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Angourie Rice is perfect in the lead role
jonwoodh31 July 2022
Not another teen movie with young adults playing high school students? Yes, but this one's a winner. It's clever, witty, engaging, has heart and is knocked out of the park by a star winning performance by Angourie Rice. I enjoyed how the tone shifted from Machiavellian to honesty and truth, though the counselor/student sub plot is a little creepy. Should appeal to all ages and I'm an old dude.
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A new spin on an old story, with a fun twist.
JabezGill3 August 2022
Ignore the negative reviews and give this movie a chance.

Yes, you've seen the "popular kid befriends nerd to manipulate them for the benefit of the popular kid only to experience a change of heart" movie before.

But you've never seen it done like this.

Angourie Rice - a criminally underutilized and under-appreciated actress - gets to shine in this role. The breaking of the 4th wall to talk directly to the audience throughout the film and keep the viewer on the "inside" of Honor's less than honorable plan is a fun twist and great storytelling mechanism.

The big twist at the end was also unexpected - I mean, you know SOMETHING was coming but I don't think many saw that coming.

Is this an award winning, groundbreaking film?

No - but it takes a tried and true formula of coming of age/romcom movies we have seen for decades - and comes at it from a different angle, with a slightly different outcome than we've seen before. Most people will laugh/smile/tear up throughout.

The result is an enjoyable 97 minutes.
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It was a pretty good movie
bmasdhs29 July 2022
The story was decent. The ending was kinda surprising. There are some pretty funny jokes. Great casting. A good feature film debut for Gaten Matarazzo.
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Mean Girls with heart
Hammer-Rocks1 August 2022
I was pleasantly surprised with this movie. It's a teenage/high school movie with the typical student types associated with high school. You have the popular girls/boys, jocks, nerds/geeks. Bullies, & uber smart students. But what's surprising is they (student types) do not play your stereotype roles normally associated with the tag. Not sure if this is more representative of todays high schoolers, or simply the writers' wishes of what high school should be.

Angourie Rice did a superb job as the lead protagonist, Honor. An extremely talented young actor. Something I've noticed since seeing her on the three Spider-Man reboot. I bet we'll be seeing more of her in movies in the future.

This movie has the flavour of blending together, "Clueless" & "Mean Girls". But with less mean, and more heart. And splash it with a few twist and turns along the way, it's a high school, and friends we wish we all had during our teen years. A great feel good movie for the family.

SUMMARY: Highly recommended viewing. The short synopsis does not do the movie justice. Go watch it.
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Good movie, but I would never rewatch it
Eggoreluckadman29 July 2022
The tone is inconsistent but the performances from Angourie Rice and Gaten Matarazzo and style from director Oran Zegman make this an enjoyable, but singular watch.
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Pleasantly Surprised!!
JazzCat641 August 2022
I was pleasantly surprised. Ms. Rice who played honor was calculative, self-absorbed, a minor "b" but knew how to mask it. At least this is what she thought she was in the beginning. Since she never made the effort to genuinely like anyone, she had nothing to go on. She finds out that she is a good person and wants what's best for individuals that eventually become her friends. The bad part is that she learns that men, regardless of geek or athlete is an "AH" but she deserved that lesson since she initially had demon thoughts in destroying people's future for the sake of hers. I like these kind-of movies, John Hughes like from the 80s and 90s and i wish they would do more of them but i know the current generation prefer to shoot them up and bang, bang.
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its a verbal...
ops-5253529 July 2022
Tsunami of high school chatter, a film narrated in 1st person period, the anchor role tells and plays the role of honor supposedly the brightest girl at school. Being set up by her principal telling her that she is one outta 4 brightest at the school makes her panic and press every button there are to make the others fail at the midterms. The prizecarrot on the string is a schollarship at harvard.

Well its a comedy of 2022, verbal, digital and social media driven, the story seems to never eject , even though the sexual hints flourish like a swollen orchiid. The main actress does a decent job, as well as the main cast, but the moment of no return or jump of at the turn aint there.i really miss the slapstick and medeval pranks that made a comedy a good comedy in the past. The story spins endlessly into nothing

so a few giggles, and a couple of smiles with a small recommend comes from the grumpy old man.
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So traditional male roles are bad guys
midtownwarriors2 August 2022
Warning: Spoilers
We are seeing this in every show and movie, but pushing strong females roles by dumbing down straight males is a trend. Her dad works hard but is pathetic. The nerd is poor and shy, until he's not and just another cut throat guy after all. And the supposed straight heartthrob is secretly gay. Travis dad is a big homophobe jock, and the counselor a predator. Is that how Hollywood sees all straight men? This "woke" theme is horse manure is every time it's injected in to film, it weakens the project. Big no.

The only take away, is Honors attempt to screw over the other students actually helps them out. So that is a win, which is why I give 3 stars, because there is a little good in the story itself.
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It let me feel good
trapp_331 August 2022
First, I didn't expected that it will be good and I just wanted anything to see turs out it is good. The plot was pleasent but not in a bad way, there is things I didn't thought that it would happen. The comedy part in the show was delightful not to make you laugh out loud but to make you smile, and I was smiling through the whole movie. Also my reactions to any evnt in the film was so interactive. If you were free and you don't have anything to watch you should watch this absolutly.
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roshxz3 August 2022
Honor Society (2022) : This movie takes all the YA cliches, & somehow subverts & delivers on them to perfection. Like this is an absolute beat for beat wholesome movie, until the exact moment it becomes a mirror of itself and turns every trope on its head. Just go watch it dude.
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I miss this type of movies
Mo-Saad-101 August 2022
The Movie was fun , light , entertainment I would recommend it to anyone who wants to watch a fun movie . Just turn it on and have fun . Congratulations to the everyone behind this movie and thank you for making a fun easy too watch . And again it's FUN really FUN.
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Very good movie, but does not deliver in the end.
Voy_237829 July 2022
Overall it is a very good movie, but ending feels rushed and generic.

Still script(loved Goodman since he wrote that Futurama episode) and Rice acting make it an enjoyable watch.
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Just bad
lauriskairo30 July 2022
First of all, trailer in this movie I think is really misleading... It shows only moments with main actress and a boy from stranger things. And actually they showed every moment between the two in the trailer.. And this movie was about something else. Ending felt wierd, rushed... This movie is for 13-15 year olds.. If you want 90-2000s rom-com this is not it. Looking at the trailer, like me, some people may think that this is a rom com.. It's NOT. 3 is max what i can give...
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Soooo bad....
john-lancia-130 July 2022
Horrible. Its like it was written by a high school student, which it wasn't. If so, I guess it would have had an excuse if it had been.

So anyway, go do your nails or watch some cartoons. Just about anything would be a better use of your time than watching this.
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This Thing Is Rough As Hell
catwantsin31 July 2022

Tagline: Getting to the top means taking down your competition.

(Drama, Young Adult, Downer) PG-13

Note: This movie was released directly to Paramount +, so it didn't get an MPAA rating, but I think it would have been a PG-13.

In this one, a girl named Honor is desperate to get into Harvard when it becomes apparent that she is up against some other competition against 3 other students she feels she needs to take out of the running by distracting them from getting good grades.

First off, the preview for this thing is misleading as hell. It makes you think that this is going to be a fun little comedy mostly centered around Honor played by Angourie Rice (SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING) and Michael played by Gaten Matarazzo (STRANGER THINGS). Instead, we get a movie that only has a few scenes with those two and most of those are in the preview. This is a FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF-like movie that does a lot of fourth wall breaking but most of it is not in a good way. I say that because "Honor" the main character is a lot like Ferris in the sense that she is really just about herself and uses people. I will say more on this later in the review.

Where this movie fails is in just being overall misleading in its promotions and trailer, but it's also not a comedy. Perhaps if you consider movies like SPONTANEOUS funny, then I guess for you might be slightly comedy. I didn't see humor anywhere in this damn thing. Another issue is the actual fourth wall problem. Honor as a character is just a disaster of a person, but nearly every time she breaks the fourth wall it's to patronize the audience watching the movie. There are lots of parts of this film where Honor assumes you are basically an idiot and can't follow the movie's pretty simplistic rehashed plot.

Another issue I had with this thing is the fact that even in 2022, we are still getting films overplaying the importance of going to college. This isn't the 1980s. No one these days "needs" to go to college or their life is over. If anything college for most people ends up being a huge waste of time and money IF they are not taking classes that will lead to a real career. We also get a pretty jacked-out scene where the movie is kind of trying to paint Queen Mary (the first ever Queen of England, a Catholic who was also referred to as "Bloody Mary") as a saint. I guess it depends on your perspective, but she is well known for burning at least 300 Protestants at the stake. I have no freaking idea what the writer was really going for here, but there is a scene in here that is essentially a celebration of her.

As if not being funny isn't bad enough, this movie also takes some pretty dark turns for a movie most people are probably going to go into hoping is light and fluffy. By the end of the movie you pretty much want to not have anything to do with any of these characters. Yes, Honor does have some character growth, but this comes late in the movie, then at the very end, we are shown more scenes that kind of lead you to believe she's learned nothing. While this might be more realistic than having things work out, it's also a LOT less fun making this movie a downer with little to offer other than seeing people you wanted to root for absolutely suck.

Overall, I wish this movie was as funny and clever as the previews would lead us to believe, but instead it's a poorly written mess with some ideas feeling like they were afterthoughts and not part of the original script.

For me, this is a 2 out of 7. Not the worst movie of 2022, but it's way down there.
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Sexual Exploitation
j_hilyard30 July 2022
Warning: Spoilers
They attempt to make a comedy "movie" with a plot point being let's have a 17 year student "seduce" an adult. Then when the adult tries to move in on the seduction, he's shot down. But it's supposed to be funny? Or empowering for the young lady? It just felt all wrong and really made me dislike the film.
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20 million down the drain.
quickclean-9797129 July 2022
I think these kinds of movies are degrading. Woman tries to seduce guy to get what she wants. Better off to spend that on a good Sci Fi or mystery or history.
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Pretentious garbage
Ishmael_221 August 2022
This film is absolutely terrible. The characters were all plastic and generic which made it impossible to like them, especially the conceited, fake main character.

Save yourself time and pass on this pretentious film.
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With a different ending, this could have been a much more enjoyable film.
Perspicuity129 August 2022
Warning: Spoilers
For the most part, Honor Society is an extremely enjoyable film; it's only in the climax where it falls apart. It seems the director has some kind of bitterness towards men, because of the way every single one of them, especially the male lead, has been portrayed. Honor wasn't exactly trying to be angel to her classmates, she was trying to create a distraction that would affect their studies, so much so that they fall behind in the race to be the best in the class. What happened to them as a result of that was great, and it showed how thoughtful a girl Honor was; but that wasn't her only intention, was it? Wasn't she also trying to sabotage the academic plans of her classmates? Just like our male protagonist, Michael, Honor too had a selfish interest behind making friends with Travis, Kennedy and Gary. So how is it that when Honor does it, she is a hero and we are supposed to rally behind her, but Michael is declared villain, a 'bad person' for doing the same?

I realized there will be a twist in the end; either the three students she marked were never really in the top four of Mr. Calvin, or Michael was also playing a mind game with her. But I was hoping to see a happy ending even after the revelation of their true intentions, because what Michael and Honor had between them was really sweet. Why was it necessary to turn Michael into such a cold hearted person? They were school students, it's understandable if they get angry or feel hurt, but why bring in bitterness and hatred?

The movie is exactly what the trailer promised, a ninety minute fun ride that is extremely engaging and entertaining. With things happening at a brisk pace and Honor constantly breaking the fourth wall, you don't feel like looking away from the screen at any point of time. The writing is sharp, witty and filled with a few surprises. The editor has ensured that you don't find a single dull moment in the screenplay. Considering how wonderful the experience of watching this film was, I find it difficult to understand as to why we don't see more such films get made. I kept thinking of the Emma Stone starrer 'Easy A' while watching Honor Society, that's how long it has been since a movie like this got made.

Talking about the performances, Angourie Rice and Gaten Matarazzo have complete nailed it to perfection. As it is both Angourie and Gaten have extremely likeable personalities, but with this film they have proven that they are much more than that. Gaten Matarazzo's role is very different from Stranger Things here, and he proves that he can portray a grounded and understated character with complete ease if the need arises. Angourie's portrayal of a charming and vivacious Honor doesn't even feel like an act, that's how natural her performance is. Both these young actors are doing such a fabulous job at such an early stage of their career, I just hope they stay focused because they have a really bright future ahead of them if they manage to keep their head on their shoulders.

Honor Society could have been a much better film if only the ending was different. Painting Michael as a bad guy who never cared for Honor, ruined my experience. Even after the twist, they could have given us a happy ending by showing that Michael had a change of heart, just like Honor. Why was it so difficult to show that both Honor and Michael became a better person by the end of the film? The unnecessary feminist angle led to the downfall of what could easily have been a beautiful film.
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baroncoco11 August 2022
Awful writing, awful casting, unbelievable plot turns, hateful characters, wretched acting... The only reason to keep watching is that you don't think it can get worse but IT KEEPS DOING SO.
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Light teen comedy
i_skyba4 August 2022
I am pleasantly surprised. Fortunately for me, Hollywood filmmakers have not yet learned to film school stories without intimacy and vulgarity.

And it's very cool. The result is a living picture with authentic images. Light humor is also present. Not without a summons, but everything is skillfully woven into the script.

And the most important thing. Not only young girls will be interested. Everyone whose soul is not hardened will like what they see.

It's 8 out of 10. Watch and don't think twice.
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Woke Ending ruins otherwise good rom-com/coming of age story
rogerflores-4161131 July 2022
Warning: Spoilers
The first 2 acts of this movie are a 10, featuring a great romantic rapport between the two leads as well as a nice coming of age story. In the final act, just as the audience is rooting for this couple to overcome the deception they played on each other, the movie takes a hard left turn into some woke pride fest. The story subsequently abandons the romantic element, essentially dismissing Gaten Matarazzo's character arc, leaving the audience who was rooting for this couple hanging out to dry. The ending is such an unwanted turn that I dropped this all the way to a 6. I could've given it a 5, just because of how disappointing this plot twist was.
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Breakfast Club meets Cry Wolf
geister_faust5 August 2022
This movie is seriously under appreciated and without a serious promo it risks to stay under the radar. Shame, because leads are great and age-appropriate, story is solid and camerawork is interesting, especially with Angouire Rice character breaking the fourth wall. Her character, Honor Rose suspiciously resembles the one of Lindy Botth's Dodger from 2005 movie "Cry wolf" not only in style, but in cold-blooded calculated moves aimed only to achieve her goal. Gaten Matarazzo is a nice addition with his experience in Stranger Things, but he fails to become second lead as other characters are equally interesting. There's a distinct Breakfast Club vibe going on in this movie and if you're looking for more of the same, this one will do you great. Nicely paced with a fluent edits, this movie is a hidden germ of 2022.
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Netflix Movie?
gab-6759931 July 2022
I swore this totally was, but whatever. So I loved the lead and if the movie had been only her in it she could have made it work. Likeable, interesting, and beautiful. Now her counterpart... I might be a bit bias but I have NEVER liked Mr. Matarazzo as an actor. Although in this movie he did play two-faces very well. His character to me is just NOT interesting!

I am positive this is a movie for younger ppl so maybe that was why I didn't absolutely love it. For me two attractive actors into each other makes the movie much more interesting. Take two ppl one is a 10 and the other a 2 on a good day, makes me question the reality of the movie. Hell, even giving me two 2's that can ACT, would have been better then this was. It was just not enough to make me recommend or see it again myself. But to each their own.
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So bad just BAD...
sanmehle30 July 2022
Well this movie provided me with such an uncomfortable experience. I have seen more comedy when my dog goes potty. I can not find a redeeming aspect in the movie, between the horrible writing and stupid approach to the story the actors potential was wasted.

Should you decide to waste your time in something please play Candy Crush this movie is not worth it.
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