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Great technical achievements for a small cinema
vagalumen29 May 2011
There are few aspects the spectator should take into account before watching this film: it is an eight-thousand-dollar movie, filmed in a -seemingly- one continue shot,within four days and using a hand-held high-definition digital single-lens reflex camera. In this respect, it was the first feature film to be made in this way. What it is more remarkable is the fact that the film was produced in Uruguay, a small country in South America, with a three million population and a growing yet still incipient film industry.However, the experiment proved to be a very successful experiment. According to the producer, Gustavo Rojo and the director, Gustavo Hernandez, the film was never meant to reach an international audience. A few weeks after they uploaded the teaser on youtube they received offers from Cannes and USA's film companies. The film has received since then an overwhelming international acclaim, and it has been remade in USA. Although critics and reviewers usually point out some inconsistencies in its narrative, the film does not pretend to resolve them. If you do bear in mind these details before watching the film, you will probably leave the cinema more amazed than scared.
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For the most part an effective thriller/horror
ihrtfilms17 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This horror film is remarkable for a few reasons. Firstly it's from Uruguay, a nation not known for it's film industry. Secondly, it's filmed (allegedly) in one single take, giving it a real time effect. Thirdly, despite it's apparent low budget, it is for the most part an effective horror/thriller.

A father and daughter arrive at a remote house which they are set to clean up the following day. As they settle in for some sleep, the daughter Laura hears some strange noises coming from upstairs. Eventually she persuades her father to take a look only for something to attack and kill him. From then on Laura, creeps from room to room, not knowing what or who is with her. With all the outside doors locked she finds a key giving her an escape to the outside world, where she encounters the house owner, who on seeing Laura covered in blood, goes inside to investigate and on return he persuades her to reenter the house. At first they find nothing, including the body of her father and then the the attacker strikes again, knocking down but not killing the owner, Nestor.

From here the plot turns, it appears that Laura and Nestor had a child who is no longer alive and Laura is exacting her revenge. She kills Nestor and the camera fades to black, before we are then presented with a serious of Polaroid photos that suggest an untoward relationship between Laura, her father and Nestor.

The film is for the first two parts very effective, once you get past the in and out of focus camera work outside of the house. Once inside, with the house boarded up, the only light is via two halogen lamps and a few candles. Once the noises start, the darkness becomes unsettling, we the viewer constantly scan the to look for clues of what is or isn't there. Much of the camera work stays very close to Laura and the use of mirrors helps give some sense of perspective as she moves from darkened room to darkened room. The strange sounds that fill the darkness add a sense of terror to the proceedings. The are some genuinely unnerving moments during this part of the film and there is some relief as she manages to get outside. The return of the owner Nestor and their return into the house reignites the sense of fear and we get glimpses of what may be the cause and there is a clever use of the flash from the Polaroid camera which literally illuminates an otherwise blacked out space.

Then the plot seems to twist and suggests that it is Laura who has killed her father and Nestor, the revenge she has taken for the fact her child is dead. It's this plot twist changed my enjoyment of the film. At first I didn't get it, but on further thinking it does sort of make sense, albeit in a quite clever way that there is the suggestion of untoward events and yet it is merely Laura taking revenge and the sounds are perhaps manifestations of her mind. Yet it still doesn't quite add up, how did she manage to get the body into the chair when the camera suggests otherwise? It's details like those that don't make sense. Also the outcome and reason behind her actions are not obviously explained, which further confuses me, I mean maybe I'm stupid or maybe I missed a vital plot point, or maybe in this instance what you see is literally not what you get.

The film for some may be riddled with clichés, nursery rhyme music, the use of mirrors or the don't go upstairs warning and Laura's constant snuffling for some reason reminded me of the dog Muttley from Wacky Races when he laughs. It is however a great accomplishment for reasons stated at the top and for the most part it plays as an effective and tidy piece of horror/thriller.

More of my reviews at
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Bad film with misleading publicity... (PLAGUED WITH SPOILERS)
Mr_Nyar12 March 2011
Warning: Spoilers
-First let me be clear with this, "La Casa Muda" was not made in one single shot as it's publicized to be... The ending alone which takes place the next day after the events just eliminated that possibility without taken into account all the times the camera goes to black to hide the cuts. Also the film was shot in 5 days so that also rules out that possibility.

  • Second, this was not based on real events. The only part about the film that is based on real events is the fact that two people were found murdered on a house in Uruguay. As much this could be called "Inspired" by real events but what work of art is not, at some extent, inspired by things happening to the writer or something the writer took from reality... Is Silence of the Lambs a film BASED on real events just because the character of Buffalo Bill was inspired by Ed Gain?

  • Besides this two points, I needed to be clear on; the film is not very good. It lacks an interesting story, the script is terrible, the actors performs some of the most stupid dialogs I have heard on any film (Example: Would you like to go to Granma's house? she has a canoe that is like a small boat. Do you know what a canoe is?.... YOU JUST FREAKING EXPLAINED WHAT THE FREAKING CANOE IS! Really that like pisses me off so much. Another example: - Where is your dad? - I don't know... YES YOU KNOW, HE IS DEAD, YOU JUST SAY YOU DON'T KNOW BECAUSE OTHERWISE THERE WOULD BE NO REASON TO GO BACK TO THE BLOODY HOUSE!)

  • The argument is stretched mindlessly just to make this possibly acceptable short film story into a long feature film (resulting in like half an hour of a woman walking through a house whining)

  • There are stupid jump scares like the scene in which, for no good reason, the woman goes to investigate what is over the fridge and some birds came flying out from behind some cans into her face (a variation on the Scary Jumping Cat scene we all know and hate by know)

  • Another thing that bothered me was the unnecessary shaky camera. This is not a camera point of view film, is not like we need to understand a character is holding a camera like in REC or Blair Witch Project. Here the camera is not supposed to exist, but the endless movement makes it impossible not to notice the camera. The camera is always present and that took me away from the story all the running time.

  • The actress did a moderately good job but was not good enough to hold the film by herself and she is almost alone all the time.

  • There are also some conceptual problems that bothered me a lot. In the film one of the main points is the fact that these two old men take young women to have sex into the house and took pictures of those women... Now, when you see the pictures of these women... none of them are naked, the most you would see is women in their bras. Now tell me why this couple of perverted old dirty men would not take pictures of these young women naked... And is not like they show you just a couple of this photos from a distance so you can think "well, this is just a sample" they show you a lot of pictures in great detail and none of this women takes their bras off. Not suggesting a film to be good need to show tits, but is just so off the character of how you are portraying the characters.

Good points about the film:

  • Very good camera choreography, besides the shaky aspects of the camera I found all the placements and composition of the shots to be very good and the most interesting part of the film.

  • A well though and complete soundtrack.

  • Great looking image. It is dark and monotone but it looks pristine. The photographic camera used in this film really marks a great point for independent films with low budget. Other production companies should follow this lead.

  • Some effective scenes worked really well, a good example of this was the scene when the woman first gets out of the house and runs into the forest, very good scene in an otherwise mediocre film.

For all of this I give the film 4 points out of 10
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MikesIDhasbeentaken28 April 2011
All done in one shot.... no. It's pretty clear the camera turns into the darkness every now and then for a reason. That and then end scene...

There are many holes in the plot, but from reading some of the reviews, i don't think many people got this film. There's nothing complex about the twist, it's nice and simple, take it as it comes. If you look for too much you'll be disappointed, but you shouldn't approach this film wanting to know all the answers.

This film is all about the atmosphere it creates, and the 'shakey' camera another reviewer complained about it there so you can put yourself in the house and 'enjoy the ride' while watching the film.

Yes, there is a bit too much of the film involving the main woman crying and walking about, and reacting and saying things no normal person would say in such situations, but watch the film again... it makes more sense when you know the twist.

This is a good film, and i'm dreading the inevitable American remake (prob) starring Hayden whatsherface from heroes.

Not done in one shot, but impressive nether the less. There are many flaws with this film, but many films will try to copy this, and many will fail.
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The Silent House (2010)
SnakesOnAnAfricanPlain13 December 2011
The Silent House gives the illusion that is was filmed in one take. I highly doubt this, as there are a lot of suspicious panning across solid black objects. Still the lengths of the takes is still impressive, if a little ambitious at times. Sometimes it's obvious the actors are walking around the crew. Luckily, the darkness soon covers it all up. I can't say much for the film really as I found it rather dull. It's pretty much a woman walking around a house in the dark. Once it was obvious that nothing scary was ever going to happen, I soon settled down and was just bored. Every time there was something suspicious in the background, a sound effect/musical cue would alert me to its presence. The film finally gets a plot in the last few minutes, which plays out through the credits in Polaroid form. Like a horror version of The Hangover's end credits, it was the best part, and the film should have focused on the photographed events, rather than being a tease for nothing.
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A Horror Film of Two Acts - One Good, One Terrible
jcu93110 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Now this film had very good points and very bad points, which makes it difficult to decide whether it is a good film or not as a whole. Like every scary film, this film could be divided into two halves: The 'what's going on' part (which builds up tension and suspense) and the 'resolution' (in which the plot is explained and wraps up). This film has a very effective first part, but it's in the second half's explanation that everything good collapses. Good points and bad points for the first half:

  • Camera work - Good: I usually detest 'shaky-cam' movies, but this one was quite effective (for the most part), because it wasn't too shaky, so that I didn't get motion sickness from it. Also, it makes it so that the audience can't see much of what's going on, which adds to the suspense. Bad: It gives the feel that there's someone else in the room (the cameraman), which detracts from the main character's plight.

  • Main Female Character - Good: I think the actress did a good job portraying the fear of the situation.(SPOILER ALERT)Bad: Although the actress did a good job, the character itself quickly becomes annoying. I know this film is set in the 40s (so the character can't be expected to know what to do in a scary situation like we do from watching so many scary movies), but there is a fine line between 'being scared stiff' and 'common sense'. I mean, you're in a weird abandoned house, you hear creepy noises coming from upstairs, your father gets murdered, and you decide to wander the house to find out what happened?

  • Soundtrack - Good: mysterious and haunting. Bad: clichéd, with the 'nursery-type' music depicting the clash of horror and innocence. It's been done in every film!

  • Dialogue - Bad!: the dialogue is hard to hear, and extremely and annoyingly repetitive, only serving to highlight the character's 'dimwittedness'. I mean, how many times does she say 'I don't know'?!

Now for the massive spoilers: the second half twist ending - it comes out of nowhere, and it makes no sense. Now, I don't want to give too much away, but the main problem is that there is no logic to this twist. If the two men had been bringing girls into this house to have sex (including the main character), why would they return with her to the scene of the crime, and why is the house in such a state of disrepair? Why would they pretend? When her 'father gets killed', why does she pretend she doesn't know what's going on, when apparently it was her? If the ghost is her daughter, who is that other 'male' ghost? What was the significance of the faceless paintings? If her daughter was killed (I assume as a baby, from what she says), why does she appear as a little girl? And the most important plot-hole, again, Why does she act through out the first half like she doesn't know what's going on?! There's no one to pretend to except the audience! It makes no sense!

So, final thoughts: The first half was, except for a few silly clichés, acceptably and effectively scary. But the second half just left me saying 'what what what', during the last 20 minutes or so. It wasn't scary, it wasn't 'righteous vengeance', it wasn't creepy or even sweet, it was confusing and absurd. So, I'd give the first half a 7 or 8 out of 10, and the conclusion (which is in my opinion the most important part of any film) a 2 out of 10, for being strange and so completely out of context.

Extended Final Thoughts: Why is the film called 'The Silent House' (or the literal Spanish translation 'The Mute House')? The house (and ghosts) make a lot of noise throughout the film. That was in fact what started everything. What does that have to do with 2 creepy men taking pictures of half-naked girls? They weren't killed, they weren't gagged or 'silenced'. What's the significance?
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Boring, Disappointing and Predictable, with Many Fake Reviews Promoting this Flick
claudio_carvalho12 November 2011
Laura (Florencia Colucci) and her father Wilson (Gustavo Alonso) come to an abandoned house to shear the garden since the owner Néstor (Abel Tripaldi) intends to sell the house. During the night, Laura hears noises on the second floor and her father goes upstairs to calm Laura down.

Sooner Laura finds Wilson bleeding and she sees someone with a knife in the house. When she flees, she finds Néstor driving on the lonely secondary road and she tells that there is a stranger in the house. Néstor forces Laura to return to the house with him and he is also stabbed. Laura stays with Néstor and they learn who the killer is.

I had a great expectation and curiosity with "La Casa Muda", which is the Uruguayan candidate to the Best Foreign Language Film category of the Oscar 2012 and also presented in Cannes. Unfortunately it is a boring, disappointing and predictable film. From the first very first scene, I found that something was wrong with Laura, but the twist is awfully flawed. In the end of the credits, there is a long scene of Laura walking and having a conversation with her daughter Sofi. Last but not the least, "The Circle" (2005) with the cult actress Angela Bettis, is a digital movie shot entirely in one take and in real time. My vote is four.

Title (Brazil): "A Casa" ("The House")

Note: There are many fake reviews promoting this flick. Click on the name of reviewers promoting "La Casa Muda" usually after a bad review and see how many of them has only one review published in IMDb.
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A fun haunted house pop corner...
J-krazy26 July 2010
Boasting 'one continuous take', yes, this is another hand held offering, "based on actual events" joint. It takes a little while to get going, as do most in this genre, but with a running time of 76 minutes, its not too long before the $h1t hits the fan.

Part spooky house film, part psychological thriller, The Silent House attempts to add something a little different to the sub genre. And for the most part, I think it succeeds.

On the other hand, the clichés are all there, a haunting childlike nursery rhyme score, enough spooky imagery to last a couple of halloween's, and even the old "don't go upstairs" warning! But all in all, it's really quite well done.

The film asks more questions than it answers, which kinda bothered me, but I'm guessing the 'actual events' may shed some light on the story, if there is indeed any actual events…

This was pretty much what I expected it to be, a fun pop corner. So crank the volume up high, and enjoy the ride.
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Grabbing defeat out of the jaws of victory.
valleyjohn8 December 2011
The Spanish have been leading the way in horror movies in recent years. Rec and the Orphanage are two examples of great horror's which makes it all the more disappointing that The Silent House is such a poor film.

This the story of Laura and her dad , Wilson who are asked to do up an old house but it soon becomes clear that this is no ordinary house and that things are not what they seem.

The best thing about this film is that it's only 80 minutes long. I don't know if i would have got to the end if it was a normal length film. This starts really well . It is suspenseful and has the feel of a Blare Witch type movie. There are very long scenes without breaking away , following the girl around this spooky house but then the film changes. It starts to become confused ( as i was) and far too clever for it's own good and instead of becoming a good old fashioned haunted house move it changes direction - for the worse. I was annoyed by this film because quite clearly it never had an ending to start with. The director snatched defeat out of the jaws of victory.
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Where are the cuts....oh there they are
FSfilmblog28 August 2011
Warning: Spoilers
A Uruguayan film which claims to be filmed all in one shot and in real time! I was intrigued to see whether the claims were true. As film making has progressed, what is to stop anyone from making a film in one long continuous shot? Well here's an attempt from debut film maker Gustavo Hernandez.

The plot is based on a true story of an event which happened in the 1940s in Uruguay. A father and daughter are called to a cottage/farmhouse to house sit until it's eventually sale. It doesn't take long to find things are not as quiet and serene as they seem. The daughter Laura, (the main focal point in the film) starts to hear some noise coming from the rooms above. She wakes her father who goes reluctantly to investigate and that's when the film kicks into gear. After a few minutes and the non re-appearance of her father, Laura decides to find out what has happened to her father.

What happens next is a series of what I would call "boo" moments, as the film makers try to catch the viewer off guard by springing up flashes of images and dark shadows in the background to instill so scares. As a veteran horror fan it wasn't too successful. What the film does succeed on though is giving the sense of claustrophobia. Having only one view point can be really unsettling, as the camera follows our protagonist from behind and slowly switching views to being in front and occasionally becoming the POV shot, there is no cut away or a secondary view point. The film makers have really tried to make the film flow like an uncut one long continuous shot.

But is the film really filmed with no cuts? Unforutnately no, those of you with an eagle eye will probably be able to spot the seamless cuts between the passing through objects or anything dark. That isn't to say that there isn't a lot of technical achievement on show but the claims of the film are clearly not 100% accurate. There is a lot to say about only having one view point as it can seem really restrictive but in turn it can boost the overall atmosphere and tension. The lack of film score also adds to the sense of dread as every little sound is magnified.

The only thing criticism I would level at the film is it's last reveal or final revelation. When you find out what is really happening there's an enormous sense of let down. For all the films technical flair, the film is severely hampered but it's silly turn in events. If you have seen the French film Haute Tension then you will understand what I am talking about. It should have kept on going as a haunted house story instead of what it turns out to be.

An interesting idea, clever uses of light and dark and the generation of tension is admirable. Clearly influences by other low budget horrors like Blair Witch and the video game Silent Hill. A girl walking around a house with only a torch to light the way only conjours up memories of playing the old survivor horror game. Alas, I feel I would have more fun playing the game than watching this film. A flawed experiment.
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"Rec" from Urugway.
HumanoidOfFlesh5 February 2011
"The Silent House" is supposedly based on true events.However the most interesting aspect of the film is that "La Casa Muda" was made for roughly $6,000 and was filmed in one long continuous 72-minute take.The film delivers lots of gloomy and sinister atmosphere as the main character Laura wanders alone through the rooms and corridors of the titular silent house.Laura comes to this house with her father and suddenly terrifying things begin.Upstairs is a mess,don't go there."The Silent House" resembles a little bit Jaume Balaguero's smashing horror hit "Rec".I certainly enjoyed very gloomy atmosphere of "The Silent House".Unfortunately the characters are one-dimensional and the behavior of Laura is often questionable.Still "The Silent House" is worth checking out.7 photos out of 10.
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A case of (single) take it or leave it
timharries21 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
For my money, the modern horror genre (and into whichever sub genres you choose to divide it) can be viewed as belonging to one of two different camps. The first of which opts for bloody spectacle over suspense, favouring the formulaic over the original and is quick to push out (largely inferior) sequels and spin offs. The second, far smaller, camp consists of unique, intelligent work that champions subtlety and economy over conventional means, often within tight budgetary constraints.

As to where current loyalties can be found, a quick glance at the average box office demographic would indicate a rather depressing trend for all things repeatable and by the numbers.

It is with relief then that "The Silent House" is a film which sits firmly in the latter group, (so expect the inevitable Hollywood remake soon) and for this fact alone it should be celebrated, which isn't to say it isn't without its flaws - the impact of its "scares" hinge solely on a single device, which can frequently test the endurance of the viewer.

Much has been made of this, a single rolling take in which the film is shot - a gambit that for the most part pays off. For a generation of horror fans grown accustomed to the "jump cut" and the rapid fire edit accompanying generic slaughter, the use of the single, detached, POV employed here reminds us of just how much control and security we've been used to.

Whilst the premise of the old dark house has been worn thin over centuries in horror literature and film, its creaky interiors and dreaded staircases lend themselves perfectly to the single take gimmick.

While you may find yourself tiring a little of the protagonist's rather turgid wondering about the house, as she goes from room to room with lamp aloft, laboriously recording each artefact and item, the jolt that comes after such a protracted period is sublime, setting the standard for further atmospheric scares to come.

Essentially, if you're willing to buy into the idea, which, much like "The Blair Witch Project" and "Paranormal Activity" ask from their viewer a little patience and imagination, you will certainly reap the rewards on offer here. If the film loses its way in the final act, bringing in an unnecessary cross generic "twist", then we can be consoled by the fact that this is for the most part an effective and at times chilling, piece of micro budget horror.
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A cheap horror cliché with it's ups and downs...
Aaronwoolston24 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
For a $6000 budget, filmed in the country of Uruguay, and allegedly filmed in a single shot in the course of 4 days, The silent house seemed like quite the contender for the horror films of 2010 .

To begin with the camera effects seem to have the 'marmite' affect on most people, you love it or you hate it, and in my case I love them, you see the shaky camera effects make you feel as if you are there amongst the horror of the mysterious murders/ circumstances. Although the camera offers us a 3rd person view of the main protagonist through out, until the very end, this somehow tells us the story in her eyes, which I think was done pretty well.

Otherwise the real downer of this film is the story line, this wasn't based on a true story, it was based on the fact that 2 people were found dead, this is merely a way to make films slightly more scary, For example do you really think there was a monster in Europe, and it's master called Frankenstein? No... This is one of the weapons in story tellers arsenal, it helps keeps you on the edge of your seat, and keeps you wondering at night, but I digress the story is cheap and cliché, though the film can split into 2 parts, The first part that keeps us on edge after the suspicious death of Laura's father after that comes the second part which is a downwards spiral of despair, and definitely kept me wondering of why I was watching the film, but something kept me glued to it and perhaps that was the fact that I wanted to see how it ended, to see if this was a cheap copy of Paranormal activity or just an alternative to Shrooms without the 'Shrooms. The story isn't explained very well at all, and I had to come here to find out what hell was going on.

To conclude if you want to watch a cheap cliché horror, this should waste an hour or so...
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pure boredom for people with a brain
sqdnb4 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
what i was expecting hearing a movie from uruquay, after a lot of great Spanish horror movies was good enough, that Americans made a remake of it.

so i sat down watching the movie and tried to get what this movie wanted to deliver. but just after starting the movie i felt kind of awkward about the girl's weird behaviour, the endless long shooting of film when there is nothing happening and a terrible shaky camera. sure here some people would now say, that this is the beauty of that movie . but if there is no story, no depth, no activity at all in a movie and you do all that, then you just created the most boring movie you can imagine.. when the girl in the movie heard voices, saw her father being murdered, saw her father's position changed, saw the killer or meets her affair her reaction is completely unnatural and failed to deliver any authentic feeling to the viewer. AH of course now is a good time to say that i am just too stupid to get the ending and that she actually killed everyone. you people are so easy to manipulate if that is so... i don't know how many movies i've watched with the same twist to clean up a bad movie and make you think that you are the idiot and not the people who created the movie. even she killed them her emotions would look a lot different.

well back to the movie:

-girl walking around in the house in slow motion, having an incredible interest in looking at every piece of equipment. -girl's father died and his body is changing rooms many times in the movie. -girl walking around in the house in slow motion, having an incredible interest in looking at every piece of equipment. -girl happily found the key to get outside -girl running outside and sees a creepy girl -girl happily meets her friend (later you know her affair) -girl can not answer the question of "where is your father?" and says "i don't know", later to be revealed to be the "brilliant" twist of this unworthy movie. -girl doesn't want to go back to the house but the guy is eager and doesn't care about the blood on her dress -then inside the house the girl is happy to be back in the house and starts to space up looking at house equipment. -girl's affair suddenly disappeared -girl finds her affair and he pretends to be dead -girl is actually starting to talk and we are all happy knowing that the whole thing we saw is just pure fiction of the girl's mind ....


acting: just a really stupid idea to give a amateur actress a role where she has to act out her emotions non-stop through a whole movie, where she completely failed.

screenplay: in general just a guy holding a camera and walking behind the girl the whole movie.

dialogue: senseless and stupid even if you are happy with the great twist.

atmosphere: sometimes good then again just boring

sound: actually pretty nice and mild use of music and sounds
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Boring, Predictable, and nothing you haven't seen before
proteusphi31 August 2011
La Casa Muda is a gimmicky, uninteresting, and overall derivative entry into the horror genre. To dispense with all the hype over the single-shot claim, I'll address that first.

This film is obviously NOT shot in a single take, as the filmmakers claim. There are several (at least four) times where the camera wanders into a pitch black area, holds still, or goes out of focus just enough for them to cut on. There's also an interesting scare mechanic at the film's midpoint, which is obviously cut together. Also I've read reports that other films have actually done first. Sorry to disappoint you.

The plot of Silent House is paper thin and easy ascertainable. I want to spoil the ridiculously simplistic ending, but I actually don't have to. You'll figure it out on your own in the first ten minutes.

I will say that Silent House makes an achievement in terms of mood and lighting. The movie grabs your attention in a few segments; but during the down town the viewer is left checking their watch. Not a whole lot happens. There are blurs in the background, creepy music, and bumps in the night galore. But all in all Silent House is fairly underwhelming. The scariest part of the movie is also its single most creative moment. You'll wake up from your daze wondering why the whole movie can't be this horrifying.

Check it out if you're curious. But if you want real atmosphere, scares with depth, and a plot that keeps you in the dark at least for half the movie, then watch Insidious instead. The house goes silent at 4 out of 10.
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Andy-29629 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
In a remote patch in rural Uruguay, a middle aged man and his young daughter are hired by a landlord to repair a decrepit house. As they stayed the night in the house, increasingly mysterious and disturbing things will happen. At the end (SPOILERS AHEAD), it is hinted that there was some sort of previous relationship between the daughter and the landlord, and this is supposed to be the surprise twist of the movie that explains everything that went on before. Unfortunately, what has happened is never fully explained and is the main reason this movie ends in a very unsatisfying note. Filmed in hand-held camera and with very long takes (whether all the film is one long take I can't say) this is done in a way that doesn't call too much attention to itself, and is thus less bothersome than in other movies. Promoted as an innovative horror film made with an almost zero budget, it is indeed reasonably well directed. The main problem lies in the very weak script. As a twenty minute student short it would be sort of OK, but as a commercially released almost one hour and a half movie it is far less compelling. Also, the sound is pretty poor, at many instances I couldn't pick up what the characters were saying, especially when they were whispering (if you see it with subtitles, I guess you won't have that problem).
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The Silent House is a great movie for fans who have seen hundreds of horror flicks, and look for that unique film that stands out for it's creepiness.
pbruening24 September 2011
I like horror movies . . . a lot. I don't care if they're daring & original or formulaic. If they're made well, I enjoy them. That being said, if you don't like the daring & original type (Blair Witch Project, REC, Paranormal Activity, Cloverfield, etc) you may not enjoy this one as much as I did. Sometimes these types of movies fail miserably (District 9). This one was excellent. The word that kept coming to mind as I watched it was 'creepy'. And the Polaroid flash sequence was one of the most frightening movie-watching experiences I've had in hundreds of horror flicks.

I actually read one review on this site where the viewer didn't like it because it didn't give a clean answer to questions that arose from the plot twist. Really? Seriously?? If you feel the way this reviewer did, you may want to stick with any of the Final Destination incarnations. There is certainly nothing challenging in there. All tied up with a nice bow on top.

Unfortunately, as with Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, The Silent House will undoubtedly be dumbed down and ruined when it goes through the Hollywood cookie cutter machine. Do yourself a favor . . . again, as with GWTDT, watch the original, subtitles and all!
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Horror Arc
kosmasp31 December 2010
I don't know if the movie really was shot only in one (long) take or not. I know that it has been done before, "Russian Arc" being one of the most elaborate movies to have done so (though I haven't seen that one yet). The question is, if this is more than just an experiment? And isn't it better to cut away to something else sometimes?

The story is pretty straightforward (no pun intended) and might not give away were it is going from the get-go, but if you follow it (again with the pun), it will eventually become very clear, what lies behind those walls. Of course if you have seen a genre movie like this, you might be on to where it is actually heading. I can't tell you how much less you will enjoy the movie, if you come up with the solution, before it is revealed. I can tell you, that for a "single-take" movie it does and sounds pretty good though
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gr8 thrilling movie Warning: Spoilers
The movie doesn't fit any particular pattern which cause typical viewers to think it is stupid or un-proper horror. I think they should firstly review their own tastes (maybe go back watch some more ppl crying on their legs being eaten with the blood all over) and not comment the film that is above their level of understanding.

The plot is easy but seems not to be straight because the logic in it is disturbed in some parts (which makes for the biggest minus). Beside that, the film is shot with a hand of a master, with no more than few takes glued the way you won't notice. Camera goes with main character in almost every (close) detail and is truly presented in her's (chars) point of view rolling live. Jaws go down on how the surroundings are being animated offstage to follow the action with no stumbles.

Music and sounds are well-matched and the're mostly responsible for building the thrill (as in any proper movies; and the proper match isn't that common happening after all, so it definitely goes for the plus).

The ending is astonishing when finally she gets mad in deep, killing her ex and departing to no-place with either her imagined daughter or the ghost which caused all this to happen. Bit confusing, but as said the plot structure isn't perfect.

I give it 7/10 like in most decent movies I've seen. In this case the holes in plot can be forgiven and after all the overall story isn't that bad. The technical finishing gives it a big booster. The movie won't make you sh** your pants, but will fulfill the time to enjoy.
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Decent Little Movie
dfa12037417 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Laura and her father, Wilson, have been called upon by a family friend, Néstor, to do some yard work and clean out his old house as he is putting it up for sale. Not long after arriving at the house, Laura starts to hear some strange noises from upstairs so she asks her dad to investigate. Unfortunately, this results in Wilson being attacked by someone, or something, so Laura, who is now in fear for her and her father's lives, starts to look for a way to escape the house before they fall victim to what or whoever is in the house with them.

The Silent House is most definitely what I call a thinker of a movie and if you don't pay attention to it right from the start then you will struggle to understand what goes on. I paid close attention to it and I STILL had to think about it all to tie it all together. It's not a movie that tells you what's going on step by step and gets laid out in front of you. You actually do have to think about it and put it together yourself, and for the most part I do enjoy movies like that and the more I thought about the film, and the more I figured it out, the more I actually liked it.

This isn't a Paranormal Activity kind of movie either, so don't go into it expecting something like a "lost footage found" movie. If you're expecting a supernatural type of movie like that then you will be sorely disappointed, but in saying that, it's still a pretty creepy & very atmospheric movie.

It's also very, very cleverly edited to seem like it was filmed in one continuous shot and the illusion works superbly. For me, that added to the suspense of the film because there were no obvious cut-away scenes, or anything to interrupt the flow of the movie, and for a movie that only cost about $6000 to make, that makes it even more impressive.

The Silent House will not be to everyone's taste, but if you enjoy a good creepy thriller, and one where you have to use your brain to put things together, then you might enjoy this.
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The truth is that in fact the house is very silent
adi_200210 August 2013
After Laura arrives with her father in a house that looks sinister, just before they prepare to bedtime she hears some strange sounds coming from upstairs. How they don't stop she wake on her dad and he goes up to check but he's not coming back and Laura after she goes after him found her father dead. Doesn't lasts much and she feels like someone is touching her when she goes to investigate the house in the dark and gets scared and runs away into the woods but she doesn't get to far because she meets Nestor and they go back in the house but he will end the same way only this time we found out why and the author of the crime.

It is a slow and boring movie, we see Laura walking thru the house with a lamp, it's not something very catchy, the only good thing about this is that it's short but even so I do not recommend you watch at a late hour in the night and not because it's something scary but there's a risk to suddenly grab sleep.

This film is inspired by a real fact. The only real fact is that this film is foolishness.
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Awful ... And I'll tell you why
boydwalters27 June 2011
Now I spent an afternoon in Uraguy once and I can tell you now it is beautiful ... And I'm sure there are endless films that could be made from true Uraguyan legends and myths BUT THIS SURE AIN"T ONE OF THOSE FILMS Sure it pretends it all happened in real time by faking it to look like one take ... OK ... So who cares ... Thats been done since the beginning of film The main problem here is the cast have literally NO CHARACTER ... They are voids ... How can you care and be interested in voids And when we get to the end and the "BIG REVEAL" about what/why this has happened it just feels like "Who Cares" because we still know nothing about these people and what led up to what happened Note to director ... Even hanging cliché's on your characters to give them some sort of back story and endow them with SOMETHING an audience could POSSIBLY like is probably better than expecting anyone to care about wasting their time on this nonsense AWFUL FILM
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Boring and disappointing
Ringhio827 April 2011
I thought this movie, would be very interesting, mysterious and scary, for those who get scared with this kind of movies, but honestly, it was awful and didn't offer any of the above. The flow in this movie, was very slow, and makes you want watch something else. Boredom again and again. As for the story itself, it didn't explain a thing and leaves the auditor wondering what happened, why the end snaps just like that. Many might enjoy this film and disagree with my opinion(after all it's one opinion) but i didn't enjoy it at all, i was very bored so as my girlfriend, and in general i don't get bored. For me, watch something else, especially movies during 90's or early 00's, with paranormal stuff, or spirits and ghosts.
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Better Than I Expected
Stoshie27 June 2020
I obviously liked this movie more than most people did, judging by the cumulative score. But I thought it was original and interesting. So many horror movies follow the same formula; it was good to see something unique like this.

I liked the supposed continuous take aspect of it (though there were some obvious cuts). That has been tried before, but never has worked as well as it did here.

The use of mirrors might have been missed by some people. In many scenes, the mirrors weren't obvious, not in the center of the frame. but were there. They added to the mystery of what the girl was actually experiencing, and, in the long run, symbolized the split personality the girl had due to past trauma she had experienced.

Also something that was likely missed by many people was the meaning of the photographs Laura found on the walls. To me, the implication of what they meant was clear, and explained Laura's behavior much better, and the trauma I mentioned above. I don't like writing reviews with spoilers, so viewers should pay close attention to that scene and decide for themselves what it meant. Hopefully it was more obvious than I am giving most of the audience credit for. But the low rating for the film kind of validates my suspicions. People were just expecting a horror film, not one with a deeper meaning.

That also explained the ending better, too. Though after it was over, I did go back to watch one particular scene to see if I had missed something the first time through. I'm still not sure. And I like that!

For people paying close attention, there was more to this film than just the "horror" aspect of it. The ending was actually less ambiguous than it seemed, for those who did pay attention to aspects of the film other than the thriller/horror part.

This is a movie that actually stuck with me after it was over, as I went back over it in my mind to see what I ultimately learned about Laura's personality.

I am going to watch the remake of it. Will it live up to the quality of the original? Doubtful; remakes rarely do. But I like Elizabeth Olsen, so I want to see how she handles the role.

This was supposedly based on a true story. Filmmakers usually take that "based on" very loosely. I suspect that is true here too. But no matter. This is a film worth seeing.
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Uruguayan horror film. YES. Uruguayan.
craterofstink10 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Uruguayan horror film. YES. Uruguayan. You may have read about this. Maybe not. Claims to have been filmed in one continuous 79 minute shot(except for brief post-credit sequence).

A girl and her father take on a job at a remote uninhabited house in the country/woods. An acquaintance who owns the house needs it prepped to be sold. Should be a 3 day job. The house does not currently have electricity. Candles and lamps for light. Girl and Dad decide to bunker down the first day and get started early the next morning. Loud thump upstairs and Dad is gone to investigate.

So we basically follow the girl around a dark house. It's not the camera's view that we see though. The camera is not a "character" a la REC or Paranormal Activity. I found it very suspenseful and the one shot aspect is pretty cool. HOWEVER, once the movie plays out and the story unfolds, the continuous take feels a bit cheapened. It's all I'll say.
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