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MPAA Rated R for strong violence, pervasive language, crude and sexual content, and brief nudity

Sex & Nudity

  • there is a scene where 2 prostitute characters are in a pool and their fake breasts are shown.
  • An extended scene where a woman in a scantily clad outfit that shows her bottom dances around a pole in the middle of some of the characters. She appears to do so lethargically. Highly sexist scene
  • Scene in the bathroom with two characters making out, no nudity, but the two having sex is a given.
  • When Mindy and the other girls are watching the Union J music video, it is very heavily implied that it turns them on.
  • Other than Mindy, the only other female superheroes/villains (only 2) are sexualised with cleavage, large portions of their torsos showing and the villain is barely covered at all, also showing large portions of her bottom, crotch and legs. Highly sexist considering the male characters are fully clothed.
  • Some crude humor, many of which are sexist and some of which are about prostituted women

Violence & Gore

  • The Dog of the Team in the movie bites an Asian Gang Member's Groin.
  • The violence is just like the first film, it has blood but nothing too graphic is seen.
  • A lawnmower is shoved on innocent officers; blood sprays out; very gory but scene quickly cuts away.
  • A teenager visits his uncle in prison and while inside, a thug slits the throat of the boy's bodyguard (we hear gurgling and see blood briefly)
  • A woman takes a machete and runs a super hero through; the bloody knife blade comes out the front and the back and she cleans it off on his uniform before he falls dead;
  • A woman stops five police cruisers in a row, killing all 10 police officers inside; she tosses them through shattering windshield, shoots them, and beats them with a metal bar.
  • A teen boy wears a pimp costume to attract four thugs, who follow him into an alley where he beats up all four until they bring out metal bars and beat him to the ground (we see his face bruised and bloody); a teen girl super hero appears and subdues all the thugs by knocking out three of them, then beats the fourth to the ground and cuts off his right hand with a saber (blood gushes as if from a fire hose as he screams) and then says that's how Arabs handle thieves.
  • A teen boy super hero fights two thugs in a street: they pull out rebar pieces and beat him to the ground; another man, dressed as a super hero, uses a ball bat on the two thugs and beats them away to end the fight.
  • Super heroes burst into a Chinese gang's poker game, beat up the gangsters, use a taser on one man, and then release teen girls that had been held as prostitutes; a German shepherd bites one gangster's groin as the man shouts in pain and the heroes break up furniture in the room and leave.
  • A teen boy is kidnapped by five gangsters and a fight ensues in a flower van as a teen girl appears on the roof with a handgun; men are thrown off the van roof and out the van's back door, crashing through car windshields on a highway while gunfire goes through the roof (the girl rolls off and hangs onto the van door), and a man is dragged a short distance; the driver shoots at the girl and misses, she takes his gun away and makes him pull over and then calls the police to come get the driver and we see the teen boy's face and white shirt covered with blood spatter.
  • A man goes to jail and is killed by thugs while inside; we see a wide black leather belt placed around his neck to choke him as he screams and is beaten with blood spurting out and around his mouth and neck; we hear that he died and we see a short funeral where thugs show up and shoot bystanders and police officers, who fall (we see a little blood).
  • A teen boy becomes angry with his mother over the death of his father years before; the boy pounds on a sun tanning bed enclosing his mother, it short-circuits with sparks and the power in the room goes out after the woman is electrocuted (we see one of her arms hangs out of the bed limply).
  • A male teen villain wearing a black patent leather jacket and pants, chains and feathers points a gun at a convenience store clerk, makes an old man lie on the floor, and shoots out the street door, but the recoil hits him in the face and he screams; then he shoots out all of the glass doors of a wall full of beer coolers and beer gushes onto the floor.
  • A teen girl fires a small and a large handgun at a teen boy wearing a bulletproof vest; the boy shouts and falls down three times, but is not wounded.
  • A teen girl slaps her boyfriend in the face for talking to another girl.
  • Another teen girl slaps another teen boy in the face during an argument.
  • A teen girl imagines herself fighting three ninjas and knocking out all three.
  • A teen boy captures and slaps a woman and we see her in a hospital bed, bruised and scraped around the face (please see the Sex/Nudity category for more details).
  • A teen boy in a boxing ring is beaten and his face left very bloody by a man in his 30s.
  • A teen boy and a teen girl exercise and practice karate punches and takedowns in a weapons room also used for a gym; the boy's face becomes reddened and bruised before he begins to practice punching on a heavy bag (rifles and handguns line the walls).
  • A man is shown in a hospital bed, bandaged from head to toe in bloody gauze and shouting that he cannot reach his water glass.
  • A military super hero trains his dog to attack the groin of villains by having it attack large sausages and eat them.
  • A mother that becomes a super hero uses a brick in her purse to make a weapon and she pounds it loudly on a table to show it is strong.
  • A man in a business suit on a sidewalk chases a purse-snatcher, running off screen.
  • A guardian argues continually with his foster daughter, demanding that she stop acting as a superhero at night causing her to cry several times, but she agrees and says, "Cross my heart and hope to die" (she goes out anyway).
  • Parents and children argue loudly several times, as do teen boys with their teen girlfriends. Snobbish girls belittle and threaten other girls in high school.
  • We hear that a female villain killed and ate her cellmate in prison (off-scrreen).
  • A teen girl tells a friend that she killed seven criminals with a police officer's handgun and then leaves the city on a loud motorcycle to start a new life alone.
  • A teen girl is forced to put a dollar for every swear word she says into a "swear jar"; she fills it up, then fills a large coffee mug with dollars as well and later a hero's group leader tells them to stop cursing because it makes them similar to the villains.
  • A 15-year-old girl says she can kill a man.
  • We hear a teen boy shout several times that he wants to kill another male teenager.
  • A teen girl says, "People are going to die tonight."
  • A super hero tries to save a villain after a fight, but the villain says he would rather die; the hero calls, "Life is not a comic book. When you die, you can't come back."
  • A couple at a hero's meeting explains that their small son was stolen.
  • A woman says that her sister was murdered and left in a dumpster.
  • A man says that his dad was killed with a bazooka.
  • An older man describes how he became tired of dealing with gangsters and war and how he hates child sex traffickers and perverts.
  • Police round up all citizens wearing masks and jail them.
  • A group of snobbish girls lures another girl to the woods at night and leaves her stranded there; she threatens to cut out their tongues later, but instead takes a vomiting machine to school and touches three girls causing them to vomit gallons of material; the third girl has diarrhea that we see clearly, like a fire hose gushing onto the floor of the cafeteria.


  • One use of c*nt.
  • A lot of really toxic sexist language
  • 20+ F-words 22 bitches, 17 "s" words, 2-6 uses each "dick," , "cock-suckers," "hard-on",1 use of "tits" and 12 asses (5 used with "hole").
  • Mild: 1 "bastard", 3 "penis", 2 "rim job"s, 2 "balls".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Two women in a hot tub drink martinis
  • A large glass coffee table is covered with bottles of liquor.
  • A warehouse sized bar and club has shelves covered with bottles of alcohol and a bottle of alcohol sits on a glass coffee table in front of the bar (no one drinks).
  • A man smokes a cigarette on the steps of a house.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Intense in terms of fight scenes and violence. A 15 year old may well find this film frightening and intense.
  • Much more tame than the first
  • Vomiting and later diarrhea shown


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The deaths of Dave's father and Colonel Stars/Stripes are quick and violent, but very upsetting.
  • The final brawl between Justice Forever and the Motherf**ker's army is brutal, very bloody, rapid, and Intense, especially the one-on-one fights between Hit-Girl/Mother Russia and Kick- !@#$%^&*/the Motherf**ker, which are very bloody, stylized combat sequences in their own right.
  • At the pinnacle ending of the fight between Dave/Kick- !@#$%^&* and Chris/The Motherf**ker, Kick- !@#$%^&* defeats The Motherf**ker by knocking him down on a plate of glass on top of the roof where they brawled, The Motherf**ker is forced through the glass, nearly falling until he is stopped by Kick- !@#$%^&* himself. In an extremely disturbing circumstance, Chris pulls Dave down, whispering in his ear "I will be reborn as an Evil !@#$%^&*", then forcibly releases his grip on Kick- !@#$%^&* as he forms a disturbing grin on his face as he is plummeting to the bottom. Chris lands into the bottom of the shark tank where he is mauled alive, graphically, nearly to death, by the shark. Kick- !@#$%^&* watches in horror. This is the most intense moment of the film. During the end credits, we see Chris in a hospital bed, presumably recovering from the incident. All four of his limbs are severely missing. Bloody stumps and cuts are visible.

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