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Great finale with a lot of tears
soliloque28 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
When George died, I think i cannot cry more for a finale, but i was wrong, this finale is more sad, more intense, more beautiful for a lot of reasons.

A lot of nameless death (nurses, security guards, interns we don't know) but a few was from some guys we know... Dr Reid and Dr Percy. The first one to die have a fast and brutal death... one bullet in the head after arguing with the shooter... the second death was long, but not lonely, 'cause Dr Bailey tried and tried to save him. She was helpless to do something, no O.R, elevators didn't function... then she gave up and put the head of Charles on her knees and hold his hand until he died... We never saw Bailey lose her temper like that and cried that lot... it was heartbreaking....

Then, a lot of nearly lethal injuries with Derek who's shot and Christina have to operate him alone with Jackson, no attending at hand... in the same time Meredith operate on Hunt after he got a bullet in his shoulder... she did it alone too with the help of April... Like Christina said: Now go.. I try to save your guy, try to save mine! Really great acting here from Sandra Oh.

Another nearly lethal injuries is Alex when he got shot after he discovered Reed. He crawl in the elevator and Lexie and Sloan found him and try to operate him. Hard to see the face of Sloan heard the woman he love say to Alex that she loves him and to don't die.... hard too to see Alex call for Izzie and Lexie answer him like she was Izzie...

And for the finale... the real Chief... Webber... become a real hero when he goes himself to the shooter even if he knows that the shooter ask for him... to put the last bullet in Webber's head... but with golden words, he put doubt in the head of the killer in giving him the choice between prison or an eternity with his dead wife... we only know the choice in the next season...

But great talents in the 2-episodes finales here...

Bravo to Sandra Oh, Chandra Wilson, James Picken Jr, Sarah Ramirez, Kevin McKidd and Michael O'Neill (the shooter) for their extraordinary performance!
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Perfect Finale ... The Best of the season !
Moseeba24 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Grey's Anatomy - Season 6 wasn't much good as some of the ex-seasons, especially if you compared it to season 5 or season 3 !

but at least the show makers made up for that, and give us such a perfect season finale ... the last 2 episode (23: Sanctuary & 24: Death and all his friends) ...

As Seattle Grace has a crisis, a shooter who spread fears all over the hospital ... he walked in every alley of the hospital, while Cristina & Meredith walking in peace and talking about babies !

And apart from the shooting and the killing and the whole terror in the episodes... We saw the friendship between Cristina & Meredith growing up and also hanging on both Derek's & Hunt's Lives !

We also saw how Callie was brave and we finally knew a little about her relationship's destiny with Arizona !

Another hero in the 2 episodes was Dr. Bailey, with a great performance (as usual) from Chandra Wilson !

So, every one in that show was perfect .. every one ! and not to mention the great direction for both episodes !

Thumbs up for Grey's ! and sure can't wait for Season 7 !
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Annael Renee18 May 2014
These two episodes of Grey's Anatomy ("Sanctuary" and "Death and all his friends") completely ruined me. I do not cry when I watch movies or television, but as I watched these two episodes I cried like a baby. The acting was flawless from everyone and I felt as though I was right in the hospital fearing for my life. I love Grey's even more now! I am completely ruined! I especially loved Chandra Wilson when Bailey broke down by the elevators. I had to pause the TV because my heart could not take it. I also found myself praying for Derek to live and he was never really my favorite character, but watching him on the brink of death made me realize that I hold every character dear. Best season finale ever in history.
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