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at times a very awkward insight into the life of an insecure overweight girl
trevi128 February 2012
Saw this movie in the sneak-preview, otherwise I probably would have never seen it... If you're looking for an easy-to-watch-movie, pick something else, this one, at times, can by quite a shocker...

That being said, I still feel that it is a good movie, awkward but at times funny. I think they did a very good job, the way you get sucked into the life of this young, overweight and insecure adolescent girl. When she finds the love she is looking for, it seems she will stop at nothing to keep it in her life! This leads to some scenes where I had to avert my eyes, I don't really enjoy watching overweight people line dancing, but that's not the worst.... by a long shot!! A terrible mother, friends who would betray her at the first chance they get, a boyfriend who isn't who he seems to be, not to mention his crazy dad.... Nothing seems to go her way... but she is in love....
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A smiling girl... Warning: Spoilers
Lena show herself what it mean to be an almost-adult person. There is the pursuit of love, and happiness. There are fears, and a hide passion. Her looking for love begun in the sexual side. Nobody cares about her feelings, because she's only giving a service to those that only smile to some people for have sex, and not more. When love came, isn't good enough. Even in our lives we can see that. Almost everything is chaotic here, but, she never gives up, and that's something to appreciate. At the final question, who is Lena? The will of looking for something. What is that? It hasn't to mean something revealing. In her smile are so much hidden that, look at her face it can be compared to had the Mona Lisa in front of us.
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