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Wow ... tedious without redeeming quality
nyctreeman26 March 2014
40 minutes into this thing and we're trapped by the tedious and repetitious problems that the main character is struggling with, and he is very annoying in that he's weak, unable to communicate, and hang-dogs like a frustrated 10 year old boy every time someone tries to talk to him. (Ben Affleck would have been perfect for this part) The two main female characters are completely unrealistic, especially the professional therapist ... it was like the conversation you'd expect from a porn actress in that special 30 seconds before the action starts.

I see in the ratings breakdown, women over 45 gave it a very high rating, that figures.

There's nothing really compelling in this film, I found myself thinking "come on already, get to the freaking point". Slow paced films are fine if they have a quality plot and message that's worthy of your time, but this thing is just frustrating and takes the extra long way home.
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Thumbs up for this one.
Sandy Mansson23 July 2012
I throughly enjoyed this one as i enjoy movies that challenge me and force me to think rather than sitting there and absorbing it like a couch potato. The director and lead actor James Howarth has put together a very artistic and thoughtful drama piece. This isn't your regular movie in fact for a B movie it is better that any blockbuster movie I have seen as of late. If you like to be challenged with your movies then I highly recommend this one. Of course there is the whole alien, mental illness and drug addiction theme running through the movie and it has what could be described as horror elements in it but by no means is it a horror or an alien only movie. It is predominately a drama, thriller that builds in to an action, sci-fi, crime ending. I don't usually like this sort of movie but its a thumbs up for this one.
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A brilliant debut by Howarth - check it out!
margofilop23 July 2012
Alien Inhabitant is the debut feature film directed and written by US based Aussie actor/filmmaker James Howarth. I loved every minute of this film from the first to the last. Howarth is able to depict the descent into madness of the main character Mark Jones with such precision that the result is an edgy psychological thriller that exhibits cinematic flair and production value far beyond what you might expect! A schizophrenic with a spotty memory of his past, Mark is plagued by episodes in which a creature he believes to be extraterrestrial goads him into committing crimes against the people who are closest to him. Howarth himself is remarkable as Jones, displaying a raw emotion that really grabs your attention. There is a real dark quality to this film as Jones hangs onto his sanity by a thread; the intrigue lies in how far he can be pushed before his internal struggle runs over tragically into the external world. I cannot recommend this film highly enough - check it out!
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Something I haven't seen before
tysando6 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Drug reliance is one of the more mishandled points in movies. Yet, when its done in a different way, it could be a captivating methodology to relate a story and that is the thing that James Howarth has done with his film, Alien Inhabitant.

Mark is a veteran who's returned from the war with an issue, he experiences substance ill-use. He's endeavouring to beat it anyway he is constantly kept down by an Alien mental trip, that makes him do things that he wouldn't regularly do, and additionally he can't remember doing! Finally, we're left contemplating whether mark is crazy or if there's genuinely an Alien who's controlling him.

Alien Inhabitant is a fascinating story of handling pill reliance, the acting is extraordinary, the story is robust, and the point of convergence considered being subject to pills fundamentally makes you a pariah to whatever remaining parts of the world. I have not seen anything like this. Its not a flawless movie and slow to start, more the pace of a TV drama, yet its entrancing. I is more along the lines of a festival film or something for alien enthusiasts.
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Unusual tormented soul and drug abuse
Steve Peterson11 May 2014
In the wake of getting myself ready for a totally out of reach motion picture experience, I was astonished to end up very moved by an interesting and sad film about the urges that drive one tormented soul.

The film makes some extremely fascinating parallels between the urge to ruinous conduct (drink, for instance) and the urge to make sense of his thoughts. In the surreal universe of this film, these are two parts of the same sense, and its sad to see a man with some sort of extended post traumatic stress and trying to annihilate himself.

The movie provides for us an unusual, dream-like world that has a different rationale of its own. The lead actor is good in his part; this couldn't have been a simple execution to make, as he needed to serve as the center for the story and secure some rational soundness in a crazy world. The characters Abby and Alena are additionally important as his love interests.

It's not a simple film in its ideas. Though it didn't abandon me as a lot of other bigger movies have, and I thought this one had a cerebral intellectualism that most motion picture currently lack.
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Arty and weak
Leofwine_draca12 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
ALIEN INHABITANT is a US sci-fi indie shot in Australia. It's as terrible as most similar features, going for an arty, intellectual approach but failing with a trite script and execution. The story's protagonist is a disturbed army veteran who is haunted by an alien grey which is entirely in his head. Everything plays out with close ups of actors in front of black screens which is no way to tell a story.
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