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MPAA Rated PG-13 for intense realistic disaster sequences, including disturbing injury images and brief nudity

Sex & Nudity

  • There are no sex scenes shown in this movie. The nudity in this film is naturalistic and is meant to highlight the panic of the disaster. It is not glamorous or sexual.
  • A woman dresses and her breast is briefly (blink, and you missed it) glimpsed from the side.
  • Immediately after the tsunami, a woman has a bloody wound on her chest. Her shirt has ripped, and one of her breasts is briefly visible, which she does not notice in her dazed state. Her son shakily points it out and she then quickly covers herself.
  • A woman has her top cut open by doctors in preparation for surgery, and her breasts are very briefly revealed, however, they are mostly obscured and can be easily missed.
  • A dazed man walks completely nude down the street. His buttocks are visible from a distance, but it is very obscure.
  • A dead woman can be seen completely nude with her breasts and buttocks visible. However, the shot is so brief that it is very easily missed.

Violence & Gore

  • Two women cough up and vomit blood for an extended period of time, and one of them then proceeds to pull a long, blood-covered piece of seaweed from her throat as her child looks away, gags, and yells at her to stop. This scene is very graphic, gory, and potentially disturbing. (From 42:50 to 44:36)
  • Throughout the film, many people are shown with various injuries, bloody, and wounded. Dead people are also shown as well.
  • Strong, realistic violence
  • During the Tsunami sequence, many people are shown being hit by the wave. Dead bodies can be seen floating in the water, and people are seen with bloody injuries. The main characters can be seen being bashed around and cut open by debris. The scene is incredibly intense and disturbing and will upset most viewers.
  • After the wave, dozens of dead bodies with bloody wounds can be seen. Hundreds of people are shown with bloody injuries and are shown in intense pain.
  • The back of a woman's leg is ripped open, and the tattered, bloody wound is shown. This is very graphic and disturbing.
  • Disturbing images are constant after the initial tsunami scene, including a body of a dead dog.


  • Several uses of 'sh*t.'
  • Some other mild profanities.
  • One whispered use of 'fuck,' several uses of 'shit,' and other uses of mild profanities.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Some people are giving drugs at hospitals, but only as medications.
  • A man asks his wife if they have any wine left, and she indicates that they do.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • During the tsunami sequence, you see a van floating on the water while you hear a baby crying from inside of it. The camera stays on the van for an uncomfortable amount of time, as you see a huge wave coming towards it, eventually swallowing it up as the baby begins to cry harder, pratically becoming a scream. Very upsetting.
  • The Impossible is incredibly brutal and frightening to pass a 12A rating. The more appropriate rating would likely be 15.
  • The destruction, wounded and bloody people, and dead shown on screen are very intense.
  • The tsunami sequence lasts for nearly 10 minutes, and is incredibly intense and realistic, focusing on the pain and terror of the characters. The scene is extremely disturbing and powerful and will scare and disturb most viewers. The remainder of the film deals with the aftermath, which is equally as disturbing. Many highly realistic scenes of destruction and death can be seen, and these scenes are very likely to upset viewers. The film is also very emotionally intense. Overall, the intensity and realism of the film means that only mature audiences should be viewing the film.
  • There is a very strong sense of threat throughout much of the film, and it's about as intense as 2012 (2009).

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