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  • President Martinez, furious about recent security failures, demands answers from Director of National Intelligence, Blake Sterling. When he doesn't receive the progress that he desires, Martinez decides to personally interrogate Michael Buchanan about his involvement in the assassination attempt. While Michael holds to his claim that he doesn't know who is involved, he inadvertently reveals incriminating evidence about someone deep inside the President's staff. Meanwhile, Dempsey dispatches Vicky on a new clandestine mission. And, elsewhere, Sean and Leila scramble to stay ahead of the covert ops that are trying to silence them and what they know.


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  • "The Event" - "For the Good of Our Country" - Nov. 15, 2010

    In Washington a news report tells us the passengers of Avias 514 are being sent home after being quarantined due to a "biological agent" being unleashed by Brazilian terrorists. Except Michael Buchanan, who they are reporting as dead and being hailed a hero.

    The Prez, the VP and Sterling meet and the Prez asks about progress in finding Sophia, Thomas and the sleeper cells. Sterling points out they just found out about them and they're doing the best they can. The VP says they must've dropped the ball. Sterling says it's hard to find something you don't know that you're looking for. Sterling says they have the attempt on the Prez's life to investigate as a lead and they want to talk to Michael Buchanan. The Prez wants to talk to him first.

    He visits Buchanan in his cell. He says he's very sorry but he didn't have a choice as they were going to kill his daughters. The Prez says he almost killed 200 people - that was a choice. Buchanan says after what "they" did to him he wasn't in his right mind. The Prez asks for info. Buchanan doesn't have any to give him. The Prez gives his word that he will try and find Buchanan's daughters but he has to give him something. Buchanan says they almost didn't go through with it, he doesn't know why. He just knows the people in charge got a go-ahead call at 1:08 p.m. He doesn't know how that will help. The Prez knows how it will help.

    The VP goes to get the transcript of the interview between the Prez and Buchanan but he can't get access to it. The VP goes back to his office and freaks out a little. He looks at a picture of himself and Martinez during the election.

    We flashback to "One Hour Before the Assassination Attempt" in Florida at the party. The VP whispers in the Prez's ear and we go to the meeting where the Prez tells the VP and Sterling that he's breaking the alien news and shutting down the detainment facility at Inostranka. We then see the VP leave, get in a limo, and make a call. "The" call. He's talking to the mysterious Hal Holbrook character, who doesn't want the detainees released. The VP wrings his hands over the deaths of the people on the plane. Holbrook says it's for the good of the country. Them's the breaks. He tells the VP to leave the compound. We flashback to the present and the VP remembering all this.

    Sean and Leila are on the run after the apartment explosion. One of their pursuers makes it out to the roof as they are running down on the surface. She freaks out about having to run, he convinces her they will figure it out and that he loves her. He says they need to get to L.A. to figure out the weird code about the girls. She freaks about how they'll do it without money, ID and with people chasing them. He says they'll figure it out. And then he gets shot. They run down an alley and conk the guy out and grab his gun. They hot wire a car and take off. They go to a hospital and Leila, quite badassedly, abducts a doctor to help the injured Sean.

    The Prez and Sterling meet, we learn Agent Lee has been released. The Prez calls Sterling a good friend and then tells him he realized that someone in that meeting in Florida gave the call about the assassination attempt. He says he knows it's not Sterling. Not only does he not think him capable of that kind of betrayal given his own history with it but he had the phones monitored that day and Sterling is clear. So the key is in the phone records in and out of the Florida compound. Sterling says they'll find him.

    The VP calls Hal Holbrook and tells him about the likelihood of the Prez's suspicions of him since he's been cut out of the loop. He's worried the pilot knows something that can expose him and he tells Holbrook, whose name is James, that he will expose him too. James says this won't happen. The VP says he's not going down or down alone. James assures him nothing bad is going to happen now. The VP wonders how. James wants to meet in person.

    We flashback to "Two Years Earlier" to a campaign stop in New Orleans, LA in an arena. After giving a speech the VP meets with James, whose last name is Dempsey, in a private box. He's one of the VP's biggest contributors. Apparently, he was originally running for Prez and hooked up with Martinez-- on a bipartisan ticket-- on James Dempsey's advice. Dempsey says it's for the good of the country. He says since Martinez is idealistic to a fault, VP Jarvis could provide "balance."

    We flashback to the present and the VP freaking out.

    The Prez and Sterling go over the phone records and Sterling realizes it's Jarvis. They find the call. Sterling and Martinez are upset. Sterling says it's hard to believe he actually came up with the assassination attempt on his own, someone else must be pulling the strings. Martinez wants to arrest him but Sterling wants to be patient and set up an investigation. Martinez wants him to answer for it and strides over to the VP's office. He's gone though. The VP's secretary doesn't know where he is.

    The doctor, who is now driving, tries to reason with Leila about needing help and Sean's condition but she isn't having it and says he's got to make it work and save her man. They go to a pharmacy to get what they need. Some cops enter and Leila tells him not to get any bright ideas. The pharmacist is very suspicious of Leila standing by his side and their general weird demeanor. They go back to the car and Sean is gone from the backseat. (He saw the cops in the parking lot).

    Vicky is brought to see James Dempsey. He says he's always liked her. He asks about what happened in Texas with Sean and Leila. She says she barely made it out alive. He says Carter said as much and wondered if they had inside help. Vicky says no they didn't. He asks if she's ready to resume her work. She asks who the target is. The Vice President. She says that won't be a problem.

    The VP heads to his doctor's office. He leaves the Secret Service agents in an anteroom.

    The Prez and Sterling ask a secret service guy to have the VP brought back to the White House. When the agents at the doctor's office go in, Jarvis is gone. Sterling tells them to create a perimeter and get him.

    We see the VP walking in the bowels of the building. He enters some kind of boiler room. There he meets Vicky Roberts who trains her gun on him. But then she shoots the guy with her instead. She then holds a gun to VP's head and tells him she wants out, he has to come clean about Dempsey and his role behind the assassination attempt. Dempsey played them both, she said and the VP needs to make it right so she can get free. She says Dempsey sold Jarvis on patriotism but that's not what this is all really about, alluding to some larger conspiracy she doesn't explain. She says Jarvis must bury Dempsey for either one of them to survive. She walks away. The VP freaks.

    Sean wriggled away and he's in tough shape around the corner from the pharmacy. The doctor saves him and they get to work on him with all the supplies he just bought. Leila thanks him for all his help. He tells her if anything at all goes wrong to get him to an ER stat or abduct another doctor.

    The VP calls his secret service agents for help. As he waits he calls the Prez and essentially confesses. He said he thought he was doing it for the good of the country, he had no idea, and he's so sorry and that he was manipulated by a very powerful man. He's about to tell him about Dempsey when a van pulls up and explodes and cuts him off. It's unclear if it kills him. Somebody definitely gets away though. The Prez is left asking "Ray? Ray?" as the phone cuts off.

    James Dempsey gets a call saying "it's done" but they had to go with a back up plan because Vicky didn't come through. Dempsey says that's a shame. As he's speaking he drops several drops of clear liquid from a dropper into his mouth. After he hangs up he walks over to a mirror, the image of his face morphs making him look very young and then morphs back. Weird.

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