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  • If you haven't replayed the original portal game recently, the premise of this game won't make any sense to you. Since it's initial release, Valve has changed the ending of Portal 1 via steam's automatic update system.

    Portal 1 now ends this way: After you kill GLaDOS, you and her crumbling frame are sucked upwards into a white light. Chell comes to in the Aperture enrichment center carpark (as before). You can't move and it would seem Chell is still dazed.

    From behind, you hear a masculine robotic voice behind you say "Thank you for assuming the party escort position." (This is a reference to an earlier order GLaDOS gave her to assume a submissive position, just after she escaped the pit of fire.) Then, as detailed in the online comic "Lab Rat", Chell is dragged to one of many "Long-Term Relaxation Chambers". These chambers, used to hold test subjects for long periods of time, are all offline, and it is implied that all other test subjects held in these chambers have died by the beginning of Portal 2. However, the mysterious "Rat Man", whose scribblings are seen in both games, turns Chell's relaxation chamber back on, preventing her death, but putting her to sleep until Wheatley wakes her up at the beginning of Portal 2.


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