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Season 18

7 Jan. 2022
The Disclosure Event
In 2021. the United States government broke a 70-year precedent of denying UFOs and released a groundbreaking report on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. Are we on the brink of full government disclosure about the strange objects witnessed in our skies? And if so, will we soon discover that they are, in fact of extraterrestrial origin?
14 Jan. 2022
Mystery of the Standing Stones
It is one of the greatest mysteries of the prehistoric world: why did people on nearly every continent erect giant standing stones? According to Ancient Astronaut Theorists, the placement of these monoliths and their geological makeup could point to extraterrestrial intervention--and. quite possibly, a technology that once existed on Earth far more advanced than our own.
21 Jan. 2022
Beneath the Sacred Temples
Some of the world's most iconic sacred temples were built atop the ruins of structures that are far more ancient. What compelled early humans to rebuild in the same places again and again? Do these locations hold special power? And could they be points of ancient alien contact?
28 Jan. 2022
The World on Alert
Across the globe, high-ranking government officials are openly talking about Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. But why now? Ancient Astronaut theorists suggest the evidence has become too great to ignore--and the truth about an extraterrestrial presence on Earth will soon be revealed.
11 Feb. 2022
Recovering The Ark Of The Covenant
Some 2.600 years ago. the most sacred relic of the ancient world suddenly disappeared from history: The Ark of the Covenant. Could descriptions of the Ark's incredible power reveal that it was a highly advanced technological device? And if found. will it provide undeniable proof of humanity's extraterrestrial past?
18 Feb. 2022
Secrets Of The Star Ancestors
In the traditions of native peoples across North America are stories of the Star Ancestors--powerful beings who descended to Earth in the distant past and are sometimes present even today. Might the ancient accounts and depictions of these visitors reveal profound truths about both humanity's origins - and its future in the stars?
25 Feb. 2022
Alien Air Force
Since 2017, the Navy has been releasing photos and videos of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena--and Ancient Astronaut Theorists suggest the incredible images are nearly identical to accounts from centuries ago. Could flying pyramids. bell-shaped craft and cylindrical objects represent alien craft that have been roaming Earth's skies for thousands of years?
4 Mar. 2022
The Shadow People
Millions of people around the world have reported encountering shadowy entities who instill fear, shortness of breath. and even paralysis. Is it possible that the so-called "Shadow People" are more than mere figments of the imagination? Could they be visitors from other worlds - or even other dimensions?
11 Mar. 2022
Decoding the Dragon Gods
Throughout the ancient world, tales were told of fire-breathing dragons. Though fearsome, they were often worshipped as the bringers of great knowledge and credited as the founders of civilization. Is it possible that what our ancestors described as winged monsters descending from the sky were visitors from other worlds?
18 Mar. 2022
The Time Benders
Today, more people than ever before believe that Unidentified Flying Objects are of alien origin. But if extraterrestrials have come to Earth from light-years away, could they be capable of bending both time and space? Might it even be possible that the UFOs in our skies are not visitors from other planets, but from our own future?
8 Jul. 2022
Incredible Structures
Ancient Aliens has traveled to many mysterious sites that seem to defy explanation. Now, Giorgio Tsoukalos takes a look back at some of the most incredible structures we've visited all over the world. Structures that, as far as Giorgio is concerned, provide undeniable evidence of extraterrestrial contact.
15 Jul. 2022
Extraordinary Encounters
Giorgio Tsoukalos takes a look back at the most extraordinary encounters that, as far as he's concerned, provide evidence of an extraterrestrial presence on Earth.
22 Jul. 2022
Decoding the Alien Glyphs
Ancient Aliens has examined the oldest and most mysterious rock art on Earth-up close and in person. Now, Giorgio Tsoukalos takes a look back at the incredible hieroglyphs, petroglyphs, and geoglyphs that he believes tell a worldwide story-of alien visitation.
29 Jul. 2022
The UFO Investigations
Ancient Aliens has met with eyewitnesses and traveled to the sites of incredible UFO incidents reported all over the world. Now, Giorgio Tsoukalos takes a look back at the most compelling investigations of all, and events that he believes represent real encounters with extraterrestrial visitors.
5 Aug. 2022
Mysterious Artifacts
Ancient Aliens has investigated the world's oldest and most incredible relics up close and in person. Now, Giorgio Tsoukalos takes a look back at the most mysterious artifacts from all over the globe - artifacts that he believes provide undeniable proof of extraterrestrial contact.
12 Aug. 2022
Evidence of Alien Life
Ancient Aliens has followed investigators across the globe as they've gone directly to the sites where signs of alien life have been found. Now, Giorgio Tsoukalos takes a look back at the most incredible evidence ever uncovered that could offer definitive proof that we are not alone in the universe.
19 Aug. 2022
The Shining Ones
In Ireland, the notion of the fairy folk dates back thousands of years and originates with stories of powerful shining beings who came down from the sky. Could these tales have been inspired by ancient alien visitation? And if so, do the Shining Ones still inhabit the Irish mounds, existing in a parallel dimension?
26 Aug. 2022
The Journey to Immortality
Ancient cultures around the world often referred to the gods as the "Immortals" - but could they have encountered extraterrestrial beings that had achieved eternal life? And if these visitors genetically engineered the human race, as Ancient Astronaut Theorists suggest, is it our destiny to become immortals as well?
9 Sep. 2022
Secrets of Inner Earth
In the nearly 2,000-year-old text called "The Zohar", there is a curious passage that describes hidden realms beneath the surface of the Earth--each of which is said to be populated by both human and non-human intelligences. Is it possible that we are not alone--even on our own planet?
16 Sep. 2022
Return of the Egyptian Gods
In the 20th century, a mysterious British woman who claimed to be the reincarnation of an ancient Egyptian priestess shocked Egyptologists by accurately locating countless structures and artifacts in the Nile Valley. Could it be that she was carrying out an otherworldly agenda-and preparing for the return of the Egyptian gods?

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