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Worst movie ever
kasaleliah30 August 2012
Not that the concept of a teenage slasher musical is stupid or anything! The acting was awful. The writing was awful. The directing wasn't awful only because there didn't appear to be any. The photography was acceptable in the sense that most of the movie was in focus. So far, this pretty much describes any teenage slasher movie. The real awfulness that sets this one apart is the music. It is indescribable. The songs turn up, for no apparent reason, about every five minutes and they are atrocious. They have lyrics like "I breathe every breath for me!" I'm glad the kid understands the physiology of breathing, but does he have to sing about it? It's hard to comment on the score because the teenagers are absolutely unable to play any musical instrument (except for the blind kid whose electric bass works just fine in the forest, as if by magic)and are even less able to carry a tune. I would think that a random sample of kids off the street would contain at least one who could carry a tune. Not this sample! The casting director had to go out of his way to find kids who couldn't sing a note. Why did I watch? The same reason people are fascinated by train wrecks, I guess. I couldn't look away. It really, really was that awful!
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Aggravatingly Horrible
thelaughingphilosopher2 August 2012
Before I say anything about the movie, I want readers to know that I love horror movies, and the idea of a horror/musical to me sounds like it could be awesome. I thoroughly enjoy horror movies of all kinds, especially the really bad ones that just make you laugh.

Don't Go in the Woods is a total disgrace to horror film. I've seen hundreds of horror films, and I seriously cannot remember the last time I was this irritated by a one. This movie has absolutely no redeeming qualities. From square one you're forced to endure crappy songs over and over and over and over again. Fine, I get the whole "band in the woods trying to get inspired" thing, but it seems like the director for some reason needed every single insignificant "actor" in the film to get a solo song performance, which just makes no sense to me at all. Another thing is that the music gets more and more irritating as the movie goes along. Just when you think you're free from the terrible music, and you might actually get some horror or gore, another cheese-ball "I'm so sad" song that's even worse than the last starts right up again. At some point I couldn't hold myself back from fast forwarding through them, which was about when I realized just how much of this movie is occupied by bad music. Some of the songs are even repeated by different characters in the movie, making them even more frustratingly bad.

It's really beyond me how anyone could positively review this piece of work. Fine if you like the idea of a horror/musical, and fine if you think it's "original", but the aggravatingly repetitive songs, the too-little-too-late killings, the fragmented straw-man plot, the absolute lack of suspense, the terrible acting, and most of all the HORRIBLE score make this movie a 0/10 in my book.

I hardly ever write reviews on here, but if even one person reads this review and decides against watching this movie, then at least I've saved one soul. Movies like this are like land mines waiting to be stepped on so they can reveal just how bad a movie can get.

I URGE readers to just leave this one alone. It's terrible, and NOT the good kind of terrible. It's not funny, or clever, or really anything but obnoxious.
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Sledgehammer! Returns or: What a Tough Critic This Killer Is
thesar-29 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Amazing. This has to be a record. It's the 9th of January, 2012, and even though Don't Go in the Woods isn't scheduled for theatrical release until January 13th – I watched it via Video on Demand, I strongly doubt any movie could come close to knocking it out of the #1 spot on my Worst Movie of 2012 list. Heck, it's creeping up my all-time worst list.

I want to blame the advertisers. Really, I do…but when one critiques a film, it's not the marketing crew that's to blame. That said, this is sold as a HORROR movie, a throwback to the killer-in the-woods of the 1980s. And boy was I excited for it. I'm a child of the 80s horror, specifically the Friday the 13th sub-genre and its followers.

This…is…a…MUSICAL. I wish I could even say, "Well, at least it's 50/50 musical and horror." That would be inaccurate and a lie. I would be even too generous to say it's 80% Musical and 20% Horror.

Even if it were 100% musical, it still wouldn't work. See, at about the one hour mark (out of ONLY 83 minutes), I gave up on the whole idea this was horror, despite the 20 seconds devoted to suspense up to this point. I accepted this is a musical, pure and simple. Sadly, it still did not work as a musical. You will have a bunch of mindless, boring and completely and utterly hallow individuals that sing song after song after song for practice.

I don't wish to see an "up'n'coming" and unknown band practice for a full-length movie. Likewise, I would loath seeing an accountant crunch numbers for an hour and a half. Mindblowingly worse, every once in awhile, the movie shifts to some sort of music video in the most asinine scenarios.

Of the many, many unintentionally funny and WTF moments, the best (or worst?) was a foreign exchange student is trying to translate/explain there's a killer in the woods and her first instinct is to stand in one place, sway back and forth and sing in her native tongue in order to give the killer enough time to catch up.

Ahhh, I haven't even gotten to how much I hated the characters. The worst of which is the controlling, depressing and boring lead who's against the usual things that get the normal "killer-in-the-woods" all riled up: sex, booze and drugs. Oh, and cell phones. Lest anyone actually needs one, he wants to chop them all up so they can write music. (???)

OK, so there's a method to the Demetri Martin Wannabe's madness – he just really wants to better the band. How sweet and stupid.

The ONLY bright spot was that since these cardboard cutout characters are so blah and whiney, you really, REALLY, wanted them to die. And you'll get your wish. Only, you'll want them to be smashed by the weird twist-on-the-machete-weapon, a sledgehammer, from minute one and every single aching minute until they do, approximately 5-10 minutes before the end.

You would be better off playing 83 straight minutes of Pandora as that app would be highly more of a thrill to listen to and watch. You'd be blind (ha – I forgot: there's a blind character for no reason other than, other than, why was he blind again?) if you didn't see the sad little and unoriginal twist coming from the first five minutes. And you'd be a fool to go into these woods.

1/10 Stars. I plead with you to skip this. I'd even condone you voting Republican than giving this movie anything over fifty cents of profit.

(Spoiler Alert! I can't help it, but if you do plan on wasting your time here, even if it's only 83 minutes, don't read the next two words…Fight Club. I mean seriously? That's supposed to be original? I did see it coming, but even if it were dropped on me as a total shock in the finale, I would be like OH! You're a fan of soap. Big f'ng deal. Now, go write an original screenplay that involves more words than lyrics and less time with plagiarism. Sorry, I had to get that off my chest.)
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Original But So What
Michael_Elliott16 June 2012
Don't Go in the Woods (2010)

BOMB (out of 4)

Vincent D'Onofrio makes his feature directing debut with this horror film, which is one of the most original in recent years but it's also one of the worst. A band goes into the woods to try and come up with some new songs and before long their girlfriends show up as well. Soon afterwards (in their time, not the viewers) a psycho shows up with a sledge hammer and begins to kill them. This is not a remake of the same titled 1981 slasher but it's too bad it isn't because this film is simply awful. I love watching horror movies and I love watching bad movies but every once in a while I come across a film that just makes me downright angry and this is one of them. The entire movie is simply a waste of time and I'd really love to hear from D'Onofrio on what he was trying to do. Minus the end credits this thing runs 82-minutes and the deaths scenes really don't start until the 65-minute mark. So, what's going on at the start of the film? Band practice. For well over a hour we do nothing but listen to this band sing one song after another. Yes, they're bad songs. Yes, they're annoying songs. Yes they keep coming again and again and again. Is this original? It sure is but who wants something like this? Did the director really think horror fans were going to sit through this music and be entertained? Did he really think having all the violence take place in a ten-minute period would make up for it? This is just a flat out confusing movie because while it's technically well made and most of the performances are good, there's just no point in watching it. The twist at the end doesn't work and isn't nearly as clever as everyone thought it was. I'm guessing that someone came up with this ending and then tried to build a film around it but the result is one of the worst movies in recent years. Technically speaking this movie is better than a lot of the genre films out there now but that doesn't add any entertainment. DON'T GO IN THE WOODS needs to be shot and then taken to the woods and left.
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This is a musical joke, with good songs and lots of blood!
deacon_blues-322 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The low rating is for the poor cinematography and cheap feel of the film over all.

The over all vision of the film is quite striking, however.

I really enjoyed the songs and the lyrics. The big conceit is that Nick seems like a psycho because he is! He is so obsessed with being great in the music business that he is more than willing to sacrifice everything and everyone to his goal! This movie's vision is very high on metaphor and symbolism (what else would you expect from Vincenzo D'Onofrio?).

I think most horror movie fans hate musicals. I certainly do! But I had to admit that this little crappy film had something. If you bear with it's absurd story line, the songs are quite good (too bad for the band members never surviving to reap the benefits!).

D'Onofrio's vision is an absurd look at the obsession with success, with art, and especially with hit song lyrics that paint nihilist images of life and existence, but do not really face the meaning of their own words. The teen angst that fills most songs is obsessively narcissistic. It views the world from a self-centered perspective without broader context. Every hangnail is a reason for suicide and despair. When faced with real annihilation, its plaintive cries do not match experience. They fall absurdly short of authenticity. But this film juxtaposes the two in a very original vision.

One reason I think many reviewers hate the film so much is that it holds up a mirror to our narcissistic, hypocritical vision of artistic success. No generation that sees itself as having a monopoly on artistic authenticity likes to see itself reflected in an absurdist mirror, and this is exactly what this film does!

Yes, the characters are all stupid, impractical, shallow, foolish, and self-destructive. They barely put up with Nick's maniacal obsessions, but they do so because they see him as the only one who really aspires to the artistic greatness and success that they all would like to achieve. None of them has the slightest clue about what it really takes to be successful, but Nick does, and, in the end, he shows them; to their ultimate horror and demise.

The selfish narcissism is not only unauthentic, it actually turns out to be psychotic and sociopathic as well! Once Nick realizes what is happening to all his friends, he sees it as the ultimate means for his personal success. What music is more authentic than what is born out of facing true despair and extinction? True artistic greatness comes from the context of truly ultimate despair and annihilation! At least this tends to be the dominant artistic outlook of our post-modern existentialist age.

The ending is a devastatingly cynical commentary on artistic success and the extremes to which it often goes. Nothing matters but success and artistic authenticity, leaving a scorched-earth wasteland of hypocrisy and broken humanity in its wake.

Bravo, Vincenzo!
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Don't watch this movie * possible spoilers *
kroork11 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
** may contain spoilers but not really***

Wow , so I just finished watching this movie. And all I have to say is wow. Thesar-2 got it 100% correct. Check out his review for more details, but from the horrid acting (seriously bad) to the horrible songs (really really horrible) to the horrible singing ( omg these people r sooooooo bad! The drummer is the worst!) not to mention the all around horrible atrocious story/plot. This move has zero redeeming qualities. None. This movie is textbook of why never to do ever again. I do t write many reviews but I had to say something about this hour and 23 min excuse for a really bad amateur band to get noticed. And I love a good musical and I love horror and this was neither. All bad, all bad, all bad. Like I said. Read theses-2's review for even more reasons why this movie is awful. Someone while in mid attack breaks out into song! Seriously! Stay away!
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NOT a remake of the 80,s classic
dadatuuexx24 January 2012
When i first heard of a possible remake of the 1982 low-budget shocker , i was ready. I remember seeing it at the drive in,way back when.I got a call from a friend to come over to watch the 2010 film of the same name. Was i going to like it ?-well,i was all for it.After 12-15 min. into the movie,i thought" lots of focus on this "band". I waited for a scene where someone ,or something is watching them,ready for one of them to leave the group,go off to pee,or make the beast with 2 backs,and get killed.Well,instead,they broke into ....more lame songs.It was at this point,i realized i was watching a musical.Now,i do watch them sometimes,and i did make it thru "Little shop of horror"(both versions),but this movie was not what i expected.Long scenes of singing,at the strangest times,a story that makes no sense,very little blood,sub-par effects,and basic camera work made this a LONG watch.i did make it till the end,but felt like a ass,for sticking around.All in all,i have seen much better musicals,and WAY better horror films.To me,this movie fails on BOTH levels.
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Oh, VIncent!
kriselda15 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The movie is described as a "slasher musical" but we're 1 hour and 4 minutes into the movie (which is a total of 1 hour and 23 minutes long) and so far, there have only been a couple deaths, and those have been primarily off screen. There are songs, however, just about every 5 minutes. The movie would be far more successful if that ratio were reversed. Plus, one of the main characters keeps going into this portentous monologue about hurricanes and - I think - how they're a metaphor for life or something, but it's delivered in such a monotone that it more lulls you to sleep than imparts any wisdom. Cap this all off with characters bursting into song as they are trying to warn their friends about the killer or - even worse - as they're dying - and this movie becomes just one, huge confusing mess.

I love D'Onofrio as an actor, but he kind of scares me as a director and NOT in a good way. In a interview with EW, he admitted to coming up with the idea to do the movie because he was bored. This is NOT a good reason to make a film.

The best thing about the movie as a whole is that the woods in which it was filmed are absolutely gorgeous (and, apparently, are D'Onofrio's property - I have to say, I envy the man! What I wouldn't give to have a woods of my own like that :D) Unfortunately, this isn't one of those movies that's so bad it's good or so campy that it's funny. It's plays like it's intended to be taken seriously, and it is so dreadful, the best thing one can do is to seriously avoid it.
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No Thanks
Psy-Ko21 January 2012
I thought this movie was pretty bad, just watched it and came here to see if maybe I was missing something. Maybe I'm just not artsy enough to "get it" I dunno, if that's art, I'll skip it I think. I like horror and I like music and I've liked that combination in other movies but this was just weird. Too much music, which is pretty generic stuff, and not enough movie. What gore it has is done well so the FX team gets a passing grade but for a horror movie there just isn't much there.

When it was over it had me wondering if these kids were a real band and maybe the movie was just a vehicle to get their music some exposure. Usually music accents a movie but in this case it seemed like the movie was just filler for the music.
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It's all about the art...
calico2-13 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Review by Ruby: A young man takes his indie band deep into the woods for a weekend of complete solitude to find song-writing inspiration. But soon, they find they are not alone at all.

Vincent D'Onofrio, in his feature-length directorial debut, has taken a group of non-actors and 12 days of filming in the woods, expertly mixed them, and turned it all into a little gem of a scary movie. It has all the elements of a good slasher flick: film editing that creates a mysterious aura, creepy musical sound effects, foreshadowing, and screams and blood enough to satisfy any slasher-phile but not so much as to disconcert those of us who prefer psychological thrillers over gratuitous sadistic violence. Call it Grand Guignol for the thinking audience.

But do not underestimate the musical part of this slasher musical. Sam Bisbee has written a killer (pun intended) soundtrack of indie rock songs that engage as well as entertain. I'm nowhere near being a young person any more, and I was afraid the music might not be to my liking, but Bisbee writes such interesting, intelligent music with truly poetic lyrics, and the kids' voices mastered the nuances so well, I found this becoming my new favorite soundtrack. The music integrated with the images wonderfully, making a perfect blend of sight and sound.

D'Onofrio, with his vast and versatile acting experience, did a brilliant job of casting these musicians and an even more brilliant job showing them the art of appearing totally natural on camera.

The script was conceived and written by D'Onofrio, Bisbee, and Joe Vinciguerra. Please do not let this be their last film collaboration! Their fresh ideas and sly sense of humor melded into a thoroughly enjoyable, if violent, evening of entertainment. Tell your friends. Pass it on. Just…don't go in the woods alone.
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Really bad musical but worse horror film.
pankoeken16 June 2012
Several hipster doofus emo guys are in a band and decide to go into the woods and like work on some new music dude. We know they are cool because they have a blind guy and a Asian guy in the band. They are edgy too though because they refuse to be trendy which we see due to the lack of a black guy. Some chicks show up but don't get naked which doesn't lose too many points because none of them are close to hot anyway. After way too much bad singing a killer finally shows up and the boredom is elevated to slightly less boredom.

This movie is horrible. I mean really really bad. It fails on every level. The cast consists of a lot of unattractive young adult emo wanna be musicians who I assume are family or friends or lovers of the director Vincent D'Onofrio. They sing painfully bad songs and they all seem to be trying to imitate Violent Femmes lead singer Gordon Gano. He has a cool angst ridden voice they all just sound screechy and whiny.

It's the type of ridiculous movie that makes you embarrassed for those involved and also makes your eyes hurt. Why do they hurt? Because you are rolling them so often. Mainly at the moronic songs but also at the acting, the barely existence plot, and the lack of suspense or horror.

This is so amateurish in every way you wonder why VD didn't just shelve this pile of crap. It makes me think my sarcastic comment about the cast being VD's lovers is spot on because why would he want to destroy a friend or family members career by having anyone see this stinker? My fond memories of some of D'Onofrio's films and the fact some of the God awful morons finally do get butchered made me give up another pity star for a grand total of 2.

D'Onofrio shouldn't consider quiting his acting gig anytime soon. The cast should resign themselves to be waiters who play around town or go back to school and try to learn a trade.
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Horror Nope... Horriable Yes!!!!
ailyn7714 January 2012
I love horror movies, and all I can say there is nothing scary in this movie... Only thing scary is that it actually got 2 good reviews out of 6...

I was all excited to see this movie, its still playing however i've refused to continue the torturing myself... As my poor girlfriend is still watching only b/c its a musical and she likes musicals... however she is well aware that its a terrible film and we both think that the 2 good reviews here have to be from someone in the film...

This film totally blows... Even the songs, like seriously WTF are they singing about, I wish someone would just hurry up and kill them all!!! Terrible, Horrible, Disappointing, Stupid I don't even want to call it a movie, just a true time waster!!!!
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jimmysdate2 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
After screening this movie at the Savannah Film Festival with Mr. D'Onofrio in the audience and speaking briefly after, I still left very disappointed. Taken at face value, it is a horror musical. Cheesy score, awful singing (musically speaking), mediocre setting (the woods that we surely all traipsed through as kids) and no acting. If that is the intent, it succeeded. BUT I always appreciated this director as an actor- intense, smart and able to peel away the layers of a character and reveal them to the audience with talent and skill often unmatched in feature films and certainly on network television. I imagine the film was enjoyable to make, as he compiled friends and fellow movie makers to make a film in a short period of time, but it served no purpose that I could tell- other than to make people laugh and shake their heads at the absurdity.
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Horror or Music Video? Failed, both counts.
davidjp-216 June 2012
This movie (if you can call it a movie) can be summarized -- talked a few meaningless sentences, sang a song; walked and wandered a few steps, sang a song; did absolute nothing, sang a song. Songs were not too bad, pleasant melody, sentimental lyrics -- I did not dislike them, but the way songs were inserted into the movie was... bad and annoying. The acting was, you can tell those young actors and actresses really tried, but given a non-existent plot..., who can blame them? Production was decent considering its low budget; more or less, a TV look. It is better looking than many indie film. Many times, low budget slashers liked to overused shaky camera movement (thanks to The Blair Witch Project). This time, the camera was not shaking like crazy, that was only good thing I can say about this movie.

I saw it on Show Time, it was about, "A rock band that's on the rise retreats to the wilderness seeking artistic inspiration as they write new songs, but finds only murder and mayhem when they are stalked by a well-groomed killer."
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This was a GREAT New Film, and INCREDIBLE soundtrack!!!
dalekinner2 September 2013
For all you whiners, I hate that you claim to want something new for horror, and then when you get it you complain that it doesn't have all the same old crap. This movie was awesome because it was MOSTLY original, and the music was fantastic. I want this soundtrack. Yes, there was less horror than most, which actually made it much more realistic, thus adding to the suspense. The acting was actually good, and true to responses that kids would have including the name calling and petty tantrums. They respond as teens would, with the Likely exception of the phones.(Not gonna place a spoiler) I will be buying this movie if only for the soundtrack and the fact that the concept is real enough. Hats off to Vincent D. for a great psychological thriller. Can't wait to see more.
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Finally something different
ShiversOfHorror3 July 2012
I don't tend to write reviews on IMDb but I figured I should after seeing the rating here. 2.8/10? Wow, really? The movie starts off with a band headed out into the woods. They are trying to come up with a few new songs for a CD and need the peace and quiet. A bunch of their friends (girls) end up crashing, thinking the guys are just up there to party. Slowly the killing begins, and really its not that hard to figure out who's doing it by a certain point.

The gore was really decent, and the music I actually liked. However, I do enjoy musicals too. I really thought this was a nice "twist" on the "kids out camping" sort of horror movie. They threw music into it and it didn't seem "odd". Although, if you don't like that kind of music or their voices then you might as well stay far away since 90% of the movie is music. Because then you'd probably really dislike it. Check out the trailer, or even YouTube to see what kind of music is in it.

The acting wasn't really bad at all other then a couple of the girls who show up. But they don't get a ton of screen time. Seriously, if you think this is bad acting, you haven't seen half of Netflix's streaming horror movies. A lot of them are bad. Oh, and I saw this on Netflix as its up there to stream right now (7/3/12).

The ending felt a little weak, I mean, it was obvious an hour into it what was going on, and the ending felt Silly. BUT overall I was entertained, it was something more unique and interesting. I would watch it again. And I'm picky when it comes to my horror films (and musicals!)
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Just Awful
kassandrabonilla19 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I wish I could give half a star or 0 stars. I'm generally an understanding horror film lover and I've seen my share of terrible movies, but do not market this movie to me as a horror movie. This is a musical and I would not have even cared that much but the music itself is sub par at best front he melodies to the singing. At least most of the women were decent at singing and they weren't even in the band. I've seen my day of 1980's teen slasher flicks, and this falls short of the flock. The characters are so bland that it's hard to care for them when they actually die and more emphasis is placed on the singing than the killing, like in the scene when the kids are being killed in the sleeping bag, and you can't even hear the sounds of the sledgehammer being driven into them. Slasher movies are supposed to be a little heavier on the gore, but all this has is some blood here and there. At least have a more ominous soundtrack to emphasize the killing. There is no suspense and the overall acting quality is poor.

This movie needed more killing and less singing. Please.
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One persons opinion
twinssaraone17 February 2013
I know this is not the best movie, but I am a music lover. There is some really great music in here. The acting may not be award winning -but I don't think it was terrible. In time, I foresee this as a cult classic. Mark My Words. No one ever likes them at first either.

I am a horror lover, this to me is more a slasher flick. I want to buy the soundtrack. Anyone know if there is one? I would say -don't watch this as a serious film, and you will love it. If you are wanting a seriously scary movie, this isn't it. It is worth a watch if you are into music.

For the debut movie - I think this was original and creative. I think using actors that are not widely known was smart. I don't think it would have worked otherwise.
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This soundtrack is awesome!
beachmom6228 August 2012
I am not a slasher/horror movie fan - at all. Ask anyone that knows me BUT, I have to admit I liked this movie. I loved the music and I thought the idea was original. I wish I could buy the soundtrack! I actually liked that the slashing (other than the few opening minutes) didn't begin until well into the movie. It's one of those movies that I came across channel surfing last weekend then I went to my On Demand function and watched it in it's entirety. Yeah, it was a little strange and my middle son, who watched part of it with me, figured out who the slasher was almost right away. Like I said, the reason I even stopped to watch it was because of the music. Obviously, I am in the minority here but what can I say? Everyone is entitled to their opinion. :)
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A rare addition to Horror Musicals
lexyg4298 November 2011
So you want to watch a horror film, but your roommate only likes musicals. There's "Cannibal! The Musical", "Repo! The Genetic Opera", and this.

From the get-go you know this film isn't exactly in the running for the Oscars, so don't go in expecting Michael Bay explosions or a John Williams soundtrack. This is the sort of thing you watch at a horror movie festival, or put on at home with some friends when you just feel like watching something fun. It's not quite MST3K material, it's well-paced, the camera-work is high quality and the acting works well with the premise.

If you like camp, and you're not afraid of watching a few skulls get crushed in like watermelons stuffed with SpaghettiOs, give it a try.
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Once Meets Friday The Thirteenth
chicagopoetry9 January 2012
I like Don't Go In The Woods, a lot. I think it's a wonderful indie musical in line with Once, as well as a pretty scary slasher film in line with the original Firday the 13th (there's one scene that is as shocking as the most gruesome scene from Irreversible). The combination of music and horror creates a psychological mind trip that gets more and more disturbing as the music gets more intense and the bodies start to pile up. It doesn't hurt that the main character looks a lot like Elijah Woods to make things even creepier. I have to hand it to Vincent D'Onofrio for not just making yet another movie about a maniac with a sledgehammer offing young adults in the woods, but for making that part of it a very minor part of a story that is actually about song. Bravo!
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Vincent D'onofrio's slasher musical is the most beautiful Horror film since Candyman
dyingseed16 April 2012
This movie is amazing! Great combo flick. It's a slasher musical and it delivers on both elements promised. So, you've heard about several famous bands slipping away from their daily distractions to record their masterpiece albums right. Everyone from Zeppelin to Radiohead believes in this concept and it's the very concept that drives this film. It's a perfect device too because the leader of the band makes everyone toss away there cell phones to avoid creative distraction. This gets rid of the whole, "well, why didn't they just call the police?" question asked by so many fans of so many a clichéd Horror title. I'm not saying this movies free from cliché. No, quite the contrary. It is extremely true to it's slasher roots so it makes sure to rely on many classic clichés. And isn't that why we're watching a slasher musical in the first place? I was concerned that the music wouldn't deliver, but boy was I stupid to wonder that. The music was brilliant, and at times, touching in the best way possible. This is actually the most beautiful, moving piece of Horror film making i've seen since the original Candyman. Now I'm sad to say "Don't go in the woods" is Tony Todd free but you know what? It doesn't need him! I mean no disrespect Mr. Todd sir. In fact, to make it up to you I have a great movie recommendation for you to check out. It's a little film called Vincent D'onofrio's "Don't go in the woods". That's right. That's actor turned director Vincent D'onofrio and he's made a slasher musical. I always knew the man was crazy weird and he didn't disappoint me this time either. I can't wait to see what insanity he throws our way next. Keep those awesome brain children coming!
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Nothing Much To Add About Its Awfulness
darad9 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
As many have already said, the concept of a group going to the woods for some peace, quiet and inspiration isn't a terrible basis for a movie but when there's more music than anything else it gets pretty nerve wracking. It's like a wannabe band trying to use the movie for exposure to get a record deal, but all they're showing is just how bad their music is.

The only hope to get out of your suffering from the God-awful music is the fact that it touts itself as horror so someone responsible gets hacked and finally shuts the hell up. Never have I wanted a cast to be killed off so bad. Even while their getting hacked with everyone around them dying off someone still picks up a guitar and starts singing. Even those getting hacked continue to sing.

Take everyone's advise on this one and save yourself time of your precious life and avoid this disgrace of a movie with sucky songs and terrible acting with a plot that should have been set fire to before it was conceived.
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Absolutely terrible.
FrameRates_IH5 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I got up at 2am on my last day in San Francisco before flying back to London, and decided to use my Netflix for the last time on a movie that I heard was pretty bad. Don't Go into the Woods is not 'pretty bad', it's an abomination on cinema.

There is literally NOTHING good about this movie. Nothing. The acting is wooden to the point of static; the script is cringe-worthy; "I dunno, dude, sometimes you just have to light a fire and pray to the songwriting gods."; the characters are all whiny indie w***ers; the location is uninspiring and clichéd; character motivations are ridiculous at all times; they bring up the fact there is a blind guy in the band in almost every scene in which he appears; the gore is rubbish; it's not a horror movie, it's an impotent musical; the direction is clearly crap because what Vincent D'Onofrio has managed to get from his actors is utterly awful. Also, if you wanted to get the most out of your band, why would you start killing them? ARGH, what a terrible, terrible movie.
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83 minutes of my life I'll never get back
weeredghost9 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was AWFUL. The acting was terrible and there was absolutely no direction. The true horror of this movie was the music! Holy bad coffee house drivel, Batman! To the cast of this craptastic movie, DON'T QUIT YOUR DAY JOB. You all suck. This is one movie where I prayed for the brutal, bloody splatter deaths for all involved. However, there was 1 good thing about it..... the effective use of a mallet. When their heads were smashed, they could no longer sing. HULK SMASH!

If you're thinking of watching this film, please heed my warning and don't waste your time. I have never written a bad review about ANYTHING, nor am I normally this b*tchy, but this had me gagging more than the viral video of that girl eating her own used tampon!
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