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Light and easy.
Rockwell_Cronenberg9 November 2011
Our Idiot Brother is probably the most harmless movie to come out this year, a very light and entertaining piece with a remarkably warm heart. At first I was frustrated by how thinly written the supporting characters were and how the sisters are some of the worst people put on film, but ultimately it's a necessary evil to get the film where it needs to go. It's a nice little study on the cynicism and selfishness of today's culture and how someone with a good heart and a sunny disposition just gets taken advantage of and abused for being decent.

There are a lot of funny moments throughout, most of them coming from Paul Rudd who plays a unique character for him (the rest of the actors were cast exactly in their wheelhouse) and is really just charming and kind the whole time. You really believe him in this role and Ned could have come off as too dim or annoyingly sweet, but Rudd makes him so likable and I just wanted to give him a big hug and hang out with him the whole time. Sure, there are plenty of flaws with how the characters were written, but in the end that's insignificant and just not what the film is about. It's an easy and touching film that sheds a light on how awful the majority has become, just like it's main character. Such a relaxed and easy viewing.
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jdesando31 August 2011
As I write this review at the end of August, 2011, I realize it's my last one of a good summer, and the movie, Our Idiot Brother, is a good movie. It's a light-hearted, low-key comedy about a hippie brother Ned (Paul Rudd) returning home from prison for selling pot to a uniformed policeman.

That little episode that put him in jail is not only humorous because of Ned's naiveté but also because of his big heart that would empathize with the seemingly depressed cop and sell him the weed. Ned is a sweet idealist who believes the best about his fellow humans and rarely is disappointed. Although he has been a biodynamic farmer but now doesn't have a job, his real job is turning his family honest, sister by sister, without even trying, without even knowing that his Ibsen-like Wild Duck openness has changed lives for the better.

For instance, when he forces his sister Miranda (Elizabeth Banks) to be honest with her publisher about a source for an important story, she eventually is better for the setback. A little like Forrest Gump with less cluelessness, Ned changes things with the force of his own honesty.

His three sisters are not wicked witches; they're just New Yorkers who have lost their way in marriage, sexual orientation, or plain old occupation. Director Jesse Peretz keeps the cast underplaying as he allows the ripening of their lives through the gentle ministrations of this child-like brother.

While I always favor the outré Royal Tenenbaums or eccentric Little Miss Sunshine, it's pleasant to experience a relatively mild comedy about family dysfunction and want more.
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Lovely, intelligent film
derdriui28 November 2012
Such a keeper, this one. Sweet, gentle and caring. It shows human hypocrisy in the same breath as human capacity for love and understanding. A really gentle film about a guy who has no discrimination in his heart. It's sweet. We all need to know people who see the good in others and have good intentions, it helps us tone down our own cynicism and propensity for shrewd, self-serving behaviour.

This film also criticizes and shows the best of the hippie movement all in one, and I love it for that. Intelligent, gentle and sweet.

Do watch it. Paul Rudd gives a really love performance... that guy really can do a much wider range than he lets on with his dedication to light comedy. Great show all 'round. Lovely film.
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Light on the comedy, but so charming that "Our Idiot Brother" is likable
napierslogs26 August 2011
As has been stated many times already, Ned (Paul Rudd) is not an idiot. Well, he kind of is. He lacks understanding of normal social protocol, and not in a genius kind-of-way, but as a hippie. Prone to frequent breakdowns in communication, one such instance lands him in jail. When he's out, he's off to live with his family. His sisters all treat him like he's an idiot. Hence, the title, "Our Idiot Brother."

Ned is a good and caring guy. His sisters are completely different and completely different from each other — one is even British. In their own way, they are all selfish, demanding and insensitive people. But don't worry, Ned is our hero and protagonist. If you are currently sighing in relief, I understand. A career spanning two decades with 30-plus movie credits, and we've only seen Paul Rudd in the lead role a handful of times.

Rudd has infused Ned with all the charm, likability and overall appeal that we have come to expect from him. Surprisingly, the less likable actresses playing the three unlikable sisters were at least able to add some humour to their characters. The three supporting actors probably could have stolen the show if they were given more time: Steve Coogan as the husband with a penchant for exhibitionism; Hugh Dancy as a creepy artist turned cultist; and Adam Scott as Rudd's long lost brother — not literally, he just has the same presence.

"Our Idiot Brother" is a comedy, one of those heart-warming comedies, where all of the characters start coming around to see the value of having Ned in their life. It takes them longer than us to realize his positive aspects because most of them are not fully-developed characters, especially the mother, I'm not sure what the point of her was.

Unfortunately, it's not a particularly funny comedy, but it is a likable one. A few ill-fated groin jokes would have been better off in a different movie, and a few jokes lost their humour after they appeared in the trailer, and after that there's only a few left to discover. It is funny, but not as funny as you would expect a comedy to be. But did I mention likable? Because that's what "Our Idiot Brother" is: sweet, charming and overall appealing.
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A sweet comedy about family and life.
Lunaroseice11 September 2011
This movie IS a comedy. There are many types of comedy and you don't have to laugh out loud the whole time for it to be a comedy. The movie is funny, charming, and very cute.

It really isn't about Ned's philosophy of expecting the best of others and seeing the good in them because even thought some people don't, and it can hurt you, more people do and everyone is better for it. It's about family dynamics, life choices, and learning to accept your own actions.

By accepting responsibility for your own actions you are able to free yourself to be more accepting of other people despite their flaws. Because we all have flaws.

Ned is less of a protagonist and more of a catalyst for change in his sisters' lives. The only reason I don't give this movie a 9 star rating is because the ending is a little on the weak side. They could have stopped the movie a few minutes earlier and it would have been stronger.
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Everyone should be like Ned!
Hellmant29 August 2011
'OUR IDIOT BROTHER': Four and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

This sweet hearted indie comedy doesn't have a bad bone in it's body. It's the type of film that can really inspire people to want to do good just by relating to their most simple good sided human nature. Paul Rudd stars in the film, in his most likable role to date as well as one of the most lovable comical heroes to come along in a while. The film was directed by Jesse Peretz, who also directed the Zach Braff/Jason Bateman 2007 dark comedy film 'THE EX'. (This film is definitely a change in tone from that one). The story was conceived by Jesse and his sister Evgenia and the screenplay was written by Evgenia and her husband David Schisgall. They wrote the film with their buddy Rudd in mind for the lead. Frequent Rudd co-stars Elizabeth Banks and Rashida Jones co-star in the film as well as Zooey Deschanel, Emily Mortimer, Steve Coogan, Adam Scott, T.J. Miller and many other familiar faces. The film was one of the quickest productions in film history but it's not any less impressive due to it's hastiness. Things just came together really well the filmmakers say and it shows on screen.

Rudd plays Ned who as the film opens is living with his girlfriend Janet (Kathryn Hahn) on a biodynamic farm selling produce at the local farmers' market and weed on the side.  One day he's busted for selling cannabis to a uniformed police officer after he's tricked in to feeling sorry for him.  After spending 8 months in prison he returns home to find Janet living with another man (Miller).  She tells him to leave cold heartedly and even refuses to let him have his dog 'Willie Nelson'.  Ned first turns to his mother for a place to stay but then quickly becomes a burden to his three sisters as well (Banks, Deschanel and Mortimer).  Each has their own personal problems which Ned delves himself in to.  His naive trustingness of everyone and overwhelming honesty get him in to more trouble and causes problems with his entire family as well.

Paul Rudd is at his most likable and his performance really makes the movie.  The supporting cast is all good as well but it's Rudd that really makes the material work.  The script is pretty clever and heartfelt to begin with and Peretz directs it well but the filmmakers really knew what they were doing when they modeled it after Rudd.  There's something really inspiring and emotional about a character like Ned, almost in the same way as a 'Forrest Gump' or 'Rain Man' but I don't think Ned is mentally challenged in anyway.  He's seen as an idiot by others (including his own family) but that's just because he's so trusting and loving of others.  Ned's whole theory on life is that if you're always open and trusting of others, and truly put them to that test, they'll usually come through.  That's a really optimistic and positive way of going through life and some would say foolish but I disagree.  Of course many would see it as a weakness and try to take advantage of a person like that but in the end I think it's still worth it (by all the good you do).  I could really relate to the Ned character; I tend to be really trusting and open with others and also sometimes overly honest.  He ends up getting in a lot of trouble (by pissing his family and friends off) through sharing things people say about each other in private (and behind the others' back).  This is something I can really relate to.  There's a nickname for this I've heard and like called 'diarrhea of the mouth'.  I've tried to improve my weakness in this area and am not quite as clueless about it as Ned but I think sometimes this too can be as much a benefit as harm.  If you're really open and honest sometimes you end up sharing things about others they don't want shared as well but it can often be a good thing whether they realize it at first or not.  I'm sure many audience members will miss the point of the movie and still see Ned as an idiot because of the seemingly clueless havoc he causes but he does so much more good than harm despite his flaws and I think he's a true inspiration to us all.  Everyone should be like Ned.

Watch our review show 'MOVIE TALK' at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EojWnKxpY94
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This movie is solid entertainment.
PWNYCNY28 August 2011
What a wonderful movie. Paul Rudd is terrific. He is truly the star. His performance is outstanding. The idiot is not Paul's character, Ned. He is a good-natured person who is willing to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. Rather, the idiots are his three pretentious sisters who treat Ned like a child, misinterpreting his honesty for immaturity. Ned maintains his integrity, which is in sharp contrast to the phoniness that he encounters in others. Misunderstandings occur as Ned forces his sisters to confront their own lies. Ned is perceived as the family problem when in fact he is the solution, except no one knows it, at first. Several scenes are amusing as Ned's good nature and candid outlook produces some awkward situations. This movie succeeds because it tells a story, does so with humor, and keeps the audience engaged.
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Charming and hilarious
imdb-302231 January 2011
A hilarious movie written for Paul Rudd: what more could we want?

Rudd plays Ned, a stoner who has frizzled his neurons to the point that he has lost any ability to detect or dish out B.S. The poster child for what it means to be ingenuous, Ned is a trusting, playful, adorable stray puppy who isn't quite housebroken. So you-know-what hits the fan when his three sisters serially take him in after his release from jail. He's nothing but tsuris. It's no wonder that his most enduring relationship is with his dog, Willie Nelson.

Thanks to Rudd's everyman persona and the genial obliviousness he brings to Ned, you can't help but feel empathy. As with a suspense film where the audience knows what's going to happen but the characters are still in the dark, you want to yell out to warn Ned before he screws up again. His perfect comic timing and the made-to-order script make sure you get the most laughs from his predicament. Luckily, there's more to him than just bad luck. He's also an endearing white angel on the shoulders of his sisters, helping them fight their devils as he becomes an unwitting catalyst for change.

The movie's impressively talented and good-looking cast includes Zooey Deschanel, Emily Mortimer, and Elizabeth Banks (looking a lot like Parker Posey) as sisters. What's more, Rashinda Jones and Hugh Dancy add to the already high eye-candy quotient. Steve Coogan plays Ned's deliciously distasteful brother-in-law in his inimitable unpleasant-guy way.

The film is smartly directed by Jesse Peretz from a story he developed with his sister, Evgenia Peretz. I saw this at the Sundance screening in Brookline, Massachusetts, where director Peretz said they wrote it for Rudd, whom he clearly enjoys working with, and who wouldn't? Even though they stuck to the script, Rudd improvised at least two of the movie's funniest bits.

A fun ride throughout, the film only has a couple of weak spots. One scene has Ned comfortably telling a white lie, something so out of character it was jolting to the point of distraction. The ending could use some reshaping, and perhaps it might get some before general release. But even as is, this movie is about as charming and hilarious as Rudd can be, which is quite sizable.
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Watch it for Paul Rudd's Lovable Performance!
namashi_118 November 2011
Jesse Peretz's 'Our Idiot Brother' is a decent watch, but what stands tall in this film, is, without a shed of doubt, Paul Rudd's lovable performance in the central role. The actor has never been so convincing before!

'Our Idiot Brother' tells the story of an idealistic man who intrudes and wreaks havoc in each of his three sisters' lives.

The film begins well, dips in the middle, but luckily, culminates properly. As said, it's a decent watch, that never really bores or loses it's pace. Evgenia Peretz & David Schisgall's Screenplay is good, but it could've been better, especially post 40-minutes. Jesse Peretz Directs this comedy-drama, ably. Cinematography, Editing & Art Design, are fair.

Performance-Wise: Paul Rudd delivers his careers most lovable/convincing performance in here. He literally owns the film. As his sisters, Elizabeth Banks, Emily Mortimer & Zooey Deschanel, are first-rate. Kathryn Hahn is perfect. Rashida Jones is passable. Steve Coogan is as usual. Others lend support.

On the whole, 'Our Idiot Brother' is a time-pass fare. A must watch for Rudd fanatics.
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It truly was your cliché feel-good movie
Nuz_Reviews30 August 2011
I will admit that my hopes were quite high for this flick. No pun intended. Like most, Paul Rudd is a favorite comedic actor of mine. As I expected, he did a splendid job with this flick. The supporting cast also seemed to be quite good. Elizabeth Banks, Emily Mortimer, and Zooey Deschanel played the three sisters of Rudd's character. Hence the title of the movie.

The story starts out with one idiotic move by Ned, portrayed by Paul Rudd. Ned is a biodynamic farmer and happens to be selling his crops at a local market. A police officer approaches him and asks for some "green." After Ned insists that he takes the marijuana for free, he is arrested.

The character development in this movie was probably my favorite part. Although frustrating at times, all the characters had that little something about them that was genuine and unique. In addition to learning a lot about Ned (like how he doesn't cheat or lie and trusts others too much), we also witness quite a bit from his sisters too. I really think if we saw the sisters together more often, then I'd laugh a bit more. Although Our Idiot Brother was funny at times, it wasn't the comedy film I was hoping for. I really thought that I'd be laughing more. Perhaps another viewing at another time will perspire such laughter, but I digress.

As alluded to earlier, Ned has three sisters. Miranda (Elizabeth Banks), Liz (Emily Mortimer), and Natalie (Zoeey Deschanel). After he's out of jail, Ned tries to live with his mom (Shirley Knight), but that doesn't work out so he looks to his three sisters.

From there the plot begins to unfold. It's hard to discuss it without giving away spoilers. You'll just have to see for yourself.

Also, Adam Scott, Steve Coogan, and Rashida Jones all have an active role in the film. Very fun.

It's also worth noting that part of the filming took place at the historic Hotel Chelsea. I've only been to New York City once and that's the place I stayed. This film really gave me the urge to want to be back in NYC!

Although not the movie that I wanted, it was pleasantly likable and worth a watch.

7/10 Stars.
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Some great writing and acting and a warm, funny concept
secondtake21 November 2013
Our Idiot Brother (2011)

A pitch perfect, silly, touching comedy. Maybe we all know someone like the main character, the idiot brother, Ned, who is the ultimate optimist. He's also utterly (or seemingly) blind to the consequences of his honesty.

Which is the whole point of the movie—the world is full of little or large glosses, lies, and shams. Many of them seem insignificant, but when Ned exposes these glitches in other people's realities, the problems make clear the lies are not innocent.

But of course what his family, three sisters and a mom, see is one betrayal and stupidity after another. And while it might seem annoying or too low budget at first, it grows on you until you see the point of the inane script and regular people trapped and betrayed.

The center of the cast, Paul Rudd, was not familiar to me by name, but that's because he's been in lots of dumb, male-centric comedies. Great ones, I suppose, if you like that kind of thing. But the three sisters are all substantial actresses with a range of experience, and they in fact support him beautifully. You wouldn't call this an ensemble film—it's too loose and sloppy for that—but it ends up being a group effort. I especially like Emily Mortimer and Zooey Deschanel, and they're worth every minute here.

But it's Ned in the center, portraying, almost inhabiting, the pot-head idealistic harmless sweetheart with intuitive perfection. The plot gives him room to make his innocence shine in moment after moment. If you learn to like him, you'll like the movie.

The director, Jesse Peretz, has basically no other serious movies on his resume, just lots of t.v. But most of it is recent, and maybe he's hit his stride. Because this strange and often fairly straight forward comedy would not work without a sense of control and timing and editing to make it gel.

Never mind the naysayers. At least give this a try. It's comedy, and so it's not going to appeal to everyone. But it appealed very much to me.
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1.5 hrs of tremendous comedy-drama!
MuviFan7312 October 2017
Our idiot brother is only one and half hours of comedy-drama video which sets bar high for comedy movies. It is highly underrated.

Tone, Script & Story: It is a movie about Ned and his three sisters and their lives. The character of Ned weaves its own plot with each of his sisters which comes together. There is so much to say which occurs in one and half hours that cannot be summarized. There's plot coming together and stating Ned as just a child. There's how Ned's fed up and decides to stay in jail asking his sisters to f*** off. The story is awesome (4/5).

Direction, Screenplay, Cinematography: Direction, Screenplay and Cinematography are all very good (4/5).

Music: Music is very good (4/5).

Acting: Everybody associated with the movie has shown exceptional skills in acting (4/5).

Final Verdict: It is worth adding to your DVD collection [(4/5) (9/10)].
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Not so funny, but has a lot of redeeming features
natashabowiepinky12 March 2015
After Our Idiot Brother was over, I appreciated it the same way I did Identity Thief. Both movies were marketed as comedies... Yet, I didn't laugh very much. What I DID like though, was the way the characters were written in the two films. In Identity Thief, the jerk criminal played by Melissa McCarthy goes through a great personality transformation over the course of the movie, which is surprising, convincing and very sweet. If I ever watch it again, it's that I'd concentrate on... Not the negligible attempts at humour.

In Our Idiot Brother, the chap mentioned in the title as portrayed by Paul Rudd is a fool, yes... In his very first scene he sells cannabis to a police officer. IN UNIFORM. After his prison sentence has elapsed, he suffers the humiliation of losing his girlfriend and dog, before being forced to move in with his mother. At this point, observing his general idiocy and habit of letting people walk all over him, my empathy level for this guy stood at absolutely zero. Then, his three sisters enter stage left.

ALL of them have problems. One is a lesbian who's just fallen pregnant from a fling with a man. Another is married to Alan Partridge, who's banging a ballerina. The last one either gets a HOT story for her work as a journalist, or she might face the sack. Yep, it's yet ANOTHER dysfunctional All-American family (Still, watching a feature length flick about The Waltons would be rather dull, wouldn't you agree?)

Despite their own mounting difficulties, each one's opinion of their dopey brother range from tolerance to outright embarrassment. Yet, due to his happy-go-lucky attitude and general earnestness, he somehow helps each one out (albeit unintentionally for the most part) by just being his goofy, charming self. Not that they recognise this, though... And he eventually becomes a conduit for their own insecurities and frustrations, until it looks like the entire family might break up.

With a superb cast and witty, truthful dialogue, Our Idiot Brother, in it's quite short running length barely puts a foot wrong, in giving us a bunch of people who's lives we care about and proving that sometimes the idiot of the family can be the smartest one. I must say that being around someone like this all the time in real life would drive me CRAZY... I like those who are a little more confrontational and a little less eager to please. But you can't deny the impact he has on changing the lives of his siblings for the better... And for that alone, he earns my respect.

Very well done... 7/10
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Not an Idiotic Film
tim-matte27 November 2014
I saw this movie with low expectations, the title turned me off a bit. I was pleasantly surprised. The plot is fairly complex, the characters have good depth, it's funny, there is some drama and suspense, but best of all is how good this movie makes you feel.

The movie makes you feel warm inside and makes you want to be as good and honest to the people in your life as Paul Rudd was with the cast members. Great acting and a lesson for all of us to be honest with each other. As the storyline develops you find a sweet depth of character for Paul Rudd.

It was a refreshing change.
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Life behind social customs
Rizzyay12 July 2014
Although it is one of the best comedies I've seen for a while, I'll have to admit that the movie didn't make me laugh at first. In fact, for the first 15-30 minutes I found it disturbing and hard to follow: we were introduced to the characters perhaps a bit too hastily, without really knowing who they were and why we had to know about them. But after about 30 minutes, the story gets going, and we get a set of wonderful contradictions as the comic engine that keeps the laughter running: three sisters who have their little real-life dramas running around them, with all the roles and little-white-lies that we are all familiar with - and then a brother who is not only honest, he seems to be completely unaware of the possibility of lying! There are only few ha-ha -moments in this picture, but they are wonderfully breathtakingly strong moments. How much can a single laughter make you understand about our social customs, and how illusory they are! And how much appeal can simplicity behind these customs have! The laughter in this movie somehow reminded me of Chaplin.

Frankly speaking, it is hard for me to realize why this movie hasn't got a better score with the IMDb.com review system. Everything about this movie works brilliantly - except maybe for the first few scenes. The characters are complex and they grow along with the story.

Besides being great entertainment, the movie also ponders around some philosophical issues (altough it doesn't dig in very deep - hence "only" 9 stars out of 10). What is happiness and how we achieve it? Why can successful people find life so meaningless, and people who are "without health insurance" can find it full of wonder and excitement, genuinely capable of loving others without asking anything much in return? (Except maybe a night of games with the family ;)) I personally know real-life people who are strikingly similar to this happy-go-lucky character, that is why this movie felt so hart-warmingly genuine. While these people might seem naive at times, they are nevertheless honest and most importantly happy people, who also seem to spread happiness around them. How do these people make it in the so-called "real world" without losing their pure perspective on reality? The movie could have had a more profound view on these questions, I'll admit that much. But then again - would the comic tension of the movie have suffered? Perhaps. Either way, I was happy with this movie, and I recommend it to everyone who has a heart and wants to use it.
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Our Idiot Brother (2011) - What Kind of Guy Names his Dog, "Willie Nelson"?
nickmesafilms13 May 2012
Paul Rudd is probably one of the funniest comedians around, no doubt about that. Now, he decides to put a Jesus wig/beard, and head into more comedic and serious territory as the title role in "Our Idiot Brother". You know, at first, I didn't think I was even interested enough to see this movie, until I saw "Our Idiot Brother". It's actually pretty hilarious. Paul Rudd delivers the funniest performance of his career as Ned, a stoner idiot with a heart of gold, probably one of the nicest guys to hang around with. After being released from prison, for selling weed to a police officer, he then visits his three dysfunctional sisters, portrayed brilliantly by Emily Mortimer, Elizabeth Banks, and Zooey Deschanel, and then accidentally ruin their lives in the process. Mortimer plays a failed woman, whose husband is a focused documentary filmmaker, and her son is unhappy about his life. Deschanel plays a young lesbian, or bisexual, who seems to be scared about commitment around her lesbian girlfriend, portrayed by Rashida Jones. Banks plays a Vanity Fair journalist, who will do anything in her power to get the best scoop possible for her new article. Besides the rest of the cast, Adam Scott, Kathryn Hahn, Steve Coogan, Hugh Dancy, and T.J. Miller, round up the brilliant supporting cast with some pretty interesting performances. But Paul Rudd is the star performance in this movie. He's probably playing one of the nicest guys on the planet, but has a disability to screw things up easily. This is one of his best performances for sure. There are some hilarious laughs delivered throughout this entire 90-minute comedy-drama, provided with some expertly well-written dialouge and some impressive one-liners. But besides comedy, this movie also knows how to enter dramatic territory, in such a well-made way. This movie knows what it wants to be, and this is probably a more different movie, unlike other blockbuster comedies. This movie is more of a decent comedy, with some smart gags and dramatic humor. Maybe this movie isn't for everyone, but this movie is definitely worth anyone's decent time. "Our Idiot Brother" is probably one of the most hilarious, enjoyable, and surprising movies I think I've ever seen. Do yourself a favor, and check out this movie! "Our Idiot Brother", in my review, "a fresh and hilarious comedy, with heartwarming drama".
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The king of movie makes you wanna change yourself from day to night
lourensini15 January 2012
Usually we come here to see a movie's rating and read some reviews before we use our time to watch it, so all the time spent wouldn't be in vain. And sometimes we just think "why would I what a 6.6 rated film?" Well, that kind of thought made look like and idiot after I've watched Our Idiot Brother.

The movie is just amazing, in the "rainbow" sense of the word. It makes you get close to the main character right in the first scene, where you first laugh will happen. But won't be just few. It presents you lots of scenes and dialogs witch is never forced you to believe that its a comedy, but you just start laughing from the situation because Ned's naivity is f***ing funny.

How can a comedy be so charming to the point you wanna Be just like the Ned? Living life like it should be lived, relaxing and enjoying family, the thing we are so inclined to forget about, without running after money and social status. Just the necessary to live OK. Happy.

You're probably pass throughout the whole movie without give much attention to the other characters, because they're just commom, futile and selfsh like we are. And we never wanna look to what we are from inside. But exactly this is the movie message. It makes a comparison to a simple person, to a good person and makes you rationalize about a Ned's sentence: "why can't I give a person the benefit of the doubt?". You'll think about after you watch it.

And then, you'll see a movie's IMDb ratio just doesn't mean a word abou what the film really can make you feel.
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An extremely fun movie with a lot of heart
srj-leader6 April 2013
Outstanding performances by Paul Rudd,Zoeey Deschanel. Really funny,touches your heart by its charm!A must watch,its a different kind of movie,its impossible to resist.I knew this would be good,as it had all my favorite performers!It sure does restore that there are some people like Ned out there,who care and love unconditionally,who are not judgemental or practical.A light hearted comedy for those looking for casual,sweet yet sometimes too clichéd moments.The whole movie keeps you entertained and keeps you wanting for more.Not predictable. You will definitely love this movie,its a great and a must watch for comedy or Paul Rudd fans like me! Bravo!
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Don't Miss One of Paul Rudd's Best Roles
brando64711 January 2012
Here's a movie that nearly slipped under my radar. It came to theaters and disappeared pretty quietly, without much fuss in the form of marketing or critical appeal. I'm hesitant to call the movie forgettable because that implies that there is nothing in this movie good enough in this movie to remain with you after the credits roll, but I honestly forgot most of the movie in the short time since I'd first watched it on home video. If I had to describe this movie to someone, I guess the first thing that comes to mind is "heart-warming". I hate to use that phrase because it feels so clichéd but it best describes the feeling it leaves you with by the end. Paul Rudd is Ned Rochlin, a modern hippie and total idealist who sees nothing but the best in everyone he meets. He is nearly incapable of believing that someone would intentionally wrong another person. His own naivety leads to jail time when he sells weed to a cop (in uniform, no less). When he's released, he needs a place to crash while he gets his life in order and he bounces between each of his three sisters (a dejected housewife, an ambitious journalist, and a bisexual hipster), going on to throw a monkey wrench into each of their lives with his personal brand of honest living. Ned only wants what's best for everyone but finds himself ruining his sisters' lives when his idealism fails to mesh with their reality.

No one plays as endearing an idiot as Paul Rudd. Honestly, he never really comes off as an idiot, in spite of his oblivious nature. He feels so genuine and honest and he's hard not to love here. The same can be said for T.J. Miller who has a supporting role as Billy, the new boyfriend for Ned's ex-girlfriend. Miller and Rudd are an awesome duo in this movie and I wish they'd gotten more screen-time together. On the opposite end of the spectrum is, well, pretty much every woman in the movie (with the exception of Ned's alcoholic mother Ilene). Not to sound misogynistic or anything, but there really isn't a likable woman in the whole movie. I know it wasn't the intention of the writers or the director; it's just that the movie requires Ned to wander into his sisters' lives and help them face their glaring problems. Ned's not responsible for any of the problems that arise while he's visiting with his sisters, but he is the reason why they're eventually forced to confront them. As each sister gradually turns against poor Ned, you can't help but feel bad for the poor guy and begin to loath his self-obsessed sisters. Ned's sisters are played by Emily Mortimer, Elizabeth Banks, and Zooey Deschanel, which makes it all the more difficult to speak so harshly about a cast that's so freaking hot in a "Hollywood's sweethearts" sort of way. The most evil force in this film would be Ned's ex-girlfriend Janet, who's extreme passive-aggression proves that even a hippie woman is not to be messed with.

I love that the movie doesn't pull any punches and embraces it's R-rating, but I can't help but believe it's a shame that it didn't try to aim for a PG-13. There is nothing in the movie that necessitated the harsher language or the handful of nudity. It adds to the humor a bit in the final act with Ned's eventual breakdown under the pressure and the message he delivers to his family via his young nephew. Still, it would've broaden the audience and might've possibly allowed for slightly profit. The movie is more endearing than raunchy and cutting back on the harder elements might've, for once, been a good idea. This is a feel-good movie above all else. Ned is a man that can't help but make you smile and the film's ending is handled perfectly. Everyone is redeemed for their actions in such a way that it doesn't feel forced and everyone ends up in a better place. If you've seen the trailers for the movie, you may have been led to believe this is a more slapstick, raunchy comedy in the vain of your average Apatow-esque comedy. It's 100% not, so you might want to look elsewhere if that's what you're itching for. It's a pleasant movie with some strong chuckles and, though it might be a bit forgettable, it just means the laughs will be that much fresher when I rewatch it later on.
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Like a predictable cookie cutter after school special but lamer
mscherlen9 September 2011
Paul Rudd doesn't have the charisma to pull off this movie, even if it didn't have a pathetic script. The premise was lame to start with, the casting was terrible. I have seen all of the actors do better when they have had something to work with. The characters were morally bankrupt, like a paler copy of the Seinfield cast, and the "Idiot brother" was just a series of lame, "but he has a heart of gold" stereotypes. By the end of the movie, I was becoming physically ill from hearing the say "Willie Nelson". They shouldn't let children write scripts! Way to predictable, way too long, WAAAAAY short on being charming or funny. Not to sound prudish, but the liberal use of the "F" word and other four letter fouls added nothing to the comedy or depth of the movie experience, especially since I was surrounded by children in a theater where the ignorant parents thought that cussing and nudity were appropriate values to share with their heathen offspring. Waste of money and time.
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an unfunny waste of time
evansnakes31 August 2011
Save your money. This is a largely unfunny and poorly written waste of a good solid cast. Garbage. 90% rehashed, recycled crap. 10% almost funny, absolutely stupid content with very little humor. A tiresome retread of a pile of New York centric independent films of recent years including the same old bridge, aerial and traffic shots. Really covering new ground with a character working for Vanity Fair! Nothing new or unique about this loser, see something else and feel good about it. Somebody needs to tell Hollywood that these "cute" little movies with an ensemble cast only work with a decent SCRIPT and not more cookie cutter junk.
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Rambling and boring. Unworthy of Paul Rudd's talents.
DaynaSu1 January 2012
What a great title! I have an idiot brother, and he is SO much more entertaining than this movie was.

This would have been a decent Movie of the Week, or a Lifetime Original Film. It had some endearing moments and a couple of weak laughs, but for the most part I felt robbed.

Rudd plays a gullible stoner named Ned. Note to the producers of MY NAME IS EARL...look into this. Rudd's character looks, sounds, and acts exactly like Earl. I kept waiting for the Crab Man to enter the scene.

The plot revolves around Ned's relationships with his siblings -- three very different, equally unlikable women. One is a wimpy supermom, one is a career woman, and one is a bisexual performer. Ned, the idiot brother, gets passed around from family to family, being taken care of, when he is really enriching their lives without them realizing it.

The whole thing is unrealistic and sappy. This should not have been billed as a comedy at all, as there are really very few laughs in the film.
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This is simply whatever you want to make of it.
SamPamBam13 May 2020
This piece doesn't tax your senses, nor float you up and down like some hippie freak smoke cloud, or twist your emotions like a licorice stick. Whatever you want, Then It Shall Be For You. Side notes: Adam Scott does the Actual Most Interesting Character. Steve Coogan is of course the Most Annoying Character (but in a very minor league sense). The Absolutely Most Attractive Lady is without a doubt the lovely Polly Draper. And TJ, well, we all know TJ.
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The wonderful Paul Rudd highlights a simple yet well-executed comedy
Movie_Muse_Reviews12 December 2011
Paul Rudd gets a lot of love from moviegoers, just not enough love. It's not a wayward assessment to say that other than (arguably) Steve Carell, Rudd is the best actor doing comedy right now, in the sense that he could do so much, but he sticks to the joyful life of comedy. Thankfully he's darn good at it.

Rudd plays the comedy everyman ("Role Models," "I Love You, Man," "Dinner for Schmucks") as good if not better than anybody in today's comedies, yet no one's surprised when he takes a role like that of Ned in "Our Idiot Brother" and hits a home run with it. That's because he's always taking risks and offering something different when he's not the lead. "Our Idiot Brother" gives us the best of both Rudd-worlds.

Jesse Peretz's film also exists in an uncomfortable middle ground between modern comedy and indie family dramedy, which would explain why it has been met with mixed criticism. It succeeds mostly when looked at as a simple comedy with honest truths and strong performances.

Ned is a pretty complex idiot. Peretz built the character and Rudd builds his performance around his "benefit of the doubt" world view, and it makes Ned different from that dumb character you've seen before, though certainly pieces of his personality will feel familiar. His dumbness is quite believable, which says a lot considering the film opens with him selling pot to a uniformed police officer. Perhaps the difference is that he doesn't sell right away, he gives it to him, but the officer can't make the arrest unless he sells it, yet he manages to convince him to ask for money in return. Whole other idiocy ball game.

The comedy has a fairytale structure as Ned must rotate between living with his three sisters: Miranda (Elizabeth Banks) the strong-willed independent journalist, Natalie (Zooey Deschanel) the spontaneous lesbian stand-up comic and Liz (Emily Mortimer) the hardened mother of two with an emotionally unavailable husband (Steve Coogan). With a reluctant sense of obligation, they all give him things to do and of course a place to sleep.

So it goes that Ned finds a way of making their lives more difficult either through ignorance or some other means and they harshly overreact and blame Ned because they're all kind of selfish. You can see it all unfolding, but Rudd has such charisma and these actresses are no slouches. Deschanel and Rashida Jones might not make the most convincing lesbians, but the film never falls apart thanks to poor characters. Without them, it would be hard to look past the obvious conventions, but they and the general high jinks Ned finds himself in keep you smiling.

There's a definite comfort in this family redemption story no matter how many times you see it. What makes "Our Idiot Brother" different is that character fullness. Instead of writing in one-liner jokes, Evgenia Peretz and David Schisgall focus more on humorous situations. Although not wildly original, the actors step in and give them that fun genuineness that makes you want to see things roll out how they do, even if you know exactly how it'll happen.

The optimism Ned preaches guides the rest of it from there. The scenarios feel less contrived and more like sincere approaches to the question of how someone who's so honest and looking to appease yet so ignorant of consequences would cause himself problems. His sisters' reactions might be overblown, but the conclusion ends up quite sweet. Those who don't corner the film into comedy or indie comedy/drama will find it hard not to be won over by this film and especially Mr. Rudd.

~Steven C

Visit my site! moviemusereviews.com
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My Pun-induced idiot review of the awesome flick "My Idiot Brother"
meeza4 May 2012
"O Brother, Where are thou brains?" is what one might say upon meeting the protagonist Ned Rochlin in the sharp comedy "Our Idiot Brother". There are numerous idiotsyncrasies in Ned's bewildering behaviors, but there is gentle innocence about Ned that makes him a very appealing character. Ned is a Long Island slacker who goes to jail for selling marijuana to a uniformed officer; I did say he had plenty of idiotsyncrasies. After he gets released from prison, he reunites with his family consisting of an overprotective mother and his three sisters. Ned's sister act is comprised of the upstart Vanity Fair journalist Miranda, then there is Liz who is a mother of two and wife of a self- absorbed British documentary filmmaker, and finally there is Natalie the semi-bohemian lesbian who cheats on her woman with another man. Ned starts to do varying odd jobs for the three sisters and ends up in their habitat locations, spring-boarding from one sister to another. Inadvertently, Ned ends up causing havoc in his sisters' lives not due to malicious reasons, but because of his free-spirit ideals and his candid way of not hiding behind a façade. Sure Ned is not your model citizen and is not going to be running for a Nobel Peace Prize anytime soon, but his noble instincts are worthy for him to garner a Noble Peace Prize. The crust of "Our Idiot Brother" is how Director Jesse Peretz presents the interaction of siblings in dealing with insecurities, trust, rejection, sincerity, faithfulness, and all those other themes that brothers and sisters (from the same or another mother) deal with. Jesse wrote the film's hilarious screenplay with his sister Evgenia, and it's quite evident that each of them is not an idiot brother or sister. There is a lot to brotherly love in Paul Rudd's stupefying performance as Ned, one of the best comedic starring performances of the year. And let's not forget the rest of the Rochlin clan which also rocked; that would be Elizabeth Banks as Miranda, Zooey Deschanel as Natalie, Emily Mortimer as Liz, and Shirley Knight as Mother Ilene Rochlin. Worthy thespian support to "Our Idiot Brother" also came from Adam Scott as Miranda's cynical neighbor Jeremy, Rashida Jones as Natalie's lesbian lover Cindy, Steve Coogan as Liz's adulterous husband Dylan, Kathryn Hahn as Ned's symbiotic farmer ex-girlfriend Janet, and finally T.J. Miller as Janet's current mentally-challenged beau Billy. Maybe it's the idiot in me, but by far this was the best comedy ensemble I have seen in a long time in a motion picture. So my brothers and sisters from all over the movie world, I think it would be a smart movie move to take a look at "Our Idiot Brother". ***** Excellent
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