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A movie that has a whole lot of nothing ever happening
scarletheels17 April 2012
Inkubus (Robert Englund) spends the evening tormenting the unfortunate members of a police station skeleton crew and Diamante (William Forsythe), the detective who nearly put him away years ago. While it may seem like all fun and games for the crafty demon, he has two objectives: settle a score with Diamante and find a new host for rebirth so that he may live on for another century.

While the film boasts quite a few recognizable names and faces, the dialog is feeble, in stark contrast to the menacing tone and visuals. It's not quite campy and has no flow. A lot of the banter between Inkubus and the officers are laundry lists of past victims dating back to the beginning of time. I get it, he's killed a lot of people, I don't need to hear every name and date. In fact, Inkubus talks more about murdering people than actually killing them.

Englund and Forsythe are always a treat to watch but, yeesh, the acting by the rest of the cast is shameful. It's a baby step above porno-grade. (This coming from someone who watches a buttload of indie and low budget horror.) Speaking of pornos, there are two sex scenes, neither of which contains any nudity, despite the casting of rather well-endowed actresses.

The entire movie is one, long teaser of things to come and therein lies its colossal weakness. Scene after scene, I was itching for Inkubus to go postal on someone, anyone. Is that too much to ask from a beast that, in the beginning of the film, shows up with a decapitated head and a vehicle adorned with dismembered limbs and internal organs? I was both disappointed and relieved when the movie was done. Disappointed because the final showdown between Inkubus and his rival, Diamante, had ended so abruptly. Relieved because I was finally put out of my misery.

Skip this unless you're like me and hellbent on watching every horror ever released.
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A very low budget but watchable horror movie that is only that way because of the cast. Freddy Kruger makes it OK. I say C+
cosmo_tiger17 February 2012
"You can't pull that trigger, you can't even move. There's nothing you can do about this." While working at a police station on it's last day the few cops that are left begin to question a young teen on his girlfriend's murder. When a stranger walks in holding her severed head the night takes a wicked turn and they wonder if the stranger is an Inkubus out for revenge. This is a movie that will very much appeal to horror fans, and that may be it. The movie is just one step above a movie made for cable TV and if it weren't for the cast it would have been that. I'm not saying that the cast and acting are great but the fact that Freddy Kruger is in this adds a level of creepy that actually helps the movie. The budget is very very low and the film quality is blurry at times. 95% of the movie takes place in a very plain and boring station but that actually helps the movie I think. Overall, not really impressed at all but worth watching for the cast or if you are a huge horror movie fan. I give it a C+.
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Scarecrow-8810 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Robert Englund stars as a demon—he calls himself Inkubus (with an inverted K)—tormenting and playing mind games/magic tricks on a police station containing a small crew (the police station is being closed down as most of the employees have now moved into a brand new one), before killing each one. Joey Fatone (yes, of NSYNC), is a cop who has suffered what others consider a complete mental breakdown, being interviewed by a doctor while momentarily in a strait-jacket. His wife, a uniformed cop, suffered a gruesome fate, it seems, after her demon fetus rips itself from her belly. Fatone tells the doctor of the horrifying night at the soon-to-be-destroyed station after Englund turns himself in for committing serial killings for over a prolonged period of time (a century or so!). William Forsythe is a former cop who lost his wife and son to Englund's savagery, coming down to the station with his psychiatrist at Fatone's request to see if the man held in the interrogation room, hand-cuffed, is perhaps responsible for the murders that had left him a broken man (I personally think Forsythe is good here, playing a man relatively calm but fragile and barely held together; I think you can see the effort his character, the strides, has made to move on past a tragedy that many couldn't survive). Before long, members of law enforcement (security and personnel, including Jonathan Silverman of "Weekend at Bernies" fame) are manipulated and viciously mutilated/butchered by Englund who takes delight in his slaughter. Englund is having a blast, you can just tell, but this film's budget is obviously low. "Inkubus" looks like most of the money went to Englund and Forsythe with primarily the violence left off-screen, aftermaths of those decimated shown in explicit detail (a lot of body parts props are used along with plenty of colored Karo-syrup for blood) to convey how Inkubus hacked his victims to bits. A lot of quick cutting and careful camera placement diminishes the on screen brutality. The special effects involving Englund's abilities to jump around from one place to another and morph his body into whoever he so chooses to torture his prey are quite unimpressive and cheap. See this for the recognizable names, even though Fatone gets a brunt of the movie's scenes, this is all about Englund's battle of wills with Forsythe. My favorite scene has Englund, in the aforementioned interrogation room, taking credit for many well-known murders, including the White Chapel slayings among others, much to the dismay of Fatone and company. Probably the most memorable scene could be when Englund shows up to turn himself in for the murder currently holding another (the boy in the room with the female victim killed) under interrogation, carrying the head of the victim!
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gregsrants4 March 2012
Serves me right. Usually before I order something through Video On Demand, I do a little research. After all, why would someone give their money away? If you wanted to make an investment, you would first research the venture, wouldn't you? So, I take time to research a desirable title and then watch a trailer or head to the usual internet staples such as IMDb or rottentomatoes just to make sure I know what I am about to get myself into.

But here I was on a quiet Sunday afternoon flipping through the VOD options when I stumbled across the icon for Inkubus. I thought it was a safe bet. After all, it listed Robert Englund (Nightmare on Elm Street), William Forsythe (Dear Mr. Gacy, Boardwalk Empire) and Jonathon Silverman (Weekend at Bernies) on the one-sheet. Surely there must have been something there to lure three known B-actors to the project. Surely.

Inkubus takes place in an old police station about to be demolished. The police have a man wanted for a woman's murder handcuffed inside when Inkubus (Englund) appears at the station holding the head of the deceased female. Inkubus is calm and confident and the police immediately misrepresent his 'turning myself in' intentions. As the police begin to interrogate the Inkubus, he confesses to crimes that date back centuries. That is when retired detective Gil Dimante (Forsythe) is called in to help with the interrogation. Seems the Inkubus and Mr. Diamante have some history that Inkubus is eager to settle. Unfortunately for the remaining staff of the police station, the journey to the film's conclusion will be filled with gruesome displays of murder and magic that leave not only the characters, but also the audience, scratching their heads.

Inkubus was a straight to DVD/VOD release and it is clear why it was not given a chance to disappoint theatrically. The whole piece from beginning to end was a mess. The story was as weak as an Olson twin on a hunger strike and the production values - in particular the sound - was unforgiveingly bad. Each line sounded as if it was dubbed in an empty school hall and if not for the talented cast trying their best to overcome the inferior production values, I would have likely turned this mess off within minutes and chalked it up to a bad investment.

Surprisingly, the main cast come out of the experience no worse for wear, in particular Englund that shows he has acting chops even when not donning prosthetics that turn him into a burn victim that haunts teenagers on Elm Street in their dreams.

Still, a salvageable performance or two is hardly cause for a celebration. Writer/director Glenn Ciano had some pull to get Englund, Forsythe, Silverman and Joey Fatone to the location shoot every day. But whether this still novice director has any true talent is yet to be seen.
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beyond terrible
jtmorehead552 March 2012
I had been looking forward to this movie sadly for over a year. I am a big fan of Robert Englund. The trailer to the movie looked interesting. Me and my buddy sat down to watch this film together. I was just wondering how the film makers ever thought during production that this was going to be a good end product? The acting (Englund aside) was dreadful. The CGI that was inserted in the film was very bad. The movie seemed to drag on with nothing interesting ever happening. My friend was begging me to turn the movie off, or fast forward to the end. We watched it beginning to end. What a mistake... it was never able to redeem any of its horrible bland qualities.
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Nifty horror movie
Woodyanders30 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
A skeleton crew of cops working in a police station that's on the verge of closing find themselves being terrorized by an ancient lethal demon (a superbly creepy and understated performance by noted genre icon Robert Englund). Director Glenn Ciano, working from a compact script by Carl V. Dupree, relates the absorbing story at a steady pace, makes the most out of the dark claustrophobic central location, delivers plenty of nasty graphic gore, and does a solid job of creating a spooky atmosphere as well as building a good deal of tension. The sound acting by the able cast holds the picture together, with especially sturdy work by William Forsythe as the troubled Detective Gil Diamonte, Joey Fatone as the no-nonsense Detective Tom Caretti, Jonathan Silverman as the jumpy Officer Tech, Tom Paolino as the macho Officer Meat, and Mike Cerrone as the amiable Officer Mudge. Englund's cruel and cunning supernatural villain rates as a frighteningly sadistic piece of twisted work. Ben DeLuca's sharp cinematography provides an appropriately bleak look. Mauro Colangelo's shivery score does the spine-tingling trick. A worthwhile fright feature.
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don't waste your time
kbrooks51129 February 2012
I hope the people who made this movie someday see this and regret what they did. This movie was terrible. Acting, terrible, every single character played by every single actor. Yes, that means you too Joey Fatone of N sync or whatever it was. It was bad enough for me to sit here in the middle of the night and type this. A copycat of a dozen movies over the years. Yeah plenty of movies do that and plenty of movies do it bad but this is just terrible. I fought to keep awake just to see it get worse and worse. Inkubus, is a man who torments someone who almost caught him 13 years ago? Out of 10,000 this guy is the one you want to pick on? He doesn't even do that well! To the writer/producer find me let's have a drink. Explain yourself.
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A Slow Burn
gavin694215 October 2012
"Inkubus" tells the story of a skeleton crew working the final shift at a soon to be demolished police station. The night takes a gruesome turn when the demon, Inkubus (Robert Englund), calmly walks into the station holding the severed head of a murdered girl.

I found this film to be based on an interesting concept; not so much the idea of an incubus who is reborn every hundred years, but of one who actually shows up to confess his crimes, knowing full well there is not much the police can do about it. Another reviewer complained that "nothing happens" in this film, but that is just plain wrong. The film is slow, yes, but not without a plot.

What is the deal with Joey Fatone? This is the second horror film I have seen him in this week (the other being "Jersey Shore Shark Attack"). Is he following the route of the Wahlberg brothers and trying to climb his way up the acting ladder? I will say he was much better here than in "Shark Attack"... and I am still trying to find out how an obnoxious, ugly, overweight man like Fatone was part of a boy band -- and is one of the more successful members after their dissolution.
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Robert Englund at his best
tcoll3212 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I have always been a big fan of Robert Englund but not just for his portrayal of Freddy Krueger but mostly for his other work. I won't go into that here but this film you get to see Robert be his most sadistic. The film has him carrying a severed head into a police station asking them to relieve him of it and that is in the first 10 minutes. The film is really an amazing dynamic of Robert going against his prime nemesis portrayed by William Forsythe. Strongly supported by Joey Fatone and Jonathan Silverman this films has just the right amount of everything in just the right doses. Great FX and gore, music, scenery, suspense, and just the right twist on the mind to keep you thinking through the entire film. If there is one knock I can say against it is that it barely runs 1 hour and 15 minutes long so it is a little on the short side but still Glenn Ciano packs a lot in those 1 hour and 15 minutes. The DVD copy I have has no extras or commentary so I am unsure if there is another version out there with extras so be careful when you buy it just in case there is another version.
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snoglow-878 June 2012
If you want a movie that will scare you, this is not the movie, unless you're easily scared, or disgusted.

However, this is a nice and calm movie that twists the minds of the characters, something I do like in a horror. As a horror movie it's not high up on the scale, but as a mental game played by the devil, I think it's decent. The beginning was slightly confusing, wasn't sure if it was the past or future, but that was quickly sorted.

I do wish the director spent a little more time working on the personalities of the characters. I didn't feel like I connected with anyone, except maybe Inkubus, and that lack of connection reflected the movie. It's a nice movie to watch if you don't have anything else you want to watch, but it needs a lot of work before I would bother telling others about it.

While I think the director has done a nice job, I do think he has a long way to go.
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nogodnomasters3 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The movie opens with a weird "It's Alive" scene. A creature that should only inhabit Sigourney Weaver is performing its own c-section. After the credits we see Detective Tom (Joey Fatone) who is in a straight jacket telling us about what happened that night at the police station...even the stuff that happened when he wasn't present. Tom makes love to fellow officer Erin Cole (Michelle Ray Smith) a woman who keeps her bra on while love making, apparently something she learned from watching Natalie Portman films. During the course of a homicide investigation, the Inkubus (Robert Englund) shows up with the victim's head and confesses to gruesome crimes that date back 100's of years.

He tells us the Inklubus story and why he is there. Then things get weird, but not intense or frighting. If you have enjoyed the cocky supernatural bad guy Robert Englund before, by all means check it out. What is unfortunate is that the supporting cast really didn't have any decent lines or personality. William Forsythe plays a near lifeless man, which was his role, but it made things a bit boring. If you enjoy the supernatural havoc at the police station stuff, check out "The Traveler" with Val Kilmer.

F-bomb, sex, no nudity (thanks Natalie)
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JoeB13128 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This movie has almost the awful smell of "Student Film Project" on it, save for the fact that it has people you've heard of actually in it. Such as Joey Fat-one and Robert Englund. (Remember when Bob used to make good horror movies? I do.)

The rest of it is lazy horror rote where a strange demonic creature slowly picks off characters you don't care about through the art of bad editing. Englund actually does okay with the material, and I give him credit that now that he's too old to play Freddy anymore, he still takes these roles and does a good job no matter how bad the material is.

Joey Fat-one still thinks he's an actor, and all those Robot Chicken Sketches with him seem more sad than funny now.
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What is this movie?
lorddrewsus14 August 2019
Warning: Spoilers
A way to see how many top flight actors and actresses can put on a cinematic clinic? How many names are in this movie? I need to keep up better with horror. The dialogue of this film could in no way ever be delivered better than by these professionals. It's fairly entertaining as far as plot, too. The interrogation room scene is straight forward dialogue and crazy in theories that the character "Inkubus" has for why famous cold cases are still cold. Major plot give away. Perhaps the folks that didn't enjoy this aren't smart enough to? I mean, it happens. Smartly written scripts, sometimes go over the heads of people that don't understand them. Especially when those some people have too much ego to learn that they don't know what they are reviewing. But, that could be said of everyone perhaps.
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Robert Englund is pretty much the only reason to watch this movie.
TheBishop343 February 2019
This film really is a wasted opportunity for Englund as I would love to see this character in a better movie. Unfortunately its in this movie and its a very bad film. Englund is the only one that gives any kind of a solid performance, and is the only reason to even check out the film.

The film is set in a police station that is shutting down sometime in the 80s or 90s and has a skeleton crew led by Det Lt Caretti (Fatone). On this evening they catch a murder case where the suspect is for whatever reason brought to this understaffed station. The suspect lays the blame on another, though there is no evidence anyone else was there. It is when the real murderer, Inkubus (Englund), shows up that everything goes south.

You will see other names you may recognize, such as William Forsythe, Jonathan Silverman and Joey Fatone! But Forsythe and Silverman phone in their parts while Fatone's acting abilities are what you would expect them to be. Since he is the primary lead this is a very bad thing.

The film is just very low budget, badly written, badly acted outside of Englund, the editing is terrible, the effects with the exception of a couple good practical gore effects are horrible as well. If you are an Englund fan you may enjoy his turn in this but otherwise this film is best avoided.

IF you are interested in a similar but better film I would try Last Shift (2014).
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Robert Englund Gives a Interesting Performance
FilmMan478 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Inkubus 2011 is a independent horror suspense film but all efforts get wasted due to the sudden change of tone in the middle that not only affects the pace but messes up a great film.

i saw this film today and i would say its a half good half bad film the direction is fine but i wanted to see more of the character Inkubus & what he is really about as this started with a great narrative structure that kept me hooked for a while as soon as the characters are introduced specially the demon Inkubus,they are all talking and it becomes a sort of dialog oriented the way Inkubus was talking about life,death,magic & why he kills people it could have been a blast of a film if it held down the usual cheap action thriller mode it went into during the second half.

Inkubus was interesting character played by Robert Englund here it's kind of a more serious version of real life mythological Incubus.

the plot:a demon named Inkubus in form of a man appears at a police station & he explains everything all the cops are in fear as their lives are at risk.

the whole cast is a waste,Michelle Ray Smith is a eye candy,Robert Englund who plays the lead bad guy gives a good performance he reminds me of Ben Kingsley somehow his acting is very similar too.

the makers really messed up here it was a big opportunity if only the character's back story & script was more build better then instantly just jumping on to killing cops scenes or showing magic tricks to them or usual nonsense Inkubus would have made a average good flick.

production values are fine even for a low budget flick sure the project has flaws but hey the dialogs were great.

from start & till the interrogation scene it was good but as soon as Inkubus makes himself invisible it went downhill boring & it was a clear sign that the film will fail,i enjoyed this film but in parts.

Overall Inkubus 2011 belongs to Robert Englund he nailed the role with his good acting but sadly it is not enough my rating is 3/10.
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Just plain bad
d_in_chi7 April 2014
Inkubus is quite simply a bad movie.

There are a few bright spots:

The setting is pretty terrifying thanks to solid directing and camera-work, but it serves as only a backdrop, overshadowed by a cornball story.

Robert Englund is absolutely awesome, but the performance (very believable for a demon) is totally wasted, surrounded by a horrendous supporting cast.

From the get-go, we're shown exactly how the A plot will unfold, and it's obvious that Inkubus is invincible. This adds up to a one-sided affair without a hint of suspense. Sadly, this means the only thing that could have improved this movie is more gore, and more deaths. The only route given is for the film to expand on a spooky back story, which it doesn't do satisfyingly.

Still, I'd actually recommend this for fans of Englund, or people who are interested in the demonic. There is entertainment value here... unfortunately it's all delivered under the guise of having a story. I would have much preferred to just watch Englund doing an 80 minute monologue as a demon.
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