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My man Yosi
jotix1003 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Ben and Nancy had a great time in bed. Ben must go home. He was pleasantly surprised by this woman, an unexpected gift to him. They are to meet later on for a business meeting with Cam and the buyers from St. Louis. When they finally meet, Christen and Kirsten announce they want to order a tremendous amount of garments. They propose the tee shirts and 'hoodies' to be made by Yosi's firm. To Ben's amazement, he finds the man is Nancy's husband!

Rene goes to a meet where skaters are going to compete. He has brought Wilfredo, who is his star. At the event, the organizer tells him that Wilfredo will not be able to compete because of the picketing going on against Rasta Monsta by some disgruntled people. Rene asks his muscle men to take care of them.

Rachel shows up at work fully charged after the last night fun of bicycling around Brooklyn. She tries to pitch the idea of Roshomon to her editor, who rejects the idea. Instead, she wants Rachel to go interview a new chef at her restaurant. Rachel decides to take a detour and winds up in Bushwick again, where she meets Tim. She wants to do a piece on him and what he is doing. He asks about her expense account. He does not want to be wined and dined, Tim wants to get a new tattoo!

Cam and Ben get to talk to Yosi in his impressive office. Yosi has been responsible for creating a lot of wealth for different designers. As a token of his good faith, he hands the guys individual checks for ten thousand dollars, which blow their minds. Later, Cam, who is having sex with Lulu, is told by her to be careful of how to go about the production because in the end the extra merchandise will find its way to Marshall's to be sold at half price.

Rene has been contacted with the Jamaican man, Everton Thompson, the man that created the protest while the commercial was being filmed. Rene has a valid point, but Everton has a more convincing one. He hands Rene a small vial with the name of his company, which is none other than the stuff Domingo has been selling with the help of Cam. Rene feels humbled by what he just learned.

At Yosi's birthday party, Ben and Cam show with the signed contract. They were advised by Kappo Kaplan how the whole thing is legitimate, while he is being arrested by the FBI in connection with his inside trading scheme. The celebration is aboard a yacht cruising along the East River. Ben cannot get through his head how he thought Nancy was not married, but they end up in the machine room of the vessel making passionate love.

The episode was directed by Simon Cellan Jones, a man connected with a lot of successful television series. The screenplay was written by Ariel Schrag. The director gives this chapter good pacing while the principals and the guest cast performs beautiful under Mr. Jones' helm.
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