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One of the most moving and intense films I've ever seen
ronjaraun13 July 2014
My review is not gonna be long. It will not contain spoilers, either. I made an account on IMDb only to rate this movie and to write a short review, letting people know my opinion, so hopefully even more people will watch this movie.

The acting, the scenes, the music - everything was for me completely breathtaking. Yes, its a long movie - but it's not just a movie, or one story out of an entire life - it's LIFE, it's several chapters. Of course it's long... it has to be. I, myself, wanted to keep watching when it was over. Because it wasn't over. The story hadn't finished. There was more. This is not a movie to entertain people. This is real life, real characters... no bullshit... Many scenes, changing times, development of the different characters... Love, pain, laughter, sorrow. I enjoyed EVERY bit. I never write reviews on anything - this is my first one I ever made on a movie, book, etc... I just finished watching it, and it had me sitting on my sofa with tears streaming down my face.

Even though this movie is about a man who has the wish to become a woman, and even though the couple's struggle kind of revolves around that, I could identify so much with some of the things they go through together. It doesn't matter whether he is a transvestite or not... It reflects very familiar feelings, and I believe that people who have loved deeply, who have loved hard and fiercely, they will recognize these feelings too. And no matter what, this is a great movie to educate people with potential prejudice against transsexual men or women.

I hope that more people will watch it.

Great performance... left me with a feeling of joy and sadness, all in once. I really, really loved this movie. And I will be watching it again, no doubt...

Thank you for that.
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most amazing film i've seen in a long time
letlifelive25 May 2013
this film is one of the most breathtakingly stunning films i've seen in years. it is remarkable not only in its challenging subject matter, its ability to convey true, raw, complex human emotions and relationships, but also its painfully beautiful cinematography and artistic skill. it puts you inside the heads and minds of its truly human characters, the way it was filmed....amazing. it is one of those films that defies expectations, is multi-dimensional, is funny and heartbreaking...

i was riveted at every single moment, unable to tear my eyes away from the film...i needed to go to the bathroom early on in the movie, and yet sat through two more hours of agonizing bladder suffering because my mind was unwilling to let me tear myself from the screen. and afterwards, my friends and i were all shaking from the film. we couldn't stop talking about it.

watch laurence, anyways. it'll change your life.
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Fantastic movie, let's get started
chris_wing11 February 2013
I finally watched Laurence Anyways & was not disappointed. The story had truth dripping from every fiber. I'm just blown away by the whole production. Some visually breathtaking scenes that create absolute magic are just the icing on the cake, top notch all the way. The acting was powerful & spot on, not once did I see the actors and not the characters. I'm not familiar with the director but based off of this movie I'm intrigued to look a little deeper.

Laurence Anyways should be destined to become a cult classic once it finds a wider audience, and not just in the gay/trans-gendered community. Calling it a potential cult classic doesn't do it justice though as it has the values of an Oscar contender in my opinion. If the story sounds in the least but interesting to you, you would be doing yourself a huge disservice to let this one pass you by. It's long at over two and a half hours but doesn't drag, it's one of those movies that you hope will never end.

Is this movie Canadian? The credits would suggest so, if it is it's the best Canadian movie I've ever scene (I'm Canadian & have seen more then a few). Don't let that sound like personal bias as I went in not knowing anything about it's production. If this movie doesn't (or hasn't) won awards then there is no justice in the world of cinema.
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Forget the Danish Girl, Laurence Anyways is the film to watch
lefkiosvanrooy28 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
To make an almost 3-hour long film without losing the audience through the course of these 3 hours is a tough thing to do. Dolan manages to achieve this, and he does so in a variety of ways: Firstly, the narrative remains coherent, realistic and well-thought throughout and never falls into areas of predictability. The movie benefits from terrific performances by its two lead actors as well as an all- rounded cast with some of the most subtle but fine acting seen – in particular, Fred's sister, played by Monia Chokri. The two protagonists create a chemistry on screen that is so unique, so passionate that it makes the audience want to root for this couple. Xavier explores the struggles of that come with being transgender in an otherwise heterosexual couple in a truly honest and non-superficial way, with the dialogues exchanged between the two characters avoiding all clichés that could easily have been included with a topic like this. The film gets to the core of the difficulties and trepidations that a couple like this one may face and how in a normal world, love is often not enough to truly overcome these obstacles. It is ultimately a love story between two humans that truly try to make it work and never really fall out of love but come to the realisation that the obstacles they once thought they could overcome, were too great a factor in their lives to allow them to live happily. Laurence had hopes that this great love they shared would be strong enough to get them through the physicality of same sex marriage. Fred on the other hand, while she may have initially believed the same, as she gets older she realised that she could never fool herself into thinking she could get past it. Finally what truly makes this film so entertaining to watch is the many stylistic elements the director adds, with moments in the film where score and staging much so very well together and give you a goose-bumping feeling as if you've watched a monumental music video – this elegance of music and film combined together is often seen in Dolan's films.
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A touching story with its ups & downs
ericazan8 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
First of all: This is Suzanne Clement's film! As far as I know I have never before seen this amazing actress, who turned out to be the gem in this actually quite uneven movie. It's her I remember, and her I tell my friends about.

Being a transsexual woman myself – and author of the acclaimed book "TransActions" - I was curious to see how Xavier Dolan had managed to turn this delicate subject matter into a praised movie – not least since my transsexualism was what eventually caused the breakup from my wife of almost thirty-five years. Undeniably it's a very good movie, and Laurence's pain and anguish brought back memories I could have done without – but there are angles I don't understand.

Having been in & out of the trans world since 1971 I have met numerous transvestites and transsexuals - and I have yet to see a man trying to pose as a woman with his usual male hair-cut; Make-up, a skirt, women's shoes – and male hair. Also – to suddenly go to work as a woman, without having told neither his colleagues nor his totally unprepared pupils. How smart is that? No wonder it didn't really work out.

A couple of the other reviewers mentioned the fact that handsome Melvil Poupaud turned into a not all that convincing woman. At first it bothered me as well, but with this being quite a common situation among transsexuals it actually added a realistic touch to the film. Regrettably this was effectively ruined when a woman interviewer with obvious warmth compliments Laurence on what a beautiful woman he is.

"He"? I guess this is my most substantial objection: Poupaud never managed to convince me that Laurence really is a woman. This is not a matter of looks but something you project, and I have met much more masculine looking trans women who are readily accepted as females at work and in society because this is what they "feel" like.

An amazing example of such projection in a movie is Felicity Huffman's stunning performance as male to female Bree, in Duncan Tucker's Transamerica. Even beautifully dressed as woman, she manages to convince me that behind the clothes she's still biologically a man.

Regrettably I have also met transsexual women like Laurence, who never really stop behaving like men - and who demand to be accepted and loved without even a trace of understanding for the feelings of those around them. My lasting impression is that this might actually be what the film's title hints at.

PS Don't you ever forget: Suzanne Clement is altogether lovely as Laurence's girlfriend Fred!
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Dazzling and disturbing, hard to watch but astonishingly original
jm1070131 March 2013
This is a strong, disconcerting, highly unconventional movie that is not easy to review, or to watch. Although it is the story of a transgender experience and how it affects existing relationships, it is much more than that.

The movie is so strong and so complex--and so long--that I'm reluctant to say much more about it, partly because I don't know much else to say about it now. I'll need to watch it at least one more time before I'm ready even to think about doing that. I can say, though, that anyone expecting a love story about attractive and sympathetic characters will be severely disappointed and probably angry.

Anyone expecting a positive account of what it's like to change gender identity will probably be disappointed too. Anyone who needs the orderly development of a story and the relatable characters that are essential in Hollywood movies will be furious after having sat through these nearly three hours of VERY unconventional and challenging movie-making.

Finally, anyone who enjoys picking a movie apart and saying what he or she would do to make it better--eliminate peripheral characters, cut an hour off the movie's length, etc--will have a field day with this one. Unfortunately for them (and for anyone who takes what they say seriously), they will have denied themselves most of what this remarkable movie offers them.

The only way to receive what a movie (or any other work of art) offers is to accept it AS IT IS, on its own terms, WITHOUT trying to analyze it or change it to fit some outside notion ("outside" meaning in YOUR mind, as opposed to the author's) of what it OUGHT to be.

Instead of trying to make this (or any other) movie "better", either make your own movie or let go of your compulsion to control what happens to you as you watch this one. If you don't like the experience, that's fine, but if you really believe you could have done it better, you're a fool. You're impressing (and cheating) nobody but yourself and anybody else who takes you seriously.

But anyone who wants to see the latest work of an extraordinarily gifted and original young artist (Xavier Dolan, who is not yet 25 years old), whose genius is exploding into the world with such power and such speed that even he probably can't explain everything he does--and is willing to let go, to give up control of the experience and see what DOLAN is showing you instead of what you want to see--will be changed by this astonishing movie.
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A beautiful love story with dazzling camera angels
lintonskanshed5 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Laurence Anyways is a Canadian film written in French by Xavier Dolan.

The film is about Laurence and his girlfriend Fred living a life characterized by youthful happiness in the eighties France. Their lives change drastically when Laurence says that he is a transsexual. Fred does not know how to handle the situation, but because she loves Laurence, she chooses to stay with him and try to get it to work. His surroundings feel like they are losing the Laurence they know when he comes out, he loses his job and his mom does not want to meet him. Behind a wall of liberal good nature he will be disowned by his relatives. Somewhere along the way Fred and Laurence separate from each other.

The story takes place over ten years, and during that time so we moved between France and the United States. This moving is very understated in the film, and the film feels in any way authentic and present throughout the story. During these ten years, so meeting and parting Laurence and Fred for the unexpected assistance, and we may view a unique love story.

The film has a running time of over two and a half hours and with such a long time it is easy to get bored. But no, "Laurence Anyways" is a really good standards throughout the movie and I can hardly believe that almost three hours passed when the credits roll by. I sit there, with a sob in his throat and goose bumps on your arm, dumbfounded over the incredibly beautiful film I have just viewed. The film mixes precise accuracy with great seriousness. This creates a comfortable dynamics There are also contrasts between camera postures that make this film so lovable. It goes from standstill almost mechanical Kubrick-inspired angles, hand-held, shaky and easily zoomed in angles. While this creates a dynamic of contrasts that are rarely seen in today's movies. In today's unisex society fits this film perfectly, and Dolan have given all the characters androgynous name.

This Dolan movie you not consumes , you see it, rejoice and enjoy it, you remember it for its accuracy, we love it.

Best actor according to me: Suzanne Clément for the role of Frédérique.
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Xavier Dolan, Anyways!
everydaaay4 December 2012
Fist of all, I should tell ya that I never been excited to watch a movie for a really long time; you know that excitement when you watch the trailer over 10 times in a row. yeah, I got excited this much to watch Laurence Anyways. and as a Xavier Dolan's huge fan that makes me know for sure that this movie is gonna be a pure art. and I don't even really care that much about directors. but DAMN! Xavier Dolan is the perfect man. No, I really mean it. he's gorgeous and talented in so many ways. Although all of the films he directs are about homosexuality, but what the heck! sometimes I hesitate to recommend any of his films to people I know cause I fear they might be narrow minded about all of the homosexuality stuff. Personally, I wouldn't mind watching a Xavier Dolan's film everyday and I'd still enjoy it as if it was the first time I watch it. I killed my mother, heartbeats, and now laurence anyways.

Laurence Anyways is almost 3hrs long. I thought I'd be bored. but somehow, something kept me watching. maybe it's wanting to know how the story ends. or maybe it's the great soundtrack, or the scenes that feed your soul visually. I mean really, why bother going to a photo gallery or a concert or whatsoever when you can simply watch Laurence Anyways or any film of Dolan's, and you'll find everything you love combined together beautifully. maybe I'm just exaggerating but that's because I'm this amazed.

At first, I thought Laurence and his girlfriend weren't' good looking enough, but anyone who watches this film will absolutely fall in love with every single character in the film. and somehow you'll find them extremely beautiful because you just feel their passion and stuff.

When I posted on twitter that I'm so excited to watch it. my friend replied saying, "it's a bold movie." well, I don't know how dirty films like the hangover are okay to watch and a masterpiece like this is "bold"! One thing I noticed about Xavier's Dolan films, is that he tries not to show us nude scenes, cause it ain't pretty. nobody wants to see butts or whatsoever, well, maybe perverts want to, but that's not the point. that is to say, even sex scenes are somehow beautiful and amazing, like the sex scene in 'I killed my mother' with all the painting and the sad sex desperate sex scenes in 'heartbeats'. you can clearly understand what Dolan is implying. In Laurence Anyways, Dolan portrays the relationship between Laurence and his girlfriend as a happy couple who are madly in love with each other, before they gradually collapse. What I'm truing to say here is that Dolan never fails at impressing his audience.

The soundtrack was painfully amazing, as always. the film stats with a song by 'fever ray' which made me realize that Dolan is a fan of this band. yeah? you remember the scene in the woods in 'heartbeats'? No? Okay. I swear if I had to steal one thing from Xavie Dolan it'd be his ipod or iphone or whatsoever. the man has an amazing taste in music.

When I done watching this film, I realized that 3 hours weren't enough. I wouldn't mind if it was 10 hours long or a series with a thousand seasons. it's just pure perfection. you know when you watch a perfect film that is so perfect to the extent that you wouldn't mind if it ends after only 5 minutes or in the middle of it because it's so perfect, and whatever the end is it'd still be great and perfect. yeah, Laurence Anyways is one of those films. and I'm still happy and impressed with the ending scene. the song was oh-my-god amazing. it's like it came into my soul and said hi and settled there. I can never get bored watching the ending scene; so simple yet perfect.

And before I forget, I love the almost 5 seconds Xavier appeared in the party scene. yeah keep it up babes.

In short, Laurence Anyways is 3 hours long, BUT, it's 3 hours of love, joy, regrets, tears, emotions, passion, and XAVIER DOLAN'S PERFECTION. Go watch it! and if you watch it and hate it then I'll hate you back.

Thank you
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The best film I have ever seen
gomes-kimberly22 September 2012
I will start with the only thing I really want to share;

"Go and see Laurence Anyways, this movie is a masterpiece"

I don't feel it is necessary to write too much about this movie. But the guidelines say I need to write at least 10 lines of text.

So I will add:

* Truly amazing acting

* Every scene is a work of art

* Emotional firework

At the end of the movie, I sat in my chair and realized; I just saw my favorite movie.
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Cinema come back
sahnout-p23 December 2013
With this film, Xavier Dolan confirms his excellent style. The starring is incredibly well-chosen (distinction for the actress). A photography without mistake, there are numbers of beautiful shots. And too a good soundtrack, that is very eclectic (french's or qubecois's songs, classical's songs as Brahm or Bethoveen, or rock ballads), and first and foremost an original screenplay. In fact, I found the plot very interesting because I don't know film about the transsexualism. For a discovery, we can't dream a better movie.

So, check out his film (Les amours imaginaires, J'ai tué ma mère are too to discover).

A young film maker watch this space. The Quebecois's cinema too.
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roedyg12 May 2013
This is very long boring movie. It is the story of a handsome man slowly turning himself into an ugly woman. About 20% of the footage is watching people frantically smoke tobacco. I have no idea why the director considered this diverting.

The characters are all prone to histrionics and long rambling monologues that make no sense. They are just emoting and over-acting for the camera. The only character I cared at all about is Laurence him/herself, and he is a fruitcake without a drop of common sense.

Nothing much happens. The excitement comes when periodically the characters move to new digs.

There are two spectacular Felliniesque scenes where they hired every good looking actor in Canada, then ploughed the camera through them like a speedboat.

In general, it is indulgent, overdone and way way too long. Perhaps it would make more sense if you knew French, rather than reading the subtitles as I did.
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Gender is shallow
sol-19 January 2016
Coming out as a transsexual proves challenging for a high school teacher in this French Canadian drama directed by Xavier Dolan and starring Melvil Poupaud. He undergoes predictable trouble at work (though curiously from his colleagues - not his pupils who respect his courage) and ends up losing his job. His parents also expectedly reject him and he has trouble dining in public without someone making some comment about his looks. Not so expected though is Poupaud's long term girlfriend's decision to stick with him throughout his ordeal, and Suzanne Clément is superb as the young lady in question who, despite all doubts, claims to still need his "forearms". Set over a ten year period, the couple's relationship is tested at several points but their connection is absolutely undeniable and there is a potent scene in which they encounter another trans couple who claim that "gender is shallow" and it is "the person" who matters. Truer relationship advice may have never been said, but it is to the film's credit that it is does everything to challenge this, highlighting how difficult is for one to achieve happiness in a world full of societal expectations and heavily drilled norms. At nearly three hours long, the film runs a little long and is never quite as intense at it could be. The extra runtime allows Dolan to experiment with some neat stylistically touches though as things fall on the actors in slow motion to the tune of serene music. This in turn gives the film a dreamlike quality - rather fitting for a film about a human being realising his/her dreams beyond gender stereotyping.
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Dolan's telling relationship drama!
lasttimeisaw10 June 2014
It is Canadian prodigy Xavier Dolan's third feature, after I KILLED MY MOTHER (2009, 7/10) and HEARTBEATS (2010, 5/10), the first one he doesn't hog a leading role for himself. LAURENCE ANYWAYS chronicles a 10 year up-and-down relationship between Laurence Alia (Poupaud), a man with GID (Gender Identity Disorder) and determines to dress up like a woman, and his girlfriend Fred Belair (Clément) from 1989 to the looming millennium.

Scale wise it is Dolan's boldest and most ambitious one (save his two subsequent films TOM AT THE FARM 2013 and MOMMY 2014, which I haven't seen yet), extending around 168 minutes, Dolan strenuously spells out a panorama of struggles of Laurence and Fred, for the former, it is a life-or-death judgement call, without opening up to embrace his true id, life is pointless and meaningless to him; more thoughtfully and unconventionally, the film generously grants maximum space for the latter, to zoom in on Fred's striving for breath and co-existence when her world is equally capsized by the blunt decision made by the man she loves.

As early as the opening introduction of Laurence through onlookers (deceitfully) spontaneous responses till the very end, Laurence and Fred separately exit the barroom with posh slo-motion against the brisk gust, stylistically Dolan comes much more at ease with his ostentatious aesthetic codes, Day-Glo disco, subdued lighting, kitschy ornamentation, pop art, avant-garde tableaux vivant, chic party, campy or crammed locale confinement, highlighted by Les Five Roses, and all aided by a killing mixtape (from Fever Ray, The Cure, Visage to Moderat) to leaven the zeitgeist and propel the storytelling.

It is a pure melodrama, spearheaded by two impressive leading performances by Poupaud and Clément, especially the latter, her explosion which bookends the midway of this drawn-out feature is intensely electrifying and utterly breathtaking. She also impeccably handles the unvoiced implosion of her character, shepherded by hairstylists, costume designers and Dolan's unerring determination to lay bare all the subtlety with abstract symbolism and his own perceptive sensations.

Most of the time, Poupaud conceals his handsome contour under a ridiculous wig, heavy make- up doesn't help either, but nothing can hide Laurence's intrepidity, sensitivity and charm through his less flamboyant but more realistic rendition. Nathalie Baye, plays Laurence's negligent mother, pungently bespeaks both parenting and gender-identity are not innately fitting to anyone.

LAURENCE ANYWAYS is a solid corroboration of Dolan's prowess to explore and conquer a wider scope out of his comfort zone, visually distinct and artistically eclectic, although in any event he needs to be polished up a little bit and get himself out of the self-indulgent pitfall, let me just suppress a dash of jealousy and get ready to rejoice in the wunderkind's another output, hopefully is the much-anticipated TOM AT THE FARM.
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One major problem
euroGary18 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
'Laurence Anyways', set in Quebec, is about a male poet and schoolteacher who starts cross-dressing. The film is rather predictable (he loses his job, his parents don't accept him, etc etc etc), but there are some very telling parts, such as when his hitherto-supportive girlfriend discovers she is pregnant - can she raise a child with a cross-dresser? The trouble is that while leading man Melvil Poupard has rather delicate features, he still doesn't look convincing as a woman but instead is stuck somewhere between Dana International and Dame Edna Everage; this makes it hard to take him seriously - unless that's meant to be the point.
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Mixed emotions
jethronom1 May 2020
A slow movie with predictable timeline.

Am I the only one who felt the camera angles annoying?
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Fresh movie
chtkhs23 September 2015
This is one of the most impressed movies that I've ever seen. This movie is about a couple, Laurence and Fred, who love each other and have been together for long time. One day, Laurence opens his heart to her that he wants to be woman. Fred confuses and thinks about their future. Then, Fred decides she becomes Laurence's best friend and she teaches him how to make up, but they are troubled by prejudices of the society. Also, the mood of this movie and camera-work are fresh. Many colors are used and music invites us into story, so we can't be bored in spite of complex story. The director of this movie, Xavier Dolan, became my favorite one after I watched this movie, and this is the most favorite one of his movies. Therefore, I want everyone to see this. I recommend very much, but you will be tired a little because you are dragged very much.
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Moments of high tension and emotion alternate with stretched-out, bland scenes
Manuelgroesch1-12 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
What I liked about the movie:

  • Suzanne Clément's performance is full of emotion, humanity, love and makes us understand the (often) silent struggle of her character as well as the loud outbreaks of that struggle

  • The soundtrack including Pour que tu m'aimes encore by Céline Dion

  • The Roses: I love the eccentric counterpoint they are to the often bleak world that surrounds Laurence

  • The bleak surroundings that Laurence tries to fill with a lamp

  • the waterfall scene with Fred

  • The beginning, when people stare at us and make us feel uncomfortable

  • The first day in class and the student's question

What I didn't like:

  • the length of the movie, some plot points could've been more concise and some like Fred's sister could've been cut altogether

  • sometimes Dolan used slow motion or other stylistic devices in places where it wasn't necessary or even hindered the emotional engagement of me as a viewer. Less is more!

  • the son/mother relationship seemed exhausting to me

All in all this movie should have a higher rating based on what I liked and didn't like but the extreme and unnecessary length hurt my viewing experience a lot
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Seen this film again after 8 years
mia-kar16 July 2020
This is my favorite film by Dolan. It is just a sad love story is what it is. I am so grateful for this representation of trans lesbians (trans women who still are into women as the common belief is that they switch to men duh) and also we get to see partners side of the story. Film is very poetic and metaphorical and the music is fitting as a glove.
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It's just too much
briefexistance5 September 2020
Maybe because of the length (three hours!!) or the emotional intensity, I didn't enjoy this at all. I watch films to have fun, to contemplate beauty or when it happens to be a sad story, to be something I feel connected to. This felt way too close to home. Even though I'm not trans, I think we all can relate to that situation where no matter how much you love someone, at the end love isn't enough.

I think I'm not a fan of the idea of chasing someone and INSIST to be with them, even if circumstances, actions or feelings have changed through time and make it extremely difficult to remain together. Why he stocked her after transitioning? just move on, man. I found that *extremely* frustrating. Also the girl involving herself in self destructive, or a phony relationship to "forget" him. I think I don't find pleasant to watch the journey of emotionally immature characters who are not good for each other but still insist to let nostalgia of what once was, take the charge of what should they do with this fractured and screwed relationship. Maybe I'm too similar to them, maybe no one wants to be splashed with rage, anxiety, fear and shame for three hours. Maybe it was just painful, annoying, uncomfortable to watch. Too much.
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jimeneznitay24 May 2020
The opening scene was really good and powerful, so I put my hopes high for this one; by the end of the film I was completely disappointed. It had so much potential but I think it could've been executed way better. The script was really confusing and at some points bland, overall it was just boring. Best part was the photography, beautiful and powerful. Sadly, the story was not at the same level.
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The best work in Dolan's career
mrmorell2 July 2019
Simply stunning, deep and breathtaking, this movie contains all of the best Dolan's trademarks, especially for the use of the cinematography and the soundtrack, and is by far his most complex and ambitious work. It's quite impressive that he wrote and directed this beauty before being 23 years old, and I don't know if he could ever surpass himself in another work because Laurence Anyways still stood up in all of his body of work. Don't miss it.
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Possibly among Dolan's weakest...
Red_Identity15 March 2015
As I'm writing this, I haven't seen heartbeats, but I still think this is easily his weakest from the other four, and much of it is due to the running time. Had the same story been told in about 90 minutes, the effect would've been greater, but as it is, it seems to involve quite a lot of aimless dialogue and conversations that I just found self-indulgent and not at all very interesting or inherently entertaining. But what's surprising is that when the film works, it works, and the film by the end still manages to have a great emotional impact. For that I still like it, and Suzanne Clement is also a big reason why. She's absolutely incredible here, no doubt should've been nominated for an Oscar under the leading category.
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It's Dolan anyways
asen-7537713 April 2020
Dolan's latest feature, the French language Laurence Anyways (2nd film of him I have watched) proves this is a filmmaker able to breathe cinematic origination and charm into every frame. Passionately created and perfectly acted movie, but sometimes movie is felt streched..that makes the movie a bit longer than it should be..even though finally it succeeded perfectly. Btw ending is great. Recommended to anyone.
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Sexuality, identity and Dolan's aesthetic
anthonyf9419 September 2019
The story of a transsexualism, with all problems due to the acceptance of the changing, to the fight with people way of thinking and especially - this is the most interesting aspect, on a plot level - the acceptance from who was the girlfriend: her oscillating between unconditional love and sexual repulsion is a deep psychological problem.

All these stuff are described in an original way, through what Dolan can show all his filmmaking abilities and his particular aesthetic, made of evident colors, 80s pop music, atmosphere mixed of body pleasure and existentialism evanescence.

Pop and nihilist at the same time, but without rhapsody.
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