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Good Action Packed Adventure
gertru00722 October 2011
I have always been an action cartoon fan ever since the original Transformers back in 90s. And I really like the humor or should I call it wittiness of the protagonist (Rex). This is complimented well by the arch enemy Van Kleiss who has the best original theme music, go ahead fish it on you-tube.

Our hero is a teen struggling with various moral dilemmas about right and wrong when using his super powers. He has the ability to generate various mechanical stuff from his limbs using the nanites in his body. Actually the whole world is shown to be infected due to an incident but only he has the ability to command and control them. He can also cure others by diffusing their nanites. He is often seen comparing orders with moral consciousness about consequences. I love it all. And to add to it our hero is intelligent enough to take good decisions. He has Agent Six as a father figure to look up to, who looks like Agent Smith from Matrix but never the less, a bad ass mentor the kind not to mess with. He manages to balance Rex's silliness well. The side kick Chimp Bobo is also a likable character and adds to the mix. Doctor Holiday is a motherly figure although too pretty for Rex to accept, so he hits on her regularly. The wittiness is very good especially when it involves Van Kleiss.

I like stories which detour the least from main story line but with Rex even the detours are fun to watch. Overall one of the best action cartoons out there.
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A excellent action Cartoon
cdietz94-667-59924411 January 2011
Generator Rex is a new animated series created by Man of Action (The creators of the Ben 10 trilogy) and it is very well done, animated, written, and acted. The plot is a 15-16 year old named Rex has powers to create various mechanical powers to his body. This is due to a mysterious even that caused things called nanites to live in every single living thing on earth, but some go bad or have powers, they are called evos . He fights along side his caretaker, Agent Six, his friend, a evo monkey named Bobo, a young attractive doctor named Doc Holiday, and a human friend named Noah. They fight against the Evil Van Kliess, who plans to mutate every living thing on the face of the planet. The series is a witty, action-packed series, that proves that Cartoon Network still has it.
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Amazing show.
Lightning9 July 2016
Amazing show. One of the best Cartoon Network shows. This show had amazing animation, great fight scenes, the jokes were good, the weapons were cool, the enemies were cool, and it had well character-driven stories. Whatever the show did wrong, it made up for it in style. There were many deep moments. It teaches nice morals. It teaches people to value life, help others even though they don't appreciate you, and act mature when the time is right. The romance was not so great in my opinion. Agent Six was awesome. Doc Holiday was an interesting character, mainly because of how she dealt of what happened to her sister. BoBo was just there for comedy relief. Nothing special. White Knight had character development throughout the show; from seeing Rex as a weapon, to seeing him as a human and a friend. Noah was okay. If you don't find this show good, I don't know what you find good.
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the most underrated action cartoon of all time
xfalconx-058275 July 2017
Generator Rex, created by man of action, the same people who brought you Ben 10 and Big Hero 6 is probably their best work since the original Ben 10 series. the series feels original and for the most part is done quite well. lets start with the animation: it is spectacular. the orange pallets really gives the show the steam punk feel it needs and it works, the background design won an Emmy award and it really deserves it. the action scenes are breath taking and this show boosts the best animation quality i have ever scene on a cartoon, besides Avatar the last air bender, Young justice and the newest Voltron legendary defender. the soundtrack is also exciting and it truly suits the overall feel of the show. the plot is well rounded and the characters are interesting. Rex is also such a likable character and is not your clichéd annoying action protagonist. he has some great character development accompanied by white knight. agent six is probably the coolest side character we have ever gotten on an action series and he definitely shines during the action sequences as he takes them to a whole new level. the series might feel a little stale towards the middle, but i continued to find the show fun during the filler episodes. if you find the recent animation slot boring, vapid, cheap, and unfunny (despite the foolish attempts), then I highly recommend you revisit Generator Rex. You will not be disappointed.
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This is my child hood!
DCfan4 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I remember seeing this show when I was 11 and I finished watching when I was 13.

This show is about 15 years old Rex Salzer who has the powers to turn his body into any machine because of these things called Nanites which are all around the world. Which create Evo's and it is up to this kid to cure them.

The ending was satisfying when Rex uses the omega nanite to cure every evo on earth. All though his fight with Van Klise and the pack still seems to be ongoing.

I even remember this show having a crossover with Ben 10. Generator Rex had a great ending I don't how it could have continued and the best part is it was created by Man of action the same creators of Ben 10.

I would recommend this show to anyone who likes a good action and humour. After when this, Young Justice, Tenkai Knights, Ben 10 Omniverse and Regular show finished I just find cartoon network boring now. I hope this show does not get rebooted like Ben 10, Teen Titans and Justice League did because of cartoon network. It even teaches the value of friends and how thing (Evo's) could seem scary and ugly from the outside but nice and friendly from the inside. I would say this is a MUST WATCH show.
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Star vs the force of evil is Unacceptable But Generator Rex Will Never Worthless
Warning: Spoilers
Star vs the force of evil. is Now Unacceptable this time, But is This Generator Rex. Must Be Re-watching. for The New Beginning. By Contain The Pack, Prop, And Those Character Just Look Like. Between The New Power of Voltron Legendary Defender..

..Even Those Girl with The Royal Magic Wand Calls Star Butterfly. is Now Unacceptable for This time, But The Normal Man Name Rex Salazar. The Powerful Omega-1 Nanite. Equivalent The Power By Inside Of Voltron Legendary Defender. Van Kleiss is Own Enemy, Black knight is Now, Next Time is Giant Emperor Zarkon Mix Megatron, The Power Machine of Rex Salazar Will Be Never Seem The Worthless For Now..

Ahhh..!! Death.. Death.. I will Get You To Die..!! Star Butterfly. You Devil Stink, You Are An Aku. To Corrupted The Little Creature On the Highlands. You Are The Heart-breaker All Those People Especially The Millions Of The Men Teenage That Way, I Will Destroy You, Star Butterfly. I swear it..
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