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Timeless Story with Poor Ending
boz-583017 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
As one reviewer already commented, this story has been told before, but there was still something attractive about watching this one unfold. The main characters were generally well developed and the 3 or so main actors did a decent job. The cinematography is OK, though the special effects are minimal, as one would expect in a low budget film.

I kept watching to the very end, which happened rather abruptly. I'm always ready to accept an unhappy ending, but this one seemed to occur as a result of running out of film (or time, perhaps). It was unsatisfying and seemed out of sync with the development of the story line. I really wish they had an alternative ending, in which case I probably would have given the movie a 5 or 6. In short, a promising movie was spoiled by a poor ending.
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Same old, same old
Leofwine_draca29 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
FATE is another indie science fiction film, this time about a guy who invents a time machine and who then goes back in time in order to prevent his girlfriend being killed. It's a hackneyed, age-old storyline, dragged out again for the umpteenth time and on a budget that precludes the use of special effects of any significance. For an indie, it's well filmed and acted, at least to a degree, but the unfolding of the plot is very slow and you spend an age waiting for something exciting to happen when it never does.
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Good idea, bad execution.
buckybowen040968-125 January 2018
Really amateur looking all the way around, bad sets, bad acting, bad story, bad directing ...wish it had something I could point to as positive. Honestly, it looks like the really poor student movies I would watch twenty years ago.
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