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A heartfelt, sincere romantic drama comedy film
YJLcool11 November 2014
Based on the 2004 romance novel 'Where Rainbows End' written by Cecilia Ahern, Love, Rosie is about a story of two people who were best friends since they were young. They've known each other for so long and they're absolutely meant for each other, but could never have the courage to admit that they have strong feelings for each other. Furthermore, life is not always how we expect or want it to be, as various unforeseen circumstances or misunderstandings continuously keeps them apart from each other.

Love, Rosie have the same typical flaws that many romantic drama comedies have: several unavoidable clichés and contrivances, a predictable ending. However, as in all romantic comedies, it's the whole journey that truly matters. The film takes the audience through the ups and downs of their relationships and how it affects their friendship over the years. Things didn't happen the way you expected them to be on some occasions, which is rather surprising and refreshing at the same time. The film is filled with occasionally nice witty jokes and heartwarming moments, combine with charming, likable performances from the lead characters. The two leads have great chemistry on screen and it gives the believable feeling that they've known each other for years.

There's a real genuine, non-manipulative, non-domineering relationship between the leads as we witness several loving, selfless acts on both sides when tragedy strikes one of them. However, I have to admit that there's a rather unrealistic depiction about this "friendship" - men and women can't be close friends because the sex part always gets in the way (A famous quote from another romantic comedy film, When Harry Meets Sally...). In reality, it's virtually impossible that a beautiful, attractive young lady can be close friends with a strikingly handsome man without hardly any sexual tension at all, especially when both of them are heterosexuals and they've never think of each other as siblings either.

Overall, the film succeeds in finding the heart and soul for its characters for the audience to relate with, despite its shortcomings. It's a lovely, heartfelt film that doesn't disappoint and it's well worth a watch.

Rating: 7.5/10
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Ignore the bad reviews, Your will love it !!
samxxx-671-8262212 April 2017
I do not usually write reviews but these hating reviews got me into that :D I don't get all the people complaining about how predictable this movie was. God damn it if you want some unpredictable ending go watch "shutter island" or "mulholland drive" or something that SAYS that it is a freaking THRILLER!!. This movie is a "Romantic Comedy" and it is just like "Pretty Woman", "10 Things I hate about you" or "say anything" - The movies we loved, even if they were predictable. The point is, its not about the ending, its about living in between the movie; desperately wanting for them to recognize love and chanting for there friendship and adoring their silly fights and commitments.

For all those who just want to enjoy there weekend by watching a beautiful romantic movie and smile I recommend them to do watch this and ignore all the hate and bad reviews. Have fun :)
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Slight and predictable, but just amiable enough to work.
shawneofthedead29 October 2014
Romance novelist Cecilia Ahern made a bit of a splash in chick-lit circles when her second novel, Where Rainbows End, was published in 2004. It was a tale of two people who were clearly perfect for each other but could never seem to find their way towards being in love, told in the form of e-mails, text messages and letters. The story itself was predictable, but the format was reasonably hip and refreshing at the time. Ten years later, the book has been turned into a slight but amiable romantic comedy for the silver screen. The film isn't particularly hip or refreshing, but boasts just enough charm and emotion to entertain - even if it isn't a film that will stay with you for long afterwards.

Rosie Dunne (Lily Collins) has been best friends with Alex Stewart (Sam Claflin) since they were kids. They've always meant the world to each other, but have never become more than friends. At their high-school prom, they ask other people to the dance. Alex moves to Boston to begin his studies in medicine, and Rosie must stay behind due to an unexpected pregnancy. Over the next several years, she raises a child on her own, and he gets married. Through all of life's changes and upheavals, they still pop up on each other's radar, connected via e-mails, text messages and a bond that one suspects can never really be broken.

That's pretty much it, really - the outcome of the film is never in doubt, however long it might take to get there. Indeed, one problem with Love, Rosie is that it does take a relatively long time to get to the point, even though it's tried to simplify Ahern's novel by merging characters and removing subplots. The longer it goes on, the harder it becomes to buy into the various situations, events and misunderstandings that conspire to keep Alex and Rosie apart - whether it's his marriage or hers, the rekindling of old relationships, or plain ol' geography. Their relationship is so heavily peppered with coincidences and mishaps that it could have made a decent dark melodrama about the dangerous effects of co- dependency.

And yet, for all its plot problems, Love, Rosie is a mostly charming affair. There's some real depth to the relationship between Rosie and Alex, one which transcends both friendship and romance in unexpectedly touching ways - whether it's her decision not to ruin his future by telling him about her pregnancy, or the comfort he selflessly gives her when she's struggling to stay afloat in the wake of a family tragedy. Thrown into the mix is the sweet chemistry shared by Collins and Claflin, who are both very cute and very committed to making their roles work. (Collins never feels or looks old enough to play the mother of a teenage girl, even one who had her kid as a teenager, but that's a minor quibble.)

Considering how predictable the story is, it's something of a minor miracle that Love, Rosie works at all. But it does, for the most part, whenever it manages to find the heart and humour of its characters and their almost painfully intertwined lives amidst its many narrative contrivances. It's not great art, or even one of the great romantic comedies, but it's a surprisingly decent diversion - one that should please Ahern's fans and perhaps win her a few new ones.
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Love, this film
FlickChick8212 November 2014
This is my first review here so bear with me. As I'm sure most of you know, this movie is based on a novel Where rainbows end by Cecilia Ahern. It is just loosely based on it, because the story differs somewhat. I won't reveal anything else, to avoid spoilers. All I'll say is that it works because it captures the essence of the book. The chemistry between the two main actors is unbelievably good and the supporting cast is good as well. I warmly recommend this film to everybody. How probable the plot, that is up to a viewer to decide. It was for me. If you're a hopeless romantic, you're gonna enjoy this one. If you're a realist, you're probably gonna find certain situations a bit too much and out there. Nonetheless I left the theater with a smile on my face. The movie makes you believe that anything is possible and that one should never give up on hope.
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A good romantic movie
knorr10212 April 2015
As a fan of the original book "Where Rainbows End", I had been kind of disappointed when people told me that there are many differences between the novel and its adaption on the big screen. However, I changed my prejudice when I finally saw it myself. The movie is romantic, with beautiful-filmed scenes (I love the color throughout the whole movie), and moving. The music sounds good (gotta buy the soundtrack!) too. And I love Lily and Sam Claflin as Rosie and Alex, as you can really feel the chemistry between them from the very first minutes of the film. Perfect casting :) I don't care about how unreal the plot is. It just feels good watching a slice-of-life movie like this once in a while.
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Hate, movie
rooee14 November 2014
Sam Claflin and Lily Collins play Alex and Rosie, whom we watch grow from childhood friends to awkward adults, separated by sea but bound by heart. Bless. No contrivance is left uncontrived to keep them apart. Bad relationships. Babies. Even worse relationships. It's life, Jim, but not as we know it. Fans of the book may be dismayed to learn that the film deviates from the text in the final act – although by then they might actually be glad we're not going the whole hog.

Conspicuously boring, the film lifelessly portrays the lives of two remarkably cute yet determinedly unremarkable people who seem to be making a conscious effort to build a semi-tragic love story while leaving a trail of half-loved partners in their wake. It's all building to an inevitable kiss. Unfortunately, a combination of poor editing, and rapid-onset attention deficit syndrome on my part, meant I went through the movie under the misapprehension that Alex and Rosie had already got jiggy at the start, which may have undermined some of the climactic impact.

The supporting cast is comprised of pantomime villain boyfriends, poisonously bitchy girlfriends, and an infinitely accommodating pro-life Catholic family. Rosie's best friend is one of those handily not-quite-as-pretty mates (Jaime Winstone) who says things bluntly and whose impossibly simple personal philosophy acts solely to highlight the needless complications of Rosie's own life.

This is a ruthlessly formulaic movie in which I lost count of the occasions that Alex or Rosie would come to the conclusion that they love each other, only to discover in the same instant that the other was committed elsewhere. Each dull revelation is followed by empowering montage, propelled by a listless soft rock soundtrack. The early slapstick humour – all baby vomit and lost condoms – is Carry On funny (by which I mean not funny) and gives way to more "grown-up" jokes of the blandly observational variety. Nothing that hasn't been noticed by countless Saturday night stand-ups.

This is unreal life depicted as a series of poetic coincidences, giving the illusion of fate. It's utterly disingenuous. What, perhaps, wistful 14-year-olds might imagine adult relationships are like. The rest of us are thinking: Get over it. Man up or move on. Somewhere there may be an interesting film to made about the way in which bleeding heart romantics skilfully maintain unconsummated tension over time, but this isn't it.

Claflin and Collins are likable leads, and with a decent script and a plausible story they might have showed some chemistry. But it's hard to connect cinematically over text, Skype, and eye-rolling narrative contrivance. I fear that audiences may find it similarly hard to connect with this film.
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Predictable but charming
neil-47625 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Rosie and Alex have been best friends since primary school. They nearly got romantic on Rosie's 18th birthday, but Rosie was way too drunk. Since then, both have had relationships, just not with each other - timing has always worked against them.

When I watched the trailer for Love, Rosie, I thought "I now know exactly what will happen in this film." But I like Lily Collins, so I went to see it anyway. And I was quite right - the story progresses along the tramlines which are displayed in that trailer (with one or two little sidetracks), so don't expect any earth-shattering surprises.

But it doesn't matter. Lily Collins and Sam Claflin have an easy chemistry, the film is a romantic drama with some gently amusing moments, the supporting cast is good, and Collins turns out to be able to do a bit of acting, too.

I enjoyed this.
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One of the best romcoms
littlelo941 December 2014
I love a romantic comedy as much as the next girl. I go in fully expecting the cheesiness and I'm okay with that. But "Love, Rosie" was brilliant!

Not only was it heartwarming, romantic and funny, it was dramatic with great moral lessons about friendship, family, honor, trust and responsibility.

I came out of the cinema thinking "Wow, that was really worth my money."

Lily Collins and Sam Clafin were both brilliant leads and they had heaps of chemistry together.

I would recommend this film to anyone as they will love it. Girls, have no fear of your boyfriend complaining about being dragged to a romcom after this one. I think even HE will be rooting for Rosie and Alex to get together.

10/10 stars. Can't wait for the DVD!
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Lowest denominator shoddy tosh
tom-paul-bailey22 February 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The supporting cast is a jumble of ham-heads, over playing vileness just to hammer home the point that the protagonists love is meant to come to fruition. This point alone underscores the absolute naff unbelievable absurdity of this trashy little film. That said - as way of consolation - the main actors pull off their toffy anguished tormented soul routines to at least the low standard Hollywood has set for romantic comedies; they are both watchable. The adaptation was worthy of the book, but that wasn't very hard now, was it?

As the film aged, the actors apparently ceased to. Consequently, it reached a point where I thought the children of the leads would surpass their parents, and the small couple (strangely) reliving verbatim the lives of their parents, would reset the entire film, going round in a perpetual loop of worthless forgettable tripe that should have been discarded in the 90's.

There are red flags signifying a dying art-form plastered all over this film, bogged down in cliché as it is. But if you're in the mood for something vapid, with a climax that will satisfy your sentimental idealism, it may well do just that, satisfy.
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promising actress lost in dramatic story that doesn't show drama
ingmarbeldman-753-92721226 October 2015
First of all i would not judge this film to strongly, since we're dealing with a sort of coming-of-age drama (although not being a real good excuse, right? producers..?).

When the drama starts of we land in a cliché high school, teenage drama with shy kissing and flat expositions of insecureness etc... The two protagonists are portrayed in their childhood. fair enough. but flat. really flat.

The initial moment of miscommunication between the two protagonists, which is supposed to serve as a foundation for the rest of the drama, is just one single moment of 'both-are-too-shy- to-speak-out-their-love'. It's just one moment, not very dramatic and way too thin to make them be insecure to each other for the rest of their twenties and thirties. From there they loose me...

Important moments, where drama could be cooking and ambivalent moments and intentions - which are the key element for drama - could be exposed, the writer just jumps over those moments and continues the story with only the consequences of that drama... and leaving me dissatisfied. It gives the film very irrational time-leaps. It's like me looking at my girlfriend saying: ...ehh...what just happened? Did i miss something? Contributing to this feeling is the horrible make-up. At some point the story takes a jump of 5 and guess what? Nobody changed. Literally. a few scenes further the make-up must have thought: 'shit, we forgot something!!' and suddenly, out of the blue, Collins has a few gray hairs behind the ears...

Altogether, this makes the flow of the movie slow and unbelievable. It makes the actors being mere puppets then initiators.

With that comes the very dissatisfying acting of Claflin and his love-affairs, as most of the other extra's. Collins stands alone and stands. She is, as far as i can judge, ready for a strong character drama. Promising lady!!
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Chappy Watched: Love, Rosie
chappywatched7 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
So here is 102 minutes of my life I won't get back!

What surprised me most was the unpredictability of the movie… SAID NO ONE EVER!

So as well as being predictable, I found it kind of shitty that these two people, who both know they love each other, enter into these relationships with other people knowing full well that it's not the person they really want or love.

After a while, while taking forever to actually get to inevitable point, the scenarios and events that are keeping these two apart start to become less and less plausible.

Another thing I disliked was that this movie takes place over 12 years and yet they don't age the actors. All they did was change their hairstyles. Now I'm not expecting wrinkles and sagging but at least some laughter lines or something.

Having said all this, the two lead stars, Lily Collins and Sam Claflin, do have chemistry together.

Oh and the soundtrack was pretty good, featuring the likes of Lily Allen and Beyoncé, so at least the movie had that going for it!

Don't waste your time, I wouldn't watch this movie again.
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Perfect example of everything wrong with movies these days.
hthbrr21 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
OK so we have nepotistic casting? Check. We have actors desperate to be leading ones even though they can never carry a movie? Check. A trailer that reveals the whole movie/predictable/no suspense ending. Check. A unrealistic plot by any stretch of the imagination? Check. The whole movie is dedicated solely to launch there actors careers/not about the actual plot? Check.

Yeah I mean this would have been an acceptable movie to just watch and not expect much out of it. But it was so painful to watch, as per the reasons listed above. The movie was SO irritating!

Lily Collins, people like your face too bad you can't act. Very telling is that she actually auditioned for the role of Bella Swan in Twilight! Meaning giving blank stares and not actually acting. Dare I say I need to give Kristen Stewart some credit next to Lily she can act up a storm.

I kid you not, whole SCENES were her making BLANK stares. And this was supposed to emit 'emotion'? Yeah that just emits that you can't act. Also her hair being in her face, are you kidding me?

The rest of the actors do what they can with what they have. But when the plot makes such little sense, you can't really do much. I mean they went though so much and still they did not get together? What? I mean ONE of the things that happened to them would/should have sent them into each others arms. So why did that not happen? Oh right check the list "unrealistic plot". Also if they got together there would be no movie.

That's another reason this movie is so tedious. It's not over until they get together. Wow talk about waiting for the Jeopardy music to end. So stupid.

Another thing I resented was the sound levels. Their words are whisper quiet. Then there is blasting loud music. Did an intern do the sound mixing?

So sad this formulaic 'career launching' torture got so much funding but better movies don't.
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Very disappointing
marsabgab8 February 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I know, that movie based on the book doesn't need to necessarily cover it step by step...but showing totally different facts and making it sound like a romantic comedy with a very happy end?No... For me the book was both tragic and entertaining at times... But there was nothing "they lived happily ever after"in it.. Rosie and Alex missed so many chances ( as it happens in life) and they finally had courage to be together in their 50's... And yes- that was the very happy moment for me as a reader and I almost jumped when they finally got together...But the movie didn't gave me that jump... I have ready many books and then watched many movies based on them books...and that's why I can honestly state here: Read the book ( I think it's one of the best C.Aherns books) and watch the movie..But don't expect nothing special...
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even if you like chick flicks, don't watch this.
suhelanwar20 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
the director and writer have tried their level best to try and make the lives of the two poor souls( the 2 lead actors) extremely complicated, what they didn't realize is that they are making the two look really stupid.

The intellectuals behind the movie go way out of there way to make Alex's partners look extremely bad, is it because the his partners are that bad that he realizes that he loves Rosie or he loves Rosie because of Rosie. I am really surprised that this movie has a rating of more than 3 on IMDb.

under-acted by 2 non-actors, if movies are only for looks, you are better off hiring models.

This movie might be worth the watch if you are cooking some food and you want some noise in the background. otherwise, please don't waste your time at all on this.
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The Plot is proper, with unexpected events,, but there's a lack in comedy.
Aktham_Tashtush1 March 2015
good Rom-Com in general, Honestly though, i was always in love with Lily Collins she's a babe .. what a beauty :D ,, The casting was successful.

I didn't really see that much of comedy bits in it but still there was some of those "Aww" moments like it's nice and cute ..etc.

The plot have so much productivity and abundance of ups and downs, there was over 5 to 6 times when you keep expecting that "okay that's when they're finally gonna get together " and boom it's not ,, that gave the movie the element of unpredictability !!

The story is catchy and Thoughtful, but still rating the movie with a 7.4 looks a bit high :P

Again overall the movie is good but the comedy is so missing... it does get high rated in the UK but in the states i don't think so...
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More twists then your average thriller
djuka_007-984-38249310 July 2016
Rom-coms are a special type of movies. In some aspects they are equivalent to a junk food - something that's your guilty pleasure, that you know is way beyond your usual type of movies, but you just want a quick fix of dopamine and you go with it. And just like with the junk food, the ingredients always tend to be the same - people come for their favorite snack because they know what to expect. But just like when Coca Cola tried to introduce its new taste to the general public, these things usually backfire. So you either need to stick to the well known or try to be completely original, but you can never go half way. And this is what we see in this movie. They try to be unpredictable by putting in so many twist that an average soap opera wold be proud of it. Yet all this twists seem so predictable that you have to ask yourself - "why bother?". In the end you get something that neither smells nor stinks, and that's never a good thing.
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Shockingly Bad!
PuddlesGalore21 February 2015
Somehow i made it to the end of this movie in spite of questioning myself the whole way through as to why I was giving it my time. I think this has more to do with my inability to stop something half-way through or perhaps my willing it to get better & leave me feeling at least somewhat satisfied. Not. This. Film. They were so busy squeezing in the many missed opportunities the leads had of getting together that they forgot to give them personalities or anything for the audience to care about! The script was weak at best (& at times simply confusing in its empty/fast-forwarded-ness), the acting was mostly unconvincing & the characters so badly stereotyped that they couldn't have any credence at all. Add this to some been there, done that, attempts at comedic moments & you have a deeply vapid experience that laughs at the audience for staying the course. As you can tell, i found nothing redeeming in this movie at all & cannot understand why it has 7 stars. There was nothing new or clever or interesting or emotive in this what's the point?
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Massive disappointment
kovacsagi889 February 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I've never read the book that it's based on but after seeing this movie I feel even less motivated to read it.

I was actually really looking forward to watch it as I really liked the trailer and I do love Lily Collins. I think she's really talented, beautiful and has great potential as an actress.

About 20 minutes into the movie I got massively bored. The story to me is rather cliché but the worst part is that it doesn't really have any actual content. A 3 minute long music video has more content than this movie. It's also most times just a video montage with goofy, cheesy music in the background. It's really not well written or directed. Just your everyday chick flick. And just like anyone else I do like a good chick flick every now and then but even for that this movie was bad! Does kinda feel like they've messed up the final editing. Honestly it is a waste of time and a really boring movie. I'll never know how it got above 7.
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It's a rubbish rom com that trivialises young single parents
david-fernandez7 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The writing is wannabe Richard Curtis (Four Weddings and A Funeral), there are wannabe Hugh Grants, a wannabe Keira Knightley. Best friends, girl and boy since the age of 5, girl gets pregnant by an irresponsible guy who runs off, the original male friend goes to NY and hooks up with a hot model wife ... I just don't want to even think about it. It makes light of failed young relationships where a kid is involved and that true love cannot be found with a hot wife in Manhattan with a great job and materialistic life style, instead dreary England with a hot but not as hot girl who has a child by another man is a better option. I think I'd choose the emotionally challenged hot wife in Manhattan thank you very much. It's unconvincing, it's unrealistic, people are not willing to sacrifice what they have for a person with baggage across the Atlantic. The single parent girl in England even accepts the bum dad that abandoned his child in the first place and gets burnt, so the girl in England is portrayed as stupid and irresponsible also. There's even the inevitable rush at the end as the person whose made a series of relationship mistakes runs to what she believes to be the true love of her life and vice versa, that good old Rom Com cliché I just hate this movie, I want my electricity paid for which I spent on the TV watching this drivel, I want my 110 minutes or so back where I could have been asleep instead....
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Should be in every girl's to-watch list
sameer_msuk22 August 2015
Dear Girls,

I would like you all to watch this beautiful movie which I have seen.A fantastic cinematography with some eye-warming locations.Some brilliant scenes where it will just touch your heart."I wasn't ready to be Dad anyway" this scene *-*. You won't be disappointed trust me. It's just wonderful.It's just that life doesn't give you second chances unless you're lucky enough but that one shot on true love is really something,it changes lives! This movie opens your heart, gives you the confidence that he/she is waiting just for you.

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Only those with a perverse sense of humor can label this a romcom.
petricor19 April 2015
Love, Rosie is your run of the mill rom drama. Yes, drama. Only those with a particularly perverse sense of humor can truly label this a romcom. A few sporadic laughs a comedy do not make, my friend. So, watcher, be forewarned. Expect drama bordering on melodrama and only then might you like it. Otherwise, you'll be staring at the screen wondering where your comic relief for the night went... and that's straight out the window, I'm afraid. It's almost two hours of psychological torture when you're expecting the mood to lighten up and it never does. IMDb needs to get its category labeling in order. Anyway, the movie itself isn't half bad. The acting is believable, the story's engaging. It's just not a comedy. So know what you're getting into. I wish someone told me that.
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Life is too short
sfchapman29 May 2015
Life is too short to waste on awful films.

This film can be summed up in one word... clichéd.

But IMDb won't let me submit at this point as it wants 1000 words. So let me expand a bit - the writing is clichéd and so obvious, that it's embarrassing. I checked to see if an 8 year old had written the story, but that isn't the case.

When you can easily guess where the story goes in the next minute, over and over, you can be sure that it becomes tiring very quickly. Even the funnier parts are ruined by the joke missing the point when it should end.

The acting (and that may be stretching it a bit) is wooden, with plenty of woodworm.

On the plus side... errrrm. Nope, I'm out of ideas.
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Terrible adaptation
studioAT8 March 2015
The original source material,'Where Rainbows End' was a very good book and you can see why Hollywood came calling to turn the story of Alex and Rosie through the ages into a film.

Sadly they didn't do a good job. At all. The basic plot remains the same but there are so many liberties taken that fans of the book surely must be shaking their heads and going 'where is the story we fell in love with first time around?'. The author says in the DVD interview that she welcomed the changes but what's left is a very by the numbers romantic comedy that verges awkwardly between cliché and dull.

The book had charm, it had warmth. This version is rude and sweary to the point where I stopped caring about the characters.

The only bright spot (and I really had to search for it) was Lily Collins who captures many of the qualities that made Rosie so endearing in the book.

From a very good book comes a very average film. A missed opportunity if ever there was one.
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You won't care that you can see the ending coming
herbiethecar2 November 2014
Warning: Spoilers
A clichéd rom-com. Shocker. For all those reviewers out there saying that this is a bad film because it's predictable, I'd like you to point me to one that's not. Yes, you can see the ending coming from a mile off but that's really not the point, because if you go to see a romantic comedy for a twist ending then you really shouldn't be watching these kinds of films. This was refreshingly English, with two brilliant leads in Collins and Claflin, who had great chemistry on screen and were very much believable as almost lovers. It was a really touching story as well, and it was nice to see a film about two nice people who were incredibly selfless - I saw someone complain about how many times other things got in the way. This was because the other things getting in the way were what the two characters thought was best for the other, they just wanted each other to be happy, no matter what else was going on around them. Yes, the plot was a little bit all over the place and some of the time jumps felt unnecessary, but it was hardly a deal breaker, in some ways complimenting the hectic nature of these star-crossed lovers' lives. A lovely film that really warms you up inside, and well worth the watch if you enjoy rom-coms, although it's unlikely to sway any non-believers in the genre.

And you know what? Clichés exist because they work. And this film very much works.
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One of the better romantic comedies!
Browwn_Shugar11 November 2016
Better without the trite and predictive plot. After seeing the cover photo for the movie, I thought I knew how it was all going to end. But after 20 minutes and all the twists and turns, I realize my assumptions were all wrong and didn't know HOW this movie was going to reach its denouement.

Rose and Alex, brilliantly acted by Lily Collins and Sam Claflin, had great chemistry that you rooted for them throughout. Yes, it is a chick flick, but the rich comedy of errors and "safe" sex scenes make it humorous for both sexes, with enough drama to make it truly worthwhile.

This is a great date night, rainy afternoon, snowed in movie for all.

Note: The music used in some scenes will have you grinning from ear to ear.
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