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For the 1st Time in a Long Time, Disney Got it Right!!!!! Awesome
Kobe Busia4 June 2011
As many of you know, in the past years, Disney channel is known for releasing films such as "High School Musical", "Camp Rock" and the "Cheetah Girls" franchises, all of which were popular but corny in some way, especially the disastrous "Camp Rock 2". I gotta say that for a Disney Channel Movie, in my opinion Lemonade Mouth was just a sweet knockout!!!!!!!!! It's the best musical movie that Disney Channel has ever made, and I'm hooked on it. The actors in the movie did a great job, each character was given a great amount of significance, and best of all, all 5 of them are really talented not only as actors but as musicians. I'm amazed that Adam Hicks wrote his own rap lyrics for 3 songs in the movie because it allowed him to showcase his true musical talent, and even though all 5 actors were great, I feel that he and Hayley Kiyoko are the 2 strongest actors in the movie. Also the movie was great on character development, and the filmmakers didn't make 1 character feel more important than others, and it was almost completely unpredictable because I had no idea what would happen throughout this movie, though I will say that the only predictable thing about it was that after Charlie(Blake Michael) flipped the coin, it would land on heads, other than that, completely unpredictable. Even Chris Brochu's character Ray wasn't entirely annoying, but he was a jerk. The soundtrack's amazing, you'd actually want those type of songs on your Ipod, and they're genius. Finally, Lemonade Mouth actually has a strong morale, and it's the kind you can take seriously, unlike corny stupid lines like "This is our summer"!!!!! I can also praise this movie for presenting a realistic plot, and it proves that Disney finally learned from all the mistakes they've previously made with past DCOMS. PS: All 5 members of the band can sing, not just 1 person, who wouldn't want that in a band(which by the way they should be a real-life band)?!?!? Here's 1 character I didn't really talk about and that's Scott Pickett, lead guitarist of Mudslide Crush. Scott is played by Nick Roux, and while he's a nice guy, he can be a little selfish, and I don't think anyone expected him to end up joining Lemonade Mouth by the end of the movie, but it was best that he did. I will say that it was unnecessary for Mo to get jealous of Scott for simply talking to a girl named Jules, it's not like he was making out with her. Also how the mural of the band had ended up on the pizzeria billboard was never explained, so therefore it didn't make sense. Something else I should add is that there was a review saying that the music continuity was an issue, and I'd just like to say that 1st of all, that's not something to complain about, 2nd of all, of course you're still gonna hear keyboards in the background while Wen's rapping because he's not really playing, so that's not really an issue. Also during "Breakthrough", Scott had already joined the band, and he's the one who played guitar for that song so it doesn't matter if Stella's not playing guitar, but you're right about "She's So Gone", Bridgit should have been playing bass instead of a 2nd guitar, and in "Breakthrough", and Highwire, Naomi's not playing bass which is odd. Overall,This movie couldn't have been done in a better way, it deserves a sequel but I'm afraid it'll be a disaster like Camp Rock 2. Well done Disney, keep this up, your coolest musical film yet. I give it a perfect 10. Rock on, Lemonade Mouth!!!!!!!!!!!!
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A Great Disney Movie
Hayden Thomas16 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
"Lemonade Mouth" is a story about five teenagers with different problems coming together and forming a band to be heard after being mistreated by the principal and popular kids.

—Characters: 16/20— The characters each had a distinctive personality, but some characters weren't very well developed. I can't tell you much about Charlie, and just barely more with Wen. Then Scott wasn't as developed either, and all they did for Ray was show that he was a huge jerk, but otherwise, all the other characters were great.

–Story: 17/20— I had to count off of originality because it was based off a novel, but otherwise it was a great story about how, like I said earlier, five teenagers escaping from family problems by trying to speak up against their principal by forming a band. You can totally relate with the characters, and you find yourself wanting to just whack the crap out of some of the characters. Some of the scenes seem a little over dramatic, like people just randomly start yelling, or in one scene, when the lead jerk Ray decides to just spontaneously decides to steal the microphone and start a fight. That scene was very confusing. I had really no idea how the fight started, and it went so fast that it perplexed me; then I don't know why the band wasn't allowed to perform there anymore when it was the other guy who started it. It was also confusing how when they got their gig at the pizzeria, they had a sign already advertising to "fight the power" even though the band had only preformed once, and that was at a school. Besides that, it had a great story, and a great ending.

—Acting: 19/20— The acting was PERFECT. I applaud every person they hired for the band Lemonade Mouth, because they did an awesome job. They also hired some very talented singers and musicians, if I can say. If the people who played instruments really couldn't play that instrument, then they did a great job acting like they played it. I had to count off though because of the jerks. Scott was very vague and strange, which might've been why the character didn't seem too good. Ray was also very jerk-ish, which was correct on his part, but he sort of over-acted and since there was no other part in the plot about his personality, you couldn't see his full acting talents (if he could do better).

—Moral and family-orientation: 20/20— Yes, it is a Disney Channel movie, so it HAS to be family-oriented, but the moral was strongly showed in the movie: speak up for what you believe in. That's what the whole movie centered on, what they actually exhibited; that's why the band was formed in the first place. Now, if you're a person who watches porn and people's heads being blown off every second of the day (or you know what I mean), you would hate it. If you enjoy a movie that the whole family can enjoy and a movie that you can relate to with great music, then you would enjoy "Lemonade Mouth". I certainly did.

—Music: 19/20— I hate rapping. Sorry. They rapped in this movie, but this rapping wasn't about sex or drugs or anything, and I was actually okay with it. For a white guy, Adam Hicks isn't a bad rapper. The music by the band just drills in your head and motivates you to do things. Great music, and too add on, it's about standing up for yourselves.

—Overall review: 91/100— In conclusion, "Lemonade Mouth" is a great movie about taking a stand for what you believe in that actually has some personality while being suitable for all ages.

—Bonus Review- Cinematography: 17/20— Cinematography is my picky spot, so sorry, but I HAVE to review. I absolutely LOATHE when cameras shake on purpose in scenes to cause "suspense" or "tension" or whatnot. Blech, I DESPISE it. They used the technique in this movie once or twice, and when I got to the point where I started getting annoyed (around twenty or thirty seconds) it stopped. They also had some confusing angles, but otherwise, it was okay.
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One of Disney's finest!
Humacorn7 May 2011
I personally found this movie to be extremely inspiring. You would think that it'd be your typical Disney musical but I think that Lemonade Mouth took it to a different level. It's not just a High School Musical where students from different cliques come together with a common interest despite what their friends think. With Lemonade Mouth the obstacles were not only at school but at home. It touched on some major teen issues.

It spoke about true friendship, through life's struggles Not to mention, the songs had soul. They didn't just have funky/hip beats, the lyrics had meaning.

Lemonade Mouth really defies all odds. In regular band there is only one leader singer, despite who writes the song. With this band they got personal as each song meant something different to each member and the one that related most sang that song. I found that really interesting. It gave the band flavor, as it had different voices.

This movie teaches you about the meaning of true friendship, overcoming family problems, dealing with relationships, the right way to deal with bullies and following your dreams at all costs.

This is truly a movie for all ages! Honestly, more appeal to teens and pre-teens.
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Serendipitous Detention
bkoganbing17 April 2011
With the kids from High School Musical now grown and some of them even leaving the Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney Studios had to get a fresh group of musically talented young folks for a new musical film. The result is Lemonade Mouth.

Which is the band that a group of kids who serendipitously sent to the same detention for violating one of martinet principal Christopher McDonald's dumb rules at the same time. That kind of coincidence would tell most people including these kids that there is some karma at work here and that they've got to form a band.

The main thing that Lemonade Mouth is supposed to do it does well, that is give Bridgit Mendler a showplace for her singing talents. I guess it's kind of a tossup between Mendler and Demi Lovato to see who will be the next Miley Cyrus for Disney. Lovato has some great comic ability, but as for singing I think Mendler has it over her. In any event she's also got a nice wholesomeness about her that I hope she neither loses and that just might give her career some staying power.

The songs aren't bad either and Christopher McDonald who usually does quite serious roles shows some hidden talent for comedy. The kind of principal you love to hate. Maybe Lemonade Mouth might just get a few more viewers than those who normally frequent the Disney Channel.
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Acceptable for the demographic...
Mike Smith10 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Having watched and discussed this movie with my nine-year-old niece, I found it both entertaining and disappointing.

I hadn't intended to post here, but after reading reviews on a number of different sites, I decided what the heck – 'be heard'! :-) *steps up on soapbox* It was definitely entertaining, even with the necessity to 'suspend belief' in a lot of instances – as was pointed out in a number of postings I read, by 'youthful' reviewers. I'm also was quite comfortable with the 'message' I believe the story was meant to convey – with some effort, we can ALL overcome and achieve.

Decent cast, although I have issues with how the 'adults' were portrayed. But then, it's a Disney movie and is of course, meant to reach a demographic other than my old self. *laughs* While all the 'kids' did seem to mesh and work well together, I thought I noticed some kind of 'connection' between Miss Mendler and Mr Hicks – or their characters at least. Miss Scott did, in my opinion, exceptionally well with the whole 'American' accent thing. Kudos to her.

Now... the 'disappointed' part. As is usually the case when going from print to screen, I feel the original story (I did actually read the book before I gave it to my niece) was indeed, lost in the conversion. And, as we all know, movie-making is a business, and for the most part, projects are evaluated on the premise of profits. And yes, as I have seen posted by a number of youthful revolutionaries, *smirk* it shouldn't always be about profit. Unfortunately however, without profits, we'd have FAR FEWER movies worth watching. I will say that in this case, the changes from book to movie seem to have worked – quite nicely.

I am VERY disappointed with the production of this movie. There are a BUNCH (a double-digit number) of filming/editing errors in it, making it blatantly apparent that Disney shot this solely on the premise of showing it on TV – and not in theaters. While I'm not going to delve too far into this, I will give you what I considered the most obvious. It involves a label-less bottle of water. In one scene, to characters are sitting at a table talking, the camera changes angles from one to the other as each of them has dialogue. During one of the cuts, a bottle of water appears between them, and then on the very next cut, disappears. There are a number of others, but my point is; the actors involved deserved better than to have all their efforts tossed into a blender, with the final result being a 5 (barely) on a scale of 10 for editing.

Shame on you Disney. Good thing your demographic turned out to be YOUNG.

Ultimately, I will say this: Any movie that can get a nine year old to continuously repeat 'be heard, be strong, be proud', is in this writer's opinion, a GOOD MOVIE.

*steps down off his soapbox*
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A good Disney Movie
emersonbrowne14 June 2017
Lemonade Mouth gave me hope for future Disney movies. With the recent Disney movies that we have been getting lately, none of them good, Lemonade Mouth stands out being one of the best DCOM, ever. I know that's a big statement but I truly believe it. It was never as successful as say, High School Musical but it was still good and deserved more recognition. This movie came out when I was 10 (I am now 16,) and I still enjoy watching it.

A lot of the actors were relatively new in 2011 but everyone did a decent job. I'm not going to lie some of the actors weren't as good as others and there were moments where the acting wasn't the greatest, but it's not like it's trying to win an Oscar or anything. If you watched Disney Channel or Disney XD then you would of noticed familiar faces like Bridget Mendler (Good Luck Charlie, Wizards of Waverly Place) and Adam Hicks (Zeke and Luthor,Pair of Kings.) There were also some new faces like Blake Michael who would later go on to star in the Disney Channel show Dog With a Blog. Naomi Scott was also new back then but has made a bit of a name for herself starring in the 2017 movie Power Rangers. Haley Kiyoko was very good as Stella and you may also recognize her from Wizards of Waverly Place. All of the main actors had great chemistry and you could really see that in the film. They truly made you feel how close they are as a group.

I'm not going to lie the music in this movie was actually very good. I didn't expect to enjoy the songs as much as I did.She's So Gone, sung by Naomi Scott, was probably my favourite song in the whole movie her vocals are incredible.

The story line is what really makes this movie incredible. I always like a story about the underdogs coming out on top. I love how they had the school treat athletes like they were better because that is how high school is. I liked how each of the characters had there own story line and we got to see each of them develop. The friendship between the five though was what really made this movie great. Unlike this movie they focused mainly on the actual friendship between the five and less on relationships. Sure there was obviously something between Wen and Olivia and Mo and Scott but it never overshadowed the friendship between the band.

Overall this movie is a must see and is enjoyable for all ages.
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All-around good movie
TuMay9116 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Everyone in my family is 15+ years, but we'd heard a lot about this movie, so we decided to watch it - and loved it! It is an all around good movie for anyone to watch. No sex, violence, swearing, etc. making it a good family film. The music, acting, and story keep older family members entertained - mostly the music, for my family at least. The songs are still going through my head!

The only thing that parents might want to be warned about, is that one of the themes, beside friendship, seems to be to question authority. One other slight problem might be that the dad of one of the teens in the movie has a much younger, 28 yr. old, girlfriend.

Brigit Mendler is a very talented actress with an amazing voice! Her co-stars are all extremely talented as well. I see a bright future for all of them!
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Disney Is Running Out Of Ideas
M MALIK5 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
How many times they are going to try and fail but still they never learn specially Disney don't they get it that their success key is only animation and big budget Hollywood films with big stars not some bad TV shows or cheap films with local teenagers and kids the company is just after cash these days not good work let me just take you back to the past almost 60 years ago their films were best and still are specially in animation i am a really huge fan specially when they work with Pixar the results are outstanding but films like lemonade mouth 2011 are ruining Disney;s legacy if only Walt Disney was alive he would be so mad at these people.

This lame excuse for a love story is simply boring and uninteresting for the viewer to watch its not like the cast is bad or story was not right but this topic is repeated so many times plus these people were trying way too hard to be serious end up failing even the title of the film is awful and does not match this movie was based on the novel and to be honest here someone's work got ruined just check out the novel and see how Disney killed it by adapting it on screen

The Plot:some 5 high school kids meet in a detention room thing go in their favor quickly as they are talented this leads to the creation of one huge band named lemonade mouth.

The Cast:none of the members are impressive but Naomi Scott steals the show she looked amazing and have a good dialog timing wonder why she is not so famous.

These guys make a band and lip syncing to pop songs mostly but are these songs any good totally not and somehow you feel the characters are way different and these cast members are extremely wrong choice for this film some mature actors could have been hired as for Disney they should concentrate on goof films instead of wasting money on forgettable projects it seems they are running out of ideas.

Overall Lemonade Mouth 2011 is a film for those who like high school musical series or Hannah Montana it is just missing Miley Cyrus my rating is 2/10.
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Am I the only one who didn't like this movie?
chocokitty112 May 2011
So I was really bored one night so I decided to flip on the telly only to see that "Lemoade Mouth", a brand new Disney channel movie, was playing on Disney channel. In the past, I have seen both successful Disney channel films High School Musical and Camp Rock. These movies are cheesy, innocent, goofy, and predictable. However, they are exactly as they market themselves. Lemonade Mouth marketed itself to be a serious film, not a comedy musical. To me, the plot of this movie was completely recycled. It was basically a cross between The Breakfast Club and Bandslam, and not as good as either (which is really saying something since Bandslam was not very good.)The acting was bland, but not horrible. Many of the scenes where very awkward. The music was terrible. It was very blah bubble gum pop with some of the worst rapping I may have ever heard. I found it hard to believe that a punk rock dressing activist like Stella would play this kind of music. But that's not what bothered me most about this movie. What bothered me most was how hard this movie tried to be relatable. The movie got so in depth with each of the character's background, yet I didn't feel like I could identify with any of these kids because they don't act like kids. Real teenagers swear and talk about PG13 rated stuff. I don't think there was even a kiss in this movie. Now I am aware that Disney does have to keep it's movies to a PG level, but I think they should start making movies more about their target audience, 10 and 11 year olds. I don't think anyone had a high school experience like the kids in Lemonade Mouth.
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When Will Disney Give Up?
amoc91017 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I am always excited about the next Disney movie to come out, because they are hilarious to make fun of. I noticed this movie in 2010, when me and my sister found a page that listed what movies Disney had made, and were going to make. We looked at each other with a matching questioning stare.

Then, two years later, I noticed the advertisement. After Disney's absolutely AWFUL creation 'Starstruck', I was very much looking forward to this.

I personally love the Breakfast Club, and this movie is basically the Disney Corporation eating the Breakfast Club, digesting it into a musical, and this mediocre movie is the excrement of the process.

I think I'll simply list the positives and negatives, because I know if I don't bullet point I know I'll end up rambling and complaining for pages and pages. I didn't care enough to learn their names, except Stella, so I will have to describe them as - ''Zeke Or Luther (I don't know which one he is, because I've never watched the show'', Blonde girl from ''Good Luck Charlie'', ugly slightly popular girl, and drummer-dude.

POSITIVES: Characters: -Blonde girl and Zeke or Luther's characters were interesting and in-depth, and I enjoyed their parts. And they weren't bad actors either. I'm actually surprised that the fact Good Luck Charlie's dad was in prison - just the fact that it HADN'T BEEN DONE IN ANOTHER Disney MOVIE! -I unfortunately have to admit that Zeke or Luther guy and Good Luck Charlie girl made a cute couple. And the kitten was ADORABLE. Writing And Directing: -I'll admit that they did in fact attempt to make a movie that reached out to teenagers, and I don't think it completely plummeted in that respect. -The acting wasn't award-winning, but it wasn't a total flop.

NEGATIVES: Characters: -Some of the adults in the movie such as the principle and drummer-dude's parents were too dim-witted for my liking. And if there's anything I hate from a kid's movie/TV-show, it's making kids think that parents are stupid. -I seriously doubt any school has a) a that big a basement b) care more about sports than Shakespeare, IT, Chess, music etc. c) a principle that rides a walkway -Can Disney not hire a NEW ACTOR in a while? Stella was in Wizard's of Waverly Place, Good Luck Charlie girl was in, Good Luck Charlie, Zeke or Luther was in Zeke and Luther etc. -Why did Stella care about a crappy Lemonade machine that the majority of people didn't even know existed. -One would expect Stella to be into MCR and Evanscence or, you know, something not totally cheesy. And did she wear the same shirt throughout the film? -The other ''popular band'' annoyed me so much. They thought they were totally ''bad-ass''. They met up in some kind of junkyard shack, in leather jackets with gel in their hair. But their music was the same, cheesy, poppy, bland rubbish as every other song.As well as the main singer looked several years younger than everyone else. -Some other review mentioned this, and I agree; why does Disney insist on making teenager movies for a ten year old audience? Teenagers don't like it. Ten year olds won't really get it. And even as teenagers they're all rather goody two shoes. No swearing. Nothing about alcoholism or drugs or sexual tension. Nothing that's like actual teenagers. -Why does the rather good looking guy have no experience with girls whatsoever? Writing And Direction: -I seriously doubt any school has a) a that big a basement b) care more about sports than Shakespeare, IT, Chess, music etc. c) a principle that rides a walkway -Cheesy, boring, same-old dialogue. -If I were in that pizzeria, I certainly wouldn't want the singer lying on top of my table. What if she had dandruff? Or lice? It isn't very hygienic. -Why does the Granny's radio sound really scratchy, then suddenly as clear as a whistle? It was odd. -I've never seen rain start so heavily so suddenly ever in my life. -When did ugly, slightly popular girl become the lead singer? -This bit really annoyed me - The fact that they all suddenly know the lyrics and music for a song? People were harmonising the lyrics and everything else - they obviously knew them. It's like in Camp Rock when they all know the perfect choreography even they supposedly 'haven't done it before'. -When did they become friends? I mean the Breakfast Club basically took the whole movie developing the relationships between characters - they basically were VERY SLIGHTLY annoyed at each other at the beginning. Within thirty seconds they were singing a song that "none of them knew", and then they were friends! Yay! And throughout there wasn't even any kind of personality friction whatsoever, even though they're all supposed to be a rag-tag, team of misfits from totally different backgrounds. But none of them had any creative differences or argued about anything because of how different they were. -Lemonade Mouth? - Stupid name. (I know that's not really a real reason. But I do think that.) -Cheesy part with the audience singing the lyrics, literally made me vomit. -Worst lip-syncing I've ever seen in my life. -Worst mime playing too. -Worst rapping I've ever heard too. -The fact that there was no kisses whatsoever kind of bummed me out. I did pretty much hate the movie but I am a bit of a sucker for that. Because I'm stupid like that. - They were certainly not good enough for that big stadium at the end. A really unbelievable ending - which kind of ruined the whole ''average rag-tag group of misfits'' thing they had going on.

Well, there's more I'd like to say but you can watch it yourself. I gave it what I think is fair a 4/10. I really hope Disney can think of a good movie next time.
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It's Corny But It Works.
holyclyde8 August 2018
Lemonade Mouth is far from being a great movie, but as far as Disney Channel movies go, this is one of the better ones. I think the whole movie and its story are well put together but its corny dialogues and lazy resolutions make it seem like everything solves itself. Like pure magic. One minute they're all off beat and out of sync and the next they're performing like they've been doing it for years, with a crystal clear studio-version quality sound. It really feels like this could only happen in a movie and, honestly, I didn't mind it all that much. I don't think they were trying to do something bold here. Lemonade Mouth is just a feel good TV movie with not-so-bad acting and a not-so-bad message about going beyond what's expected of you. And it works. I think it would work best for children or pre-teens since they would probably overlook the corniness present in some parts of the movie but, as an adult, I enjoyed it and it did make me feel good. It did its job. It worked.

Lemonade Mouth is not a great movie but it provides an enjoyable feel-good experience that'll make you forget about how harsh the real world can be. An alright TV Movie and one of the better Disney Channel ones.
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Loved it
zamlazercorn4 August 2018
I really love this movie. The characters are likeable, good songs and good story. The perfect family movie
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Same old song and dance my friend
vikezupa27 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Same old story: School kids parents don't understand them, overbearing boyfriend, overbearing principal, same old songs re-packaged. It's terrible, unless you're 8 years old and your parents let you watch it. There must be a group of writers out there who write this type of junk. Demonize parents, demonize authority, demonize jocks, demonize cheerleaders, all in an effort to tell the story of the down-trodden, misunderstood students who don't add value to the school sports teams. The songs are liberal Disney: Predictable lyrics about being misunderstood but standing firm. Predictable chord changes and time signatures. Some kids will like it. Most parents won't.
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Great movie, but with a few flaws
terrsgc5 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
If it is a theatrical release, you can pretty much be certain that anything coming from Disney will be superb. However, Disney's television releases range from superb down to pure crap. I'm happy to say that, while "Lemonade Mouth" is not up to the theatrical standards, it nonetheless lands closer to the superb end of the scale than the pure crap end. The story and screen-play were very good. The acting was well done. And, the music was terrific. Overall, the movie was enjoyable, and I would recommend it to anyone. That being said, I do have a few nits to pick.

SPOILER WARNING - If you don't want spoilers, don't read beyond this line.

Message: The general message seems to be, "Stand up for what you believe." This is a "Fight the system." movie, and I frankly don't agree with the way the message was presented. My parents taught me to stand up for what I believe, but they added a couple things to that. First, they taught me to be fair, keep an open mind, and hear the other side out before going to the mattresses over something. And, though the secretary suggested they take the matter up with the principle, they chose instead to surprise the principle by using their music spot at the school dance to stage a major protest. When they're dressed down for their actions, one of them complains that he "shut us down". Unfortunately, the principle doesn't take the opportunity to point out that what he shut down was them "shouting him down". The second thing my parents added was that I should pick my battles, that I should carefully decide if the issue is really important enough to make a fuss over. And, in this case, the removal of a lemonade machine seems like a poor choice of battles. Disney's audience is children, and I don't really think they should be suggesting to their audience that it is okay to take a stand without at least hearing the other side out, or that it is noble to make a huge stink over relatively inconsequential matters.

Continuity: There were a few continuity issues, but one was really glaring. The band goes to a pizza place to decide whether they'll continue performing outside of school. It is revealed in the pizza place that the pizzeria owner wants to book them to perform there. Some of the characters decide they don't want to do it and walk out, with the others chasing after them. They turn around and are amazed to see their band pictured on an enormous billboard mounted to the top of the pizzeria. ... What? They didn't see that huge sign when the went IN to the pizza joint? C'mon! That humongous thing wasn't just thrown up while they were eating. Heck! When they left, their backs were to the sign. They had to turn around to see it. THEN they notice it. ...

Music continuity: Several times, certain instruments could be heard playing, but the performer playing that instrument was doing something else. This sort of thing happens all the time, since the people producing movies expect the audience not to notice such things. (Examples: I could hear the base line in "She's So Gone" when the base player was doing only vocals, and the vocalist was playing a second guitar rather than the base. Keyboards could be heard during the pianist's rap sequence in "Determinate" and "Breakthrough" while his keyboard was slung over his back. We had base again in "Breakthrough" when the base player was solely on vocals. And, again in "Breakthrough", the drummer is standing and pointing instead of playing the drums, while you can clearly hear the drums playing.)

Spawned music videos: This isn't a problem with the movie, but rather with the hype. Disney spawned music videos from three of the songs in Lemonade Mouth. "Somebody", a song that showcases Bridgit Mendler was made into at least two different music videos. The "Breakthrough" and "Determinate" music videos were taken straight from the movie, and seem to largely showcase the group as a whole. What's missing is the "She's So Gone" music video. Bridgit Mendler is a very talented singer, but from what I saw, Naomi Scott is a strong singer, too. And, "She's So Gone" was my favorite song in the movie. And, that particular scene was well choreographed and would have made an excellent video. Do they not want to promote Naomi Scott? Or, are they only showing that video in the UK?
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Different for Disney... Question Authority?
movieguy5927 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
In a world populated by mega pop and rock franchise films such as High School Musical and Camp Rock series I wasn't sure what to expect when flipping through the guide on Netflix and found Lemonade Mouth. I was working on a few things for one of my own screenplays and needed something mindless to watch and I thought..."oh a Disney film, this should do it" as I remember from an add as a Disney Channel Original movie. So I started it up...

Let me just say I wasn't able to get much done on my screenplays. This is one of Disney's better films in a while. No it's not High School Musical or Camp Rock, it's different than a lot of Disney films... It deals with questioning authority. Some might say that Disney's done that before but not in this tone and not to this extent.

The focus of the movie and how the band came together has the undertone of being heard, standing up for what you believe in.

This movie isn't perfect, but there's was something missing from this film... the majority of the cheesiness/corniness factor that you see in a lot of Disney films. This is one film that while scenes were awkward at times it was during situations that would more than likely be awkward in real life. Very well played by the actors.

For those that said scenes were awkward - THAT WAS HOW THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO BE PLAYED. Thing aren't always peachy. Lemonade Mouth was dealt with the real issues with realism. It was a welcome surprise.

The one thing you may have to get used to is like in High School Musical and Camp Rock music and singing start with little warning like the traditional musical film. While the film attempts to connect the story from rag tag to the instantaneous singing and we are know how to play it's better if you just accept it, otherwise you'll find yourself back in reality when you should be just enjoying the music.

There's a good pace and I found the songs are a lot more rock than other Disney Films and were quite enjoyable.

All in all this movie I give 8/10. There were a few scenes in the beginning - the soccer scene and a couple others that weren't up to par, but they were kind of necessary.

Disney (Channel) seems to be branching out and realizing that it's audience is not just limited to kids and preteens as those that grew up watching the Disney Channel are now in their teens/twenties and those older folks that remember when Disney Channel was still a premium pay channel like to relive their youth.

Solid display of different from Disney, but in a good way. The film as a whole is entertaining and if this is the start of a Disney revolution for less cheesy films, the the future is bright for Walt Disney Enterprises.
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Good Band Movie
chubbydave28 May 2016
Disney high school band movies was trending in the late 00s. This was one of them, and in my opinion, it was the best. You know the story. Some high school kids inadvertently find each other and they realize they have a great band together. There are hurdles along the way, but at the end they're a great band, and the movie also includes some great music. They enter a competition; maybe they win; maybe they lose; but at the end they realize they're great friends. And there's a romantic component thrown in there.

What I like about this movie, and it speaks to contemporary politics, is one scene with a girl in a wheelchair. They band plays at a school dance or something. I don't know. But the band is playing an awesome song, and shown are people in the crowd dancing and smiling and having a good time. A girl in a wheelchair is shown, and she is smiling and dancing as best as she can in her wheelchair. What that tells us is that first of all a kid in a wheelchair felt comfortable enough to go to the high school dance. Second of all she was having a good time.

Years ago that kid in the wheelchair may have just stayed home. But now we're all one. We're all together. Whether we're black, immigrant, handicapped, gay, whatever.. We're all going to accept you, and whoever you are you can enjoy the band, dance however you want to dance, and you're part of us and accepted in the group. That says a lot.
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Probably the best DCOM (Disney Channel Original Movie)
Delaney Smith19 September 2016
I found most of Disney Channel's original movies to be abysmal, cheesy messes with so-so acting and plots that could make Inspector Gadget: The Movie look like Shakespeare in comparison. But I found Lemonade Mouth to be an organic, well-acted, clever movie. It has some thought-provoking, inspiring themes that puts it aside from pretty much every other DCOM out there. The songs are catchy and pretty well-performed. And let's not forget the teen actors that all give likable, believable performances. I'm a musician in real life, and though my school has an incredibly well- funded music program, the thought of losing it still lurks and chills me to the bone. This movie suggests that music programs are important and allows us to express creativity and self-expression and that being yourself is the most important thing you could ever do... And though that seems to be the theme of many Disney Channel movies, it rings true to all of us. This is, in my humble opinion, the very best Disney Channel original movie, and I will keep watching it whenever it comes on.
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family movie with great messages
candacejac155 August 2014
Just watched this movie and was amazed! I didn't like high school musical(seen compared to many times) movies at all and usually musical movies i don't care much for but this movie was pretty good. Great motivation and determination message. Great family movie. As i am grown with two children i still enjoyed this movie. Not something i seen before. It has a great message. One downside i knew what was ganna happen next for the most part, as with most movies. some things were surprising that did or didn't happen. It is a must see for family. A great family movie with great messages!

KEEP IN MIND: Side note i have never reviewed a movie and made an account just so i could review this. Mommy of 2 and a very observant 7 year old daughter this was perfect!
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Disney Has Got it Again!
Bea Isaacson15 October 2011
I was always a true Disney kid- I grew up with Lizzie McGuire, That's So Raven, Kim Possible, etc. But it all went down-hill when Disney Channel brought in Hannah, WIzards, HSM, Camp Rock- and the rest of the corny, cheesy, to sweet and somehow everyone can sing buzz that children lap up. Lemonade Mouth is- if you pardon the pun- a sip of icy lemonade on a hot day. It's got a good moral, the music is more rock'n'roll and indie then the kiddie pop they normally generate, the actors are amazing and there are some good twists. Mendler and Hicks have incredible on-screen chemistry; flirty, innocent and cute without being all annoying. The up-and-rising Disney stars show how unlike others, they can act and sing in this romantic comedy more aimed at teenagers then eight-years. Think a sweeter, organic Glee.
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This movie seems to be a step back from the other Disney films.
vexen1319 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Alright, I understand this is a Disney movie but,even with that in consideration, i still wasn't impressed. Being a Musician myself, i was probably a little harder on this movie than a normal person would be if they watched it. So the music and lyrics in the movie, i felt to be a little generic. I know Disney movies aren't suppose to have the latest number one song,but from the movies they have put in the past there was always at least one catchy song that became a guilty pleasure of mine. The rapping was a little impressive, i'm not a fan of rap, but i do know what its about and can appreciate it, and i thought it was alright. The only thing that got awkward about it was when they made Hayley Kiyoko's character try and rap when she and Adam Hick's character were switching off Microphone when they were performing at their school.

The acting wasn't the worst, but it wasn't the best. Some people were better than others but if you don't focus on it then you hardly notice.

Dialog was a step back, i felt for a Disney film. For the past few years it seemed they were stepping it up with their DCOM's as far as dialog. They were starting to speak more in a way that actual teenagers or just people in general would speak. But in this film, i could almost predict what they were going to say.

Some of the Scenes were a bit awkward, like when they first start playing together in the music room, or when they were in a holding cell just randomly playing around and SUDDENLY they make enough rhythms and beats to replace a whole drum kit. Another awkward part was when they were in the pizzeria and the bully in the movie just randomly jumps up on stage and takes the Mic. Also the weird scene where Charlie's Brother picks him up in his truck and gives him a talk about how he should do what he loves, now that wasn't the weird part but what was is how they also tie in the older brother failing college and how they're going to break the news that Charlie wants to be a drummer, and some how that it's OK to be failing college...

They never really showed the characters passion for music. Most of the way through the movie they were always quitting and breaking up. The only one that seemed to have any real passion in the music was Stella.

All in all, it was alright. It was still entertaining and a little funny here and there. I give it a 6.
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like the five teen characters
SnoopyStyle29 December 2015
Five disparate high school kids are sentenced to detention in the basement. Principal Brenigan (Christopher McDonald) uses corporate sponsorship to support only the sport teams. He relegates all the other groups into the basement. Miss Reznick (Tisha Campbell-Martin) is the music teacher who is facing funding cuts. Stella (Hayley Kiyoko) is the rebellious new girl who is the least successful of her family. Olivia (Bridgit Mendler) is the awkward loner who is hiding some devastating family secrets. Mo (Naomi Scott) is dealing with a selfish boyfriend and her conservative East Indian father. Charlie (Blake Michael) is the drummer forced to live up to his soccer star older brother. Wen (Adam Hicks) is angry that his father is moving on with a young girlfriend. The five new friends form a new band to compete in the local talent contest.

I like all five young actors and their characters. With that, the movie can survive the cheesiness and the standard tropes. The music from the five is good enough. The story is hitting all the traditional kiddie movie ideas of rebelling against the system. Christopher McDonald and Tisha Campbell-Martin fall victim to the need for adults to act wacky in kiddie movies. The young actors and their characters' journeys save this from being a bad Disney TV movie.
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