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  • Foxy socialite heiress Paige Collins needs a 'faux beau' to present to her parents instead of much older fiancé Graham Barnes, an adventurous freelance photographer and first Dr. Emily Peck's patient, then Hank's. Paige wanted Hank but settles for eager Evan, who does a great job but feels dirty after she pays him almost like an overpaid prostitute. While Jill consults Hank on the hospital board's plan to divert funds she destined for a free clinic, they visit her favorite beach food stand. the owner, mac from Queens, has curious symptoms since they left the metropolis to sell their lobster pasta.

  • When the purveyor of a popular Hamptons food truck (guest star Ian Gomez) seems quickly corrupted by his success, Hank puts together his odd behavior, and pinpoints the cause of his symptoms. Meanwhile, Evan plays the "faux beau" to a young heiress whose parents disapprove of her much older real boyfriend.

  • Hank helps out a food truck owner who is displaying strange, antisocial behavior, while Evan is a "faux beau" for a young woman who doesn't want her parents to know she's dating a much older photographer.


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  • Open with Jill eating from a gourmet lobster, macaroni and cheese truck. Proprietor Mac tells her he had a fender-bender. Mac says he and his wife Donna have been having trouble. Jill tells him that he could have called Hank. When she tells him that she gave Hank's number to Donna, Mac says that he and Donna are speaking.

    Jill tells Hank that the hospital is dragging its feet regarding her family clinic and it could be five years until it even opens. She asks him about Emily staying in town and running a competing concierge practice.

    Evan tells Divya he is thinking about buying a new Jaguar. They get a call at the house where Mac and Donna are staying. Donna broke her ankle. She tells him she's not comfortable there and admits to tying Mac to a piece of furuniture while he was asleep so she could pack up the truck undisturbed. Hank sees Mac fall into the pool while struggling to free himself from a deck chair. He dives in and rescues the man. Donna tells Hank and Divya that Mac has been shamelessly flirting with every woman he sees since they arrived in the Hamptons. They are recently married and live in Queens, and Mac's wealthy cousin gave them use of his house for the Summer.

    We see a young woman named Paige, a "rich heiress," talking on the phone with her mother and trying to convince mom that she has a boyfriend. Paige meets Hank and Evan on the beach and tells them she called two doctors to work on her boyfriend (who is considerably older) Graham (Peter Strauss) who sliced his leg while kiteboarding. Emily is already there and finishing up with the stitches.

    Divya is having dress issues during the fitting of her wedding gown. Her mother informs her that she plans to consult her spiritual leader.

    Before Hank leaves, Paige asks him if he'll pretend to be her boyfriend for her parents' sake. Her parents wouldn't understand Graham's age. Hank says he's not interested.

    Hank notices Graham standing on top of his car fastening his board. Emily tells Hank she checked him for a head injury and he's fine. We see that Graham clearly is having some sort of balance issues.

    Evan convinces Paige that Hank will never say yes, she agrees to let him pose as her more age-appropriate boyfriend instead. Though she's dated Graham for 16 months, Paige now needs money from her parents to go on a trip with Graham and must show them proof.

    Hank goes to see Graham, who has burned himself in his dark room. Hank looks at the chemicals which Graham has been using since he was a kid. He has accidentally mixed two of them to form a dangerous explosive and Hank suggests he has his eyes checked.

    While Divya works on Donna she has another fight with Mac. Mac complains the medicine his wife gave him isn't working.

    Paige takes Evan to get a makeover, followed by the two taking a bunch of digital effects photos making it look as if they are enjoying one another's company during youthful pursuits, and have a real relationship. During this process she ends up kissing Evan. Evan seems to be falling for her.

    Divya tells Hank she has concerns about Donna and Mac. An obviously upset Evan returns home and calls himself a "dirty whore." Divya asks Hank to test the medicine Donna was giving Mac.

    Emily arrives at Hank's place, upset with him for stealing Graham. She says that Hank "stoled" Graham. Hanks mentions her slaughter of the English language. She mentions that he had a mountain biking accident before the kiteboarding incident. She thinks it's age-related, Hank disagrees. Whoever is right has to buy the other one dinner. Jill arrives and is introduced to Emily. Hank gives Jill advice on making her family clinic happen.

    Evan tells Hank and Divya he is easily seduced by money and fame. To push himself he is going to sell his Jaguar and give the money to the company. Divya realizes she has misplaced her engagement ring but where.

    Divya goes to Donna's looking for the ring. They spot blood on the stairs and rush inside. Mac is fine. The blood was from Donna's ankle and it appears Divya's ring is inside her cast. With Mac covered in macaroni and moving about strangely Hank suggest a neuro-exam.

    Evan goes to Paige's place and runs into Graham who has found evidence of them kissing in the camera booth.

    Mac's symptoms since they've arrived in the Hamptons -- anti-social behavior, need to touch, increased appetite -- have Hank concerned. Donna mentions that Mac's truck was his when they were in New York.

    Evan tells Graham about the pretend relationship and the reason for it. Graham keels over and asks Evan to call Hank.

    During an exam Hank suggests Graham is having strokes in his eye. At this point Graham has an embolism in his "camera eye" and Hank ends up having to drain fluid and to save his eyesight with a make-shift emergency procedure.

    Divya tells Hank that Mac does have a neurological condition, which they can take care of. Divya's ring is actually inside Mack's stomach, along with a key and other inedible items.

    Divya's mother notices her ring is missing. Her mother's spiritual leader told her that Divya is destined to love another.

    Jill and Divya talk over some macaroni and cheese. We see Mac is doing much better.

    Hank and Emily have dinner. They seem to be hitting it off. When they discuss the dinner bet, they agree it's a split so Emily suggest that they go "Danish" on the bill. Hank points out that the correct word is "Dutch." He then tells her that she mixes up her words when she's flustered. Hank mentions that the other alternative is that she has a neurological condition. Emily proceeds to kick his butt in a game of pool.

    Hank buys Evan a new, more modest van. Paige pulls up and tells Evan that her parents are coming to town and she needs him to meet them since Graham, upset at the revelation of the charade she planned, has left her and gone off to another part of the world for another robust adventure.

    Hank goes to see Jill at the hospital. She proposes that Hank's company run her new clinic. He appears to like the idea.

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