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The Human Experiment

Numerous experiments which were performed on human test subjects in the World.

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Top Ten Alien Artifacts

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Season 17

6 Aug. 2021
The Lost City of Peru
Machu Picchu is fascinating to archaeologists and historians because it is not documented in any of the ancient chronicles of the Spanish conquistadors.
13 Aug. 2021
Top Ten Mysterious Sites
Ancient Aliens is counting down the world's top ten most mysterious sites, from the towering Moai statues of Easter Island to the enormous megalithic blocks of Stonehenge to the precision cut stones of Puma Punku. Could these extraordinary places provide evidence of extraterrestrial visitation?
20 Aug. 2021
Top Ten Alien Cover-Ups
Ancient Aliens is counting down the world's top ten alien cover-ups, from the famous Roswell Incident to a secret military base rumored to be housing ET technology to recently released UFO videos captured by cameras on Navy fighter jets. Has there been a massive cover-up regarding the truth about an extraterrestrial presence on Earth?
17 Sep. 2021
The Mystery of Mount Shasta
Mount Shasta in northern California is known as a hotbed of strange events, from Big Foot sightings to UFO encounters to hikers vanishing without a trace. Some people in Mount Shasta believe that a lost continent called Lemuria is hidden beneath the mountain, along with its capital crystalline city, Telos. Could the mountain's unique geology and placement on Earth be attracting beings from other worlds - and even other dimensions?
24 Sep. 2021
The Human Experiment
Scientists now know that seven human-like species lived alongside Homo sapiens for thousands of years. But why is it that only humans survived? Is it possible that we were the product of extraterrestrial experimentation? Ancient Astronaut theorists Giorgio A. Tsoukalos. David Childress and William Henry will be joined by Rabbi Ariel bar Tzadok and filmmaker Caroline Cory to investigate the mystery of the Human genome. in an attempt to determine if human beings are the product of an extraterrestrial experiment. Might the ultimate proof we are not alone in the universe ...
1 Oct. 2021
Top Ten Alien Encounters
We're counting down the world's top ten alien encounters, from the first reported abduction event to mass UFO sightings over New York's Hudson Valley to an incident in ancient Rome that changed the course of human history. Could these incredible accounts be actual encounters with visitors from the stars?

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