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What happened?...
yuomo-9864123 December 2022
I really loved the first "Scare Package". I thought it was a very unique take on the comedy horror anthology genre.

That being said, this sequel does not have the same charm as the first. While there are sparks of enjoyable moments and references to classic slasher horror films, most of the film is cluttered with complete nonsense. The stories, themselves are rather weak and the connecting SAW story, also, leaves a lot to be desired. Also, we don't need woke moments thrown in for absolutely no other reason than to virtue signal.

If you're a big fan of the first, I'd skip this one to avoid tarnishing the memory of the far superior original.
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Rad Chad comes back
BandSAboutMovies16 January 2023
Warning: Spoilers
Scare Package was a fun reminder of the days of renting stacks of horror videos and seeing how many you can watch in one weekend. The sequel begins with the funeral of Rad Chad Buckley (Jeremy King), killed by a demon in the first film, but his videotaped last will and testament ends up bringing all of the funeral guests into a series of games and traps to remind them of the power of video horror.

Except for creator and main director Aaron B. Koontz, Anthony Cousins was the only segment director to return from the original. That said, there's some fun stuff here:

Alexandra Barreto directed and wrote "Welcome to the 90s," which takes place on New Year's Eve 1989, as a masked killer named Tony (Joshua Miller, who also did special effects for this) keeps trying to kill a sorority filled with thingly disguised versions of final girls who keep being saved by Buffy (Steph Barkley) just as the fun girls would soon take over as horror stars.

"The Night He Came Back Again! Part VI: The Night She Came Back" continues the slasher remix from the first film but adds a very Strode twist to the entire affair. I dug this, even if it's much of the same humor from the first installment. This was directed by Anthony Cousins and written by Cousins, Ryan Schaddelee and Anthony Karsko.

Jed Shepherd's "Special Edition" stars all of the women from the movie Host and is all about the ability to pause Three Men and a Baby to see the exact cursed moment within that movie.

"We're So Dead" by Koontz somehow mixes the heart of Stephen King's teen heroes with the gore of a Stuart Gordon movie.

While this doesn't work as well for me as the original, there are moments that made me laugh. Any cast that includes Dustin Rhodes, Graham Skipper and Kelli Maroney, as well as a soundtrack that includes Dragon Sound's "Friends Forever" and Stan Bush's "Thunder In Your Heart" can't be all bad, though. It helps get you past the sub-Saw moments and at times forced humor. There are times when horror fans get too overly reverential and referential if you know what I mean.
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A truly painful watching experience...
sportswiz-6108527 December 2022
As someone who very much enjoyed Scare Package and thought it was a fun slice of irreverent horror parody with sparks of genius and truly funny gags, this is painful. I was incredibly excited today to see this drop on Shuder and had no idea it was even coming. I started it up and was almost immediately hit in the face with humor as subtle as a hammer. The setup for the first vignette is great, but then quickly devolves into super meta takedown on final girl tropes. This is done in the most hamfisted way possible with it ending in a literal lecture. The subject has been broached by several great films, but this one just falls so flat. The rest of this wretched sequel is just one scene after another of basement quality parody and terrible humor that constantly fails to deliver even a small smile. The jokes here are as witty as the ones in terrible parodies like Meet the Spartans, Disaster Movie and all that other similar trash. This is honestly the worst horror sequel since Feast 3 and is so bad, it even makes me question my take on the first film. I suggest staying far away from this one.
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Smashing the stereotype is the new stereotype
clk264-649-71646324 December 2022
The first "Scare Package" was a fun riff on horror films (most of them being good) for the horror nerds by horror nerds. "Part II" is ... somehow ... a cash grab (can't imagine much) pandering to how women are strong, independent, don't-need-a-man, ball kickers and men are alpha males who make the wrong decision every time or are fat goofy slobs.

Much like putting the "F" word in titles of movies, "Part II" sets you up for what to expect from it. It's slow, boring, lazy and badly written by people who either don't care about the genre or just were told to write a story in 30 pages or less without being proofread.

There's nothing wrong with a female lead (there's millions of films dedicated to this, there's entire sections of streaming apps to prove this), but it's becoming a negative trend when literally every movie is doing this and when a movie that is a series of vignettes does this.

There are some great gross out gags and some funny one liners, though.
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No. Just no...
paul_haakonsen24 December 2022
Alright, well I had no clue as to what I was getting myself into here, as I sat down to watch the 2022 horror comedy "Scare Package II: Rad Chad's Revenge", but I must admit that I was initially lured in by the movie's cover/poster, as it had a very distinct 1980s horror feel to it. I had never actually heard about this movie prior to stumbling upon it.

What a dumpster fire this turned out to be. There simply was no narrative to the movie, and it was just a massive heap of chaotic and randomly filmed scenes that made little or no coherent sense when put together to make a movie. So I am rather amazed with the fact that seven writers could collectively managed to come together to churn out something as ridiculous as what "Scare Package II: Rad Chad's Revenge" turned out to be.

Sure, the acting performances in "Scare Package II: Rad Chad's Revenge" were actually fair enough, but I have to admit that I didn't care one bit for the characters in the movie, well, technically in the random segments filmed and edited into the mockery of a movie.

I haven't even seen or heard of the 2019 "Scare Package" movie, but after sitting through 65 minutes of the 98 minutes that "Scare Package II: Rad Chad's Revenge" ran for, I can honestly say that I am not even going to bother tracking down the 2019 movie. Nor am I am going to attempt to finish watching this 2022 travesty of a horror comedy.

My rating of "Scare Package II: Rad Chad's Revenge" lands on a two out of ten stars.
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A dismal sequel
pow-2322520 December 2022
Back in 2019, Aaron B. Koontz and Cameron Burns' Scare Package was a sly prank on the horror genre. It was a refreshing anthology series that riffed on all of the genre's tropes in clever and fun ways. The sequel, Rad Chad's Revenge, offers much of the same fun but much of the enjoyment is ruined by the filmmakers' constant need to push their repeatitive personal agendas over entertainment or blood-curdling good laughs.

The framing narrative this time is a spoof of the Saw series with a deceased horror guru and video store owner Rad Chad turning his funeral into a series of daunting, deadly escape rooms for the mourners in attendance.

Of the stories presented only two are fairly well done. The first, Welcome to the 90s, has several famous horror final girls and 'Buffy' (Steph Barkley) fending off Jason, Freddy, Xenomorph, Michael Myers, Leatherface stand-in: Tony the Killer (Joshua Miller). Although it is dragged down with a lot of ham-fisted, patronizing editorial commentary which it could have and should have done without, Welcome to the 90s is the best of the four stories. The second featurette, The Night He Came Back Again! Part VI: The Night She Came Back, is a sequel to The Night He Came Back Again! Part IV: The Final Kill in the original film with final girl Daisy (Chelsey Grant) making her return.

If you shut off Scare Package 2 after that one, you won't have missed anything much. If do you venture further put on that football helmet or hard hat you have sitting around as the filmmakers continue to hammer home their agenda over and over again like Thor bludgeoning the ice giants with Mjölnir. That's ultimately why what could have been a good follow-up just becomes as irritating as Love and Thunder. Okay, nothing in filmdom could be THAT annoying but Scare Package 2 gives it a run for its money.
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Fun and Smart Follow up to the First
Reviews_of_the_Dead16 November 2022
Warning: Spoilers
This sequel is one that I wasn't shocked to hear was being made and it also intrigued me. I had fun with the first one seeing it at Nightmares Film Festival with a crowd. Getting the chance then to see the sequel at this festival with this one was exciting as well. This was also the Northern US premiere for the movie.

Synopsis: when horror guru 'Rad' Chad Buckley's (Jeremy King) funeral turns into an elaborate series of hilarious death traps, the guests must band together and use the rules of horror to survive the bloody game.

Now for this one, we are picking up where the last one left off. 'Rad' Chad was killed at the end of the original and we are at his funeral. This will play as the wraparound story. Attending his funeral are Jessie Kapowski (Zoe Graham) who is the 'final girl' from one of the shorts in the original. She is there with Kimmie (Shakira Ja'nai Paye) who is her girlfriend. There is Chad's cousin Bo Buckley (King), Rick (Rich Sommer), Jessie's mother Ms. Kapowski (Kelli Maroney), Dwight (Graham Skipper) and Sam (Byron Brown). There is also Moira (Maria Olsen) who is leading the funeral and the reading of the will. Chad's last wishes are to force these attendees to play a game like in Saw. They will have to watch different shorts to survive.

The first short that we see is 'Welcome to the 90s'. This takes place on New Year's Eve of 1989. A slasher killer shows up to a college campus and instead of going to the house of those that are supposed to die, he goes to the house of the 'final girls'. Tony the Killer (Joshua Miller) takes on Ginny (Luxy Banner), Ellen (Stef Estep-Gozlao), Nancy (Shaina Schrooten), Laurie (Allison Sugimoto) and Sally (Elizabeth Trieu). It isn't until Buffy (Steph Barkley) shows up to help these girls that shouldn't have to worry since the tables have turned.

Next is 'The Night He Came Back Again! Part VI: The Night She Came Back'. This is a sequel to a story in the original Scare Package where the sister of our killer is worried that despite killing him, he will come back. This explains a bit more of how that is possible and she might be intertwined into the same magic as her brother.

There is also 'Special Edition' where Rachel (Haley Bishop), Charlie (Radina Drandova), Zoe (Jemma Moore), Jenny (Caroline Ward) and Helena (Emma Louise Webb) are convinced that you can see a ghost in Three Men and a Baby. They unleash something much more sister that makes a fight for survival as they watch this tape.

The last story is 'We're So Dead'. This one features a group of children that bring back someone that died, like Pet Semetery or Re-Animator for disastrous results. They do what they can to make things right as well as not get in trouble in the process.

That is about the extent of what I want to do for recap, introduce the different shorts and give what I could remember for the characters. What I will say is that I watched this on the opening night of Nightmares Film Festival then wrote this days later after it ended. What I will say is that I did enjoy this. I'm not sure as much as the original, but I must give it to the people behind this. They have good knowledge on the horror genre and it shows in the different things they do to poke fun at the movies. It also is paying homage as well.

Where I want to shift is that co-director/co-creators Aaron B. Koontz and Cameron Burns were in attendance. They brought up an interesting point is that they're against gatekeeping. This should go without saying, but I like their approach here. When I hear of a new horror fan getting into something and even if our tastes don't line up that is great. What I like is that their approach was to make/compile shorts into a movie where diehards can enjoy this by getting the references and new fans can still appreciate the comedy as well as the horror elements. That was something that stuck out to me listening to them during the Q and A.

With those thoughts out of the way, I think that this does an interesting way of poking fun at different troupes. 'Welcome to the 90s' is funny to show the change from the final girls of Friday the 13th Part 2, Alien, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. We also get more of this with mocking sequels with 'We're So Dead' and 'The Night He Came Back Again! Part VI: The Night She Came Back'. These are movies that most fans enjoy, but sometimes overlooking the absurdity. The latter being a 'franchise' film as well. 'Special Edition' also does well with urban legends that people claim about certain movies. As a cinephile, I can appreciate what they're doing here. The wraparound I should also include as 'Rad' Chad takes his love farther than most do, but he also forces his 'friends' to be grateful for the genre more. He takes it too far, of course.

I'll then take this over to the acting. We get several people as there are four shorts and the wraparound which is a fully developed story. I like this set-up so that is something I wanted to bring up. King's portrayal as Chad and the cousin of Bo is good. I'd say that Graham, Sommer, Maroney, Paye, Skipper, Olsen and that crew are good as well. They play well off each other. The performances to embody the established characters in 'Welcome to the 90s' is solid. It was interesting to see director/writer Jed Shepherd bring back the cast for 'Special Edition' from Host. They worked in these roles much like that prior movie. I also thought the kids were solid in 'We're So Dead' as well. There isn't a bad performance. They work for what is needed.

Lastly, I'll go to the filmmaking. Starting with the cinematography, I think that it is good. Despite these not having the biggest budgets, they don't feel like it which is a positive. They are shot well which is all I can ask for. Moving over to the effects, I was pleasantly surprised to see that these were done practical. If there is any CGI, I couldn't tell or it is used properly to enhance. Other than that, I would say that the soundtrack fit for what was needed without standing out.

In conclusion, this is a fun follow-up to the original. I don't know if it is as good, but I like the different troupes and story elements this pokes fun at. You can tell the people behind these stories are fans of the genre. I can appreciate that. I would say that these are all well-made, looking better than the budgets they are working with which I give credit to. This moves at a good clip which I also give credit for. If you like the first one, give this one a watch for sure as it flows well.

My Rating: 7 out of 10.
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Bad, Even if you liked the first one
kqyxxp5 January 2023
Wow, this was bad. First, I liked the first Scare Package. It wasn't perfect but overall was very fun and had some good horror elements. The shorts were inconsistent but pretty fun.

Well thet must have used all their A, B, C, and D material on the first movie. This installment is neither fun nor witty. I had to take a break after the first two shorts because it was so bad.

First, the humor is non existent. The jokes and gags were not funny, I didnt laugh once. The shorts were poorly written, none of them would not even make the first movie. The wrapper story dowsn't go anywhere either.

Finally, it was dusted with wokeness. Not sure if this was supposed to be a dig at how wokeness has come into horror movies (unlikely) or if it was just done because they wanted to send that message (probably). Either way it pulled down the movie further. The first short which is the best (not good, just the best) literally ends in a lecture. Wow just what I'm looking for in a horror parody. There is more sprinkled in after that, including a speech on white privilige in the overarching story. Wow what fun.

In summary, avoid this movie even if you liked the first one like myself. It has none of the fun or charm of the first one and seems like a rushed sequel with no reason to exist.
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its the...
ops-5253523 December 2022
Damnation of making a good sequel that hits bad in this scare package 2, i gave the 1st 8 stars for its crazyness and coherent plot and loads of good music. This one has the trails of something but its slashed away in too much dry wittyness and far too much gore, that is splayed around like mr heitz ketchup in a childrens sausage party. The methods of the killbill menu aint that bad but it doesnt have a good plotline to cling to and the actors and direction deeds aint done as profound as in the first movie.

Ill admit that i played around with the fast forward button here and there, just to set the pace that was very rollercoasterly, so just a small yep from the grumpy old man, and i hate to write 600 characters in a rewiew i couldve ended at 230...
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It Couldn't be Worse
arfdawg-114 January 2023
I'm not sure what to say about this movie. It's simply horrible. I wish I could leave it at that, but I suppose you need to know why.

First of all, the guy who plays Rad Chad pops up on a TV screen between segments like Max Headroom, only he's the worst actor on the face of the Earth.

Not that he's much worse the the other actors.

The segments are dumb, poorly conceived, really poorly written, even more poorly directed and humorless.

And then there are the special effects. Some people watch movies of this genre for the special effects. The splatter, the gore, etc. And wonder how they're done.

Don't bother. The special effects in this movies -- and I'm not joking -- are worse than those in Terrifer 2; and that movie was made with Crowd funding money of like a hundred grand.
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It isn't Scary Movie, but it's good in its own way
kevin_robbins17 January 2023
Scare Package II (2022) is a movie that I recently watched on Shudder. The storyline follows a horror guru who dies and sets up a series of horror games for his guests to observe and/or survive, Saw style. Will any of his guests survive the games or are they all destined for a demise similar to his own?

This movie is made up of several segments codirected by Alexandra Barreto (Mayans MC), Aaron B. Koontz (The Pale Door) among others. This picture stars Jeremy King (As Night Falls), Shakira Ja'nai Paye (House Party), Byron Brown (Blood Fest), Dustin Rhodes (WWE), Barbara Bingham (Friday the 13th VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan) and Diana Prince (Halloween Ends).

It's too bad this is a parody because the special effects and gore in this are out of this world. I really enjoyed the kills scenes. Like every film made up of several segments, some are better than others and some take themselves more seriously than others. The killers are consistently pretty cool with good makeup, masks and overall design. The comedic content was inconsistent with some scenes more clever than others. The acting will remind you of the Scary Movie franchise, essentially "good enough." The sets are absolutely incredible, like a horror movie play land, very well done. The dialogue can be annoying, but the concepts are consistently worthwhile.

Overall, this is a fun parody that's worth watching once. It isn't Scary Movie, but it's good in its own way. I would score this a 5.5-6/10 and recommend seeing it once.
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A disappointing if somewhat still watchable anthology follow-up
kannibalcorpsegrinder31 December 2022
After the funeral of their friend, a group of random strangers are forced to partake in a series of Horror Movie-inspired traps to leave the event alive while a series of stories about the life lessons he imparted to others plays out.

The Good Stor(ies): Welcome to the 90s-After inadvertently helping a serial killer start a murder spree, a group of sorority sisters must band together to stop his deadly rampage using the rules of the genre to do so. Overall, this was an entertaining starting point for what's going on. The amount of meta-humor present, from the names to the character archetypes and play-on-words involving the type of action here with the interactions they have with those around the campus, provides a highly enjoyable framework for what's going on here. The stalking isn't bad and generates some solid confrontations and cheesy scares that go along nicely with the rule-breaking that goes on which is hammered on so thick it becomes somewhat eye-rolling at points. It's the only issue here but it does stick out somewhat due to the fun involved in the rest of the segment.

The Night He Came Back Again! Part VI: The Night She Came Back-Returning to her childhood home, a woman and her boyfriend arrive at the cursed cabin where her murderous brother will return to exact his revenge on her and her family. This was a rather fun slasher outing and had plenty to like about it, starting with the back-and-forth war that takes place as the reveal of their supernatural powers enables a heavy-hitting and exciting confrontation that allows for a constant stream of wholly effective practical effects. It also leads to a fun finale that's undone by the brevity of it all and a lack of explanation for what's going on due to that brief setup which is a bit of a flaw but not enough to truly hold this down.

The Bad Stor(ies): Special Edition-After gathering her friends together, a woman's efforts to have them pack up her dead brother's belongings at the lighthouse where he worked finds the efforts impeded by a malicious supernatural being. This was a generally bland piece that only has one aspect going for it. This segment only really works due to the wholly effective gore and make-up work throughout here which features a cool-looking mutation and a slew of effective deaths which aren't enough to hold out over the other features here. The sluggish pace that spends far too much time on a group of friends debating an urban legend rather than explaining everything is a major source for this one making it hard to care or understand what's happening, leaving this a disappointing feature.

We're So Dead-After encountering a dead body in the woods, a group of friends decide to use it to test their reanimation serum on a human being for once which causes problems when the. This one could've been a lot more fun than what it already is had it been given more time to do anything. The lack of explanation for anything as the flashback structure of the whole thing makes for a rather difficult immersion into what's going on with the friend group and how the exact nature of the serum works. This is even more troublesome with the introduction of the matter transference device that comes into play that has very little information on anything which makes for a wholly troublesome piece. The whole idea of melting together the various stories into one whole makes for a fine concept initially and the exploits of the experiments manage to generate some solid special effects for the kills do make it entertaining but it's not enough.

Scare Package II: Rad Chad's Revenge-After the funeral of their friend, a group of random strangers are forced to partake in a series of Horror Movie-inspired traps to leave the event alive. This wasn't too bad for the most part but does have a bit of an issue here with the series of traps that they're forced to partake in during the interstitial moments here feeling more like what would come about from genuine parodies than anything else. While that ends up making these scenes somewhat hard to get through, it also causes a somewhat uneasy transition into the next story with very little throughline into the next segment. The finale in the video store connecting the dots with everything and turning it into a short slasher with a solid game behind it with some decent effects, but it's too little too late.

Rated Unrated/R: Extreme Graphic Violence and Graphic Language.
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Fun sequel to the first!
pureinsanity0728 January 2023
I don't understand why people are being so critical of this movie. It is what it is, a comedy horror that pokes fun at the whole genre, and gives us plenty of funny moments and ridiculously unbelievable kills. Its filmed beautiful, the editing is great, the fx are incredible, and the actors play it straight. I actually like this better than Scary Movie, as the comedy is found in the shortcomings of the horror genre, and within horror movie kills. Sure it's silly, it's supposed to be. It's a comedy, no doubt, with gore. And it's funny, I laughed and smiled all the way through and felt entertained. Mission accomplished.
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