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MPAA Rated PG-13 for action violence, some suggestive content, and partial nudity

Sex & Nudity

  • A man and woman appear about to kiss a couple of times throughout the film, however they are always interrupted shortly before doing so.
  • A woman wrestles a man to the floor (playfully), then they lock eyes and appear about to kiss, however, instead of doing so, the woman falls asleep on the man's shoulder. He then awkwardly carries her to her bed, where he leaves her to rest.
  • Solo flirts with the hotel receptionist as she drops off complimentary champagne to his room and convinces her to join him for some. Later on, she is seen walking out of the room topless but in lacy panties. He makes a remark about "5 more minutes" before she turns revealing her left breast, which is not clearly seen due to shadows, and responds.
  • In his dossier during the credits, Napoleon Solo is described as a 'serial womanizer'
  • Some suggestive comments: "I gave it all I got"; a man adjusts a recording device above a woman's knee, she slyly says "What are you doing down there?", he grins and replies "Trying not to get lost"; a character's mother is described as being "extremely popular" amongst the friends of the character's father.

Violence & Gore

  • There's shootout in a factory which turns into a boat chase. A truck is driven off a peer and a boat explodes.
  • A man is punched in the face at a party.
  • Solo and Illya get into a fight in a public bathroom and crash through several stalls.
  • Two men raid a compound, and briefly shoot several attackers.
  • There is a sequence of torture, in which the main character is strapped to a chair while another man electrocutes him. When he stops, blood is trickling from the main characters nose, though he is still alive. The main character is rescued and his torturer is placed in his spot. The main characters rescuer attempts to electrocute him, but the power shorts. The two leave the room, leaving the original torturer still strapped to the chair. While they are gone, the power turns back on and the man is electrocuted until eventually the entire room catches on fire. Nothing graphic.
  • There's a long car chase through a forest and mountain region, and eventually a man is riding a motorcycle and is bumped off course by a dune buggy. He goes flying down a hill and the motorcycle lands on top of him. There's a brief struggle and one of the men is finally killed.
  • A man stabs another man. Though the impact of the knife is not seen, there is a cutting sound and blood begins trickling from the mans face.
  • A rocket is fired at a boat, containing people, and blows the whole thing up. It is implied that several characters died but, again, nothing graphic.


  • 'D*mn' is said once.
  • '*ss' is said once.
  • 'Pussy' is said once in a derogatory manner.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A few scenes include smoking in the background, though not dramatized.
  • A few scenes involving alcohol, though not dramatized in any way.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • This is an action comedy and should be taken as such.
  • An extended car chase is intense.
  • The main characters are often in danger, and risk their lives.

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