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Very funny feel good movie
Padraig Power12 October 2012
I had low expectations for this given the plot (which you can't take seriously) and figured the best parts were shown in the trailers. I must say I was pleasantly surprised.

The plot is all very predictable but really who cares for this type of movie. The dialog is not that sharp (Seven Psychopaths it is not) and while some parts are a little corny, the film is light hearted, does not take itself too seriously and is excellent entertainment if you want to switch off your brain at the end of the week.

This film moves at a good pace, is funny throughout, with some real laugh out loud moments, and leaves you with a good feeling at the end.
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Kevin James brings the Boom
rgblakey12 October 2012
Whether you find him funny or not, Kevin James has been racking up the hits since focusing on movies. While not all were hit with the critics, he has managed to garner a following. The trailer for his latest Here Comes The Boom looked like a mix of the same old fair that he normally delivers, but does it have any chance of working to deliver a funny comedy or will it end up being just another forced goofy addition to his resume.

Here Comes The Boom follows a biology teacher who is determine to save the music program from being cut in their school by becoming a mixed-martial arts fighter. While the premise is a bit out there and some of the scenarios are a bit far-fetched this movie works surprisingly well. There are plenty of laughs here that work on numerous levels, but depending on how big a fan of James you are will determine how funny they are. The real surprise here was the fact that there was so much more here than just a stupid comedy. The story is a typical underdog tale with comedy, but enough heart to keep you rooting for James throughout the whole film. Gone is the usual over the top bumbling funny fat guy, in its place was a cooler everyman that works perfectly for this story. James steps up to really deliver more than he has to date. He shows not only a good range with some different emotions, but is pretty impressive with his ability to carry the fight scenes. It was nice to see that while this was a comedy, they still took the fighting side of it seriously to deliver something not only believable but entertaining and will suck you right into the action. The rest of the cast do a great job of bringing everything together, with the real highlights being Henry Winkler who is a spitting image of the band teacher in the Simpsons and former MMA legend Bas Rutten. Both of these guys never take themselves seriously and deliver some funny memorable and likable characters.

This movie was a real surprise on almost every level. It delivers an almost Rocky like underdog tale with some over the top funny moments to create something completely unexpected. Kevin James really knocked it out of the park here and hope he sticks to these kinds of roles and continues to stretch his acting range.
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Finally, a Kevin James film I enjoyed all the way to the end.
actionlad29 October 2012
I loved "King of Queens" and I think Kevin James is a very talented comedic actor, but until this film, he hadn't made a film where he was the star that I could really get behind. Each of his past flicks had him in some unlikeable loser role with a problem nobody cared about. This one figured some things out in how to make him likable and fun to watch. I don't want to give away too much on this film as you may see some of the plot points coming from a mile away, but this is just a nice feel-good comedy. It's not trying to be something more than that. By the way, former professional MMA fighter, Bas Rutten steals every scene he's in. Way to go Bas!
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Kevin James scores
Treyroo6 December 2012
You've been doing the same job for most of your adult life and stopped making an effort a decade ago. Then you hear the news that someone who's been doing the job even longer and still makes an effort is about to be fired. Do you let it happen?

Scott Voss (played by Kevin James) is a 42 year- old biology teacher. Ten years ago, he was given a Teacher of the Year award but when we join the story, he's sleeping late, making little or no effort in the classroom and seen as an embarrassment by the principal, Mr. Betcher (played by Greg Germann). When Betcher (Germann) catches him sneaking into class late via the classroom window, he gives Voss parking lot duty and strips him of a vacation day. Rather than accept more work that he's in no way interested in doing, he tries to find someone to fill in for him. His colleague, Marty, the music teacher (played by Henry Winkler) is more than willing to assume the responsibility but also a little shaken by the news that his wife is pregnant. Later, at a school board budget meeting, he's given the even more troubling news that thanks to budget problems, the music program is in jeopardy. Voss, despite his long-standing apathy, offers to raise money to save the music program and his colleague's job. He resumes the job of teaching citizenship classes in night school but sees that the wages would make it near-impossible to earn the money in time. One of his students, Niko (played by Bas Rutten) asks for additional tutoring and Voss agrees, reluctantly. It is during a tutoring session at Niko's apartment that Voss, who wrestled in college, sees a mixed martial arts match, learns that the loser was paid $10,000, and decides he can raise the money by joining this very punishing sport.

Now, the last Kevin James movie that I saw in theaters was Zookeeper. I wasn't impressed. I won't say that Here Comes the Boom was impressive, but it was easily a step up from Zookeeper. Also, naming the movie after what would eventually become the main character's theme song isn't particularly creative. Still, I was entertained. Watching an overweight 42 year-old enter the ring and take serious punishment over and over…and over was hilarious and watching the effect his decision to make an effort had, not just on him but on the entire cast of characters, was bizarrely uplifting. I don't imagine James or any of his co-stars will receive awards for their work in this film, but I liked it and you might too.
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What A Pleasant Surprise! Capraesque Feel Good Film!
DUKEJBM12 October 2012
High art this is not but anyone that expects high level stuff from a movie with this premise is not watching it with the right frame of mind. It's a good old fashion feel good film with a message. Dare I say Capraesque? I wouldn't even classify this as a comedy. It's a fantasy of goodwill film that induces plenty of smiles and packs heart. Kevin James is perfect in the lead and his common man qualities play extremely well here. They lean on the Rocky formula a lot but that's not necessarily a bad thing. One thing is for sure, Salma Hayek is the hottest "Adrian" type love interest to ever play in this type of film. She's amazing throughout. A warm shout out to Henry Winkler who is also perfectly cast as the somewhat eccentric music teacher with the heart of gold.

A wonderful surprise that I enjoyed very much.
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525th Review: Huge surprise -James finally makes very good indeed
intelearts18 January 2013
This has real charm, motivation, comedy, and a superb Henry Winkler and Selma Hayek - and a very good Bas Rutten as the coach who will be getting a ton of work based on this - all in all this is a surprise from beginning to end - and James finally seems to have learnt to rein it in and learnt that OTT all the time is just deadening.

So, a confession - Mall Cop, not my favorite movie, just OK, the one at the zoo, definitely not my thing (or my kids), so I had very low expectations indeed going in to see Boom - but what a difference! The plot is simple: loser teacher seeks to raise school funds by becoming a MMA fighter. And it works. The surprise is how inspirational this is - the school aspect is a really smart move - and totally lifts the movie.

If you want a pizza movie you could do much much worse, this is a well-made, well-judged, and fun movie. One strongly suspects that James found a character he could totally connect with and it gives him what he does best - heart.
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Great clean comedy-drama and The Fonz stole the show!
Deepfried-Egg2 October 2012
The King of Queens is at it again and he hit this one out of the park! Salma Hayek also put in a fun performance as did Henry Winkler. Kevin's real life brother offered up some of the funnier moments dealing with domestic realities. Every character in this film made me laugh until it hurt. This film is a sure crowd pleaser as it has the Asians, Hispanics and the white crowd both old and young covered quite well. Most of the comedy is from the older actors in this film so I think the older crowd will appreciate this film as much as teens will. At times you know you are watching a comedy. At other points you know there is good heart touching drama added in with a comedic touch. And then when the fighting kicks in you feel like you are watching a real fight. If you have a heart for music studies you will cheer these characters on! If you enjoy the UFC/MMA fighting then you'll have a blast watching Kevin James dive into this world and get/give a good whooping! A lot of the real players/announcers/refs from UFC are in this film adding to the feel of a real UFC match. It's a smart film in it's comedic moments. On the other hand, as contrived and predictable as many elements in this story are, you will still find yourself cheering the players on and maybe even feel your eyes water due to feelings from either end of the emotional spectrum. I had given up on comedy films in recent years as most of them our just way too raunchy. But the PG rating on this film...I applaud all those behind this production. This movie works and it will make anyone laugh!
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Best Feel Good Comedy of 2012 So Far!
DeShawn Raimey27 September 2012
This move was much better than expected! At first I gave it 8 stars, but then I thought about it and could not think of anything this movie was missing for a PG film! Many adults look away at PG films because maybe they think the movie will have their type of entertainment. This flick will definitely give adults and children a lot of comedy, more comedy, action and even inspiration!. This is the best feel good-comedy I have seen all year. Kevin James has always had his own type of unique comedy, which was funny to me. His chemistry with the supporting case was wonderful. This is Kevin James's best film to date. Give this movie a chance if your looking for a movie to watch with the family, date night, or just want a great laugh and a little inspiration.
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Here Comes the Favorable Review! My Favorite Movie of 2012!
Peter Alvin12 October 2012
My wife and I really enjoyed this movie! It's a must see if you've been waiting for a quality family movie and provides a full spectrum of Friday night entertainment. Even though it won't win any Academy Awards it's my favorite movie of 2012 because it just made me feel good.

Good Points: Perfect casting; all the characters were very believable and enjoyable to watch. I really liked Henry Winkler's performance. He stole the show. The movie is genuinely funny with many out loud moments. It's a family movie with a clean positive message. It was also touching at times. The screenplay was well-written. It's didn't contain too many original ideas but you know it really didn't matter--it was satisfying. It wasn't a cheaply made movie; it showed a quality production and was the pacing was perfect--I was thoroughly engrossed from beginning to end and it never lagged. Salma Hayek provided both eye candy and a lot of substance.

Bad Points: There really wasn't anything bad about the movie. Perhaps it was slightly corny but I didn't care. It contained violent and bloody fighting scenes, so exercise caution for children under 8 years old. The title of the movie is odd and I wish they had chosen a better title.

10/10 rating; well worth a full price ticket!
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Chaster (Charice Fan) Review of the movie
laserdiscguy5 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
A Chasters Experience - from a Charice fan perspective

Before anything else, Be warned, Spoilers Ahead!

I've been a fan of Kevin James movie in the past. I've loved him it Hitch and my favorite was Mall cop. HE's the lovable chunky guy. The average guy we know that we all can relate too.. In this movie, Kevin James pretty much played it straight. HE had a lot of funny lines and scenes but he played it straight which was a good move because it made it seem funnier. The comedy was provided by mostly Bas Ruten and Henry Winkler. I give props to those two. Henry Winkler nearly stole the show. And Bas Ruten was an MMA Fighter turned analyst/commentator and he did a great job, you don't even realize he's not an actor. He was genuine and enjoyable. Kevin James did not play this role for laughs, he made his character believable. The fight scenes and moves were all believable. Having recognized some of the actual MMA fighters, there's even an inside joke that most movie viewers wont catch.( I.E> Chael Sonnen Tapping out lol)

Now let's get to Charice. Hold on to your horses as Charice appears close to the very first real scene of the movie.

WE all know by now that she plays Malia , a Filipino student. But I want to give props to Kevin James here for changing this role originally written for a Vietnamese student to being Filipino. I can see why it could be more believable as Vietnamese. But Having Charice play Malia,named after Kevin James real life Filipina wife is a tribute to Filipinos. Charice role is a source of pride for Pinoys. Her character is the embodiment of the Pinoy ideal of studious, talented, smart Filipino that Pinoys would want in their daughters. She's so smart, even her own biology teacher thinks she's smarter than HIM!

She plays a musical genius in the music room too, she can sing, she can play the piano. What else can we ask on how to portray a Filipino.

Now Charice has lots of scenes interspersed throughout the movie. Kevin James and Henry Winkler and Bas Ruten dominate the scenes as well as Salma Hayek. But other than those main characters, it seems Charice has the most important character and number of scenes. She gets to do most everything here. she sings, she plays an instrument, she gets to laugh ... and she even gets to cry ... a dramatic moment. Here she is in that pivotal scene

Now her acting here is so much improved and better than she did in glee. Charice appeared in 3 Glee episodes, roughly 3 hrs, and this movie is a little over half that time but it seems she appeared twice as long than all the Glee scenes combined! I can't see a detriment or anything to pick on , things that people picked up on glee. She held her own , even, in my opinion, during the most dramatic scene of the movie . If you didn't know Charice, you would not know she never acted before in a movie. Her character is very important to the plot and storyline. Kevin James is a teacher who used to be idealistic, involved and passionate of his work. Malia makes him realize that what he says and thinks affects these kids directly and he really does influence their hopes and dreams. It helps develop his growth and transformation and reignites his passion for teaching and caring.

*BIG SPOILER HERE* The most dramatic and important scene other than a scene at Henry Winkler's house with Kevin James, is a scene where Charice goes through major problem with her life and cries. She is asked to give up Music AND school which both are very important to her. Here she shows the difficulties an immigrant Filipino in having to learn a second language and how important music and studies are for her as a Filipino. Kevin James gets hit hard when he tries to help and encourage her to pursue her dreams when she reminds him he himself said, what they learned in school didn't matter. This is very pivotal, as Kevin James realizes he makes a big impact on this kids. that him not caring is no longer an option. This is where you believe his character has made the commitment and realization, he has to change and start caring.

Charice gets to appear in more scenes specially and the big finale fight in the UFC for Kevin James. Her singing Holy Holly gave me the chills , although I wished to have seen more of her instead of Kevin James (but this is about Kevin James after all ). One of the highlights of the film which I can't wait to buy the soundtrack for a full version of the song.

All in all, this is a very enjoyable and uplifting movie. There's RomCom's (Romantic Comedy) so I would call this more of a Dramedy. There's drama with lots of comedy. I think this has a potential to be a sleeper hit and with being showing on OCT 12, it definitely has staying power to stick around till Thanksgiving weekend and even Christmas holidays.

Charice really did make Pinoys proud in this film. She showed Pinoys are studious and hard working, talented and smart, beautiful, caring and helpful. If pinoys can't be proud of her for that, I have no idea what will.
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Awesome movie
Kklee9201012 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Just saw this movie today... Love it! henry Winkle was so funny, Kevin James looked awesome , and Bas was hilarious !, This a good weekend. Movie, if you like MMA... It was not too slapstick funny, loved all fight scenes..

Wonder how long it took for Kevin to get in shape, but he looked damn good. I will be buying this movie when it comes out DVD, My husband did not fall asleep, so I know this was good movie , He called his friend, to tell him to go and see this movie. The whole cast was great .

Everyone was laughing that was in the theater. I was waiting for Adam saddler to show up somewhere is thins movie.
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Typical Kevin James Film
Chrisgunn9131 January 2013
Here Comes the Boom is Kevin James latest film which sees him tackling the world of MMA. James a lifelong fan of MMA trained in mix martial arts for this role and it is evident in his performance as a teacher turned UFC fighter.(This being the first film with official UFC licensing.

This film is aimed at the same demographic as those who enjoyed Chuck and Larry or King of Queens, its an interesting watch with enough depth to keep you watching. Though this film has a few good laughs and a steady if a somewhat predictable story line its main flaw is attention to detail with the minor characters that make the story.

Overall it is worth a watch but don't expect to see it on any all time great lists. The best is yet to come from Kevin James and I am sure we will see it from him in the future.
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A Must See for all ages - Very inspirational on all grounds
Walter Tillner13 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The most energized moments of the movie belong to Charice, except the part when her father wants her to give up her dreams and come back to the Philippines to work for him at his restaurant.

Charice plays a student Malia, whose school is experiencing some major budget cuts,specifically in after-school programs and she brings such honesty and emotion to the screen.

The "Boom" comes out of Charice when she sings Neil Diamopnd's "Holy, holy" before the UFC fight, accompanied by her school band... For a singer-turned-actor whose biggest notable credit is a guest-starring role on "Glee," Charice is a star in the making...
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Great Movie!! loved the fights scenes and the hilarious moments
Hannah Carter14 October 2012
Great Movie!! Kevin James did a great job writing it!! Loved the hilarious laugh out loud moments,the reference to jacob wrestling with God,the prayer before the fight, and the message of hope.

I would go see it again!!!

Would love to see more films like it. Great job to the whole cast.

Appreciated the fact that there weren't any f bombs. Loved seeing how people rallied around each other. It's almost as if Kevin James was coming into his element and saying this is who I've been all these years. A guy that wants to see the underdog prevail.

It was also inspiring to see how one group of people inspired another i.e. Kevin James inspired the U.S. Citizens.
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Broad crowd pleasing comedy
akrasian-500-4791511 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I'm not a huge (or even a small) fan of Kevin James, but I was dragged to the Phoenix area premiere of this film tonight, and was surprised by it. It was definitely an enjoyable film, even if not a classic. It was funny, even if the filmmakers obviously went down the list one by one on how to make a crowd pleaser. Combine something culturally hot (MMA) with a comedy - check. Have the hero's brother's problems resolved quickly, while also solving another character's problems - check. Warm message glossed over quickly - check. Sudden setback easily resolved - check. Resolution provided by the hero remembering a telegraphed lesson from an unlikely character - check. Love interest going from hostile to very helpful - check.

Despite the formulaic nature, it features some funny (albeit broad) humor, and a nice performance from Henry Winkler. It's worth seeing.
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An easy to watch film
Thomas Alder9 May 2013
An easy to watch film, sit back and enjoy the ride. Fairly good in parts and some good action considering the average age of the actors. an easy watch film. fairly predictable ending, nether the less still good to watch.

Steve Austin played a good part, although a second bit rate part. Was a fairly low budget film by the looks of things, but again had the viewer gripped in parts. worth a watch, quite funny again in places.

If it came out at a supermarket for £3 I would say go out and buy it, but for a full price DVD perhaps not. Would have saw it a cinema for orange Wednesday buy one get one free and would have been happy with the purchase along with some tasty popcorn to keep you interested.
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Review: Here Comes the Boom; 2012
srikant-8224 March 2013
I was rather ready to skip watching this one but what a disaster that would have been.

This movie has all sort of stuff. U name it and you have it.

Its inspirational and motivating to connect with a guy who is practical but follows emotion. His weakness and his uniqueness, clubbed with events around makes him do what he believes if right.

A highly recommended movie to be watched when you have a kind of low feeling all around.

An wonderful journey which should be enjoyed without prejudice and distraction.
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Kevin James provides a refreshing and underrated performance in "Boom"
zabelb12 March 2013
I would like to start off this review by saying that I was expecting to hate this movie with a burning passion. Kevin James seems to be on this trend of being in movies with a ridiculous plot line in hopes to attract the youth audience.

"Here Comes The Boom" was a refreshingly good movie that may not have provided me with gut-wrenching laughs throughout the movie, but left me in a great mood and happy I watched it. I feel that it was put in a difficult spot by being labeled a "comedy" movie because I feel it wasn't aiming to be the most humorous movie out there. I think it would have been better labeled to be a "feel-good inspirational" movie.

"Boom" may not be your traditional comedy, but it was a fun ride none the less. Give it a chance, but don't expect to be rolling from laughter. View it as if it was an inspirational movie, and you'll see what I'm talking about.
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Great Movie!
sgrif00113 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
My husband and I just watched this last night and we were blown away. We came in expecting a normal Happy Madison/Kevin James movie and were very pleasantly surprised at what a good message it had and also how well written it was. It was refreshing to have a good comedy without a million swearwords and naked women. Definitely a must-see!

The movies does have it's slap-stick comedy, as expected, but it was all very tasteful as it is PG.

It had a wonderful message regarding the school system and teachers and was a great film. I hope many teachers see this movie and become re- inspired.

The movie is yes a little far fetched, but it also realistic in so many ways and the ending is perhaps one of the best that we have sen in years.
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incredibly average
poyrazbaklan13 February 2013
First of all, when you hear Kevin James, the lovably clumsy chubby guy, doing an mma movie, you no doubt will have doubts. It sure is a comedy but how will he pull it off? Will it be about him going in the cage and doing slapstick routines or maybe the movie will fit the fight scenes in a montage and focus on the comedic parts. Apparently it's not, James sure pulls it off and although it is kind of unbelievable to see him do roundhouse kicks, the fight scenes are decent to watch. Yet, the rest of the movie..just...isn't. This has been done before, in the perfectly average nacho libre, which in turn was inspired by the true story of Fray Tormenta. People are wrong about complaining how the jokes in this movie aren't funny, because there are hardly any jokes at all. It is rather set up as an inspiring movie, just short of drama, with some scenes of james falling down or getting punched, just to make it more comedic. Other than the "teacher needs money for school so he fights" setting, there is no story to speak of. I think the producers just thought about putting Fonzi, Kevin james and mma fighters in a room and waited for hilarity to ensue, and it just didn't happen. Though henry winkler is a little over the top with his devoted music teacher attitude and including Bas rutten is also a nice touch, the rest of the movie is in shambles. It is not bad, it just isn't a comedy, or simply not good enough.
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Great family movie!
polynsneyes14 October 2012
When you think of a Happy Madison film- you immediately think of a slapstick, Happy Gilmore/Billy Madison, headache (-just sayin). My 9yo daughter and I had so much fun w/this flick- we laughed our butts off & we even had a tear, or two. She's already asked to see it again.

The Fun Stuff! I LOVE watching MMA- and for family entertainment, this movie held true to it. Bas was awesome; Kevin James- a total teddy bear; Salma- still a cutie! -Henry Winkler was hilarious and perfect for the role- he may've stole this whole movie.

This was heartwarming and my daughter & I loved it! It's not an MMA/UFC documentary- it's a Happy Madison, film! But on a 'real' front, we've watched school budgets dwindle and the programs that always get cut first, are the extra-curricular activities- thats what made this movie hit, home.
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As described
Mcbow2412 October 2012
Excellent film, I highly recommend going to see it. All of the actors were hysterical!!!!! The fight scenes were excellent too, really good movie. Safe to see with the kids, but perfect for just grow ups too. With a cast like this you knew it was going to be good, but I didn't realize just how good! Sandler is a genius. I'm already hoping for a part two!!!! Def worth a trip to the movies, might even go back for a second time. God knows it's been a while since I've seen a movie this good! Have you ever come to a point in a comedy where it's a quiet storyline part, but you think back to the last funny part and start laughing out loud inappropriately? Lol well this is that kind of movie. Don't listen to negative reviews, see for yourself, it's a RIOT!
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Fun, simple, feel good, uplifting and clean...what more can you ask for?
Robert W.5 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I suppose my expectations for this film could be described as mediocre. I hadn't heard too much about it and the trailers looked okay. I began to hear some feedback that was somewhere between "awful" and "yah it was okay." So to say that Here Comes The Boom exceeded my expectations is a sincere understatement. This movie was fantastic! Yes it was cookie cutter, it was the stereotypical, near predictable sports hero Rocky underdog type movie. That doesn't make it bad at all. I love a lot of those types of movies. They still have to make it interesting with good characters and they do that and beyond. It was just so nice to sit and watch a movie that was a little bit of comedy, a little bit of romance, drama and quite a bit of action. It was also nice to watch something that turned out to be clean family fun!! It does have some pretty violent fight scenes so certainly viewer discretion is advised but no nasty toilet humour, sex talk, bad language or anything like that. It was believable and sweet and the cast were all so good together. The chemistry was just about perfect.

I like Kevin James, not love him but like him a lot. He definitely has some genuine lovable qualities and he proves in this movie that he can carry a movie effortlessly. This isn't his usual silly slapstick comedy and he really puts forth a great effort and actually is very believable as a 42 Year old fat biology teacher that trains to be a UFC fighter. He makes you root for him!! Henry Winkler who is always amazing (and looks incredible for his age by the way!) is absolutely perfect as the music teacher whose job is on the line. Winkler and James are wonderful together and will bring tears to your eyes more than once. Winkler balances drama and comedy like a seasoned professional which he is. Salma Hayek was, in my opinion, a bit of an odd choice for the romantic lead. She is okay and her and James are okay together but the movie is so good and I feel like a better female lead might have made this all the more together. Out of everything I didn't buy their romance and didn't feel invested in it. Bas Rutten was simply fantastic. He was a scene stealer and was just so terrific in his role. He was hilariously funny and yet really great in the more dramatic scenes. They couldn't have found anyone better for this role. Plus him and James were simply awesome together. The supporting cast were all great with honourable mention to Shelly Desai in an adorably sweet role that will have you laughing and then crying, and Charice as a student of James' that is his support system in his classroom.

It didn't surprise me when I saw director Frank Coraci helmed this film. He also directed the absolutely amazing "Click" which is probably one of the greatest comedic-dramas I've ever seen. He knows a good script, cast and story and just knows how to bring out the best in each and every scene. This film will get the typical complaints about it because people hate to just let themselves enjoy something and be uplifted. Yes you have seen this before or at least something similar but that doesn't make it less enjoyable! It is a genre in and of itself, the "underdog" sports movie and this one does it extremely well. Sit down with the family and laugh and smile and cry because this movie will make you do all of the above. Loved it! 9/10
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Great Feel Good Movie - Loved it
DJ Opium14 December 2012
Great feel good movie with plenty of laughs. As the movie is based around UFC, not sure how appropriate this would be for the young ones. I'm not into graphic violent movies and this certainly wasn't one of them.

Full respect to Henry Winkler as it brings me back beautiful memories of "Happy Days". Brilliant actor. Love You Fonz! Kevin James is very funny though I don't find in HaHa funny. He is certainly a great actor and the numerous supporting actors in this movie really assist Kevin James bring out his own comedic flavor.

Salma Hayek is still hot after all these years but it looks like she's done something to her teeth. Never the less, great choice for this role.

Overall 9/10. Worth seeing it at the cinemas so you can lol with others :)
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Surprise Gem of a movie
martinawatson21 November 2012
Just seen this film over the weekend and must say what a great little movie. Although the mixture of MMA fighting in what is basically a family movie may be slightly off putting to some , however going with younger teenagers would be a bonus. It is a movie that the whole family can really enjoy (but equally works if you watched it with a bunch of mates few beers and a pizza), its hard to describe , i guess it was like a family movie from an adult perspective. Entertaining throughout, I actually laughed out loud several times (once so hard and you'll know which bit if you see it, i surprised myself) , it was surprisingly uplifting , tender, exciting in parts. Really great to see Henry Winkler , Kevin James gives a believable and charming performance and there are some notable moments from the rest of the cast. I would echo what other forum posters are saying , ten times better than what i thought it would be , Kevin James should be proud of this great little movie, go and see it or hire it out at home, one of the most enjoyable movies of the year.
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