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Has more charm and wit than most of its J.D. Salinger-inspired cousins in the same genre, and is undeniably engaging.
I found myself forgetting The Art of Getting By as it unfolded, as though the Looney Tunes art department were two steps behind the characters, rolling up the scenery like so much carpeting.
Boxoffice Magazine
A formula picture made by someone who doesn't even believe in the formula - he knows it all has to work out, we know it all has to work out, and he can't even muster an ironic wink for our trouble.
There's just not enough going on behind actor Freddie Highmore's eyes to convince us this kid's existential angst is real.
Ugh! For a movie devoted to an alleged geek-rebel underdog, this coming-of-age flick couldn't be more conformist, from its familiar faux quirk to the interchangeable emo-pop songs peppering each sugary montage.
Village Voice
Crafted not to give the slightest offense, The Art of Getting By makes the great - and even the mediocre - teen movies of 30 years ago, like "Fast Times at Ridgemont High," "Fame," and "Foxes," look even more radical in comparison, with their depiction of obnoxious, horny, property-destroying teens.
Orlando Sentinel
A screen romance that echoes its title. It gets by. Barely.
Facile, formulaic and utterly charm-free.
Tampa Bay Times
The Art of Getting By is enough to drive a movie critic to drink. The next round's on the kid in the overcoat.
Slant Magazine
If not for its lack of self-awareness, The Art of Getting By would seem to be a spoof of ennui-inflicted teen dramas, because how else to explain the fact that Gavin Wiesen's debut is comprised of only clichés of clichés?

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