her own. The first 5 minutes of this movie will have you laughing. Australian comedy doesn't get any better than this. Deborah Mailman is brilliant as a friend of Shaz's and Rebecca Gibney was almost unrecognizable in a film that should win a heap of awards for the cast. A film that captures a very relevant topic in a way that makes you not just think, but laugh as well. I almost waited for Toni Collette to name herself as a "control mouse". Funny, sad and very Aussie, "Mental" is a film that is definitely going to be one for the collection.
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Movie Mental
lalas709 October 2012
I went to watch Mental today with my friend Tracey. After 5 minutes of watching we wanted to get up and leave. But we didn't and kept watching, giving the movie a chance to pick up..What made me so upset is the "way" they use their English...The way they talked was...horrible. Not all Australian talk like that,and I certainly don't and wont. And would never encourage anybody to talk like we haven't learned anything at school!!A long time ago a herd that Australian movies weren't very good, and I've defended the industry, telling people how much I've enjoyed a more than a few Australian films. I didn't laugh much, I felt embarrassed and we were looking at each other like, "what are we watching??".

It was the worst movie I have seen in a long time. I go to the cinema once a week with my dear friend Tracey, and we both felt the same.Today I felt I've wasted my money...So sorry, but honestly, I didn't enjoy it at all.
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No Humour.....Means no Laughs
werefox083 October 2012
This is an Australian "comedy" for Australians...which means its not funny. Director P.J. Hogan had a big hit here with Muriels Wedding in 1994. It appears he has made a similar movie (with mental illness as the central theme) with Mental. Its messy it is incoherent and it feels like it was rushed. The lack of laughs becomes embarrassing....and generally the whole script is tedious. Some of the acting is O.K., but that is easy to over look when everything else is sub-standard. It is strictly for people who enjoy bad movies, or for those who can laugh at Australian "humour". This film is destined to sink like a stone. P.J. needs to go back to basics....If you make a comedy....make sure you have some funny lines, or at least...slapstick.
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Good entertainment
bbewnylorac7 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I liked this movie and I thought it had something to say. As one mainstream criticism I have read says, its main theme is how we should look after each other. But that we don't look after each other. The father (Anthony LaPaglia) of five girls is an absent, self-absorbed politician. The girls' auntie is uncaring and shallow, and the neighbours and cafe owners are mean and judgemental. So the when the mum (Rebecca Gibney) has a nervous breakdown, she and her daughters look headed for disaster. In steps a stranger, the hitchhiker Shaz, (Toni Collette), and her estranged, shark museum owner husband (Liev Schreiber) to at least take an interest in this lost family. Shaz may be deeply flawed and scary, but morally she's a saint compared to the other weakling characters. One of the drawbacks -- the same as in PJ Hogan's much earlier film Muriel's Wedding -- is the over the top and cartoonish nature of some scenes. In most cases there's no need for it. He didn't seem to be so garish in My Best Friend's Wedding with Julia Roberts so he can do 'subtle' if he wants to. One thing I admire about 'Mental', is it has the courage to take on (and joke about) issues such as mental illness, grief, homosexuality and absent Dads. So overall, a pretty good movie.
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Luaghter doesn't hide the message within.
bwanabrad-117 March 2013
A dysfunctional family on the Gold Coast is set to implode, due to the father's constant philandering and the mother's inability to control her five daughters. The long suffering mother played with great sympathy by Rebecca Gibney, takes to singing songs from The Sound Of Music in her backyard which horrifies her straight laced neighbors. She is on the verge of a nervous breakdown, her husband doesn't even know who his daughters are, while they in turn imagine all sorts of symptoms of their own, to hide the one essential fact that they are unpopular because the community sees their mother as a bona fide nut case. He has his wife committed to an institution, but in a move that is typical of how this illness is regarded, her condition is covered up, by saying she has gone on holiday. This explanation was a common lie, and has been used for decades, it was the same lie told about my own mother many times over, who suffered a series of severe 'mental breakdowns' throughout her entire adult life.

Into this domestic maelstrom strides an eccentric non–conformist (Colette) who we instantly know will set about restoring this family unit, by using unorthodox methods. Instead of getting them to conform in a military style take over, she takes the girls on a journey of self discovery, to embrace their eccentricities and discover their inner strengths. She speaks from her heart based on her own experiences which hint at dark secrets from her past. There are people who will criticize this film as dismissing a serious topic to get a few cheap laughs, and at times the film even resorts to crude slapstick. Nothing could be further from the truth. What this film stresses time and time again is the need for sympathy, empathy and a measure of acceptance when things are beyond our immediate understanding. Collette is outstanding as Shaz, who is part life coach, part manipulator, part politician and wholly anarchic. She is given solid support by newcomer Lily Sullivan who plays the oldest of the daughters, Coral. In many ways this film is a female rites of passage film about Coral, but it is much, much more than that. A little film that proves the old adage, that sometimes laughter is the best medicine, while at the same time providing plenty of food for thought on a serious issue.
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I laughed a total of 1 times...
nagasaki7013 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
It's not that difficult to make me laugh but the "singing Russel Crowe look-a-like" was the only thing remotely funny. From the very word go, the movie tries to make a funny, but unfortunately it was backed up with substandard acting I could have done in my own backyard and this choked any humor into oblivion.

A lot of the movie did come together in the end, and it seems that many the audiences liked the movie. I must have been surrounded by Aussie yobboes in that theater last night.

The topic of the movie is mental illness, and this issue is a very serious social issue. In other words movie is trying to give a balance between family issues, social issues, and schizophrenia versus providing comedy and entertainment. The directors probably tried to find that balance without looking sadistic and insensitive, but sadly the makers of this movie didn't have it in them to pull it off. It was a sign that the director gave up on finding this balance when the young teenage girl announces that she was schizophrenic and the family laughs in unison... gee how sweet. Yes, this was one of the jokes which failed to draw a laugh out of me.

I like how Toni Collette just gets randomly picked up off the street (literally) in the movie and then bang!, she's the central character. Is this some new movie mechanism or something? IE If you need a new character in a movie you drive around town and just pick one randomly off the street? A secondary theme in the movie was a 'stand up for yourself' and 'don't get bullied' theme. Sadly the chances of picking up someone who dresses like a prostitute off the street corner to give young people lessons about self respect harms this theme somewhat. I don't recommend anyone pick up a random person off the street - period!, just as I don't recommend this disappointment of a movie.
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cromwell_3168 February 2013
Having just watched the abominable Jurassic Attack, and its appalling acting / effects / storyline I sought light relief in this movie. As with much of Aussie Humour some of it can seem crass and even bizarre (think Black Sheep), this was no different and turned out to be way better than some reviews would have you believe.

It is a very enjoyable, zany movie and the casting was very well done and they gelled perfectly it is difficult to pick out a best performance, the last movie I paid to watch was the Big Budget garbage 2012, and wanted to leave 10 minutes in feeling bad I paid to watch it, I would have left the theatre in a better mood if I had watched this instead.

Watch, enjoy and have a laugh, our crazy colonial cousins turned out a beaut :)
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not a bit what I expected
artrouble2126 May 2013
Not sure at first if I wanted to see an Australian movie due to the wretched nature of their soap operas and I had a bit of trouble getting into the first half hour. It has some odd plot bumps but they work overall and it's worth the wait for the various payoffs that crop up through out the story. Some great acting from all the cast. I had no idea the shark guy was Liev Schreiber and Anthony LaPaglia comes off very convincingly as the out of touch dad but it is the women and the girls that make this film and should be it's core fan base. However this is a "chick flick" that guys can actually enjoy too. I think it will be considered a minor classic some years hence. This really is a very very funny, clever film. You could do worse (Identity Thief) with bigger budget movies but this is one film I think will leave a lasting impression on the viewer and a real feather in the cap for the younger actors as their careers progress.
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The cast puts this up and down film in the almost "excellent" one.
diane-3416 October 2012
Diane and I viewed this film today and we both left the theater with virtually the same thoughts regarding it. The movie seemed to be a magnet for many hugely talented Australian actors but we both thought that the final edit was not up to the strength of that cast.

The actors in this film delivered a blameless performance and they could certainly be expected to because they are some of the best in the country. The comedy work in the first half left us both in stitches(no small thanks to Toni Collett) and La Paglia delivers his usual wonderful performance as does Gibney throughout the film. The children deserve particular credit for their work in what was to become an uneven film.

Even with these shortfalls I believe that time watching this film is time well spent; you well laugh and perhaps shed a tear at the all to familiar episodes that continually crop up in this delightful film!
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Solid foreign venture
Outside of mad Max I'm not much of an Aussie cinema buff.

Accents can be enough to squash interest for us colonials, but id like to ease concern. The Aussie tongue is thick enough to have you worried in the first ten minutes but not thick enough that you want to give up watching. It's a helpful bonus that most of the actors do an great job, and that always make acclimating to a different tongue much more painless. Certainly a watchable film from the wrong hemisphere.

Also lily Sullivan shines. I was hypnotized by her. She's lovely, yet brilliantly normal, but intriguingly interesting. I spent half the film thinking, wow I can't wait for her to get to Hollywood. And I sincerely mean that. Shes got quite an enjoyable gleam about her.

Enough of the schoolboy crush. The film itself was watchable.nothing bad about it. It had a few high points and some dull gray areas. Nothing wrong with it, just felt like 2 or 3 seriously funny parts would have taken it from 'worth watching' to a 'must watch'

A good little change of pace for an American like myself. I thought it was a well deserved redbox rental.
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nogodnomasters19 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Shirley (Rebecca Gibney) and her family of girls all think they are crazy. They self-diagnose from the Internet. Barry, their absentee father (Anthony LaPaglia), is also the mayor of the town. He decides to solve the issue by having Shirley committed and provides for the girls by putting Shaz (Toni Collette) in charge of them. He picked her up hitch hiking.

Shaz has her own way of doing things and explains that all of Australia is crazy. Her antics have an ulterior motive which we discover late in the film. Shaz has a refreshing brutal honesty to her approach.

The movie is a bit long. The first hour is zany and will have you laughing out loud. The film then shifts into a more serious mode, imitating a dark comedy up to the heart warming ending that brings it home from the opening. Good one P.J. Hogan.

The film is a must for quirky indie lovers.

Parental Guide: F-bomb, groping, brief nudity (Lily Sullivan, Sam Clark-rear)
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