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  • It was claimed that the film is loosely based on the novel "Zabibah and the King" by former Iraqi Leader Saddam Hussein. However, it has since been revealed that this is not the case in a New York times article. The Zabibah book is an allegorical, dramatic account of an Iraqi woman brutalized by a vicious husband, but saved by a heroic Hussein. This does not appear to have much in common with the farcical, satiric style of The Dictator. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Running more than 15 minutes longer, the unrated version offers a lot of additional footage. Also, several (though usually short) scenes were removed from the theatrical version, which means that the movies actually differ even more. Interestingly, Larry King and the big breasted "Busty Heart" only appear in the unrated version, especially the latter appears in several shots that are spread all over the movie. Despite the frequent exposure of breasts and the connected "Banned" trait, these scenes were probably just removed in order to tighten the movie. Edit (Coming Soon)


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